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WorldJazzMix: Gershon Waiserfirer / Lenny Sendersky (Israel)-Wait Until Now(2024)


Wait Until Now“. It is a unique blend of ambient jazz, cinematic music, and Middle Eastern sounds, making it a very special project. We have also made a few videos for the album, which you can check out on YouTube via these links: “Wait Until Now” •

Gershon Waiserfirer – Electric oud / effects

Lenny Sendersky – saxophones/flute/effects

At the duet concert, Gershon and Lenny use a wide palette of musical means from minimalistic lyrics to bright, sometimes ROCK texture. And all sorts of electronic effects give the listener the feeling of a large composition on stage. Musicians create a musical canvas in which there are many genres from jazz to rock and folk.

Gershon Weiserfirer is an Israeli multi-instrumentalist and composer.
Active participant in the Israeli music scene in almost all genres, from traditional Jewish music to improvisational music. An actor by training, he regularly composes music for film and theater and has been awarded the Israel Theater Music Prize.

Gershon Weiserfirer has shared the stage with music legends such as Bobby McFerrin, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Avishai Cohen and Israeli rock legend Berry Saharoff

Lenny Sendersky – saxophone, started his international career living and performing in Denmark for two years. In 2011, he immigrated to Israel (from St. Petersburg), where he established himself on the jazz scene, performing and successfully producing projects with the participation of Israeli, American and European jazz performers. He shared stage and recorded with Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal, Randy Brecker, Tony Romano, Joe Locke.




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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2024: Encuentro Music to Release Reginald Policard’s Global Jazz Album “Boarding Pass” in Label Debut


Ron Kadish, Publicist

Encuentro Music to Release Reginald Policard’s Global Jazz Album “Boarding Pass” in Label

Called “the most valued Haitian pianist in the jazz scene”, versatile pianist Reginald Policard has evolved through decades of playing different styles of music such as konpa, jazz, latin jazz and fusion to arrive at his personal style. Together with special guests from all over the world, Reginald brings the musical traditions of Haiti, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and American jazz to Boarding Pass, an exciting and fresh blend of musical cultures, to be released on May 31, 2024 as the debut release on the new Encuentro Music label.

Miami-based Encuentro Music is a music label project inspired by the traditions and flavors of the Caribbean. Encuentro aims to be a melting pot and a musical getaway for all The Caribbean, where artists and creatives, rhythms and sounds, tastes and colors meet and leave a mark of impactful culture.

Boarding Pass was inspired by the fundamental idea of what Encuentro Music is – a musical meeting between artists from different countries who all love and are inspired by the music of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Miami. With its diverse music encounters, Boarding Pass embodies a statement of what we can expect from Encuentro Music in the future- a message of bringing people together through music and encouraging them to share and enjoy inspired collaboration.

Born in Haiti, Reginald Policard was introduced to music at the early age of 10. Starting in 1969, Reginald played in Sugar Jazz before co-founding and leading the famous Caribbean Sextet, which dominated the music scene in Haiti for many decades.

Reginald’s discography includes sixteen solo recordings and his participation in numerous projects, including films. His album Vinn Avem was selected to be in the pool of nominees for the Latin Grammys in 1994. Reginald enjoys playing for his fans and his mastery in the piano comes alive every time he performs. Reginald has performed and collaborated with well-known international musicians such as Nicole Henry, Ed Calle, Jeff Carswell, Nicky Orta, Sammy Figueroa, Leo Quintero, Joel Widmaïer, Richard Barbot, David Fernandez, Sal Cuevas, JeanCaze, Felipe Lamoglia, David Einhorn and more.

Boarding Pass’s special guests include Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona, who has played and recorded with a host of modern jazz luminaries from Joe Zawinul to Pat Metheny; legendary singer Angélique KidjoSammy Figueroa, long regarded as one of the world’s great percussionists, who has played with everyone from Miles Davis to David Bowie; Haitian-American trumpeter Jean Caze; renowned Latin percussionist Edwin Bonilla; longtime Erique Iglesias percussionist Gilmar Gomes; and Miami Sound Machine trumpeter Teddy Mulet.

The May 31 release of Boarding Pass follows the highly successful releases of two singles. Intense in emotion, Melancholia expertly weaves Caribbean, African and traditional Jazz influences to highlight the warmth and texture of this distinctive collaboration. Policard’s compositional gifts shine through in Encuentro Theme. His catchy melodies are steeped in a deep understanding of jazz’s historical and cultural contexts, especially its Caribbean influences. Bona’s multifaceted musicianship adds layers of complexity and emotional depth, creating a resonant backdrop that invites listeners into a world of rhythmic euphoria.

Boarding Pass will be available everywhere on May 31, 2024. Pre-save it here.
Encuentro Music
Harold Staco – A&R management

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