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Impermanence Trio​/​Tricko Tareco (Impossible Ark Records 2013)

The Impermanence Trio

Matthew Bourne joins Riaan Vosloo and Tim Giles to form The Impermanence Trio. The perform material from Sun Ra and Ellington by way of their own spontaneous offerings.

"[Bourne] improvises with a cyclonic energy and virtuosity, and rummages in a bag of influences gathered from all over the past century’s music” The Guardian

Tricko Tareco

Kit Downes explores four meditative moods on a new project Tricko Tareco. Downes is joined by cellist Lucy Railton and sound sculpture Alex Killpartrick. Tricko Tareco draw on influences from improvised music, minimalism and electronica. Downes says, " Tricko Tareco enjoys simple things put in weird ways."

"Downes is an exceptional talent" The telegraph

(Impossible Ark Records)

Mark Sherman/Bob Franceschini - Project THEM (Miles High 2013)

"Minor Turns" is an original composition by tenor saxophonist/flutist Bob Franceschini and the sixth track on vibraphonist Mark Sherman's new CD "Project Them."
Out October 15, 2013 on Miles High Records.
"Project Them" features Sherman with Franceschini on tenor sax/flute, Mitchel Forman on piano and Hammond B3 organ, Martin Gjakonovoski on bass and Adam Nussbaum on drums. Pianist Paolo di Sabatino plays instead of Mitchel Forman on several tracks, though not this one.

Marc van Roon Trio - Quantum Stories (Challenge Records 2013)

"This album is inspired by the stories that create meaning in our lives. The stories we passionately co-construct that enable us to find our pathways through the excitingly swampy and complex wetlands of our reality, the stories that transform and represent our life experiences.

This trio explores the rich world and art of improvisation in many forms. The kind of transformative improvisation that allows us to shape stories together. Each improvisation, in itself, acts as an U-shaped hero’s journey, responding to the creative call to action, embarking on the adventure, crossing the threshold from the known to the unknown, passing the point of no return, dealing with artistic challenges, climbing the road back up, returning with the elixir, transformed and enriched.

Some stories have a preplanned structure with melodies and harmonies united in rhythm. Other stories have a minimal structure or no preplanned score at all. Some of our stories emerge from a simple idea or a contrasting theme such as ‘fast and slow’, or ‘high and low’. Some are completely freely emerging from the playful interconnection between the storytelling musicians"
Challenge Records

CAVA MENZIES & NICK PHILLIPS Present "MOMENT TO MOMENT" - A Mesmerizing Album of Jazz Ballads

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A Mesmerizing Album of Jazz Ballads  


Phillips/Menzies, Moment To Moment
New York, November 26, 2013 - Ballads reign on Moment To Moment on the extraordinarily self-possessed new album by pianist Cava Menzies and trumpeter Nick Phillips. But this recording is much more than just a "ballads album."

Many artists have produced albums filled with love songs and torch tunes at slow tempos; they're designed to pull at the heartstrings, or turn up the nostalgia, or to highlight the introspective phrasemaking that ballads allow. But very few succeed at also doing what this album accomplishes. It creates a cocoon of space around the listener. It lowers the blood pressure; it slows the heartbeat; it seems to slow time itself. (If it weren't so supremely musical, you might consider marketing it as a medical device.) On Moment To Moment, Menzies and Phillips locate their music very much in the present - in that space, Menzies explains, "where you have a moment to breathe." And they transport their listeners to a place where each of those moments really counts.

"We've done all sorts of material in our gigs together," Menzies points out, "but the ballads really brought out something special in our playing - a gentleness. At a house concert we did about a year before the recording, we played a duo version of 'You Don't Know What Love Is,' and at the end we were both weeping. It was so powerful emotionally; we feed off each other's energy when we play, and we wanted to just go deeper and deeper."

In repertoire drawn primarily from the jazz catalog as well as the Great American Songbook, Menzies and Phillips - joined by the tastefully simpatico rhythm team of bassist Jeff Chambers and drummer Jaz Sawyer - go far beneath the surface of the melody lines and chord changes. Their improvisations have a quiet wakefulness, a deceptive simplicity that reveals a carefully constructed, unassuming majesty. Together, they follow the advice of Miles Davis in not only knowing what to play but also, more important, what to leave out. And their instrumental lines dovetail with an ease that would normally bespeak years of collaboration.

Which makes it all the more surprising that Menzies and Phillips first met in July, 2012; their partnership is still in its infancy, and this album represents their recording debut as a collaborative duo.

"I had this regular restaurant gig," Menzies recalls, "and our vocalist couldn't make it one night. The bassist recommended Nick, and we just had this magical musical chemistry. The more gigs we did together, the more we realized that we had so much in common." Adds Phillips: "In that first meeting, it was surprising to me how instantly compatible Cava and I were musically. The subtle nuances, the phrasing, the way we both leave space in our playing to let the music breathe - it was all there."

Equally shocking, to Menzies, was the revelation that Phillips had essentially stopped playing the trumpet in the years leading up to their introduction. "I've been a performing musician on the side throughout much of my career, but I really had to put that on the back burner for a while, given the demands of my day job," Phillips explains. Menzies remembers thinking that Phillips must be a busy working musician, given what she was hearing on stage. "So I was shocked when we chatted after the gig and he told me that he had put the trumpet aside. I started urging him to play more - to use this incredible gift he has, this incredible sound. It's been beautiful to watch it develop."

Neither Menzies nor Phillips makes a living through performance, but they each make a living in music. As a longtime staff producer and Vice President at Concord Music Group, Phillips has worked on hundreds of albums - by noted artists ranging from Karrin Allyson to Poncho Sanchez to Gary Burton - and overseen the label's acclaimed jazz reissue program, where his personal involvement has elevated collections of work by such giants as Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, and Thelonious Monk.  
Menzies teaches music to kids in grades 6 through 12 at the Oakland (CA) School for the Arts, where she chairs the vocal department and conducts the school choirs; what's more, she can lean on a rich family history. Her grandmother danced at the legendary Cotton Club in New York (the home of Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway); her mother is a classically trained flutist; and Menzies' father, trumpeter Eddie Henderson, was a founding member of the legendary Herbie Hancock Sextet in the late 1960s, and has recorded nearly two dozen albums under his own name.

For both artists, their "day jobs" strongly inform their music. "I think this project benefited from my experience as a record producer. That requires not only making the right choices to ensure the highest sound quality, but also knowing how to create a relaxed, comfortable recording environment for musicians, to allow the music to flow effortlessly," Phillips says. "I had the rare experience of working with some of the greatest living jazz artists on their recording projects, and also spending countless hours listening and digging deeply into recordings by some of the most important artists in the history of the music. It's all made for a lifetime's worth of profound musical lessons that are deep in my DNA." His work at Concord left little time to pursue performance engagements. "But when I played that first gig with Cava, I knew right there and then that I had to make my trumpet playing a bigger priority."

For Cava, teaching singers has had a significant impact on her own instrumental work. "I sang a lot when I was younger," she explains, before choosing to focus on the piano in her mid-20s. "And I think that what I coach in vocalists informs my playing, in terms of letting the emotions out. It's the lyrical element. The program [at OSA] is famous for producing great musicians, but our signature is the stage presence and emotional quality of these performers. So while I really care about my touch at the piano, I'm also concerned with the energy behind the phrases. It's about sincerity and authenticity in your delivery: how honest and vulnerable can you get up there?"

Quite a lot, if Moment To Moment is any indication.

"It's a very, very moody album," Menzies remarks. "Not in a negative way, but 'moody' in that it's the type of album where you sit and reflect on life. There are moments in which it plays with both dark and light. It's moody in that way, and it really tries to capture the range of human emotion - the emotion that you feel just moving through life."   

1. The Peacocks (Jimmy Rowles)
2. Mal's Moon (Cava Lee Menzies)
3. For All We Know (Fred Coots, Samuel Lewis)
4. You (Nick Phillips, Clifford Goldmacher)
5. You Don't Know What Love Is (Don Raye, Gene DePaul)
6. Almost Blue (Elvis Costello)
7. Phantoms (Kenny Barron)
8. Speak Low (Kurt Weill, Ogden Nash)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely in native 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution digital.



Antje Hübner, Press
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Shaunna Machosky, Radio Promotion
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Cindy Budd
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James Sanders — Blue Violin | A Jazz Legacy (Amadeo 2013)

This music is, in a way, over two decades in the making. When violinist James Sanders returned home to Chicago in 1989 after earning a performance degree at Yale, he thought of himself as a classical musician. But a chance encounter with jazz violin legend Johnny Frigo changed all that. Frigo heard the young man busking on the street and invited him to his weekly club gig. He was soon sitting in between Frigo’s sets and discovering the pleasures of jazz improvisation. A seed was planted.
Over the next 22 years Sanders honed his chops as both a leader and collaborator in various contexts: Latin jazz, free improvisation, Gypsy swing, third stream and more, all the while holding down a chair in an orchestra. He also learned that Chicago was home to a storied jazz violin tradition: Besides Frigo, Eddie South, Darnell Howard and Stuff Smith had all spent time here.
In 2012, Sanders decided the time was right to honor that tradition with a straight up jazz recording. No Latin, nothing outside, just pure jazz. He enlisted pianist Kevin O’Connell, a veteran keyboardist who was a member of Clifford Jordan’s quartet in the 1980s and has a long list of credits with Philly Joe Jones, Vernel Fournier, Al Grey, Billy Hart and many more.
They selected nine classics and set about writing fresh arrangements. Ranging from hard bop to post bop and back to the Great American Songbook, they all provide a great platform for Sanders’ incisive yet spirited playing. The rhythm section of O’Connell, bassist Stewart Miller and drummer George Fludas swings hard when called for and provides elegantly restrained support on the ballads. There is almost none of the rep associated with violin. Instead, Sanders takes on the role of a horn player on tunes written with sax or trumpet in mind. The sole exception is Stuff Smith’s Blue Violin. “Without guys like Stuff,” says Sanders, “I never would have taken this journey.”
Don Macica
October, 2012

Reggie Padilla — Almost Home ( Pass Out Records 2013)

Green Room, Gray Room
Almost Home
Stand Aside Please
Too Heavy
One Year
Stella Bean
It Never Occurred to Me
For Dani
Nothing Left to Say
Hub Caps
Outside In

Simon Camatta ‎– Me (gligg Records 2013)


Soll Ich Mal Sagen






Sonic Walter



FRANCE, Roanne: L'equilibre de Nash / Eric Prost - Jean Charles Richard

Création des saxophonistes Jean-Charles Richard et Eric Prost

Qu'il soit musical ou non, le jeu pose un cadre formel où plusieurs membres décident de stratégies, sachant que leur destination dépend des choix de tous. Le mathématicien américain John Nash a défini une situation d'interaction dans la théorie du jeu : il s'agit d'un concept de solutions dans lequel l'équilibre entre plusieurs joueurs, connaissant leurs tactiques réciproques, est devenu stable du fait qu'aucun ne peut modifier sa stratégie sans affaiblir sa position personnelle.

Paradoxe de la musique pratiquée par Jean-Charles Richard et Eric Prost, que l'on définirait davantage par le déséquilibre que par l'équilibre. C'est en effet une rencontre au sommet de deux duettistes et non duellistes. Duo, impair pour la circonstance puisque rejoint par trois musiciens aussi généreux que talentueux, Jérôme Regard à la contrebasse, Stéphane Foucher à la batterie et Roberto Tarenzi fils spirituel d'Ahmad Jamal au piano. Soit deux saxophonistes dans un même quintet, qui, l'un comme l'autre, manient les silences par leur engagement et l'harmonie par la rupture.

Les compositions des musiciens impressionneront les connaisseurs et séduiront les amateurs. Les prises de parole déménagent, et déclenchent chez nous la surprise, l'excitation, un sentiment d'inconnu et néanmoins de plénitude. Bref on aime et puis c'est tout !

Saxophones soprano et baryton : Jean-Charles Richard
Saxophone ténor : Eric Prost
Piano : Roberto Tarenzi
Contrebasse : Jérôme Regard
Batterie : Stéphane Foucher

INFOS pratiques

Lieu : Théâtre de Roanne
rue Molière, 42300 Roanne
Genre : Musique jazz
Tarif : 20 €, placement libre
Ouverture du bar du théâtre : 19h30

Une production Jazz(s)RA (plateforme des acteurs du jazz en Rhône-Alpes), dans le cadre du projet de résidence Jazz & musiques improvisées en Rhône-Alpes, confi é à Jean-Charles Richard de 2012 à 2015.

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Hilde Hefte - Short Stories ( Ponca Jazz Records 2013)

01. Mercy Street (4:50)
02. O Tysta Ensamhet - Visan Fran Utanmyra (4:01)
03. My Bells (2:41)
04. O Pato (1:55)
05. But Beautiful (2:50)
06. My Romance (5:11)
07. In Germany Before the War (3:23)
08. Danny's All-Star Joint (2:36)
09. White Night (3:38)
10. You Leave Me Breathless (4:50)
11. Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa (2:25)
12. Flotervise (4:20)

Hilde Hefte: All vocals, piano, guitar, glockenspiel, metallophone, wind-shime.
Sidsel Walstad: Harp.
Egil Kapstad: Piano.
John Pål Inderberg: Soprano-sax.
Simen Hefte Endresen: Egg
Harp arrangements: Egil Kapstad
All other music-arrangements: Hilde Hefte

Michel Henritzi, Fukuoka Rinji ‎– Le Jardin Bizarre (An'archives 2013)

Le Jardin Bizarre » (the odd garden) is the follow up to the album “Outside Darkness”, released in 2011 by PSF. It is a hollow album, stretching out long rests in which a sticky melancholy, an infinite sadness amplifies itself. 6 tracks dark as so many gardens – gardens seen through night, 6 shades of black, 6 colours of silence. While “Outside Darkness” appeared like a shadow cast over Fukushima, “Le Jardin Bizarre” is it’s elegy. Disquieting calligrams made of tight, feverish strings, like black ink lines on a blank white page. Melodies as manifold as so many little pieces of night music, perforated by devouring rests, tunes dying in the echo. “Le Jardin Bizarre” is an asphyxiated, modern blues album -  Mono No Aware or the melancholy of our times.
Michel Henritzi -  Lap Steel Guitar  Electric Guitar
Fukuoka Rinji   - Violin

Jon Lundbom-Liverevil (Hot Cup 2013)
"The music rocks-out without leaning on jazz fusion as a crutch, and pushes past jazz tradition by plugging into deep grooves." - Mark Corotto, 'All About Jazz'

Guitarist, composer, and bandleader Jon Lundbom resides in Brooklyn, New York City. He leads Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord, with which he has released six albums. Jon's music - described as "Hardbop + Zeppelin + Schoenberg" (Dave Madden, 'SLUG') - is a showcase for his "intense phrasing and mind-altering solo spots" (Glenn Astarita, 'All About Jazz'), a "boundary-shattering shot of adrenaline that screws with your head and messes with your soul" (Jordan Richardson, 'The Seattle PI'). Jon has been called "an idiosyncratic genius harboring boundary-stretching notions in his musical make up" (CJ Bond, ''); "hopefully Lundbom will start getting more attention for his fresh perspective, both as a writer and player" (Mike Shanley, 'ShanleyOnMusic'), "[Jon's playing brings] new ideas to what jazz guitar can be" (Paul Acquaro, 'Free Jazz Blog'); "Big Five Chord, individually and collectively, is one of the most important [ensembles] around today" (Grego Appelgate Edwards, 'Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog').

Flamenco Singer, Jafelin, Sings Latin Jazz Boleros

Boleros music done in a Latin Jazz style. Local Vancouver favorite flamenco singer, Jafelin, releases a music video from "Algo De Mi" her Boleros Latin Jazz album. 

Dove Innovation is pleased to announce a music video release on YouTube of Vancouver's local favorite singer, Jafelin singing "Amor De Mis Amores" from her debut album. "Algo De Mi" which means "Something Of Me". Its a musical treat where Jafelin adds her emotion-evoking voice to beautiful Latin Jazz arrangements of popular Latin Boleros. Boleros are rhythmical love songs that have been enjoyed by millions before the 1950's through to today.
Jafelin is one of Canada's preeminent flamenco singers and has added Boleros and Latin Jazz to her repertoire. The Venezuelan born singer has made her home in the Vancouver, Canada since 1996. Since applying her talents to the art of flamenco music, she has become a regular favorite performing three or four times a week. "I've been surrounded with Spanish influences all my life," says Jafelin. When asked why she chose to sing Boleros, she says, "I was always intrigued with Spanish coplas (songs). I grew up with them. My mother and father were very romantic and had this music playing all the time." This album is dedicated to them. "Why do I sing? The beauty of connecting with real people, the world, and what I can do to make people feel alive with all their senses is why."
With the release of her new album "Algo De Mi", music lovers can hear Jafelin like never before. In this Boleros Latin Jazz influenced musical treat, "Jafelin's beautiful emotion filled tones will move you from the inside out. If you like Spanish Boleros or Latin Jazz, then you'll love this," says Mitch Helten of Dove Innovation And Management Group.
In her album, Jafelin offers a new sound to Latin hits like Amor De Mis Amores by Agustin Lara, Contigo En La Distancia and Tu Mi Delirio by César Portillo de la Luz.
Musicians on this album include, Adam Thomas (bass), Steve Charles (guitar, mandolin), Juan De Marias (guitar), Roxana Whetham (violin), Phil Belanger (percussion) and Robert Brouwer (piano).
The "Algo De Mi" album or individual tracks were recently released for worldwide distribution and can be found in most good music stores or online from most music providers such as iTunes, Amazon and
For more information, feel free to contact Dove Innovation And Management Group at 778-558-6887 or Jafelin(at)jafelin(dot)com or through

 Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) November 28, 2013

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Serbian Jazz BRE! project is on tour with it's new CD release

“Serbian Jazz Bre” band was formed in mid 2012 by well reputable Serbian jazz artist of the younger generation. 
We are currently seeking cooperation with a booking agent who is ready to offer our performance to the concert organizers, and who can arrange concerts outside of Serbia on our behalf.

So far we had a series of successful performances on the domestic and international festivals ("JazzIbar" Kraljevo , "Novi Sad Jazz Festival", "Dunavfest" Belgrade,"Blues'n Jazz Ralley" Luxembourg "Jazzycolors" Paris ,etc.), and we recorded our first CD titled "Serbian Jazz Bre! Project”.
Concert promotes the music from the first CD, which was released in June 2013 . The program includes original jazz compositions created under the influence of East and West . Also, the integral part of the performance is a video work presented by the concept initiator, photographer Ivan Grlic, in the role of the VJ.

After the very positive reactions from critics, experts and the public, "Serbian Jazz Bre!" band is preparing a recording of the new album for spring 2014. In addition to the new CD recording, we are also engaged in the remake project of the "Balkan Impressions" album by Lala Kovačev Group, one of the first European jazz projects inspired by traditional Balkan heritage.

...Fusion of music and photography...
...improvisation and capturing the moment of creation...
...revealing emotions of the artists and audience responses...

Serbian Jazz BRE! project is on tour with it's new CD release.

 Starting from the concept of showing music through artistic photography, 
''Serbian Jazz BRE!'' rests on the idea of capturing the moment and energy of the spiritual experience
 which musicians undergo at the moment of creation.

The concert programme consists of specific original compositions based on Balkan folklore and jazz tradition with the impacts of East and West,
performed by prominent  
Serbian jazz musicians, and is combined with real-time VJ streaming photos of the musicians and the audience during the concert.

Ivan Grlić -  VJ, video artist, photographer
Aleksandar Jovanović - piano, keyboards
Filip Krumes - violin
Marko Fabry - el. bass
Aleksandar Cvetković - drums
Uroš Šećerov - percussions


"All of the tracks have a dreamlike quality and the band with its melodic and strong playing contributes equally to transcending genre conventions."  Nenad Georgievski, All About Jazz

"...a unique opportunity to discover modern Serbian jazz on stage..."  Letzebuerger Journal, Luxembourg

"A way of promoting Serbia from another angle, with attributes of creativity, artistry, beauty, wisdom and humor." Vojislav Pantić, Art Director of Belgrade Jazz Festival

If you would like to receive a free copy of the CD, please send your mailing information to

Serbian Jazz BRE! project is supported by world-renowned artists from Serbia, such as Bojan Z, Stjepko Gut, Marko Djordjevic...

For all details, biographies, photos, videos and press please visit website

Contact & Booking:
Ivan Grlić

Gwilym Simcock Duo Art - Reverie at Schloss Elmau (ACT 2013)

It seems inevitable that the highly acclaimed, virtuosic pianist-composer Gwilym Simcock and multi-award winning double bassist-composer Yuri Goloubev would one day record together in a duo once their paths had crossed. That moment has come with the new recording Reverie at Schloss Elmau. On this exquisite duo recording, they have certainly reached a new peak in that ambition.

Stranahan / Zaleski / Rosato-Limitless (Capri 2013)

Drummer and Denver native Colin Stranahan, the son of a jazz educator, has been seriously swinging since his startling 2004 debut, Dream Untold, recorded when he was 17 years old. On Anticipation, he joins with pianist Glenn Zaleski and bassist Rick Rosato for a program of modern swinging piano jazz marked by sophisticated harmonies, hip time displacement, and metric modulation on the kit. Their radical reimaginings of “All the Things You Are” and “I Should Care” show the cohesion of this renegade unit, while their faithful rendition of “Boplicity,” underscored by Stranahan’s supple brushwork, reveals a reverence for the tradition. Other highlights include Zaleski’s jaunty and angular Monk-meets-Brubeck number “On the Road;” Rosato’s intricate, rhythmically shifting “Origami;” and Stranahan’s gorgeous, Zen-like “First Rain,” which finds him deftly playing textural colorist with brushes. Reviewed by, Bill Milkowski, (March 2012)

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Agustí Fernández / Ilan Manouach / Ivo Sans ‎– WRY (Clamshell Records 2013)

Agustí Fernández (piano)
Ilan Manouach (soprano sax)
Ivo Sans (drums)

I have been playing with Ivo Sans for more than 10 years and I knew much of Agusti's playing. This impromptu was recorded in his place in Montseny after a concert of the trio in Barcelona. The music is warped, misdirected and perverse and contains no straight lines or clear planes, nor any regulated flows. It oscillates between the opposing incentives of moral reductionism and extrovert cut-up shifts creating a champ d’écoute resembling a porous territory with jagged limits.


John Butcher, Tony Buck, Magda Mayas, Burkhard Stangl ‎– Plume (Unsounds 2013)

These two high profile trios are all inventiveness, and this is reflected in the way they were formed, as much as in the music itself. There is a tangled web of connections at play between the four improvisers, through a history of past collaborations, one to one or in larger formations, some occasional, some more structural; the trios on this CD were chosen for their potential, for the not-knowing as much as the knowing, and that’s what we hear; accomplished and profoundly involved music in the making, pushed forward by an ever renewed and intense ability to connect.



(20:00) CET



8 PM (20:00) CET

– featuring ALBERT “TOOTIE” HEATH (drums)

with  BENJAMIN KOPPEL (alto sax) & MATTIAS SVENSSON (bass)


Roberta Gambarini
The Oscar Peterson Legacy Quartet
Niels Lan Doky “Scandinavian Standards”

IMPORTANT: USE PROMO CODE “JazzPromoServices” to get 5% discount.                       

Last month,  a spectacular new venue opened in Copenhagen, Denmark called THE STANDARD containing 3 restaurants, 2 bars and an intimate world class jazz club. The co-founders are two of Denmark’s most prominent personalities, CLAUS MEYER (founding father of the Nordic Cuisine movement and co-owner of “noma”, World’s Best Restaurant 2010-2012) and NIELS LAN DOKY (Danish jazz legend and internationally acclaimed pianist and producer). The reactions from music audiences as well as restaurant guests so far has been tremendous  - and to add yet another layer to the excitement, the online channel THE STANDARD LIVE TV was launched recently with programs produced as full scale multi-camera productions in HD.

The next program will be aired live on THURSDAY NOVEMBER 28TH AT 8 PM (20:00) CET
and will be available as Video-On-Demand soon after the live stream. The program will be a live broadcast of a project called “STANDING ON SHOULDERS” – featuring ALBERT “TOOTIE” HEATH (drums) with  BENJAMIN KOPPEL (alto sax) & MATTIAS SVENSSON (bass)

The carreer of the legendary American drummer ALBERT “TOOTIE” HEATH spans collaborations with the most significant icons in jazz history, including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and Nina Simone to name but a few. Tootie is today at the top of his game, as inspiring and creative as ever. In the documentary film Between a Smile and a Tear, he elaborates on the old African proverb “Those who stand on the shoulders of their ancestors, stand tallest” which inspired this project,  where the participating musicians will revisit the repertoire from a famous bootleg record that Tootie recorded in Copenhagen in 1968 with Sonny Rollins and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. Joining Tootie on stage this time around are two of Scandinavia’s most prolific jazz arrtists of the post-Rollings/post NHØP generation, Danish alto saxophonist BENJAMIN KOPPEL and Swedish bassist MATTIAS SVENSSON.

IMPORTANT: USE PROMO CODE “JazzPromoServices” to get 5% discount.

Other links:
Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services T: 845-986-1677 E-Mail:

AVAILABLE NOW: Saxophonist/Composer BOBBY WATSON Releases New Album, "Check Cashing Day," in Honor of 50th Anniversary of March on Washington via Lafiya Music

Saxophonist/Composer BOBBY WATSON
Releases New Album, Check Cashing Day,
In Honor
of 50th Anniversary of March on
via Lafiya Music

"Watson has been producing some of jazz's most 
optimistic compositions..." - The New York Times 

Saxophonist-composer-producer-educator Bobby Watson is proud to release Check Cashing Day, the second self-produced recording on Watson's label, Lafiya Music. The project, which is available now, coincides with Watson's 60th birthday, the March on Washington's 50th anniversary, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s iconic "I Have a Dream" speech.

As Watson reflects, Check Cashing Day serves as "a commentary on where we've been, where we are, and where we need to go as a people, as a country, and as a global community." Instead of focusing on the iconic "I Have a Dream" aspect of Dr. King's speech, Watson chose to concentrate on another very significant part: the reason why over 300,000 people, black and white, gathered in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 1963. Dr. King spoke of coming to Washington to cash a 100 year old check, a moral check that the founding fathers wrote into the Declaration of Independence, but to this day, the check keeps coming back marked 'insufficient funds.' "This, being the year of my 60th birthday, I sadly understand that Dr. King's dream has not been fully realized and the struggle continues," says Watson.

Introducing poet and spoken word artist Glenn North from Kansas City, MO, Check Cashing Day is a concept recording with 15 tracks portrayed in the vein of musical theatre. "I asked Glenn to put some poetry, from his perspective, to several of my compositions, as well as one written by vocalist Pamela Baskin-Watson and two by bassist Curtis Lundy," comments Watson. "It was my desire with this project to produce poetry that would in some ways cleanse the soul," notes North. In addition, Watson's release features trumpeter Hermon Mehari, pianist Richard Johnson, drummer Eric Kennedy, flutist Horace Washington, and trombonist Karita Carter.

With Watson's commentary on the ongoing struggle of todays racial inequalities spotlighted on compositions such as the title track "Check Cashing Day (For Ms. Trudy)" and "MLK on Jazz (Love Transforms)," he offers a recording that provokes positive conversation and continued movement towards Dr. King's 'dream,' so that the 'dream' becomes a reality in today's world. "The result is something more powerful and thought provoking than I could have imagined," reflects Watson.

2013 is a banner year for Watson, reuniting with his critically acclaimed Horizon quintet for their 30th anniversary as well as celebrating his own 60th birthday. Boasting a top-notch resume that ranges from his tenure as a member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (eventually becoming musical director) to co-founding Horizon with drummer Victor Lewis as an acoustic quintet modeled after the Jazz Messengers, Watson plans to tour in 2014 with Horizon for their seminal anniversary. Watson will also tour with his "I Have a Dream" project in 2014 and is planning several release performances (to be announced). 

About Bobby Watson:

The first "William D. and Mary Grant/Missouri, Distinguished Professor in Jazz Studies at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance," saxophonist, composer, producer and educator, Bobby Watson grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and trained formally at the University of Miami studying with Dr. Clifton Williams, receiving a B.M. in Music Theory and Composition in 1975. After graduating, he proceeded to earn his "doctorate" - on the bandstand - as musical director of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers from 1977-1981. In addition to his work as leader of the Grammy® Award-nominated quintet Horizon, Watson also led a group known as the High Court of Swing (a tribute to the music of Johnny Hodges), the Grammy® Award-nominated Tailor-Made Big Band, and is a founding member of the highly acclaimed 29th Street Saxophone Quartet. Watson also wrote original music for the sound track of Robert DeNiro's directorial debut A Bronx Tale.

Since 2000 he has served as director of Jazz studies at UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, and is also, currently Artistic Director for the Thelonious Monk Institute's "Jazz in America" Informance program, annually presenting dozens of informational concerts and jazz workshops around the nation. In 2010 Watson released his self produced CD, The Gates BBQ Suite, which went to #4 on the National Jazz airplay charts. In 2011, Watson was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame and in 2013 he received the "Benny Golson Jazz Masters" award from Howard University. To date; Watson has made 37 recordings as a leader and he appears on over 100 other recordings. 

Bobby Watson ·  Check Cashing Day (Lafiya Music)
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Digital - August 28, 2013
Physical - November 26, 2013

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