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Iiro Rantala - My History of Jazz (ACT 2012)

A unique melody-based mixture of the most diverse atmospheres: On “my history of jazz” Iiro Rantala presents his very own view of the evolution of jazz. With his special combination of humour, intelligence and “almost limitless techniques” (German radio station hr2) he frames the album with compositions by Bach. 

“My history of jazz" is the logical counterpart to Rantala's ACT debut "Lost Heroes", on which he built a unique personal monument to past musical paragons and kindred spirits – so unique, in fact, that it won him the Echo Jazz and the annual German Record Critics Award, amongst others. There too, the Finnish classical composers Jean Sibelius and Pekka Pohjola were of course also among the inspirations, as were the entirely dissimilar jazz piano legends Art Tatum, Erroll Garner and Michel Petrucciani. This time, great composers find their way into Rantala's kingdom, like George Gershwin ("Liza"), Kurt Weill ("September Song"), Duke Ellington and his valve trombonist Juan Tizol ("Caravan"), Thelonious Monk ("Eronel") and the Swedish cool jazz saxophonist Lars Gullin ("Danny’s Dream").
act records 

Travis & Fripp - Follow (Panegyric 2012)

"Live at Coventry Cathedral is one of those genuine musical rarities, an album drawn from a largely improvised performance that has the potential to resonate with, and impact upon, an audience far wider than one would normally associate with such music.

Of course the very term improvised is laden with expectations  not all of them positive ones so it s also worth mentioning that words like melodic, atmospheric, rhythmic? can equally be applied to the music.

Fripp provides solo runs that most guitarists could only dream of conjuring, while Travis demonstrates the kind of incisive lyricism on flute or soprano sax that makes him such a substantial presence in both jazz and rock settings. It s no surprise that both of these musicians can improvise successfully; such an approach is at the heart of their solo, group and collaborative efforts. What is remarkable is that this is not the result of an established duo who have played together for years, but of a far more occasional basis of operation - a mere handful of performances to date."

1. Soaring And Gliding 8:53

2. Dark Clouds 7:13
3. When The Rain Fall 10:02
4. Hear Our Voice 2:49
5. 1979 7:34
6. Open Land 6:27
7. Return To Saturn 6:49
8. Rotary Symmetrical 4:18
9. So There 4:23


Robert Fripp: guitars, soundscapes, frippertronics;

Theo Travis: saxophones, flutes, ambitronics.  

Panegyric Records

Denise Donatelli - Soul Shadows (Savant 2012)

Los Angeles-based vocalist Denise Donatelli won a Grammy nomination with her second Savant CD, When Lights Are Low. Possessing a voice of exceptional nuance, agility and unerring pitch, Denise is able to imbue whatever she chooses to sing with her special warmth, wit and insight. Reuniting the Grammy-nominated duo of Denise and her Music Director / accompanist Geoffrey Keezer, Savant Records presents their 2012 collaboration. Together, Denise and Geoff offer another program of un-hackneyed tunes in interesting arrangements that have come to be synonymous with a Denise Donatelli recording.

Track Listings
1. All or Nothing at All
2. No Better
3. Another Day
4. A Promise (Someplace Called Where)
5. Soul Shadows
6. Ocean
7. Postcards and Messages
8. When I Looked Again
9. Ange
10. Too Late Now

Mark Masters Ensemble - Ellington Saxophone Encounters (Capri 2012)

Arranger Mark Masters and baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan share a great love for the music of Duke Ellington and have produced a collection of arrangements that highlight compositions by members of the Duke's sax section. They are joined by saxophonist Pete Christlieb, Gary Foster and Gene Cipriano with a rhythm section of Bill Cunliffe, Jim Warrington and Joe La Barbera. The music spans the work of Harry Carney, Johnny Hodges, Jimmy Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves, Ben Webster and others. Masters and Smulyan deliver with creativity and reverence as they interpret the Ellington tradition.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NEPAL: Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2012

KATHMANDU, Oct 29: The week-long jazz festival in the Himalayas, Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2012, will commence on November 1. The festival this year features seven international artists and bands as well as five local bands and musicians.
Beat Kaestli and Ben Stivers will be here to entertain with their performances which mix traditional Jazz, R&B influences, Latin rhythms as well as European Folk songs, all done in a jazzy way. Kaestli is a vocalist, songwriter, arranger and producer living in New York City. He was awarded a scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music (BM) and the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation Scholarship by the Society of Singers. In 2008, he graduated with a Masters Degree from the Aaron Copland School of Music. Following the release of his acclaimed CD ‘Happy, Sad and Satisfied’ in 2006, he’s touring the world extensively with his own projects, showcasing his music in renowned clubs and at festivals across the US, Europe, Mexico and Canada.
2012 Kathmandu Jazz Festival

SPAIN: DESTACATS JAMBOREE Barcelona Upcoming Shows November 1-6

Actuacions destacades de la 1a setmana de novembre 2012


Dimarts 30 d'Octubre 20:00h | 22:00h
Que, com va passar fa uns mesos, un dels millors pianistes del jazz comtal ofereixi un concert en solitari és motiu més que suficient com per atansar-se al club de Ciutat Vella. I és que poques vegades podem fruir del piano-jazzman per antonomàsia del nostre país en el format més íntim de tots...


Divendres 2 de Novembre 20:00h | 22:00h
Jeremy Pelt és un dels grans trompetistes del jazz actual, un músic de factura clàssica que segueix el camí traçat pels grans de l’instrument de pistons, sense endergues de cap mena ni mitges tintes. Va néixer a Califòrnia el 1976 i es va formar al prestigiós Berklee College of Music...


Dissabte 3 de Novembre 20:00h | 22:00h
Un cop més, torna el bostonià Jerry Bergonzi al Jamboree. Bufador impenitent però mesurat, arquitecte del solo i autor d’un discurs suggeridor, Bergonzi va descobrir els grans del jazz, és a dir Duke Ellington, Count Basie i Lester Young, quan només tenia 8 anys...


Diumenge 4 de Novembre 20:00h | 22:00h
Una cantant de veu profunda, Aishah Davis, encapçala aquesta banda que compta amb tot un històric de l’escena del blues, el soul, el groove i, en general, la música negra a Barcelona: el baixista Steve de Swardt...


Dimarts 6 de Novembre 20:00h | 22:00h
Els clubs, en el sentit més ampli i generós del terme, són espais oberts a l’experimentació, a la creació sense límits, a provocar barreges insòlites i inèdites, a enderrocar murs, a deixar-se endur per la gosadia, el fetge i el cor. El bateria Marc Ayza, un dels músics més avesats a concebre el club com un laboratori, fa anys que reclama a través de la seva obra poc ortodoxa una trobada entre el hip hop, el soul, el jazz i altres expressions de les músiques populars contemporànies...

Gianni Gebbia - Songs from the Colosseum of Your Mind, Vol.2 (2012)

Gianni Gebbia alto saxophone Jacek Kochan drums Gabrio Bevilacqua contrabass Mauro Schiavone piano

Second volume of the project entitled : Songs from the Colosseum of your Mind by the italian alto saxophone player Gianni Gebbia with his new quartet Jòraku 4 with Gabrio Bevilacqua on contrabass, Jacek Kochan on drums and pianist Mauro Schiavone.
Recorded at Castellammare Summer Jazz Festival 2012
Sound engineer : Sebastiano Ramondo
Thanks to Toti Cannistraro, Sebastiano Ramondo


Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani (Carosello Records 2012)

"Il progetto “Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani” è rappresentato da cover ricercate e mai banali, che spaziano dai suoni del Brasile, all’Europa, da grandi classici del passato a quelli più moderni di autori contemporanei. Il disco contiene anche due inediti, uno dei quali scritto da Cristina Donà e Saverio Lanza. Irene Grandi e Stefano Bollani saranno anche impegnati con una tournèe che prenderà il via a novembre. "

Bobo Stenson Trio- Indicum (ECM 2012)

Free playing, Danish composer Carl Nielsen’s “Oft Am I Glad”, tunes by Bill Evans and George Russell, a Norwegian hymn, contemporary composition by Ola Gjeilo, a Wolf Biermann protest song, Ariel Ramirez.’s folkloric “La Peregrinacion”, ... Wide-ranging repertoire has become a hallmark of Bobo Stenson albums. But it’s not just the eclecticism that is striking: Stenson, Jormin and Fält take these far-flung sources and make an organic, breathing music out of them ... Stenson, of course, has long been one of the greats of Scandinavian jazz, and an ECM artist since the first years of the label. But there is a balance of energies in this particular trio – clear-edged lyrical piano playing, rootedness and keen choice of notes from the bass, and detailed, textural drumming – that is especially satisfying. Recorded in Lugano in November and December 2011.

Bobo Stenson piano
Anders Jormin double-bass
Jon Fält drums
 Your Story
La Peregrinacion
Event VI
Ave Maria
Tit er jeg glad
Ubi Caritas

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Ron Miles with Bill Frisell & Brian Blade - Quiver (ENJA 2012)

Ron Miles (trumpet, sattva); Bill Frisell (guitar); Brian Blade (drums)

1. Bruise
2. Queen B
3. Mr. Kevin
4. There Ain’t No Sweet Man that’s worth the Salt of My Tears
5. Just Married
6. Doin’ the Voom Voom
7. Days of Wine and Roses
8. Rudy
9. Go
10. Round
11. Guest of Honor

Born out of a long collaborative history, the great chemistry of Denver-based trumpeter Ron Miles and guitarist Bill Frisell is amply documented on a number of Frisell recordings and their sublime duet album Heaven from 2002. Joined by master drummer Brian Blade, they teamed up again in 2010 and 2011 under Ron's leadership for a few select concerts in Denver and Boulder, and cut a record entitled Quiver, the album features some of the most inspired music these three players have made in recent years. Primarily featuring Miles's own tunes, the recording also includes interpretations of Duke Ellington and Henry Mancini compositions, as well as a wonderful song first recorded by Bix Beiderbecke and Bing Crosby in 1929, "There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My Tears." 

Music Review: Ron Miles Trio's 'Quiver' : NPR
Review on Positive Feedback ISSUE 61 

The Richard Sussman Quintet Playing Music From Their New CD "Continuum" @Smalls Thurs., Nov. 1st

Dear Friends - Please join me for the New York City CD Release performance by my Quintet, featuring music from our new CD "Continuum" on Origin Records.
CD Release Concert & Party The Richard Sussman Quintet at Smalls Jazz Club

Thursday, November 1, 2012 9:30pm - 12:00am Performing Music From Their New CD "Continuum"

Joe Magnarelli-trumpet
Tim Ries-saxophones
Mike Richmond-bass
Jeff Williams-drums
Richard Sussman-piano

Smalls Jazz Club
183 West 10th Street
NewYork, NY 10014
(212) 252-5091

Shows at 9:30 & 11:00PM
$20/10 Students

 The Richard Sussman Quintet

Continuum - a continuous non-spatial whole or extent or succession in which no part or portion is distinct or distinguishable from adjacent parts - the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past. Although circumstances and events may appear to change dramatically over time, there is always a thread running through it all, establishing a continuity of consciousness and spirit.

"Continuum" – the composition and recording – represents the integration and coalescence of a wide variety of musical and stylistic experiences spanning several decades, illustrating the continuity or “Continuum” through many seemingly disparate elements of my musical journey. To provide continuity for this project, I reassembled the band from “Free Fall” (with the exception of Tom Harrell and Larry Schneider), my first studio recording as a leader, recorded in 1978.

I feel incredibly privileged to have once again been able to surround myself with some of the most talented and creative musicians on the planet: Jerry Bergonzi, Mike Richmond, and Jeff Williams. The incredible Randy Brecker joins us on trumpet and flugel horn. And guitar wizard Mike Stern honors us with a special guest appearance on one tune.

I feel equally privileged and excited to be joined for this performance by the superb Joe Magnarelli, Tim Ries, Mike Richmond, and Jeff Williams.

-Richard Sussman


Albare iTD — Long Way (ENJA 2012)

Guitarist and composer Albare (pronounced al bear ) presents an excellent sextet production recorded in New York. The ensemble is iTD, and the album is a tribute to the human spirit of adventure. Harmonica virtuoso Hendrik Meurkens regularly wins international critics polls with his own recordings. He was born in Germany and has been based in New York for 20 years. George Garzone worked with many jazz greats such as Michael Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, Danilo Perez, J. Tacuma, John Abercrombie, Kenny Barron, and Chick Corea. Argentinean-born Leo Genovese embraces experimental forms, having studied classical and contemporary music at home before moving to Boston to attend Berklee College. From performances at Carnegie Hall to touring with Esperanza Spalding, Leo s prowess takes on many guises. Antonio Sanchez, three-time Grammy® winner, is one of the most indemand drummers on the international scene, who works with Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Charlie Haden, and more.

Heinz Sauer & Michael Wollny - DON'T EXPLAIN - Live in Concert (ACT 2012)

"Don't Explain" is an impressive documentation of a vibrant musical partnership. And the best birthday present for Heinz Sauer's 80th.: A musical tightrope act without a net.

When told he was considered one of the fundamental greats of German Jazz, Heinz Sauer replied that he saw himself "neither as old nor as a master". So although the saxophonist, who will be celebrating his 80th birthday on 25 December 2012, is rightfully known as "a giant" (FAZ) and "grand master of saxophone" (DIE ZEIT), after all, he has been at the centre of European jazz history since his beginnings at the side of Albert Mangelsdorff. But in principle he remains to this day an adolescent; the kind of artist who knows that the path to mastery doesn't have a final destination. 

Native Soul -One Mind (American Showplace Music 2012)

Third release from veteran jazz group Native Soul. Follow-up to previous effort Soul Step (which reached #18 on the national jazz charts), presented in an acoustic format with new twists on familiar tunes by Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, and Lennon & McCartney. Saxophone titan Peter Brainin propels this powerful quartet through these ten wonderful selections. Features Noah Haidu, one of the up & coming pianists of his generation, along with acoustic bass giant Marcus McLaurine and the exceptional drumming of Steve Johns.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

BOB WOLFMAN BAND performing LIVE @ THE PURPLE PIT in CONCORD, NH FRIDAY, Nov. 2nd 8:00pm + New CD "Transition"

FRIDAY, Nov. 2nd 8:00pm 

New CD Bob Wolfman "Transition"
Bob Wolfman ~ Guitar/Vocals  Larry Coryell ~ Guitar  Kenwood Dennard ~Drums/Percussion
Victor Bailey ~ Bass  Ferdinando Argenti ~Piano  Street Date: Nov.5, 2012

Harold Mabern -Mr. Lucky (HighNote 2012)

During his over half-century on the scene as sideman and leader, Harold Mabern has played with such greats as Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Wes Montgomery and Sarah Vaughan. With his long-time colleague, Eric Alexander, Mabern romps and stomps through an interesting repertoire of songs associated with, surprisingly enough, Sammy Davis Jr., for whose musicianship and his humanity the pianist has a great deal of respect and admiration. And it is the same type of musicianship and humanity which comes to the fore in Mr. Lucky, Harold Mabern's first recording as a leader for HighNote Records.

Track Listings
1. The People Tree
2. As Long as She Needs Me
3. Soft Shoe Tranin' With Sammy
4. Hey There
5. I've Gotta Be Me
6. Mr. Lucky
7. What Kind of Fool Am I?
8. Night Song
9. Something's Gotta Give

Clifton Anderson - And So We Carry On ( Daywood Drive 2012)

And So We Carry On
Where or When
Alexer is
Bacalou Tonight
Falling In Love With Love
Remember This

George Cables-My Muse (HighNote 2012)

Having absorbed a huge variety of sounds and styles and incorporated them into his playing -- from harmonically adventurous post-bop to gospel-tinged blues -- pianist George Cables mines the mother load of jazz elements on his 2012 HighNote release, fusing Bud Powell's feeling, Fats Waller's juke joint geniality and Art Tatum's quick wit into his own persuasive utterances. Cables' searching and intense interpretations use the source material as a jumping-off point for his unique and quirky improvisations, and his writing is more profound and more expressive than ever.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Christmas CD: JASON PAUL CURTIS “Lovers Holiday”

New Christmas CD:
“Lovers Holiday”
Street Date: November 16, 2012



Bass: John Dahlman
Drums: Woody Hume
Piano: Ray Mabalot

Swing Machine
Trumpets: Chris Walker, Paul Murtha, Mike Barber, Geoff Peterson, Laura Peterson
Saxophones: Ricky Parrell, Pete BarenBregge, Andrew Snapp, Dave Schiff, Fred Koch
Trombones: Doug Elliot, Rick Lillard,
Jerry O’Sullivan, Jeff Bonk
Bass: Dallas Smith, Piano: Wade Beach, Guitar: Charlie Thomas, Drums: Jeff Johnson
Track listing: 
1. Our Time of Year (Jason Paul Curtis)
2. Let it Snow (Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne)
3. Christmas Time is Here (Vince Guaraldi)
4. Good This Year (Jason Paul Curtis)
5. Blue Friday (Jason Paul Curtis)
6. Lovers Holiday (Jason Paul Curtis)
7. You’d be So Nice to Come Home To (Cole Porter)
8. In the Still of the Night (Cole Porter)
9. I’ve Got My Love to Keep me Warm (Irving Berlin)
10. You’re Something (Steve Allen)
11. Winter Wind (Jason Paul Curtis)
12. The Christmas Waltz (Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne)

 “Lovers Holiday” was born of necessity for new Christmas songs. Swinglab (pianist, Ray Mabalot, bassist, John Dahlman and drummer, Woody Hume and vocalist, Jason Paul Curtis) played four nights a week the month of December, 2011, to sprawling Christmas crowds at Washington DC’s National Harbor. They soon learned that an hour set of Christmas jazz standards (great as they be) ran a little thin after the first “Winter Wonderland”. By mixing in standards, especially ones with wintery lyrics, the quartet struck a fresh, balanced  balance that both adults and kids could listen to for hours.

As early as January, 2012, Jason began writing new Christmas songs, beginning with the title track, “Lovers Holiday”. In his own words, ”I wanted holiday songs for couples, new couples, young couples, but also couples going through the experience of creating Christmas for their children and looking for that romantic moment when the kids are asleep”. Four more round out the originals list: “Good This Year”, “Blue Friday”, “Our Time of Year” and “Winter Wind”. Special guest big band Swing Machine weighs in on a 60’s swank arrangement of “I’ve Got My Love to Keep me Warm” as well as the new, “Our Time of Year”, both arranged by Scott Ragsdale.

Artist Itinerary:
November 2, 30: 
With Swinglab at Gaylord National Harbor, Belvedere Lounge (201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, MD 20745, (301) 965-2000, 7-10 pm, no cover
December 6: With Swing Machine at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, 10960 George Mason Circle, Manassas, VA, (703) 993-7550, 8-10 pm. Tickets available through the box office
December 9: With Swinglab at Lansdowne Resort, On the Potomac, 44050 Woodridge Parkway, Lansdowne, VA, (703) 729-8406-9pm.Tickets available through the front desk.
December 14,15,21,22: With Swinglab at Gaylord National Harbor, Belvedere Lounge, Christmas on the Potomac
201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, MD 20745 (301) 965-2000 7-10 pm, no cover

T: 845-986-1677 / F: 845-986-1699 * E-Mail: • 
“Specializing in Media Campaigns for the music community, artists, labels, venues and events.”


Artist’s Website:

Larry Stonephace Stabbins - Transcendental - feat. Zoe Rahman (Noetic Records 2012)

"Larry "Stonephace" Stabbins has long been a maverick. He was an inventive free-jazz saxophonist in the 1970s, then a significant figure on the dance-jazz scene through his co-leadership of Working Week, with guitarist Simon Booth. His last album (with Portishead's Adrian Utley) had trip-hop connections, but sax inspirations Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler and John Coltrane are evident on this sparky set, and that classy pianist Zoe Rahman cranks up the McCoy Tyner-like energy at every turn. Stabbins' Ayler-like cry opens the disc against piano and percussion eddies, but a 1970s-Tyner Latin-jazz feel soon arrives, and reappears at various tempos. The leader's playing spans spine-tingling, high-register soprano sax (Anomalous Monism), tenor-ballad opulence (White Queen Psychology), multiphonic pleadings (Transcendental Euphoria) and delicate flute with Rahman's coaxing piano (Immanence). The incantatory Coltrane approach receives a devoted tribute from the whole hard-grooving band on the Latin-dance finale Soul Train. They play a Southbank freestage gig at the London jazz festival on 17 November." John Fordham /

Announcing the New Release by The South Florida Jazz Orchestra directed by Chuck Bergeron

Announcing the New Release by The South Florida Jazz Orchestra
directed by Chuck Bergeron w/Wayne Bergeron, Brian Lynch,
Jason Carder, Greg Gisbert, Alex Norris, Cisco Dimas, Augie Haas, Kim Pensyl


(Mama Records MAA 1043)

’A masterpiece of a recording…A refreshingly entertaining session of polished artistry’’ -- Ed Blanco, All About Jazz

Some of the top trumpet players around join the South Florida Jazz Orchestra (SFJO) in an eyebrow raising, stunning recording!

SFJO is a modern Big Band comprised of many of the best Jazz and studio musicians, and Jazz educators in the southeastern part of the United States. The band’s eclectic repertoire includes original compositions and new arrangements influenced by their diverse musical experiences in the South Florida artistic community. For TRUMPET SUMMIT, this band (w/ guests) places the BIG in Band…RED HOT!!

Read My Lips 
Everything I've Got Belongs to You 
Blues for the Terrible Two's 
Peer Pressure 
Sophisticated Lady 
One for Mogie 
All the Things You Are 
Good Addiction  

CD, charts, solo transcriptions,
digital downloads and more available at these sites:
National Publicity Campaign
Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services
Ph: 845-986-1677 /
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Tracking Provided By
Michael J. Hurzon
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Jazz Guitarist Martin Taylor Wins Best Guitarist for a Record-Breaking 15th Time

ArtistWorks teaching artist named ‘Guitarist of the Year’ at the British Jazz Awards.

Jazz guitarist and popular online guitar teacher Martin Taylor was awarded ‘Guitarist of the Year’ at the British Jazz Awards in a ceremony that honors the United Kingdom’s top jazz musicians and jazz educators.
The vote, by members of the British public, sees Taylor collecting an unprecedented fifteenth award at the British Jazz Awards to add to his cabinet which already includes an M.B.E. from the Queen of Great Britain, two honorary doctorates, a Grammy nomination and an award for Outstanding Service to Jazz Education.
Dr. Martin Taylor, MBE, who has collaborated with artists ranging from Jeff Beck and Tommy Emmanuel to David Grisman and Bill Wyman is also the founder of the ArtistWorks Online Fingerstyle Guitar School, the world’s largest online jazz and fingerstyle guitarschool, with students in over 58 countries.
“I'm very honored to receive this award," said Taylor. “I've spent the past 39 years as a professional jazz guitarist and I thank everyone that continues to support me by coming to my concerts, and everyone that has voted for me for this award. I’d also like to also thank all the students at my online guitar school who continue the tradition of jazz guitar playing around the world.”
Martin Taylor is currently touring in Japan and North America for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013. For tour dates, visit For information about his interactive online fingerstyle guitar lessons, visit
About Martin Taylor
Martin Taylor is a multi-award winning guitarist and Acoustic Guitar magazine calls him ‘THE Acoustic Guitarist of his Generation’. He dazzles audiences with his solo shows, which combine virtuosity, emotion, humor, and a strong stage presence while his inimitable style has seen him recognized as the world’s foremost exponent of solo fingerstyle guitar playing. His ‘Spirit of Django Orchestral Suite’ recently received its London Premiere at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms. As one of the world’s most recognized online guitar teachers, he gives online fingerstyle and jazz guitar lessons at and his official site is
About ArtistWorks
Founded in 2008 by former AOL executive David Butler, ArtistWorks, Inc. is the leader in a new generation of online learning platforms. Their revolutionary global learning community of world-renowned teaching artists and enthusiastic amateurs is dedicated to unleashing the music that lies within all of us. This “next generation” Video Exchange Accelerated™ Learning Platform enables virtuoso musicians to "teach the world" by presenting their musical legacy in the form of HD video lessons to subscribing students. Utilizing simple web cams, smartphones, tablets or video cameras, students are able to submit practice videos and get individualized video feedback and guidance from their teaching artists - creating a constantly evolving two-way, online learning experience.
ArtistWorks currently offers schools from such world-renowned artists as: Paul
Gilbert (rock guitar lessons); Martin Taylor (fingerstyle guitar lessons); Jason Vieaux (classical guitar lessons); Andreas Oberg (jazz guitar lessons); Jeffrey Khaner (flute lessons); William Caballero (French horn lessons); David Bilger (trumpet lessons); Ricardo Morales (clarinet lessons); Nathan East (electric bass lessons), John Patitucci (jazz bass lessons), Howard Levy (harmonica lessons); DJ Qbert (DJ lessons); Christie Peery (piano lessons); Thomas Lang (rock drum lessons); Billy Cobham (jazz and fusion drum lessons); Luis Conte (percussion lessons); as well as the ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass with Tony Trischka (banjo lessons); Missy Raines (double bass lessons); Bryan Sutton (flatpick guitar lessons); Andy Hall (Dobro lessons); Mike Marshall (mandolin lessons); and Darol Anger (fiddle lessons). For more information, visit


per info e contatti
Simone Veronelli - Via M. Polo 53 - Concorezzo ( mb ). Cell 3482847083
oppure scrivete una mail a
E Venia Da' Campi Che Di Cerri Sentia
Solo per questa settimana 5 Euro anzichè 9.00
Mercoledi in quel di Milano mi sono imbattutto alla presentazione del nuovo album di Irene Grandi e Stefano Bollani in piazza Piemonte. Durante alcune domande dei fans Stefano riconosce tra il pubblico Franco Cerri e gli tributa un sentito e dovuto omaggio ( cito "uno dei piu' grandi musicisti italiani ). E chi può contraddire oggi Bollani ? Quindi grazie a casa Red Records del grande Sergio Veschi permetteteci di presentare in formato liquido ( flac 16bit - qualita' pari a quella del cd ) questo bellissimo album del 2008 per continuare a conoscere i grandi jazzisti che hanno fatto realmente la storia del nostro jazz ma in questo caso anche la storia della musicaitaliana 
La passione per la musica prende corpo a cavallo della seconda guerra mondiale e, dopo aver ricevuto in dono dal papà Mario la desideratissima chitarra, matura grazie al sodalizio con l’amico e pianista Giampiero Boneschi con il quale inizia ad approfondire la conoscenza del jazz.
Cominciata la sua carriera nel 1945, al fianco di Gorni Kramer con Bruno Martelli, Franco Mojoli, Carlo Zeme e il Quartetto Cetra, Cerri si è subito trovato nel 1949 a suonare con Django Reinhardt, la sua prima, vera influenza chitarristica.
Ha suonato con quasi tutti i più grandi jazzisti italiani ed è felice e orgoglioso di aver scoperto e incoraggiato il giovane e straordinario talento di Dado Moroni.
E’ stato alla testa di quartetti e quintetti propri, nei quali figurano anche talenti della scena italiana quali Gianluigi Trovesi e Tullio De Piscopo.
E’ intervenuto in più di 750 trasmissioni televisive e ha condotto alcuni programmi della Rai tra i quali: "Fine serata da Franco Cerri", "Jazz in Italia", "Jazz in Europa", "di Jazz in Jazz" e "Jazz primo amore".
Dagli anni '70 ha cominciato a sviluppare il lavoro di arrangiamento, riflettendo sulla partitura, le peculiarità del suo stile.
Nel 1980 ha inaugurato il sodalizio con il pianista e compositore Enrico Intra con il quale ha fondato e dirige i Civici Corsi di Jazz di Milano organizzando anche rassegne concertistiche.
Sul versante didattico, ha realizzato nel 1982 (con Mario Gangi, per quanto riguarda la chitarra classica) per il gruppo editoriale Fabbri, un corso di chitarra in sessanta lezioni arrivato alla quinta edizione e diversi metodi di jazz tra i quali spicca "Chitarra Jazz – sviluppi – approcci – esperienze", scritto con Paolo Cattaneo e Giovanni Monteforte e pubblicato in prima edizione da Ricordi nel 1993.
FORMATO FLAC 16BIT/44KHZ Clicca qui per acquistare
FORMAT0 MP3 320 KBPS Clicca qui per acquistare
CD : Per acquistare il cd ( 15 euro comprese spese di spedizione ) rispondere a questa mail. Attenzione  !!!! Se hai acquistato il formato flac o l'mp3 e vuoi anche il cd inviaci il numero di transazione e anzichè 15 lo paghi 12 ( comprese spese di spedizione !!! ) 
Ultimi giorni  per acquistare l'album Sellani - De Aloe - Moriconi - Bagnoli - Il Poeta a soli 5 euro