Wednesday, April 28, 2021

WORLD MUSIC MIX: Cody Carpenter(USA)-Album: Memories and Dreams / Blue Canoe Records (2021)

 Cody Carpenter(USA)-Attract Mode

Album: Memories and Dreams
Label: Blue Canoe Records (2021)
Cody Carpenter has once again delivered a high-energy instrumental progressive rock album titled, “Memories and Dreams”. Carpenter’s signature piano and keyboard chops are as instrumental as it is interpretative which leads the listener on a unique odyssey. Cody’s compositional and arranging skills continue to shine with his fourth CD as a leader and this original eleven-song outing.

With “Memories and Dreams”, Cody takes the listener on a musical journey by way of flourishing keyboard phrases, deep grooves provided by bassist Jimmy Haslip, driving drums featuring Jimmy Branly, Virgil Donati, Scott Seiver, and the group is rounded out by the virtuosic guitar playing of Marco Sfogli and Cody Carpenter.

Carpenter’s newest album project “Memories and Dreams​” has more than lived up to his fans’ expectations of nothing less than 11 amazing examples of musical perfection.
Blue Canoe Records

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

ROMANIA: 50 artists will perform at the first edition of The Jazz Cave Festival, which will take place on June 2-4,

50 artists will perform at the first edition of The Jazz Cave Festival, which will take place on June 2-4, at the entrance to the Ialomiţa Cave in the Bucegi mountains


Saturday, April 3, 2021

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2020: Frantisek Uhlir(Czech Republic)-Album: Story of My Life

Frantisek Uhlir(Czech Republic)-PART 3 – ÚSTÍ – BRNO – PRAHA
 / Prolog Born to Future

Album: Story of My Life
The year 2020 is a significant date for me – I celebrate my 70th birthday and by coincidence, my father František, a bandleader, composer and pedagogue, would live to be 100 this year. This is why I have invented a little unusual present to this anniversary for me but primarily for the pleasure of the listener and fans of not only jazz music.
I wrote a suite called Story of My Life where a crucial role plays the number seven from my seventies. In addition to the Prologue, it is further constituted of seven musical parts which describe my life and my musical path and are tailor-made for seven excellent jazz players. All single musical movements are supplemented by photos illustrating my life.
Musicians: FRANTIŠEK UHLÍŘ – bass FRANTIŠEK TOMŠÍČEK- trumpet,flugelhorn PŘEMEK TOMŠÍČEK – trombone ANDY SCHOFIELD – altsax SUZANNE HIGGINS – tenorsax STANDA MÁCHA – piano MAREK URBÁNEK – drums
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