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USA: Solitaire Miles Releases New Digital Only Album "Jazztets with Willie Pickens"

Vocalist Solitaire Miles, better known as a Susie Blue from the Western Swing band Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas,  is releasing a mini-album tribute to her long-time mentor and friend Chicago pianist Willie Pickens,  who unexpectedly passed away over the winter.  Before Miles became known as Susie Blue she performed and recorded standard Swing and Jazz with Pickens, who was not only her bandleader but her teacher for 25 years.    Miles and Pickens recorded several sessions in Chicago  between 2008 - 2010  and  produced 3 jazz albums,  but she only recently discovered that there were still a few unreleased songs left  "in the can" that had not been published, so she had them produced and is releasing them as a mini-album as a tribute to Pickens.

"I met Willie in 1993 when I was working with Von Freeman." Miles says.   "I recorded my first jazz album with them in ‘94 and had been working with Willie ever since.  Not only was he my accompanist, but he was my teacher, my mentor and my friend.  He and his wife Irma were like foster parents to me and to so many other young musicians and singers in Chicago and it was an honor and a blessing to know them.  I am very happy to release these forgotten tunes with Willie so that his friends and fans can have something new. "

The four song release, titled "The Solitaire Miles Chicago Jazztets"  includes two Billie Holiday favorites "You Let Me Down" and "Say it with a Kiss”,  a Duke Ellington classic "Take Love Easy" and "The House of Blue Lights" by Freddie Slack. The sessions feature Chicago's best Jazz and Swing musicians, including reed Maestro Eric Schneider, trumpeter Art Davis, bassists Marlene Rosenberg and Larry Kohut, saxophonists Jim Gailloreto and Jim Massoth, and  drummers Robert Shy and Phil Gratteau.

"Willie was very supportive when I wandered away from straight-ahead Jazz and moved into Western Swing.”  Miles explains.    “He even played on a few Western Swing gigs with the band, which helped me transition to the new genre.  Both he and his wife Irma were very supportive of the Lonesome Fellas Project, when many of my Jazz friends and fans were not as encouraging.  I wouldn't be the Western Swing singer that I am today without Willie’s kindness and support, and there would not be a Susie Blue without Willie Pickens."

Western Swing fans can be assured that Miles has no ambition to resume her straight-ahead Jazz persona, but only wants to remember her long-time friend and teacher by releasing the mini-album.  She plans on returning to the studio this summer with her Lonesome Fellas to record their  2nd Western Swing release, which will be dedicated to his memory.

You can find the album "The Solitaire Miles Chicago Jazztetes" in digital form on CD Baby, itunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.  All proceeds from the sale of the album will go to The People’s Music School, a non-profit music school in the heart of Chicago that provides kids in poverty with free musical instruments,  training and vocation.  Pickens spent most of his life educating students in the Chicago Public Schools, starting his teaching career in 1966, and he is most fondly remembered as a teacher and a mentor to thousands of students who mourn his passing.

Listen to the tunes here 

Find Solitaire Miles here -

Learn more about The People’s Music School here -



Epidot is a trio that plays music written by guitarist Erik Ivarsson, which we can hear with, for example, Actual Arvid Nero and Mona Wallin, Black Cat Bone, Elina Ryd and Parallel Activity. 
Epidot's music can be seen as a melting pot of different styles and expressions. The early progressive rock with the style typical complex song structures and great dynamic variations, the late 60's powertrios such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, the early 60's guitar band like The Shadows, the jazz music with its focus on turn and improvisation, the blues's raw and unpolished sound. 
On double bass we hear Adam Lindblom, one of the most popular bassists on the Göteborsk music scene.
Adam has heard with his stable and strong melodic games with, for example, Ove Ingemarsson, Eric Liftig and Tobias Grim. 
On drums we find Johan Horner.
He also plays with Anders Boson and Gentlemen & Gangsters. 
Johan puts a strong mark on Trion's music with his engering and playful drumming. 
Erik Ivarsson - Guitar Johan Horner - Drums Adam Lindblom - Double bass

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DENMARK: CLT Trio-Every Second is a Blues(2018)

CLT consists of three notable musicians who has made a significant mark on the Danish and international jazz scene - both through acclaimed releases as leaders and as solid sidemen. Now they have joined forces in this new trio that combines an energetic and intense expression with a subtle responsiveness to the finer nuances.

The debut album Every Second Is a Blues consists of seven spontaneous improvisations recorded during a single day in the studio in the spring of 2017. Without any prior planning CLT creates a musical universe where there is room for both raw bursts of energy and thoughtful explorations. A common goal for the members of the trio is to let their personal expressions merge so that every track appears as a unified entity. With this in mind they change between abstract soundscapes, romantic tableaus and subtle grooves, all the time using as a point of departure the intense energy that occurs when musicians comes together and develops and explores the music in the moment.

With this release CLT offers their take on relevant music anno 2018, where freedom and presence are the keywords.

Casper Nyvang Rask: Double bass
Lars Fiil: Piano
Terkel Nørgaard: Drums

USA: Tom Tallitsch "Wheelhouse"(Posi-Tone 2018)

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Saxophonist Tom Tallitsch returns to the scene with steadfast earnestness and spotlights his strengths as a songwriter on his latest release "Wheelhouse." Prepare to be delighted, as Tallitsch unveils a captivating program of new compositions featuring the suitably swinging assistance of his label-mates Jon Davis on piano, Peter Brendler on bass, Vinnie Sperrazza on drums and Josh Lawrence on trumpet. Tallitsch continues to demonstrate a strong and well refined artistic vision for his own music as a leader that is both emotionally engaging, uplifting, and entertaining. With a delicate balance of modernity and classic aesthetics, "Wheelhouse" is insightfully straight forward, refreshingly melodic and full of bright moments for the ears of jazz fans everywhere.
1. Wheelhouse    6:10
2. Schlep City    4:25
3. Outnumbered    6:00
4. Red Eye    5:15
5. Paulus Hook    6:00
6. River    5:31
7. The Crusher    4:31
8. One For Jonny    6:23
9. Gas Station Hot Dog    6:00

all compositions by Tom Tallitsch

Tom Tallitsch - tenor sax
Josh Lawrence - trumpet
Jon Davis - piano
Peter Brendler - bass
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums

produced by Marc Free

links to music:

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USA/PUERTO RICO You Funky Devil: GRAMMY-winning drummer Henry Cole’s Bomba-Powered Reinvention of Salsa Classic, “El Diablo”

You Funky Devil: GRAMMY-winning drummer Henry Cole’s Bomba-Powered Reinvention of Salsa Classic, “El Diablo”

Exuberantly inventive drummer Henry Cole was listening to a favorite album one day, when a whole new arrangement for a classic song leaped into his head. The result was “El Diablo (Espiritu Burlon),” the first song from SIMPLE, the long-awaited follow up his 2012 debut, Roots Before Branches.
The new song, like a lost Latin track off Maggot Brain, embraces Cole’s vision for 21st-century Puerto Rican music, encompassing a wide range of global influences from folkloric rhythms...
Drummer Henry Cole transforms the music scene one beat at a time. Described as “the future of drumming,” (Bongohead) Cole leads Villa Locura with wide musical range, grace and sheer power behind the drum kit. A Puerto Rico native and a current resident of New York, he has toured throughout the globe, performing in the U.S., 
Europe, Mexico, Central America, Korea and Japan. He combines various musical influences - Puerto Rican folklore, funk and R&B, jazz and Afro-Caribbean rhythms – creating his own unique genre that bridges the traditional with the contemporary. Henry's main goal is to see music as “One World,” a space beyond styles, reaching out to audiences of all kinds with a message of determination and unity. By the end, Henry Cole will “have made you smile, made you think, surprised you, and – most of all – made you want to dance” (JamBands).


Ron Kadish
812-339-1195 x 204

GREECE: Kyriakos Sfetsas-Greek Fusion Orchestra (2018)

TERANGA BEAT proudly presents composer Kyriakos Sfetsas and his Greek Fusion Orchestra, an artist with a truly multifaceted body of work. Sfetsas formed GFO in 1976, in order to accomplish an ambition dating back to his 1960's Avant Garde period in Paris: to create a piece of work that would expand the boundaries of Greek traditional music. The result is a Progressive-Jazz Fusion masterpiece comprising complex and intriguing compositions, and performed by Athens' best musicians of the day.

Sfetsas grew up in the island of Lefkada where he studied classical music from a very young age at the local conservatory. At the same time he was genuinely connected to traditional music and especially to the sound of clarinet, the lead instrument in the region's folk music. From a young age Sfetsas would perform with Gypsy orchestras in local feasts. It was this experience that inspired him to create the GFO after his return from Paris in 1975. Sfetsas founded the orchestra while working at the National Radio, an orchestra comprising mostly members of the Variety Music Orchestra, who had a solid background in both classical and traditional music. In that way he was able to realize his ambition, something he could not do in Paris since it was impossible to find musicians trained in both musical cultures.

The recordings on this album, forming only a small part of his overall body of work with GFO, are previously unreleased. The music was recorded Stereo on Reel Tape and with high standards for the time, with the current mastering process highlighting even more the quality of the recordings. The result is truly impressive and pure audiophile album.

The LP version of the album is a Deluxe Edition and comes with a high gloss laminated gatefold cover, a printed insert and a digital download code. The CD packaging is Digipak with Slipcase, including a booklet with photos and liner notes outlining the story of the band members.

FRANCE: Samy Thiébault, la vidéo de Calypstopia // nouvel album Caribbean Stories

Samy Thiébault
Sortie le 15/06 du Single Calypsotopia

Extrait de l’album « Caribbean Stories » à paraître le 21/09 chez Gaya Music
Concert au Café de la Danse le 15/11
Samy Thiébault est de retour le 21 septembre avec l'album Caribbean Storiesdont on peut déjà découvrir le titre Calypsotopia qui va nous accompagner cet été. Si l'on raconte que le jazz est né à La nouvelle Orléans, on sait qu'il fût forgé dans toute la Caraïbe. C'est le voyage que le saxophoniste Samy Thiébault nous propose : revenir aux sources du blues et du jazz, partir à l'aventure et se retrouver pris dans un tourbillon musical dont on avait pas deviné la profondeur, un voyage hédoniste, dansant, poétique, et politique.
Accompagné aux percussions et à la batterie du cubain Inor Sotolongo et Arnaud Dolmen, originaire de la Guadeloupe, du bassiste Felipe Cabrera et enfin de deux guitaristes, riches d’influences allant de Kingston à la Puerto Rico, Hugo Lippi  et le martiniquais Ralph Lavital, Samy Thiébault nous revient avec un album qui raconte l'histoire d'un peuple déraciné. Jazz, calypso, merengue, valse, boléro, chachacha et cent autres genres encore s'entremêlent tout au long de l'album Caribbean Stories, aventure dans les Caraïbes que l'on débute avec la vidéo de Calypsotopia.
Pour regarder et diffuser la vidéo de Calypsotopia :
Si l'on raconte que le jazz est né à La nouvelle Orléans, on sait qu'il fût forgé dans toute la caraïbe. Africains, Taïnos, Espagnols, Indiens, Anglais, Français, ces peuples se sont rencontrés dans les histoires d'esclavagisme, de révolte, de métissage, d’utopies et de liberté. Ce sont eux qui ont forgé un son unique. C'est ce terreau qui est la source du jazz.
C'est ce sujet que Samy Thiebault a décidé d'explorer avec son nouveau groupe.
Une nouvelle matière autant politique que musicale. Avec comme cœur battant un percussionniste et un batteur, le cubain Inor Sotolongo et Arnaud Dolmen, originaire de la Guadeloupe. Comme pilier harmonique, le bassiste Felipe Cabrera. Et enfin, le groupe est entouré par deux magnifiques guitaristes, riches d’influences allant de Kingtson à la Puerto Rico, en passant par le be bop le plus pur, les incroyables anglais Hugo Lippi  et martiniquais Ralph Lavital.
Ensemble, ils écrivent une nouvelle page d'un livre sensuel où le rythme fait sens avec des mélodies aux parfums envoutant et sulfureux. Des chansons qui racontent l'histoire d'un peuple déraciné.
Un peuple qui a su réinventer son histoire au travers de musiques différentes mais toutes liées ensemble… Il est le peuple du blues, comme le nommait LeRoy Jones.
Samy Thiébault ne s’est pas aventuré dans la Caraïbe avec l’intention de chiffonner les lieux communs ou de mener croisade contre le simplisme géomusicologique. Non, il a simplement été pris de passion pour des musiques qui défient beaucoup de vieilles idées bien enracinées – « J’ai pris un camion dans la tronche », dit-il.
Caribbean Stories ne raconte que cela : un incroyable emmêlement de musiques qui révèle à quel point elles sont sœurs, imbriquées, intriquées. Jazz, calypso, merengue, valse, boléro, chachacha et cent genres encore, dans un tourbillon profond, hédoniste, dansant, poétique, politique.
Samy Thiébault, saxophoniste et flûtiste, respecté depuis quelques lustres, a d’un seul coup voulu embrasser le vaste domaine des musiques du monde créole, sans décider laquelle est la meilleure, ou la plus juste, ou la plus savante. Simplement en faisant entendre leur humanité. Un voyage dans la Caraïbe qui rend à ces musiques leur humble noblesse de consolation ultime. Et leur vérité.
Concert de sortie de l'album Caribbean Stories le 15/11/2018 au Café de la Danse

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USA: Frank Vignola's Hot Jazz Guitar Trio Appearing @ Gateway City Arts Saturday, June 30th 8pm

Frank Vignola's Hot Jazz Guitar Trio Appearing @ Gateway City Arts Saturday, June 30th 8pm

Vinny Raniolo - guitar
Gary Mazzaroppi- - bass

Gateway City Arts
92 Race St.
Holyoke, MA

Doors: 7:00 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

Minors Under 18 With Parent or Legal Guardian
$20 advanced, $25 door​
Tickets & Info
Food and Drink will be available at The Bistro at Gateway City Arts​
Frank Vignola is one of the most extraordinary guitarists performing before the public today. His stunning virtuosity has made him the guitarist of choice for many of the world’s top musicians, including Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, Mark O Connor, the Boston Pops, the New York Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, who named Vignola to his “Five Most Admired Guitarists List” for the Wall Street Journal. Vignola’s jaw-dropping technique explains why the New York Times deemed him “one of the brightest…stars of the guitar”.​

USA: Keyboardist David Garfield boxes himself into a jam

Keyboardist David Garfield boxes himself into a jam

Surrounded by a stellar cast that boasts George Benson, David Sanborn, Smokey Robinson, Michael McDonald, Natalie Cole, Ray Parker Jr. and many more, his “Outside the Box” series continues with “Jammin’ Outside the Box,” dropping July 20.

LOS ANGELES (26 June 2018): Indulging his passion for R&B-pop on the second volume of his five-part, multi-genre “Outside the Box” series, keyboardist David Garfield will release “Jammin’ Outside the Box” on July 20 on Creatchy Records. Like the first disc, the straight-ahead jazz exploration “Jazz Outside the Box,” Garfield produced, arranged and played piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano and synthesizers on a carefully-selected set list with purposefully-chosen collaborators that spotlights sessions with seminal icons, Grammy winners, chart-toppers and prominent players. Garfield has a personal connection and meaningful history with every song and each musician he selected for the groove rich, soul-jazz album, crucial elements that position the ambitious “Outside the Box” anthology towards becoming an enduring, career-capping collection.  

Two of the singles that prefaced “Jammin’ Outside the Box,” “Go Home” and “Jamming,” peaked in the Billboard Top 10 and the recently-released third single, “Stay” featuring George BensonDavid Sanborn and singer-songwriter Moon Calhoun, aims to follow suit. In addition to the three original Garfield tunes, including “One Like You,” which he wrote with Smokey Robinson, who plies his trademark falsetto complimented by Michael McDonald on background vocals, Garfield redesigned R&B, funk and pop classics made famous by Stevie WonderBob MarleyAdeleStingAretha FranklinTotoIsley BrothersRufusMinnie RipertonBobby Caldwell and one of his keyboard mentors, Joe Sample. To do so, Garfield gathered members of the Zac Brown BandSteely DanTom Petty’s HeartbreakersChicagoToto and Tower of Power along with an army of noteworthy soloists including Ray Parker Jr., Kirk WhalumRick BraunMarcus MillerPaul Jackson Jr., Eric MarienthalTom ScottVinnie ColaiutaGreg PhillinganesSteve JordanFreddie WashingtonWill LeeTony MaidenRickey Minor and Lenny Castro.

“One of the things I have always loved to do is keep the spirit of old-school R&B fresh and alive for new generations of listeners. This explains my longstanding tradition of creating interesting and sometimes stylistically off-the-beaten path reimaginings of songs by legendary soul artists. It was a thrill doing these songs, adding a jazz touch with improvisation that take the songs ‘outside the box.’ What was also special for me is that this album features a lot of people I work with or have worked for, from Smokey and George to David Sanborn and Natalie Cole, but now I got to have them as guests on my thing,” said Garfield, a Los Angeles-based musician’s musician who grew up in St Louis on a steady diet of R&B and jazz.

An example of the poignancy that proliferates “Jammin’ Outside the Box,” one can look at “The Highways Of My Life,” which features an introduction by Cole. Garfield toured with her for two years. During their first trek together, she introduced him to the Isley Brothers’ original and asked him to craft an arrangement for her. Before they could perform it live together, Garfield was summoned to return to his long-held gig as Benson’s music director. But Cole performed his arrangement nonetheless. When Garfield hatched the “Outside the Box” concept a few years ago, he reached out to Cole to have her sing it. Unfortunately, she passed away prior to the recording date. Admirably filling in for her are Oleta Adams and Phil Perry, who masterfully reposition the song as a moving duet. Cole’s voice is heard introducing the song, creating a divine moment.  

“The final touch was having a 24-piece string section arranged by Grammy winner John Clayton. This takes the song to the high and luxurious level a tribute to Natalie deserves. I owe this track to Natalie. It was one of her favorite songs and that’s why it’s an important part of this collection.”

“Jammin’ Outside the Box” contains the following songs:

“Go Home”
“Chasing Pavements”
“Please Don’t Go”
“Lovin’ You”
“Fragile” (instrumental)
“One Like You”
“Waiting For Your Love”
“Rainbow Seeker” (electric)
“The Highways Of My Life”
“Rock Steady”
“What You Won’t Do For Love”
“Harvest Time” (electric)

For more information, please visit

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LATVIA: On June 28th and 29th, four artists of festival 'Rigas Ritmi 2018' will share their experience in master classes.

On June 28th and 29th, four artists of festival 'Rigas Ritmi 2018' will share their experience in master classes.

This year during the festival "Rīgas Ritmi 2018" , jazz lovers are invited to the master classes. On June 28th and 29th at the Latvian Radio 1st studio, four artists - a multi-instrumental Adam Ben Ezra, vocalist and songwriter Gregory Boyd, jazz singer Shenel Johns and three-time Grammy-nominated jazz pianist and composer, improviser Alfredo Rodriguez will share their personal experience.

USA: Queens Jazz Orchestra 10th Year Anniversary!
Queens Jazz Orchestra 10th Year Anniversary!


Much Anticipated Free Festival Brings Top Artists to the Green
MORRISTOWN, NJ – The eighth Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival will be held  on the Green  in Morristown, New Jersey on Saturday, August 18, from noon until 10:00 p.m. The annual free concert is made possible by the generous support of many sponsors who are well-known in the region.

This year’s festival begins at noon with Rhythm in Blue, the dynamic new jazz ensemble from the United States Air Force. Comprised of 14 talented musicians, the jazz band draws on a classic well-known big band repertoire with an unparalleled level of excitement and versatility.

Jazz fans know that the military jazz bands have a rich history of spawning superb musicians. During World War II, many top jazzmen joined the service bands, the most well-known being Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw. But many younger musicians honed their chops playing in the service as well including a young Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond and a singer who has gone on to have a pretty good career, Tony Bennett.
At two o’clock a New Jersey Jazz Society favorite, trumpeter, singer and songwriter Bria Skonberg returns to the Green for the first time in three years, taking over the slot held for the past several years by Bucky Pizzarelli. Unfortunately, the hot sun of August has become too much for the legendary nonagenarian so the mantle has passed to the young musician who continues to win critical acclaim and more awards.

Since her Festival debut in 2015, Bria has had two new releases, won the prestigious JUNO Award, received the Swing! Award from Jazz at Lincoln Center, took home a Hot House Jazz Magazine Award last fall, and most recently won Vocal Jazz Album of the Year. Her band includes Evan Arntzen on reeds, Mathis Picard on piano, Devon Starks on bass, and Darrian Douglas on drums.
Following Bria will be New Jersey’s own LaBamba and the Hubcaps. Led by long-time Conan O’Brien band member Richie “LaBamba” Rosenberg, this explosive ensemble has been a fixture on the Asbury Park music scene for many years and was the stage band for the first five induction ceremonies of the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Equally at home with swinging jazz, and blues and funk, the Hubcaps provide a perfect transition from hot swinging jazz in the afternoon to steamy blues at night.

Trombonist Richie Rosenberg got his start with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, but quickly became one of the most sought-after horn men around, leading Bruce Springsteen’s Miami Horns at the Super Bowl, and joining drummer Max Weinberg and the Conan O’Brien Band more than two decades ago. 

At six o’clock, the music turns to the blues with the European-based Bernard Allison Group. Born in Chicago in 1965, Bernard Allison was first introduced to the blues by his father, the legendary guitarist Luther Allison. Bernard developed his guitar chops with the Koko Taylor Blues Machine as well as the legendary Willie Dixon. A star in Europe, Bernard is beginning to get a lot of notice here in America through appearances at Festivals and radio airplay.
Wrapping up the day is blues guitarist Davy Knowles who may just be in his early thirties, but has been turning heads with his mature playing. He has toured with a long list of top blues guitarists and has headlined at festivals such as Lollapalozza, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits. He is praised by guitar greats such as Joe Satriani who proclaimed Knowles his “favorite modern bluesman” and Peter Frampton who called him “the gunslinger guitarist of the 21stcentury.”

Festival co-producer Linda Smith of LKS Associates looks forward to the show this year. “It is great to feature some young artists, such as Bria Skonberg and Davy Knowles, along with established stars like LaBamba. We love the variety that this festival can provide.”

Mayor Tim Dougherty, who initiated the festival in 2011, commented, “With swinging jazz in the afternoon and hot blues in the evening, there is great music for everyone. The Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival has become a much anticipated event and we thank our generous sponsors for making this day possible.”

The Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival will take place on the Green in Morristown on Saturday, August 18, from noon until 10:00 p.m. Admission is free and many local restaurants will be offering specials for festival attendees. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets. For more information, visit

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JazzWorldQuest - Jazz T-shirts

FRANCE/ISRAEL: PARIS JAZZ CLUB presents :*Focus Jazz Israëlien - Evenings Paris Jazz Club - 1 entry = 3 clubs !*

Focus Jazz Israélien - Soirées Paris Jazz Club
PARIS JAZZ CLUB presents :*Focus Jazz Israëlien - Evenings Paris Jazz Club - 1 entry = 3 clubs !*
Dans le cadre de la Saison France - Israel 2018
A partir du mardi 26 juin 2018 jusqu'au jeudi 28 juin 2018

USA: 2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival June 29-July 1, 2018

June 29, 2018
5:00 pm United Jazz Ensemble @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
6:30 pm Smith Studio Jazz @ Youth Stage
6:30 pm Soulcat @ College Stage
6:30 pm Peter Tearse Quartet @ Local Stage
7:00 pm Behn Gillece Quartet @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
8:30 pm Smith Studio Jazz @ Youth Stage
8:30 pm Soulcat @ College Stage
8:30 pm Peter Tearse Quartet @ Local Stage
9:00 pm Hot Tamale Louie @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
June 30, 2018
11:30 am Craig Kessler Monktet @ Youth Stage
12:30 pm Craig Kessler Monktet @ Youth Stage
1:00 pm North Corridor Jazz All Stars @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
2:30 pm West High Jazz Ensemble @ Youth Stage
2:30 pm Night Mayor @ College Stage
2:30 pm George Jazz Trio @ Local Stage
3:00 pm Braxton Cook’s Quintet @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
4:30 pm West High Jazz Ensemble @ Youth Stage
4:30 pm Night Mayor @ College Stage
4:30 pm George Jazz Trio @ Local Stage
5:00 pm Vincent Herring Quartet @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
6:30 pm Liberty High Jazz Ensemble @ Youth Stage
6:30 pm Blake Shaw Thrio @ College Stage
6:30 pm Brick Street Ramblers @ Local Stage
7:00 pm Rene Marie & Experiment in Truth @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
8:30 pm Liberty High Jazz Ensemble @ Youth Stage
8:30 pm Blake Shaw Thrio @ College Stage
8:30 pm Brick Street Ramblers @ Local Stage
9:00 pm Jane Ira Bloom Quartet @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
July 1, 2018
11:30 am The Minors @ Youth Stage
12:30 pm The Minors @ Youth Stage
1:30 pm Nonprophet @ Youth Stage
1:30 pm Will Schmid Quartet @ College Stage
1:30 pm Heartland Trio @ Local Stage
2:00 pm Steve Kenny’s Group 47 @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
3:30 pm Nonprophet @ Youth Stage
3:30 pm Will Schmid Quartet @ College Stage
3:30 pm Heartland Trio @ Local Stage
4:00 pm Amanda Monaco Quartet @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
5:30 pm Silver Swing Band @ Youth Stage
5:30 pm Jarrett Purdy Project @ College Stage
5:30 pm Steve Grismore Trio @ Local Stage
6:00 pm Matt Wilson’s Honey & Salt @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival
7:30 pm Silver Swing Band @ Youth Stage
7:30 pm Jarrett Purdy Project @ College Stage
7:30 pm Steve Grismore Trio @ Local Stage
8:00 pm Joshua Redman’s Still Dreaming @ Main Stage – Iowa City Jazz Festival