Thursday, December 31, 2020

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2020 - Streaming

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2020
Jazz & World Music Albums released in 2020

Elijah Band(France), Tim Burton Sr(USA), Karen Rosenberg(Denmark), Manuel Muzzu (Italy), Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby (Switzerland/USA), Guglielmo Santimone(Italy), The Appropriation Committee(USA), Nastazio Gkoumas(Greece), César Cardoso Ensemble(Portugal), Krzysia Górniak(Poland), David Linx(Belgium), Örjan Hultén Orion(Sweden), Steve Fidyk(USA), Francesco Marziani(Italy), Nikolas Skordas & Stephanos Chytiris(Greece), Little Gorgeous(USA), Calabó(USA), Ramiro Pinheiro & Rafael Barata(Brazil) Mariea Antoinette(USA), Hailey Tuck(USA), Big Funk Brass(France), Vibes Alive(USA), Marie Mifsud(France), Heistheartist(USA), The HeadShakers(France) Cody Carpenter(USA), Toku(Japan), Hot Club of Los Angeles(USA), Ozma(France), Gordon Grdina’s Nomad Trio(Canada), Robin McKelle(USA), Maude Caillat, Damani Butler, Billie Davis(USA), Giuseppe Paradiso(USA/Italy), Tony Adamo(USA) 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

World Music Mix: Julien Bigorgne(France)-Album: Monades

 Info about song/album:: Monades is the first record of the French jazz flautist Julien Bigorgne. Passionate about traditional Turkish, Indian and African music, Julien Bigorgne has composed 14 instrumental pieces, a bit like the Orientalists, borrowing from these traditional musics their colors and rhythms while reinterpreting them. A long work of maturation gives to the compositions a contemporary character that stands out from the clichés too often conveyed by "World Music".

Alternatively on the transverse flute and the oud (the Arab lute), Julien Bigorgne is accompanied by Shankar Kirpalani on double bass and Camille Petit on piano with whom he has shared many collaborations over the last fifteen years.

Throughout this musical discourse of more than an hour, in which improvisations are almost absent, the titles of the album are marked by the obsession to propose melodies that are simple to hear, holding the attention long after listening ; we will see in this approach a heritage of popular traditional music.

Carried by an omnipresent minimalism, the melodies are pure, self-sufficient, indivisible, embracing the philosophical concept of Monades.

This approach of course pays homage to the great Orientalists such as Erik Satie, whose influence is explicit when listening to the title “Glasnost”. But the disc is also sprinkled with more contemporary melodic references such as the “Noire Iridescence” waltz in reference to the accordionist Daniel Mille or the tortuous rhythmic constructions of the titles “Io” and “Entrelacs” which put us on the path of the double bassist Avishai Cohen.

Beyond the trio formula that forms the backbone of the album, the string orchestrations “Ligne de fuite” and “Lahar” punctuate the album, reinforcing the omnipresence of a melodic and cinematographic music.
If the record gives the impression of a long suite with a mastered architecture, some pieces break this order, such as “Fungi”, a short improvisation on the alto flute, a sort of unstructured and atonal parenthesis in a nod to the flautist Magic Malik.

The Monades disc can be listened as an exotic concept-album, a tribute to traditional music tinged with jazz, pop and image music.

The Monades disc is published by the label LEM (Laboratoire d'Exploration Musicale) with the catalog number LEM07.
released December 7, 2020

Julien Bigorgne : Oud (1,3,5,7,10,13), Ud (14), Flute (6,8), Alto flute (2,9,12), Kalimba (12)
Camille Petit : Piano, Vibraphone (12)
Shankar Kirpalani : Double bass (except 2)
Béla Bluche : Double bass (2)
Juliette Weiss : Violin (4,5,11)
Nadia Mejri-Chapelle : Cello (2,4,5,11)
Sophie Raynaud : Bassoon (2)

Recorded and mixed at Claudia Sound Studio (Paris)
by Maxime Lefèvre
Video directed by Alice Petit, images Darius Vernhes :

© 2020 LEM

Sunday, December 20, 2020

World Music Mix: Ramiro Pinheiro (Spain / Brazil)-Choro Pro Zé


World Music Mix

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Ramiro Pinheiro (Spain / Brazil)-Choro Pro Zé

Composer: Guinga & Aldir Blanc
Album: Choro Pro Zé(2020)
Label: Brasounds Productions
Vocals: Edi Barcelo
Tenor Sax: Gabriel Amargant Marzo
Guitar: Ramiro Pinheiro
“Guinga is a popular songwriter in Brazil, and his instrument is not only the guitar, but also the songs it sings. That’s something he learned from the great Brazilian songwriters.” in NPR Music’s article “The Brazilian Guitarist Beloved By Musicians Around The World”
Here we present Brasounds Home Sessions #8 with Guinga & Aldir Blanc’s “Choro Pro Zé”. This genre is called Choro and have many representatives like Pixinguinha, Altamiro Carrilho and Jacob do Bandolim. The song was recorded for the first time in 1993, in the album “Delírio Carioca”.

Monday, December 14, 2020

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2020: Nastazio Gkoumas Trio(Cyprus)-Album: Mad Bop


Nastazio Gkoumas Trio(Cyprus)-Between Lakes

Album: Mad Bop
Nastazio Gkoumas : guitar
Demetris Papanikolaou : double bass
Marios Alexandrou : drums

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Sunday, December 13, 2020

World Music Mix: Nicolas Meier | Dewa Budjana Group-Flying Spirits(Blue Canoe Records)


Nicolas Meier | Dewa Budjana Group-Flying Spirits

Album: Flying Spirits(2020)
Label: Blue Canoe Records

Fusion Guitar masters Nicolas Meier and Dewa Budjana deliver a Middle Eastern, Indonesia sound featuring the Dewa Budjana Group (Jimmy Haslip – bass, Asaf Sikis – drums, and Saat Syah – flutes). Produced by Nicolas Meier, Dewa Budjana and Jimmy Haslip.