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USA: Doug Beavers -Titanes del Trombón

"Doug honed his craft working with legendary artist such as Eddie Palmieri, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Ruben Blades, Paul Simon Shelia E, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and many others. Titanes is a quintessential example of the sophistication that Doug has developed as a performer, arranger, and producer. For Titanes del Trombón, Doug teamed up with an all star-cast including Oscar Hernández, Dafnis Prieto, Luisito Guintero, Edsel Gomez, Eddie Montalvo, and many other amazing musicians. There are a total of 37 players on this album, which Doug recorded in studios from New York to Florida to California.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

USA: Bob James Nathan East-The New Cool Yamaha Entertainment Group

After 25 years of collaboration, Bob James and Nathan East are set to release their debut duo album The New Cool in September on Yamaha Entertainment Group. The New Cool marks new territory for legendary jazz pianist Bob James and bassist Nathan East, who’ve spent decades playing together in contemporary jazz quartet Fourplay but never before as an official duo. “The more I played with Nathan over the course of many live performances and spanning more than 20 years, the more in sync we were whether or not we had the anchor of the drums,” says James. “Something special happens when we only have each other’s notes to play off of, when the music is totally exposed.” Recorded entirely in Nashville, Tennessee, the album is a collection of original material contributed by both James and East, along with a small selection of standards. The duo’s musicianship is laid bare in a soulful reimagining of Irving Berlin’s “How Deep is the Ocean,” while the pair is joined by strings and woodwinds for a surprising take on Willie Nelson’s classic country hit “Crazy.” A two-time Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist, arranger, and producer, Bob James is recognized as one of the original founders of smooth jazz. Long revered in the hip-hop community, James’ compositions are among the most sampled songs in history. Nathan East was 16 years old when he went on the road with Barry White and has spent the last four decades playing with a who’s who of performers, including Quincy Jones, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Barbra Streisand, and Stevie Wonder. East performed on the 2014 Grammy Record of The Year, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” The New Cool is produced by Chris Gero, Bob James, and Nathan East. It comes on the heels of East’s Grammy-nominated solo debut, Nathan East, also released on Yamaha Entertainment Group.

USA: Gerry Gibbs and the Thrasher Dream Trio — Live In Studio

The Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio with Ron Carter and Kenny Barron return on the heels of two #1 CDs and a 2015 Grammy Nomination. For their newest release "Live in Studio," Gerry experiments with an unorthodox approach. With only fellow musicians and music industry folks comprising the live studio audience, and with no prior rehearsal or arrangements, Gerry chose top 40 hits from different decades (rarely recorded by jazz artists) for live interpretation by the trio. On six of the tracks, vocalist Cassandra Wilson and trumpet giant Roy Hargrove lent their supreme talents - only after receiving lead sheets 'cold' that day. Only the tempo and groove were outlined; it was left in their capable hands to work magic with this exquisite trio

USA: Denise Donatelli-Find A Heart Savant

Denise Donatelli is a mesmerizing jazz vocalist, in command of her expressive instrument while offering her heart and soul with each note. Joined by a company of Los Angeles jazz session players, Donatelli takes the forefront with style and panache, providing illuminating vocals that gently walk the line between energetic jazz-singing and luminous balladry. She accomplishes a warm balance with her singing, offering something for everyone. There is a thread of kind-heartedness and sincerity running throughout the diverse and unique set list, which allows a true sense of artistry to emerge at any tempo or dynamic level. Featuring the arranging talents of Geoffrey Keezer once again and the artistry of Brazilian guiartist Leonardo Amuedo, Jay Leno drummer Marvin “Smitty” Smith and others, Denise Donatelli delivers one elegantly beautiful jazz album.

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After a chance meeting at Stoke City Football Ground saxophonist Chris Caldwell and Gwilym Simcock hatched a plan to re-work the music of the prog-rock band King Crimson as part of the Delta Saxophone Quartet's 30th birthday celebrations. They commissioned Gwilym to write a new piece and to arrange some of the original King Crimson pieces for the quartet and piano.

Gwilym selected source material from across King Crimson’s career, reflecting three very different line-ups in the group’s long history. Rather than simply scoring out the Crimson music, he aimed to create opportunities to transport it to different places – in his own words, to ‘open it up’. The resulting music is intricate and agile, imaginative and exciting.

I hope you can join us for the celebrations.
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USA: Cory Weeds & The Jeff Hamilton Trio — This Happy Madness Cellar Live 2015

Cory Weeds is at it again with another stellar addition to his impressive discography. Following his critically acclaimed Condition Blue he has teamed up with the always swinging Jeff Hamilton Trio for an invigorating romp through some Great American Songbook tunes, a few originals and a rarely heard Horace Silver tune. The album features the piano stylings of Tamir Hendelman, bassist Christoph Luty and renowned drummer Jeff Hamilton. If you like music that swings This Happy Madness will not disappoint.

USA: Drummer Herlin Riley Distills Lifetime of Experience with Swinging Body of New Orleans Music on Mack Avenue Records Debut, New Direction

Drummer Herlin Riley Distills Lifetime of Experience
with Swinging Body of New Orleans Music
on Mack Avenue Records Debut, New Direction

Available February 12, 2016

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Since coming of age in the nurturing environment of a very musical family and a distinguished bloodline of drummers, New Orleans native Herlin Riley emerged from that most creative era of all things rhythmic in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, to enliven the ensembles of such influential and demanding improvisers as pianist Ahmad Jamal and trumpeter Wynton Marsalis through his commanding yet elegant rhythmic presence. His authoritative style of melodic percussion is deeply imbued in the fertile creative soil of the Crescent City, encompassing as it does the entire length and breadth of America’s ongoing musical journey.

Now the release of his debut recording for Mack Avenue Records, Riley’s New Direction is an engaging, wide-ranging recital that distills a lifetime of experience into a swinging body of new music that defines what a big tent the music of New Orleans has always represented stylistically and spiritually.

This joyous cultural amalgam of Afro-Cuban, jazz and blues speak not just to Riley’s command of all things swinging—from the formative days of Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong—but which evoke, what for want of a better term we might call “the pocket”—those deeply dancing grooves that have nurtured parallel streams of rhythm & blues and funk in the tradition of such great Crescent City drummers as Vernel Fournier, Earl Palmer, Ziggy Modeliste and Idris Muhammad.

“You see,” Riley explains, “New Direction  reflects a personal transition from being a musical associate with the likes of Ahmad and Wynton, to functioning in a leadership capacity, both as a bandleader and a composer. Like Art Blakey, I’m trying to maintain a certain exuberance by using all younger musicians, while helping them develop their own voices. So many great musicians and drummers have come out of New Orleans, and that really defines my personal legacy; I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. But I’ve been playing drums since I was three years old; so, while the title New Direction may suggest new bottles, this is surely some well-aged wine.

“As a boy growing up in New Orleans, way before you heard that big bass drum in the street parades, you could feel it coming from four or five blocks away, and it would literally beckon you to come on down to the street, check out this music, and participate in it. On ‘Connection To Congo Square’ I quote the ‘Reveille’ in my intro. It reflects the melodic nature of how I tune my tom toms and is also a symbolic call to arms, for all the cats from the different neighborhoods to gather ‘round, and participate in this celebration, this collective dialog.”

Photo Credit: Anna Webber

Well-traveled listeners might hear echoes of Dizzy Gillespie and Chano Pozo in the Afro-Cuban celebrations of “The Crossbar” and “Connection To Congo Square.” The down and dirty groove of “Harlem Shuffle” suggests a connection to Benny Golson’s venerable “Killer Joe,” while the title tune (in the person of guest guitarist Mark Whitfield) evokes echoes of George Benson and those classic hard bop and grooving CTI sessions of yesteryear.

So when Riley and his band reference iconic elements of the jazz tradition, listeners might very well smile contentedly in recognition of audible gems with which they are conversant. Nevertheless, throughout New Direction, Riley and company also essay a very personal, original rhythmic signature on visceral, dancing arrangements such as “The Big Banana,” “Herlin’s Hurdle” and “Hiccup Smooth.” As Riley explains it, “in everything I play, there’s some reference from my own personal experience, and while it may not be explicit, it’s all underneath there somewhere.”

In these powerful arrangements, you can discern Riley’s fascination with complex rhythm cycles, where each man’s instrument seemingly functions as a direct extension of the drummer, by layering contrasting metric accents one upon another with varying degrees of intensity, often as a prelude to some vigorous theme and variation by this most melodic of drummers: with wry references to “Tequila” by saxophonist Godwin Louis on “The Big Banana;” an expansive, asymmetrical solo by pianist Emmet Cohen on the hard swinging vamp and release structure of his composition “Herlin’s Hurdle;” and some dancing polymetric transitions and tantalizing dynamic shifts on “Hiccup Smooth.”

For all of the hard rhythmic driving intensity of New Direction, Riley is not one of those drummers who needs to blast away to captivate listeners and to remain engaged. There’s a consoling sweetness to the thematic variations of the slow groove on “A Spring Fantasy” and the manner in which Riley narrows the stylistic distance between hand percussion and the drum kit—just as he elicits those mysterious bent notes of the great congueros on his intro to the sultry changes of “Shake Off The Dust.”

And in closing out this recital with the funky call of “Tootie Ma” (“Shake dat thang”), Riley affirmatively casts his lot with that of his fellow tribal elders in the New Orleans tradition, such as trendsetting R&B icons the likes of Dr. John and the Meters, who maintain that while jazz is most definitely a collective adventure in freedom, improvisation and personal expression, it is also  good-time music—where from time to time, you can leave your mind on idle, and engage that part of the psyche that wants to dance.

“Still, when the music came to me, it was not with any particular intent. Everything on this record is something I’ve lived…it’s a product of my experience. It’s like cooking a big pot of gumbo; you may start out with some very humble ingredients, but by the time you’re finished, you have a meal fit for a king. I mean, the essence of jazz music to me is that it is free, but it has form. So our music is modern, and it’s progressive, but we’re trying to engage people as well. I do love to groove; that is a big part of who I am, and that is why as an expression of where I would like to take my music, New Direction feels very much like…like home.”

Thursday, January 28, 2016

USA:Vijay Iyer , Wadada Leo Smith -A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke (ECM 2016)

Vijay Iyer: Piano, Fender Rhodes piano, electronics / Wadada Leo Smith: Trumpet

A cosmic rhythm with each stroke features pianist Vijay Iyer and the musician he has described as his - hero, friend and teacher, - trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith.

Vijay has previously played extensively with Wadada in Smiths Golden Quartet, but this album, produced by Manfred Eicher and recorded at New Yorks Avatar Studios last October, is the first documentation of their duo work.

The centerpiece of the album is the spellbinding title suite, dedicated to Nasreen Mohamedi (1937-1990), the innovative Indian artist whose improvisatory imagery evokes abstracted rhythms. Trumpet and piano interact here with creative sensitivity to tone, texture and space.

Vijay Iyer and Wadada Leo Smith will be premiering A cosmic rhythm with each stroke at New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art in March 2016 in the context of a major exhibition dedicated to Nasreen Mohamedis art and writings.

The Suite for Nasreen is framed on the album by Iyers composition Passage and Smiths concluding piece Marian Anderson, inspired by the great US contralto.

USA: Peter & Will Anderson - Deja Vu (2015)

Peter & Will Anderson | Déjà vu
01. Deja Vu (4:10)
02. Presque Vu (4:47)
03. Belfast Blues (5:39)
04. Devil's Advocate (5:03)
05. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (6:29)
06. Deja Entendu (4:34)
07. Rachel (5:12)
08. Jamais Vu (5:14)
09. Lover Man (6:51)
10. Cats In New York City (4:49)
11. Just One Of Those Things (5:03)

On this thoroughly entertaining quintet session, twins Will and Peter Anderson team up with one of the most renowned and beloved siblings in jazz history, drummer Albert “Tootie” Heath, who turns 80 on May 31. No surprise, then, that the young reedmen sound as if they’re fully enjoying the cross-familial connection here, buoyed by Heath’s rhythmic joie de vivre. Of course, given the Andersons’ bop-rooted influences and Heath’s obvious compatibility, who would have expected anything less?

The title and opening cut, one of eight tunes penned by the Andersons for this outing, is emblematic of the album’s virtues. The frontline—Peter on tenor saxophone, Will on alto—introduces a vibrant, spiraling theme that soon gives way to a series of fluid turns from the reedmen and pianist Jeb Patton. All the while Heath is in delightful form, nimbly accenting, prodding and interjecting, before fashioning a crisply syncopated break. “Presque Vu,” the following performance, is more melodically stealthy, but again the saxes add colorful contrasts, and the rhythm section, fortified by bassist David Wong, is lifted by Heath’s always-salutary presence. “Belfast Blues,” its title notwithstanding, is actually a burner that also reveals the band’s cohesiveness and spirit. When Heath sits out on several cuts, drummer Phil Stewart prevents lulls from settling in, though he quietly enhances the mood during an insinuatingly lyrical, alto-limned performance of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.” Like “Lover Man” and “Rachel,” a woven ballad composed by Peter for his wife, it’s yet another reminder that when it comes to elegantly embellishing and resolving a romantic theme, the Andersons excel. ~By Mike Joyce

ITALY: Simona Molinari - Casa Mia (2015)

Born in Naples in 1983, Italian singer Simona Molinari started singing as a child, showing an early fondness for jazz and eventually graduating from the Conservatory of L'Aquila. After some piano bar and live theater performances in 2008, she won the Sanremo Lab competition, which led her to take part in the Sanremo Festival in 2009. Her first solo album, Egocentrica, dropped in 2009, followed by 2010's Croce e Delizia, which featured duets with Ornella Vanoni. For 2011's Tua, she began a collaboration with American singer Peter Cincotti, who also worked on her fourth album, Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde.
Ten evergreen pieces, played by the famous band of Simona Molinari -the Moscow Jazz Band- and enriched by the valuable participation of the Roma Sinfonietta, the symphonic orchestra of Ennio Morricone, for a record that follows the well-sophisticated soul of Simona, one of the artists the finest of Italian music. ©

Label - Warner Music

1. A Tisket A Tasket (2:09)
2. Bewitched (5:59)
3. Puttin' On The Ritz (2:38)
4. Mr. Paganini (4:38)
5. Quizas Quizas Quizas (3:05)
6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (3:32)
7. Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo (2:04)
8. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (3:01)
9. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (2:36)
10. Every Time We Say Goodbye (3:51)

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PORTUGAL: Cicero Lee - Those Who Stay (2015)

1.Vigilias (in memoriam: Al Berto)
2.Ten Miles From the Sky
4.Those Who Stay
6.A Reminder
7.Memorias de Louredo
8.We Shall Prevail
9.Dorme Meu Menino (para Matias e Caetano)

Cicero Lee - double bass
Carlos Garcia - piano
Jose Salgueiro - drums

Special Guests:
Desiderio Lazaro - saxophone
Joao Frade - accordion
Tiago Oliveira - guitar

SPAIN: Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro and L'Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès – Live at Palau de la Música (2015)

"In 2012 we recieved a proposal by the Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès to make a concert together in the cycle Simfònics al Palau. Immediatly we found the idea very interesting. Before, on our second album, Feeling Good, we had recorded some songs with a string quartet and we loved the experience. Now they gave us the opportunity to go further and be accompanied by a full symphonic orchestra. We accepted the proposal and we agreed on the repertoire to write the arrangements based on it, looking for a variety of rythms and that everyone felt comfortable.

The concert was a success and the result is reflected in this new work. We hope you enjoy it."

1. Solitude
2. Sophisticated Lady
3. My Favorite Things
4. Body and Soul
5. The Girl From Ipanema
6. Lover Man
7. Sun Showers
8. Crazy He Calls Me
9. La Javanesa
10. Feeling Good

Andrea Motis, vocals, trumpet
Joan Chamorro, saxes, bass

USA: Ralph Alessi Quartet , Ralph Alessi , Gary Versace , Drew Gress , Nasheet Waits - Quiver(ECM 2016)

Ralph Alessi: trumpet
Gary Versace: piano
Drew Gress: double-bass
Nasheet Waits: drums

Trumpeter Ralph Alessis ECM leader debut 2013s Baida was the album where everything came together for him, according to Nate Chinen in a JazzTimes profile. Without abandoning his yen for oppositional energies, its a beautifully coherent statement, not just his most accomplished album but a contender for one of the years best.

Baida indeed went on to become the most lauded release of Alessis career, with The New York Times praising the music for its balance of elegant precision and power.

With Quiver, Alessi teams with pianist Gary Versace and the trumpeters longtime rhythm section of choice bassist Drew Gress and drummer Nasheet Waits to create a follow-up of quicksilver melodicism and subtly energized rhythm; there is a lyricism to Alessis playing that channels such forebears as Miles Davis and Kenny Wheeler, the mood reflective, even pensive.

As DownBeat says, Alessi works between the notes, his thoughtful, conversational solos as meditative as a calligraphers art, each line free-flowing and declarative but with immaculate shape and beauty.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

USA: Esperanza Spalding - Emily's D+Evolution (Concord Records 2016)

Emily's D+Evolution [Deluxe Edition]

Esperanza Spalding presents her latest project Emily's D+Evolution a rekindling of her childhood interest in theater, poetry and movement, which delves into a broader concept of performance. Taking a new approach to her on-stage persona, the remarkable Spalding taps into new creative energy, delivering musical vignettes inspired during a "sleepless night of full moon inspiration." As she puts it, "Emily is my middle name, and I'm using this fresh persona as my inner navigator. This project is about going back and reclaiming un-cultivated curiosity, and using it as a compass to move forward and expand. My hope for this group is to create a world around each song, there are a lot of juicy themes and stories in the music. We will be staging the songs as much as we play them, using characters, video, and the movement of our bodies."

USA Adam Ben Ezra - Can't Stop Running (2015)

1.Can't Stop Running
2.Brown Piano
3.The Busker
9.Open Sesame
11.Beyond The Wall
12.Mad About The Girl

Adam Ben Ezra - double bass, vocals, piano, clarinet, flamenco footwork
Adam Ben Amitai - electric & classical guitar
Gilad Dobrecky - percussions
Chen Shenhar - volin, viola (3, 6)

FRANCE Hugh Coltman - Shadows Songs Of Nat King Cole (2015)

01.Are You Disenchanted
02.What'll I Do
04.I Can't Be Bothered
06.Nature Boy
08.Mona Lisa
09.Meet Me At No Special Place (And I'll Be There At No Particular Time)
10.The Shadows
11.I Never Had A Chance
13.Morning Star

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JazzWorldQuest Free Mp3 List downloads and Playlist update: Bill Hart-Lost Parts(CD: Touch Of Blue / Blue Canoe Records 2016)

Musician: Bill Hart
Track: Lost Parts
Album: Touch Of Blue
Label: Blue Canoe Records
Year of release: 2016
Composer: Bill Hart
Musician/Label Website
CD Store

More jazz and world music free downloads

USA: Daniela Schächter Appearing Wed., Feb. 3rd @ The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage 6:00pm

Daniela Schächter Quartet – A New Journey
Sicilian-born Daniela Schächter will be performing with her Quartet at The Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center in Washington DC February 3rd 2016 at 6:00pm.
Daniela Schächter, a jazz pianist, vocalist, composer, and arranger will introduce her new project entitled “A New Journey” in which she will offer her reinterpretation of Jimmy Van Heusen’s tunes and her original compositions. Her quartet includes drummer Billy Williams, bassist Jeff Reed, and saxophonist Mike Tucker.
Schächter is not new to the Kennedy Center’s stages as she has performed there with Slide Hampton during the Christmas Concert in 2005, at the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival leading her quartet featuring Terri Lyne Carrington in 2006, and with Kevin Mahogany at the KC Jazz Club in 2010 and 2014. Early in her career she appeared at the Kennedy Center during The Betty Carter Jazz Ahead and with Sisters in Jazz (2002).
Daniela Schächter toured with Patti Austin with the project BeboperElla and performed with Regina Carter in the same period. She was guest artist on the prestigious Marian McPartland Piano Jazz radio program in 2006 and has been featured at a number of prestigious jazz festivals in US and overseas including the Sarasota Jazz Festival, the Cape May Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival, and Java Jazz Festival.
Her fourth album entitled “Vanheusenism” A Tribute to Jimmy Van Heusen will be officially released in October 2016.
For more information please visit her new webpage at

Media Contact
Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services
Ph: 845-986-1677 "Specializing in Media Campaigns for the music community, artists, labels, venues and events.”

USA Erick Storckman Septet @Trumpets Sunday, January 31st 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Erick Storckman Septet
Appearing @ Trumpets Jazz Club
Sunday, January 31st
4:00 - 6:00 pm

6 Depot Square
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 744-2600

Trombonist/Composer Erick Storckman has three albums as a leader or co-leader to his credit.  His most recent (with co-leader Eliot Smith), Algorhythms, was released in 2013. 
Erick is the lead trombonist and a resident composer with Diane Moser’s Composers Big Band.  His many recordings as a sideman include the Grammy-Nominated Aislado by Papo Vazquez. 

Erick will appear on the 31st with Rob Henke on trumpet, Craig Yaremko on alto sax, Marty Fogel on tenor sax, Mitch Schechter on piano, Dean Johnson on bass, and Scott Neumann on drums. 

“Breathtaking Balladry” – The New York Times

“His trombone playing is impressive as is his mellifluous tone.” “(Storckman’s music) makes an emotional connection on a personally revealing level, and has a dash of hot sauce put in for good measure.” – Audiophile Voice

“Storckman laid out a rich banquet of modern mainstream to bordering-abstract sounds, stimulating his musicians and the audience.”   - Zan Stewart, The Star Ledger


USA : AVAILABLE NOW: Mack Avenue SuperBand - "Live From The Detroit Jazz Festival - 2015"

AVAILABLE NOW on Mack Avenue Records:
Mack Avenue SuperBand Thrills Motor City Audiences
in Fourth Incarnation of All-Star Band Led by
Musical Director/Bassist Christian McBride on
Live From the Detroit Jazz Festival - 2015

Since its rollicking debut at the 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival, the Mack Avenue SuperBand has become a tradition at the annual event, a gathering of label superstars that the Motor City can look forward to every Labor Day weekend. Live From the Detroit Jazz Festival - 2015 captures the fourth incarnation of the all-star ensemble, for the first time under the leadership of Christian McBride. This year, McBride takes over as musical director (a role previously held by fellow bassist Rodney Whitaker), leading a knockout conglomeration of Mack Avenue artists through a set as sweltering as that late-summer day in the concrete outdoor arena of Hart Plaza.

"I've been a Mack Avenue artist for quite some time now," says McBride, who made his label debut in 2009 with Kind of Brown, the first release from his Inside Straight quintet. He's since released five more albums by that band, his trio, and his big band. "My catalogue with Mack Avenue is bigger than it has been for any other label I've been affiliated with, so I feel like an important member of the Mack Avenue family. It would have been good just to be on the gig, period, but when they asked me to be the musical director it seemed like a simple call to make."

Joining McBride as first-time members of the SuperBand are pianist Christian Sands and trumpeter Freddie Hendrix. While neither has recorded as a leader for Mack Avenue, both have recorded for the label under McBride's leadership: Hendrix in the bassist's Big Band and Sands as a member of both Inside Straight and the Christian McBride Trio. The rest of the seven-piece group all are returning veterans: drummer Carl Allen has anchored the band since the beginning, while saxophonists Tia Fuller and Kirk Whalum and vibraphonist Gary Burton are all three-time members.

The members of the SuperBand represent a diverse range of generations and styles. It offers a rare opportunity, for instance, to hear NEA Jazz Master Gary Burton engage with a group of younger players with more of a hard-bop focus than he usually encounters in his own more modern-leaning bands. "This is definitely not my normal zone," he admits with a chuckle. "But this is the music I grew up playing. I was a bebop guy in my teens and twenties - that was the standard jazz of the day. Playing straight-ahead is something I hadn't done much for a while, so I was looking forward to a relaxing, fun, jam session kind of setting where I didn't have to read a million notes and play a lot of complex music. In spite of that, some of the music ended up being fairly complicated and challenging."

Burton will be able to further enjoy that opportunity in early 2016, as the Mack Avenue SuperBand heads out on tour, affording audiences outside Detroit the opportunity to share the invigorating experience of witnessing the ensemble live on tour for the first time in its history. The line-up will be a slight variation on the one recorded at the 2015 festival, with Sean Jones returning to the trumpet and flugelhorn chair. Whalum will join the band for select West Coast performances.

"I'm looking forward to playing some of the music that we played in Detroit and a lot more and seeing where it goes," McBride says. "These bands change a little bit every year and we already know that this is not going to be a permanent group, so we just want to have as much fun as we can while we're together."

Upcoming Mack Avenue SuperBand Performances:
January 26-30 / Birdland / New York, NY
January 31 / University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, PA
February 4 / Berklee Performance Center / Boston, MA
February 5 / Kennedy Center / Washington, DC
February 6 / Modlin Center for the Arts / Richmond, VA
February 8 / The Carolina Theater / Durham, NC
February 10-11 / Dakota Bar and Grill / Minneapolis, MN
February 12 / Fox Cities Performing Arts Center / Appleton, WI
February 13 / Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts / Brookfield, WI
February 18 / Motor City Casino / Detroit, MI
February 19 / Chicago Symphony Center Orchestra Hall / Chicago, IL
February 20 / Manchester Craftsmens Guild / Pittsburgh, PA
March 29 / Wharton Center for Performing Arts Cobb Great Hall / East Lansing, MI
March 31 / Lobero Theatre / Santa Barbara, CA
April 1 / Walt Disney Concert Hall / Los Angeles, CA
April 2-3 / Yoshi's / Oakland, CA
April 4 / Kuumbwa Jazz Center / Santa Cruz, CA
April 5 / The Triple Door / Seattle, WA

Mack Avenue SuperBand · Live From The Detroit Jazz Festival - 2015
Mack Avenue Records · Release Date: January 15, 2016

For media information, please contact:
DL Media · 610-667-0501
Greg Angiolillo ·
Maureen McFadden ·
Don Lucoff ·

For press materials on Mack Avenue SuperBand, Mack Avenue artists
or its family of imprints (including album covers, promotional photos and logos),
please visit

MACK AVENUE · the road to great music ·

# # #

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USA: New CD: Myriam Phiro “Voyages”

 AVAILABLE FROM: CDBaby/Amazon/iTunes/Bandcamp/Soundcloud

Live Appearance

EDITH PIAF AT 100: An “encore” celebration of her Centennial
Scobar Entertainment presents: Acclaimed cabaret show tells Piaf’s story through chansons, circus and burlesque

On Jan 26th, Myriam Phiro will guide us through the decadent world of Edith Piaf using her timeless songs to retell the life of this iconic performer. After successful performances of her debut cabaret show at 54 Below, the Metropolitan Room & Drom, Ms. Phiro, accompanied by a traditional musette band and multi-disciplinary backup singers, will recreate the brothels, circuses and nightclubs that created the great Piaf we all know, this time at the Iridium. The performance will last 75 minutes and is not to be missed!

2015 marked Edith Piaf's centennial. ‘La Môme Piaf’, as she was nicknamed, introduced America to the world of ‘Chanson Réaliste’. Her songbook has become classic and still engages audiences worldwide. However, her early life is shrouded in mystery – daughter of a circus performer, childhood in a brothel, blind for years and ‘miraculously’ cured by a pilgrimage St. Therese – these stories and more are brought to life with music, dance and circus performance in exciting cabaret show.

View “Times Square Chronicles” coverage here:
Review of the show: Ms. Phiro generously plied us with one gorgeous song after another and impressed us with her expressivity and vocal beauty […]. If you are looking for legend and fine musical values you have plenty to enjoy […] The evening was an effective portrayal of one woman's conception of an artist's life--lived fully, if not wisely.” –Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche

Piaf is Ms. Phiro’s greatest inspiration and the reason she chose to become a perfomer. An internationally acclaimed actress, singer and cabaret chanteuse, Myriam Phiro is nowadays acclaimed for her silky voice and her unique renditions of classic masterpieces of Jazz and French chanson. Ms. Phiro fronts several jazz, swing and musette bands in New York and Montreal. She has residencies at the House of Jazz in Montreal and Harry's New York Bar in Montreux. New York City appearances include 54 Below, the Rainbow Room, the Iridium, the Four Seasons, Sleep No More, the Metropolitan Room, Drom, the New York Botanical Garden, the Back Room Speakeasy, Whynot Jazzroom, the Cutting Room, Don't Tell Mama and the Triad Theatre. Myriam recently released her full-length jazz album, Voyages, in October 2015 at the Iridium and it was received as “one of the best vocal releases this year”.

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USA : Greg Abate Captures One Of The Final Live Performances By Phil Woods

Saxophonist Greg Abate
Captures One Of The Final Live Performances
By Phil Woods On His New
Whaling City Sound CD

Greg Abate boasts one of hard bop’s best-known alto saxophones. In fact, he’s earned the nickname “the prince of bebop,” which makes perfect sense if you’ve seen him perform or if you’ve heard any number of his recordings. It won’t take long, as you spin his new recording, for you to hear the brio in Abate’s work, the power and passion behind his playing. He truly does his instrument justice.
It is something of an injustice that his bandmate on this recording, Phil Woods, is no longer with us to feel the love and hear the accolades bestowed on his and Abate’s new work. Woods, who passed in late September, was throughout his career widely hailed as one of the prototypical practitioners on the instrument. Prior to his passing, Abate and Woods, backed by the Tim Ray Trio—which includes world-class talents Ray on piano, Mark Walker on drums and John Lockwood on bass—whipped up the ebullient vibes on Kindred Spirits Live at Chan’s. Live is one of just a short list of Woods’ last live sax performances caught on record, and essentially and unexpectedly, a recording dedicated to the jazz giant.
It goes without question that Woods enjoyed an illustrious career, one that was both inspired and inspirational. He began playing the sax at 12, developed his artistry in the wake of the incredible legacy left by the king of bebop, Charlie Parker. Woods became one of the instrument’s true standard bearers and he mentored countless young musicians throughout his life.
It’s not a coincidence that Abate himself, an individualist on the instrument, pays a deep artistic debt to the fine work of Phil Woods and Parker before him. This recording, in consummate Abate fashion, is tasteful and powerful, as well as an emotional send-off to a musician the likes of which we will not witness again. Still you can hear him side by side with Abate, onstage, brimming with the noise and notes from two great saxophones. This music, like so much of Woods' work, will surely live on forever. 

Review By Matt Micucci (Lean Crowley News)
The live album Kindered Spirit was originally intended to be a celebration of the music of Phil Woods, the celebrated bebop alto saxophonist, clarinetist, bandleader and composer. Instead, it sadly turned into a memorial, as Woods passed away on September, aged 83. His death was one of the biggest losses in the jazz world this year.
Kindered Spirits Live was a recording of one of just a few live performances by Woods that took place earlier in the year, more specifically, the performance in Chan’s in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

There, he joined on stage another revered saxophonist, Greg Abate, whose artistry earned him the nickname of “prince of bebop”. It’s no coincidence that Abate himself, an individualist on the instrument, pays a deep artistic dept to the fine work of Phil Woods, and Charlie Parker who came before him, in capturing one of his final live performances.
They were backed by the Tim Ray Trio, itself composed of world class talents, with Ray himself on piano, Mark Walter on drums and John Lockwood on bass.

Phil Woods enjoyed an illustrious career that was both inspired and inspirational. He began playing the sax at the age of 12, and developed his artistry in the wake of the incredible legacy left by the king of bebop, Charlie Parker.
Kindered Spirits Live, in consummate Abate fashion, is tasteful and powerful, as well as an emotional send-off to a musician the likes of which we will not witness again.


The legendary alto saxophonist Phil Woods' (1931-2015) health was failing at the time Kindred Spirits: Live at Chan's was recorded, but you never know it by listening to the crisp delivery, the vitality of a hot bebop band playing in the mode of the iconic altoist Charlie Parker. Saxophonist Greg Abate joins Woods in the front line, and the Tim Ray Trio backs them up.

It's not a first teaming for Abate and Woods. A student/mentor relationship exists there, and Greg Abate Quintet Featuring Phil Woods (Positone Records, 2012) is a testament to passion and energy the two saxophonists could conjure. So is Kindred Spirits: Live at Chan's. It's a two CD set, and the amount of the music presented is generous, the quality of the performance first rate all around.

"Steeplechase," from the pen of Charlie Parker, opens the set. Another version of the tune closes the first disc, and CD 2 has the Bird's "Yardbird Suite." The pioneer's spirit looms with a smile over the proceedings.

Abate and Woods truly prove themselves kindred souls. It takes a good ear to pick out who's doing the individual solos, though the personnel section in the accompanying booklet let's us know that Abate took the first turn on all but three numbers. Both altoists are steeped deep in the bebop tradition, and both play with passion. The Tim Ray Trio is impeccable, the pianist's solo slots full of fun and verve.

This is a polished master class in straight ahead bebop, with it's lovingly rendered Parker tunes, and Standards like Harold Arlen's "A Sleepin' Bee," the classic "Angel Eyes," Horace Silver's "Strollin,'" a melancholy "I'll Remember April," and a spicy take of Kurt Weill's "Speak Low," with the sax guys sitting out and letting the trio shine.

Phil Woods was a consistently joyful and inspired performer for more sixty years. Kindred Spirits: Live at Chan's is another gem in his discography.

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