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USA: The Last Note: Document 50 Figures in Jazz and Blues with the Jazz Foundation and photographer Richard Corman

The Last Note: A Film Project to Document Jazz and Blues in America
To Our Friends and Supporters,
We are happy to announce a new project: the Jazz Foundation has created an Indiegogo campaign. With your help, we can produce the next historic documentation of jazz and blues in America.
Join us as we go deep inside American music, creating intimate portraits of 50 artists who have helped shape jazz and blues scenes throughout the U.S. this past century. Together, we will invite them to tell their stories, capturing on film and video the unique corners of history in which they lived and which they continue to represent. In this way, we will help to ensure the history of jazz and blues is kept alive.

We have included a detailed description of the The Last Note below.

Our goal is to raise $67,500 or more to fund this project in the next 45 days.

Please spread the word. Support on Indiegogo in any denomination is appreciated. Check out the perks!
Find our campaign here and donate now:

Additionally, we are auctioning stunning prints from Richard Corman's renowned "Madonna NYC 83" series to benefit the project.

View that auction here:
Yours in service,
Wendy Atlas Oxenhorn

The Last Note: A Film Project to Document 50 Great Figures in Jazz and Blues
Very often, great musicians devote themselves to their music for a lifetime but find acclaim only after they have passed. That is a loss for our culture and for our record of history. My name is Wendy Oxenhorn. As Executive Director of the Jazz Foundation of America, I have fought for 15 years to make sure professionals in jazz and blues have the resources they need to survive and continue their work. In that time, I've had the honor to know many extraordinary souls. When I see these souls pass away, I am saddened and afraid that all evidence of their lives and their works will be lost.
Last year, I met someone capable of spotlighting legendary artists for historic preservation. Richard Corman is a New York-based photographer who has traveled the globe for more than three decades capturing the essence of the human spirit. He has created definitive portraits of icons like Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Madonna.
With your support, Richard wants to hit the road with videographer Alan Gastelum to meet with accomplished jazz and blues musicians in their homes across the U.S. Their conversations will be filmed and photographed to produce intimate profiles documenting many of the individuals responsible for jazz and blues in the last century. From the Jazz Foundation headquarters, I will coordinate over one month of appointments with fifty of the most incredible artists I have known. In March of 2016, these portraits will become available at no cost on our website.
For every big star in music, there are also hundreds more people who made up the scene that gave that star a voice. In jazz and blues, those scenes continue to dot the country, thriving in lesser-known clubs and boisterous, invitation-only jams, in extraordinary bonds between artists, and in tireless devotion to music.
With your support, Richard and Alan will travel to Memphis, New York City, New Orleans, Detroit, and more beginning January 2016. We will meet these artists in their homes and record this oral and visual history directly from the people who lived it.
Preserve the memory of the New Orleans jazz and blues musicians displaced by Katrina. In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the Jazz Foundation worked to rehouse and create work for over 1,000 New Orleans musicians and their families. These artists live far from their New Orleans roots, but this project will ensure many of them do not fade from its history.
It rarely happens that people capable of documenting these rich dimensions of American history have the resources to do so.
  • Between 1937 and 1942, folklore scholar Alan Lomax traveled the country to meet with and record foundational artists like Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and Jelly Roll Morton on behalf of the Library of Congress. Before him, this music was considered by many to be vulgar and primitive. Lomax fought to preserve it and give it a place in our history such as it has now.
  • In 1960, photographer William Claxton and musicologist Joachim-Ernst Berendt journeyed across America to document jazz and blues, leaving behind an invaluable trove of American culture.
Join us on this journey and please make this work possible with a contribution. Spread the word to those who share our belief: the living history of jazz and blues should not be lost.

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USA: Adair-Aliquo "Too Marvelous For Words" Coming In September

Adair Music Group

"Too Marvelous For Words"
Coming In September


Beegie Adair-piano
Don Aliquo-tenor saxophone

Roger Spencer-bass
Chris Brown-drums

(Adair Music Group)
Street Date: September 4, 2015

If anyone doubts the timelessness of classic jazz, one listen to saxophonist Don Aliquo and pianist Beegie Adair’s Too Marvelous for Words will convince them otherwise. “We were visualizing vintage, mid-Fifties, Be-Bop feel” states Beegie – and they fully captured it. Sometimes that intent can create a somewhat nostalgic feel, losing the immediacy that is at the core of all great jazz. In the hands of these two masters, quite the opposite occurred. The listener is instead transported into the mindset of that spectacular era, complete with all of the excitement, urgency, and joy of adventurous discovery that were its hallmarks.

A key reason for this is the remarkable empathy among all the musicians, creating the synergy that is so essential for jazz at its highest levels. The outstanding bass and drums tandem of Roger Spencer and Chris Brown respectively are the regular members of Beegie’s trio, contributing greatly to the sense of seamless cohesiveness and unity of purpose that fuels this entire album. While Don has performed often with the two of them over the years, he had performed far less frequently with Beegie before this date. But their profound connection is simply stunning, sounding as if they’ve been playing together regularly for years. Their interplay is so symbiotic that it often seems like they are dancing.

Playing mostly tenor, along with two pieces on alto, Don’s sound on both instruments is full-bodied and robust. His sensational phrasing is so articulate and emphatic that the stories he tells are vividly hewn, fascinating tales. His sound is steeped in the vernacular of the powerhouse saxophonists, but utterly singular and with a completely modern flair. Beegie, internationally loved and renowned, is a marvelous pianist, with an understated but dynamic style and a consummate sense of unfettered and always inventive swing, whether soloing or in ensemble support. Spencer’s deeply resonant sound and inspired playing gives the music a full, but always buoyant bottom. Combined with Brown’s sensitive, subtly vigorous but never overpowering sense of drive and swing, their impeccable time and taste locks every piece into a perfect groove.

The repertoire is sublime, combining wonderful items from the Great American Songbook with classic works from four of the jazz legacy’s greatest composers. That all but one of these compositions were originally written between 1937 and 1952 (the exception being Isfahan, one of the final Strayhorn/Ellington collaborations in 1966) is further testimony to the aforementioned timelessness of this music. Without losing sight of the era they were trying to capture, the exceptional arrangements make every piece modern, vital, refreshing, exhilarating and completely of the moment. The ten pieces include seven lively swingers, ranging from gentle to surging, and three lovely ballads.

There are three items from the unparalleled Billy Strayhorn – another collaboration with Duke; and his own Johnny Come Lately, which opens the album in a loping groove with a staggered approach that creates a somewhat Monk-ish feel. Isfahan is an almost-ballad in soft swing that grows bouncier as it moves along; and the exquisite Day Dream is built on Beegie’s lushly rich piano with Aliquo playing tenor, evoking the heart-wrenching beauty that Johnny Hodges always brought to this piece on alto.

Don brings his own passionate alto styling to Tadd Dameron’s beautiful If You Could See Me Now, an emotive and heartfelt rendition with a deep tinge of blue. Don also plays alto – with Beegie in a splendid Red Garland-ish swing mode – on the playful and joyously up-tempo This Can’t Be Love, one of two Rodgers & Hart songs included here. The other, a poignant and deeply moving version of It Never Entered My Mind showcases Don’s sumptuous tenor sax balladry.

Captivating rhythmic approaches are at play on the richly syncopated Fragos, Baker and Gasparre hit song I Hear a Rhapsody, and the Latin-flavored, ostinato driven All or Nothing at All (Arthur Altman) that features a tour-de-force tenor solo – powerfully visceral and daring, but never losing its rich lyricism. Beegie lays down a deeply grooved and funky bounce on Thelonious Monk’s Bye-Ya, and provides terrific interplay with Don’s fluid and punchy tenor work.

While Nashville is far more famous for another form of music, with jazz artists like these four on its scene, country music may have to move over a bit and make some room.

For more information, visit and

Beegie Adair Itinerary

July 25 - Nashville Jazz Workshop (Nashville, TN) (Trio with Chester Thompson)
August 22 - Nashville Jazz Workshop (Nashville, TN) (Trio)
September 12- Steinway Galleries of Chicago - Hinsdale (Chicago, IL) (Solo)
September 13 - Steinway Galleries of Chicago - Northbrook (Chicago, IL) (Solo)
September 19 - Nashville Jazz Workshop (Nashville, TN) (Trio with Don Aliquo)
October 17- Nashville Jazz Workshop (Nashville, TN) (Trio with Chester Thompson)
October 18 - Schermerhorn Symphony Hall (Nashville, TN) (guest Trio with Nashville Symphony Orchestra)
October 24 - Jazzmania (Franklin, TN) (guest Trio with the Jeff Steinberg Orchestra)
November 21- Nashville Jazz Workshop: A Tribute to Billy Strayhorn (Nashville, TN) (Trio with Monica Ramey)
November 25 Saint Peter's Midday Jazz (New York, NY) (Duo with Monica Ramey)
December 5 - Steinway Piano Galleries of Miami (Miami, FL) (solo)
December 12 -  Nashville Jazz Workshop (Nashville, TN) (Trio with Chester Thompson) 
December 14 - SkyPac (Bowling Green, KY) (guest with Orchestra Kentucky)
January 29-  Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green, KY) (Trio with Mike Longo)
February 13 - Martin Methodist College (Pulaski, TN) (Trio)
March 10 - Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) (Beegie Adair and Friends)

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USA: Pianist Catherine Marie Charlton - "Maiden's Voyage" - Available August 7

Pianist Catherine Marie Charlton Gracefully Combines 
Styles of Contemporary Jazz on Maiden's Voyage - 
Available August 7 via River Dawn Productions

"I'm a huge fan. Catherine's music touches people, including myself, so deeply; I've seen it bring some to tears. Combine that level of musicianship with the stellar arrangements and production quality heard on Maiden's Voyage and you get musical magic." 
- Phil Nicolo

Maiden's Voyage, the tenth album release in Catherine Marie Charlton's twenty-plus year recording career, arcs gracefully through orchestrations and styles ranging from contemporary jazz to the artist's trademark spacious meditations.  The common motif is the pianist/composer's identifiable sound-passion, strength, and power, flowing interchangeably with tender expressiveness. 

Mastered by Grammy® winning engineer/producer Phil Nicolo (Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill), Maiden's Voyage represents a decade-long collaboration between producer Charlton and recording/mixing engineer Eric Troyer (ELO Part II/The Orchestra), who brings his sensibilities and significant musicianship to the project. The lineup of guest musicians on the album include: Elliott Levin (Cecil Taylor, Marshall Allen) featured on "Birds Flower," and "The Lonely Cobbler" playing flute and tenor saxophone, Jeff Oster on three tracks including the piano/flugelhorn duet "Sepia Moon," Steve Meashey on bass, and drummer/percussionist, J. Jody Janetta. The Cincinnati Symphony principal bassist for 28 years, Barry Green, also contributes on "Which You Which World."

On her partnership with Janetta, Charlton recalls - "15 years ago I was a solo classical pianist beginning to explore improvisation. Jody heard something in my playing akin to the classically-influenced improvised music which had been a big inspiration to him, and he asked me to perform. From the start, our musical connection was magic. Jody introduced me to his jazz record collection and we went on to perform as a piano-percussion duo for many years.  We parted ways for a bit during the time of my solo introspective releases - Red Leaf Grey Sky and River Flow, and have now reunited for Maiden's Voyage. The one-take improvisation on "Beneath the Dream" was the first track captured on the first day of recording, after four years apart."

  Photo Credit: Joe del Tufo
In addition to seven originals, Maiden's Voyage features Charlton's lyrical improvisation with Sun Ra-inspired chromatic complexity on Eden Ahbez's "Nature Boy," "Adios Nonino" by Astor Piazzolla, Erik Satie's ethereal "Gnossienne No. 4" and two deeply emotional versions of the standard - "Autumn Leaves."  The album's only non-improvisatory piece is Alberto Ginastera's "Dance of the Graceful Maiden (Danza de la moza donosa)," which marks the start of the pianist's "voyage" from classical score interpretation to the seven spontaneous compositions as well as the free improvisations spread throughout the album. A highlight of these originals is the subdued solo piano piece "All That I Feel."

Charlton credits much of her approach to the teachings of long-time mentor and inspiration - the cellist David Darling, and his organization Music for People. Darling was hugely influential to a young Charlton in her earlier years, when he told her that her passion and commitment to the moment was impressive. Humbled by his words the pianist/composer has tried to live up them ever since.

About Catherine Marie Charlton:

Catherine Marie Charlton's 2011 recording Red Leaf, Grey Sky won the Independent Music Awards for Instrumental EP and was also awarded "Best Instrumental Album-Piano" in the 8th Annual ZMR Awards, as voted on by broadcasters worldwide.  Most recently, she performed on several tracks of Jeff Oster's Next (Bernard Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Nile Rodgers, etc).  A recipient of grants and residencies from the Delaware Division of the Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, she is currently composing a body of works inspired by the Wyeth family of artists in collaboration with the Brandywine River Museum of Art. Charlton is a Steinway Artist.  

Watch Catherine Marie Charlton cover "Shenandoah"

Catherine Marie Charlton · Maiden's Voyage 
  River Dawn Productions · Release Date: August 7, 2015
For more information on Catherine Marie Charlton, please visit:

For media information, please contact:
DL Media  ·  610-667-0501
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Don Lucoff  ·

Serving the Finest in Jazz Since 1988
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and bios) on all DL Media artists can be found at our website:


USA: THE STEVE GETZ MUSIC HALL @ LEHMAN COLLEGE, Bronx, New York New Jazz Series September 2015

New Jazz Series September 2015

New York, NY — July 7, 2015 — STEVE GETZ, Jazz Impresario/Concert Producer, announces the debut of THE STEVE GETZ MUSIC HALL at LEHMAN COLLEGE, Bronx, New York, in September 2015.

Steve is a veteran of the Jazz business, spanning 35 years of accumulated experience as Music Director/Talent Buyer for Jazz Clubs- Fat Tuesday's (NYC); The Blue Note (NYC) and Yoshi's ( Oakland,CA); Agent and Manager of Jazz Artists-Phil Woods; Chuck Loeb; Harry Allen and Sarah Jane Cion; Record Producer-produced award winning recordings of Steve's Father, legendary Jazz tenor saxophonist, STAN GETZ.

The Schedule of Artists Performing A Tribute To Stan Getz:

9/11  Fri  Andy LaVerne Trio "Plays The Stan Getz Song Book" Featuring Ralph LaLama,Tenor Saxophone;Carol Fredette,Vocals;Judy Niemack,Vocals.

9/ 12 Sat "MODERN GUITAR MASTERS"-Vic Juris & Dave Stryker Quartet

9/ 18 Fri   "JAZZ  VOCALIST JAZZ WORKSHOP" 1 Hosted by Marion Cowings (vocals) with Roseanna Vitro (Vocals) and Audrey Silver (Vocals)
9/19 Sat  "JAZZ VOCALIST JAZZ WORKSHOP" 2-"DIVINE VOCAL DUETS"- Nicole Pasternak Featuring John Di Martino Piano; and Nora McCarthy Featuring Ray Gallon,Piano. 

9/25 Fri    Santi DeBriano Trio (Master Bass Player) with Roni Ben-Hur,Dudaka Fonseca

9/26 Sat   Harry Allen Quartet (Tenor Saxophone) "TENOR MADNESS" with Grant Stewart (Tenor Saxophone)

Further Dates To Be Announced

Tickets are now $25 General Admission and $20 Students and Seniors

Show Times: 8 PM and 10 PM

All Shows will be in The Studio Theater

Lehman College,CUNY  250 Bedford Park Boulevard West, Bronx,New York 10468

For Further Information: Contact: Steve Getz- EMail:


FRANCE/USA: Dorado Schmitt, Samson Schmitt, Ludovic Beier, Pierre Blanchard, Francko Mehrstein, Amati Schmitt, Bronson Schmitt, Doudou Cuillerier*, Xavier Nikq , Special Guest: Anat Cohen ‎– Django Festival Allstars Live At Birdland (& More) (Frémeaux & Associés ‎ 2015)

Dorado and Samson Schmitt lead the Django Festival All Stars who play hot gypsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt. This recording features 7 tracks recorded live at Birdland in NY in November 2012 and 8 studio tracks recorded in Paris in February 2012. Joining legendary French guitarist/violinist Dorado and his son, guitarist Samson Schmitt, are accordionist Ludovic Beier, violinist Pierre Blanchard, rhythm guitarists Francko Mehrstein & Doudou Cuilllerier, lead guitarists Amati & Bronson Schmitt, bassist Xavier Nikq, cellist Jisoo Ok, and special guest alto saxophonist Anat Cohen.
Schmitt's virtuosity on full display, lightning fast finger work, powerful strumming, wild sweeps...astonishingly fast tempos. --NY Times

Thursday, July 30, 2015

USA/France/UK: AndersonPonty Band Featuring Music Icons Jon Anderson & Jean Luc Ponty To Release New CD/DVD “Better Late Than Never”

Los Angeles - One of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2015 by the
AndersonPonty Band, featuring music icons Jon Anderson and Jean Luc
Ponty, is scheduled to hit the streets early Fall 2015! “Better Late
Than Never” is the new album taken from a live performance, and
enhanced with innovative production. The package includes a bonus DVD
featuring outstanding performances by the band captured in September
2014 at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.

The AndersonPonty Band has created some breathtaking new musical
compositions. “Better Late Than Never” also showcases
rearrangements of classic YES hits like “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”,
“Roundabout” and “Wonderous Stories”, as well as some of Jean
Luc Ponty's beloved compositions, with Jon's lyrical vocals and
melodies enhancing the music and creating a very special and unique
sound such as “Infinite Mirage” a new song incorporating Jean
Luc's classic tune “Mirage”.

YES's original singer/songwriter for 35 years, Jon Anderson has had a
successful solo career, which includes working with such notable music
artists as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Milton Nascimento. International
violin superstar Jean Luc Ponty is a pioneer and undisputed master of
his instrument in the arena of jazz and rock. He is widely regarded as
an innovator who has applied his unique visionary spin that has
expanded the vocabulary of modern music. Together these two music
legends have formed a musical synergy that is unparalleled!

“A breakthrough feeling came as I sang with Jean Luc's music, to be
in a band again is very exciting on many levels, we will play and sing
our way around the world and have fun, for music is pleasure, music is
all that is.” - Jon Anderson

“Collaborating with Jon who is such a creative singer/songwriter is
unlike any project I have done before. I knew that we had plenty of
musical affinities to make it work, but the result is way beyond my
expectations. It is also a lot of fun to reunite with these excellent
musicians who played with me in the past, they really put their heart
in this project and with Jon's creative input we are not just
rehashing the past but giving a new life to the music we started
developing decades ago.” - Jean Luc Ponty

The AndersonPonty Band also includes Jamie Glaser on guitars - well
known guitarist who has worked with Jean Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Bryan
Adams and Lenny White; Wally Minko on keyboards - virtuoso player and
composer who has performed and recorded with many worldwide stars
including Pink, Toni Braxton, Jean Luc Ponty, Tom Jones, Gregg Rolie
and Barry Manilow; Baron Browne on bass who has played with Steve
Smith, Billy Cobham and Jean Luc Ponty; and Rayford Griffin on drums
and percussion, who has played with Stanley Clarke Band, George Duke,
Jean Luc Ponty and Michael Jackson. The band visit the music created
by Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty over the years with new
arrangements, virtuosic performances and new energy.

Jean Luc Ponty was originally approached by Jon Anderson with the idea
of working together as far back as the 1980's. Now 30 years later the
dream has finally come to fruition! In support of the new release, a
world tour is currently in the works. Also, a videography documenting
the making of the “Better Late Than Never” album will be released
along with videos and performances.

AndersonPonty Band tour dates:

10/27 - Philadelphia - Keswick Theater
10/29 - Red Bank, NJ - Count Basie
10/30 - Ridgefield, CT - Ridgefield Playhouse

11/1 - Pittsurgh - Carnegie Theater
11/3 - Chicago - Arcada Theater
11/4 - Milwaukee - Milwaukee PAC
11/6 - Detroit - Detroit Music Hall
11/7 - Toronto - Danforth Music Hall
11/10 - Washington, DC - Howard Theater
11/11 - Long Island - Paramount Theater
11/13 - NYC - Ethical Culture
11/14 - Boston - Berklee Performance Center
11/17 - San Francisco - Regency
11/18 - Sacramento - Crest Theater
11/20 - Los Angeles - Saban Theater
11/21 - Scottsdale - Talking Stick

For more information and forthcoming tour dates visit the official
AndersonPonty Band website:
AndersonPonty Band Facebook page:

Jon Anderson official website:
Jean Luc Ponty official website:

Manager: Jim Lewis,

Booking agent: APA
O: (212) 205-4328 | C: (310) 895-6144 | F: (212) 245-5062|

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

USA: Vote for MoonJune Records and Allan Holdsworth

Dear MoonJune Friends
I would like to invite you to participate in the
(for music officially released between June 1, 2014 – May 31, 2015)

The prestigious jazz magazine, "DownBeat" (the genre's leading media publication for many decades), is now conducting their 80th Annual Readers Poll. What is special about this particular poll is that, for the first time ever, they have included MoonJune Records for consideration in the category of "Best Record Label". While I view such categorizing as being completely subjective (I do not believe in using such labeling, as "the best" or "the worst"), it is actually quite flattering that DownBeat has included us -- as well as recognizing and acknowledging that MoonJune does, in fact, produces jazz. While the jazz presented on MoonJune is certainly not a style that will satisfy "jazz purists", or narrow-minded "jazzglodites", it is "de facto jazz."

MoonJune Records, based in New York is a truly independent, one-man-operation record label. I run it as a side activity, it is more help and dedication to my friends musicians: the many great musicians whose wonderful creations I am honored to present and promote. For many of them, if I didn't release their music, possibly no one here in the US would. (… and none of this would be possible without your much-appreciated continued support.) Directing MoonJune requires a lot of sacrifice. Anyone who knows me is familiar with the demands of my very busy schedule and activities, that include artist management, bookings, consulting, and deal making around the world which involves constant business traveling, and more. While being recognized by the premier voice of the jazz genre might be viewed as something small or maybe insignificant, to me it is a major step forward and represents a tremendous opportunity for MoonJune's many brilliant artists to finally get some recognition I believe they justly deserve. If you, too, believe it is deserving, I encourage you to please vote for MoonJune in the category of "Best Record Label", and for any MoonJune arrtists and albums in other categories.

On an even more personal note, a special vote is requested, also, for the legendary Allan Holdsworth -- a man of a most unique stature; a true genius. (Allan is busy working on the release of both archival and new material, through the generous support he has received from his current "Pledge Music" campaign.) If there is any artist that deserves to be in the Downbeat Jazz Hall of Fame, and it is still not, in my opinion, it is most certainly the mighty Allan Holdworth.
You can only vote once from your computer, but any of your friends and family members (with different e-mail addresses) can vote from another computer, mobile phone or mobile tablet. Of course, you are free to vote for any other jazz leader, group or musician in any of the many categories.
I appreciate your time and your continued loyalty and support, and I hope you will take a few minutes to cast your vote for MoonJune Records in the 80th ANNUAL DOWNBEAT READERS POLL.

As always, thanks for Your support.
Yours in Music


USA: Maverick Concerts: Jazz guitarist Julian Lage, Sat., Aug. 15th

Jazz Guitarist Julian Lage
Returns to Maverick Concerts
Sat., Aug. 15​th 8:00 pm
Bassist Scott Colley  and Drummer Billy Mintz
Make up a Jazz Trio

For Immediate Release
Woodstock, N.Y.—July 28, 2015—Maverick Concerts, the oldest continuous professional summer chamber music festival in America, continues its centennial season of Music in the Woods with a concert by the jazz guitarist Julian Lage, along with Scott Colley on bass and Billy Mintz on drums. The concert is on Saturday, Aug. 15, at 8:00 p.m.

Grammy-nominated guitarist Julian Lage brings a purity of tone and consistency of attack to everything in his repertoire, and he was hailed by the influential All About Jazz as "a giant in the making." A brilliant musician, his open-ended style is rooted in both traditional jazz and acoustic forms. The New Yorker calls Lage "superlative... a pantheist," known for playing in many styles.

Lage was the subject of an Academy Award-nominated documentary, Jules at Eight. He has recorded with his own quintet and with Gary Burton, David Grisman, Anthony Wilson, Joshua Bell, and Yoko Ono. Julian's album "Sounding Point" was nominated for a Best Contemporary Jazz album Grammy in 2010. His recent duo album with jazz pianist Fred Hersch, "Free Flying," received a coveted five-star review in Down Beat magazine.

Bassist Scott Colley has performed on more than 200 albums. He has worked with a variety of musicians including guitarists Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny and Adam Rogers. Scott is known for his remarkably empathetic skills, strong melodic sense and improvisational abilities. Drummer Billy Mintz was playing in the show bands of the Catskill Mountain resorts by the age of 15. He has performed with the Lee Konitz Nonet, Gloria Gaynor, Mose Allison, and the Los Angeles Symphonic Jazz Orchestra.

All Maverick concerts are held in the historic concert hall, 120 Maverick Road, Woodstock, N.Y. 12498. The hall was hand-built in 1916 in a woodland glade just two miles from the center of town.

About Maverick Concerts
For additional details, including a schedule of concerts, ticket prices, and seating information, visit or call Maverick’s recorded message line at 845-679-8217.

Maverick Concerts, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The concerts are made possible in part with an award from the National Endowment for the Arts; funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature; support from the County of Ulster’s Ulster County Cultural Services & Promotions Fund, administered by Arts Mid-Hudson; the Maverick Concerts Endowment Fund; Friends of Maverick; the towns of Woodstock and Hurley; local businesses; individual donors; and other public and private foundations. Yamaha is the Official Piano of Maverick Concerts. The C7X grand piano in the Maverick Concert Hall is a generous loan from Yamaha Artists Services.

Media contact: Mary Fairchild Administrator & PR Director Maverick Concerts, Inc. 845-345-3234
Coming Up at Maverick Sunday, August 16, 4 pm
Trio Solisti
“The most exciting piano trio in America.”  –The New Yorker
Music by Schubert: Rachmaninoff, and Brahms

Saturday, Aug. 22, 6 pm
Chamber Orchestra Concert
Maverick Chamber Players
Alexander Platt, conductor
Maria Todaro, soprano; Stephen Gosling, piano
Music by Robert Starer, Benjamin Britten, Henry Cowell
Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring Suite
Manuel de Falla's El Amor Brujo

Sunday, Aug. 23, 4 pm
Ariel Quartet with Thomas Storm, baritone
Quartets by Beethoven, Stravinsky, and Tchaikovsky
Samuel Barber's Dover Beach for string quartet and baritone