Tuesday, August 22, 2017

ITALY: 7 Virtual Jazz Club's Global Online Jazz Contest 2017 Edition - Total ‎€ 7,000 in Prizes

The 7 Virtual Jazz Club continues to search for new and underexposed jazz talent from the four corners of the world. A grand prize of € 4,000 will be awarded to the winner.

Milan, Italy, August 17th, 2017
The 7 Virtual Jazz Club continues its worldwide search for emerging and underrecognized creative musicians from all ages and backgrounds. The winner will receive € 4,000, while another € 2,000 will go to the best new talent (the “Best new talent” is a musician—soloist or band member—who is considered the best musician by the jury, even if he or she doesn't reach the finals) and the musicians who tally the most popular votes by the web community will receive € 1,000.

To enter the contest, soloists and groups pay a small registration fee and submit a video (maximum seven minutes) of their performance. Entries will be judged by a panel of international jazz experts (meet the experts) comprised of some of the most respected journalists, musicians and educators in the field.

International judging panel - 2017 Edition
Clarence Chang (Ceo of Jazz World - Producer) - China
Eddy Determeyer (journalist and broadcaster) - Netherlands
Marcela Breton (journalist, member of the Jazz Journalist Association) - Colombia
Nick Davies (journalist for All About Jazz - Radio speaker) - UK
Hryar Attarian (journalist for All About Jazz) - USA
Fernando R. de Mondesert (art director “Jazz En Domenicana, member of the Jazz Journalist Association) - Antilles
José Deluna (teacher and musician) - Spain
Dubi Lenz (journalist, broadcaster, art director “The Red Sea Jazz Festival”) - Israel
Dmitry Baevsky (musician and teacher) - Russia
Arnaldo DeSouterio (journalist, Producer, member of Los Angeles Jazz Society) - Brazil
Ares Tavolazzi (musician and teacher) - Italy
Aurélien Pitavy (Art director of Charlie Free - Le Moulin à Jazz) - France
Debbie Mari (musician and teacher at the UKZN - School of Music Jazz Studies) - South Africa
Greg Stott (musician and teacher at the Australian National University) - Australia
Jeri Brown (musician and teacher at the Concordia University Montreal) - Canada
The 2nd edition of 7 Virtual Jazz Club Competition is dedicated to the memory of Ella Fitzgerald.

Entries accepted from September 15th, 2017 to November 5th, 2017

Prizes and winners of the 1st edition of the 2016 contest
1st prize: € 4,000 to Nicole Johanntgen (CHE)
2nd prize: € 2,000 to The Jazz Fingers (ESP)
3rd prize: € 1,000 to Miguel Andrés Tejada (DOM)

About the 7 Virtual Jazz Club
The 7 Virtual Jazz Club is a non-profit all volunteer association dedicated to support jazz music in all its forms. The 7 Virtual Jazz Club website hosts the first fully global online jazz competition in history. The contest welcomes musicians of all ages. Musicians may be amateurs or professionals. Our aim is to unearth hidden musical talent focusing on the new trends that have emerged in jazz.