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BOOK: Eurojazzland: Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics, and Contexts (Northeastern 2012)

It is often said that jazz is America's great gift to the world, and while true, this belies the surprising, often crucial role that Europe has played in the development and popularity of jazz throughout the world. Based on a series of symposia attracting leading scholars, critics, and musicians from throughout Europe and the United States, the volume first addresses the impact of European musical traditions and instruments on the formation and development of American jazz. Part two details the vital experiences of American musicians on European soil, from black minstrels to such jazz greats as Benny Carter and Duke Ellington, and deals with European jazzmen and their developments of American jazz styles. The final part chronicles the importance of European critics and musicologists in jazz criticism and offers essays on European contributions to jazz musicianship and production.

Eurojazzland proves that jazz is simply too rich and varied for one country to claim, define, or contain. This groundbreaking collection will appeal to jazz aficionados, scholars, musicologists, and musicians.LUCA CERCHIARI, Padua University, is the author of Jazz, Scott Joplin's Treemonisha, and Jazz and Fascism, among many others. LAURENT CUGNY, Paris-Sorbonne University, is the author of Electric Miles Davis and Jazz Analysis. FRANZ KERSCHBAUMER, Graz University, is the author of Miles Davis and the editor of Jazzforschung-Jazzresearch.

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USA: Moonjune Records Newsletter

Upcoming MoonJune's newsletters:
––––> ALLAN HOLDSWORTH touring USA/BRAZIL/EUROPE between January and May 2012
with JIMMY HASLIP on bass and VIRGIL DONATI on drums
––––> ARTI & MESTIERI's cd "FIRST LIVE IN JAPAN" back in stock
––––> MARBIN phenomena; an interview with uprising stars, tremendously talented new kids on your jazz and prog block: DANI RABIN and DANNY MARKOVICH

MoonJune announces two (very different) new releases

BORIS SAVOLDELLI "Insanology" (cd)

This is the reissue of Boris' breakthrough first solo release, originally distributed only in Italy, in 2007. "An arresting mix of painstakingly overdubbed vocals, human beatbox effects, African-inspired choral music, plus the odd visit to the world of Jimi Hendrix (an extraordinary version of 'Crosstown Traffic'), Insanology is a largely solo album (although two tracks feature tasty contributions from guitarist Marc Ribot) featuring the quite remarkable Italian vocalist
Boris Savoldelli. A quick (although lazily inaccurate) way of describing some of this music would be to suggest that it sounds as if Ladysmith Black Mambazo had adopted the techniques utilised by Bobby McFerrin in his solo live performances, but Savoldelli is a genuine original, wholly in command both of his material (self-penned, save for the aforementioned Hendrix piece and 'In the Seventh Year' by Mark Murphy and Uli Rennert) and of the various electronic gizmos (the back cover shows Savoldelli's foot pressing an FX pedal) with which he creates his 'choirs'." - Chris Parker, Vortex Jazz, UK


MJR039 BORIS SAVOLDELLI "Biocosmopolitan" ($11/$13, FREE SHIPPING)


COPERNICUS "Live In Prague! Live" (DVD/NTSC - all regions)

In 1989, after the release of the album "Deeper", COPERNICUS received many requests to appear live in cities in Europe -- including Moscow, Sopot, Prague, Vilnius and Berlin. It had received a lot of attention from the press and got tremendous radio airplay. This was a time of heightened tension in many countries, separated from the rest of the world by their mostly totalitarian regimes. This concert footage documents the entire experience at Prague's Slavia Stadium. For the nine thousand fans, it was a rewarding experience. COPERNICUS and the audience interacted in an extraordinary manner. The effects of COPERNICUS' songs such as "The Authorities" and "White from Black" and others were visibly a big blow to the audience eager to absorb more of COPERNICUS' lyrics and the gripping original music performed by those musicians -- which included Larry Kirwan of Black 47 on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Mike Fazio on guitar, Thomas Hamlin on drums, and Dave Conrad on bass. The use of split screen technology with footage from separate sources heightens the experience that one almost feels that he is right there at the mixing board watching every move from the stage and from the audience's point of view. This video certainly is a document from the time when bands would go out and venture into these far away places. It is worth its price in gold.

COPERNICUS "Cypher & Decipher" ($11/$13 - FREE SHIPPING)

COPERNICUS "disappearance" ($11/$13 - FREE SHIPPING)

COPERNICUS "Nothing Exists" ($11/$13 - FREE SHIPPING)

COPERNICUS "Live In Prague (The Authorities!") - video clip

Nicola Mingo - We remember Clifford (Emarcy 2011)

Guitarist, composer and born arranger to Naples in 1963, Nicola Mingo is one of the greater European representatives of the guitar of modern mainstream jazz. He studied jazz harmony and simultaneously classic guitar with teachers of the conservatory that he graduated from which was the Conservatory S. Pietro to Maiella in 1985, known for presenting performances and seminars such as the most important representatives of the guitar jazz (Joe Pass, Jim Hallway, Joe Diorio) playing, meanwhile, with Bill Pierce, Terence Blanchard, Cedar Walton, Billy Higgins and Paul Jeffrey.

The style of Mingo re-elaborates and anchors his personal and creative style in the manner of the creators of bop Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie with the style of Wes Montgomery. WE REMEMBER CLIFFORD, is his sixth experience as a leader, the first one on label EmArcy, the same one that Clifford Brown carved historic masterpieces.



GERMANY: Lars Duppler - Rætur in Bonn Januar 15, 2012

"The best of two worlds" – mit diesem Satz kann man das neue Projekt des Kölner Pianisten Lars Duppler am besten beschreiben: Der Sohn eines Deutschen und einer Isländerin hat sich mit seinem neuen Quartett "Rætur" auf musikalische Spurensuche nach Island begeben, traditionelle Songs neu arrangiert, eigene Kompositionen geschrieben, die den Spirit der Insel tragen und das Programm in einem fantastisch gelegenen Studio am Polarkreis aufgenommen. Darüber hinaus hat er mit der Besetzung Fender Rhodes/Moog, Gitarre, E-­‐ Bass und Schlagzeug die Fährte seiner Jugend wieder aufgenommen und sich soundmäßig einem eher rockigen Ideal angenähert. Herausgekommen ist ein erfrischendes Album, dem Sound der Insel verhaftet, aber abseits von Trollen, Elfen und mystischen Klängen.
Lars Duppler – Fender Rhodes/Moog Johannes Behr – Gitarre Philipp Bardenberg – E-­Bass Jens Düppe -­ Schlagzeug

Sonntag, Januar 15, 2012
19:00 - Einlass ab 18:00 Uhr - Alle Altersgruppen 
Harmonie Bonn
Frongasse 28-30
Bonn, NRW, Germany 53121

Thomas Kimmerle

USA: Gabrielle Agachiko and 7-piece band @ Armory

"Loved your performance...You're a terrific singer. I love the strength & nuance of your voice. And you're just a very appealing performer - so present and at one with your music. I loved all the different moods you hit and all the shades of affect - angry, tender, sassy, soulful, womanly, girlish, light, heavy, sorrowful, dignified, wounded to name just a few.... It takes a lot of courage to go to all of those places. The cherry on top was your facetious delivery of Wives and Lovers! Loved it. So glad we were there!" –Pam DiColo, audience member

"Within a single set, I wanted to be her best friend!"
–Constance Tenney, Art for the Heart

"When the band is cooking — when, say, Getchell and Gershon take turns letting loose Coltrane-like cries on one of Agachiko's most soul-baring tunes, "Unlovable" — the effect might remind you a bit of Nina Simone, but also of Abbey Lincoln's work with her then-husband, Max Roach."
–Jon Garelick, Boston Phoenix

Scott Getchell - trumpet
Geni Skendo - flute
Russ Gershon - tenor sax
Sam Davis - guitar
Blake Newman - bass
Phil Neighbors - drums

Agachiko returns to
Arts at the Armory:
Saturday, December 3, 8 pm; two sets

Somerville MA venue to host Gabrielle Agachiko and 7-piece band

Boom Box - Jazz - Boom Box (Jazzwerkstatt 2011)

This CD is undoubtedly free jazz. But it s safe to say that nobody is expecting free jazz to sound like the music on this recording. Inspired by a mixed bag of ideas, the trio of veterans (Borgmann on soprano, Kellers on drums, Ando on bass) have created an altogether new product, packed with wholly surprising transformations and tremendous, absolutely original diversity.(

TURKEY: Cappadocia Jazz Days 2011November 30 - Dec 4

The most important performance of the Cappadocia Jazz Days this year! We don’t want to upset the other musicians, but “Jazz for Youth” which is appealing to more than 800 students from different schools is very crucial for the team of KCG. We will introduce jazz music to young people and talk about our instruments, music and culture under the direction of Onur Ataman with the participation of other  jazz musicians. Yahya Dai will also introduce  his project“ Plan B”!  WEBSITE

ERDAL AKYOL upright bass


YAHYA DAİ saxophone
BARAN SAY upright bass


ALP ERSÖNMEZ bass guitar


OZAN MUSLUOĞLU upright bass


OZAN MUSLUOĞLU upright bass



Anthony Wilson-Campo Belo (Goat Hill Records 2011)

Campo Belo is a dynamic new record from guitarist/composer Anthony Wilson. Recorded in Sao Paulo, this spontaneous musical encounter finds Wilson (a veteran American jazz musician, known for his longtime association with singer Diana Krall) leading a band that includes three of Brazil's most astonishing young musicians - Andre Mehmari on piano, Edu Ribeiro on drums, and Guto Wirtti on bass. A program of richly melodic original songs, and a meeting of four strong improvisational voices, Campo Belo is a testament to the excitement of a time when musical borders are becoming more porous or disappearing altogether, and shared musical language is becoming the modern-day norm. Already a widely acclaimed artist, Anthony Wilson takes a huge step forward with'Campo Belo. (

The 2011 CD by guitarist Anthony Wilson is a gentle, thoughtful collection of tunes for guitar, piano (and sometimes accordion), bass, and drums, plus the occasional dash of clarinet. It's sunny, pleasant music that could easily have been released on ECM. Wilson's ultra-clean playing style falls into the Jim Hall/Joe Morris range, which makes it simultaneously quite pretty and kind of forgettable once the track in question is finished playing itself out. A little more of a Grant Green-style bite might have made this record more than a nice soundtrack to a late spring brunch. That's the problem with so much Brazilian music, though, it's so light and fluffy, it just drifts away while you're listening to it. Jazz listeners who aren't looking for a record that will sink its claws into their heart and never let go, or leave them breathless in the face of its virtuosity, but who, instead, just want to hear some nice, pretty songs for an hour or so could do a whole lot worse than this very well played, carefully arranged, and impeccably produced set of tunes. 

MEXICO: Blue Monk Jazz Bistro November 2-10, 2011

Blue Monk Jazz Bistro Reservaciones :
Tel. 5525-0755, 4432-4425
Blue Monk Jazz Bistro, Bahía de San Hipólito No.51 Local 5
Col. Anáhuac Del. Miguel Hidalgo México D.F., C.P.11320, MEXICO

2 de Diciembre (Viernes)
Mark Aanderud Group
Mark Aanderud (piano)
integrantes por confirmar
Cover $120  Música 10:30 pm~

3 de Diciembre (Sábado)
Mendoza-Molina-Kautz Trío
Cristian Mendoza (sax)
Jorge "Luri" Molina (contrabajo)
Alex Kautz (batería)
Cover $120  Música 10 pm~

9 de Diciembre (Viernes)
Elizabeth Meza & Friends
Elizabeth Meza (voz)
integrantes por confirmar
$150  Música 10 pm~

10 de Noviembre (Sábado)
Chocolate Smoke Gang
Blair Latham (clarinete bajo, sax alto)
Brian Allen (trombón)
Nicolás Santella (piano)
Gabriel Puentes (batería)
Carlos Maldonado (contrabajo, dirección )
Cover $120  Música 10 pm~ 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 1 dec. 9.00 pm MACRO, via Nizza, 138 - Roma
Marco Lo Russo sound design in accordion solo 

USA: Dee Alexander, Frieda Lee and Spider Saloff pay homage to Fitzgerald

For the past five years, Dee Alexander, Frieda Lee and Spider Saloff have been performing their "Three Ellas" show in concert halls and clubs across the country. Demand for the trio's tribute only seems to grow, underscoring not only the value of their homage but the enduring appeal of Fitzgerald's legacy. (Chicago Tribune)

Frank Harrison Trio will release a new album, Sideways, in January 2012

The new Frank Harrison Trio features Davide Petrocca on bass and Stephen Keogh on drums. They will release a new album, Sideways, in January 2012.
Frank Harrison Piano
After taking up a scholarship at Berklee School Of Music, Boston, Frank returned to England and joined Gilad Atzmon's band. In 2000 they started the Orient House Ensemble, which regularly tours Europe, playing at major Jazz and World music festivals. Frank has also performed with Peter King, Julian Arguelles, Julian Siegel, Don Weller, Alan Barnes, John Etheridge, Louis Stewart and Iain Ballamy.
Frank Harrison is one of the most talented young musicians I have heard. Ronnie Scott
Davide Petrocca Bass
Davide is one of the most successful jazz bassists of his generation. Besides his own projects he is frequently touring Europe with Jazz Greats such as Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker, Antonio Hart, Martin Taylor, Richard Galliano, Hank Jones, Monty Alexander, Cedar Walton, Troy Davies, Jeff Hamilton, Jimmy Cobb, Thomas Clausen and Jim Snydero. Davide lives in Stuttgart and Bruxelles.
One of the greatest Talents in worldwide jazz! Monty Alexander
Stephen Keogh Drums
Born in Ireland, Stephen followed his studies there with private lessons in London and New York. Now living in Barcelona, Stephen has worked all over the world with many great musicians including Johnny Griffin, Lee Konitz, Phil Woods, Sonny Fortune, James Moody, Brad Mehldau, Mark Turner, Herb Ellis, Benny Golson, Peter King, Charles McPherson, Art Farmer and Steve Grossman.
Stephen is the kind of drummer I love to play with. He’s not just a time keeper, but is a rhythmic co-creator as well. Charles McPherson
Preview tracks

USA: Jason Moran Is Named Kennedy Center’s Jazz Adviser

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts said on Tuesday that the pianist and composer Jason Moran has been appointed its new artistic adviser for jazz. Mr. Moran, 36, is the second person to hold that post, which had been vacant since the death last year of Billy Taylor, the venerable pianist and educator who began advising the Kennedy Center in 1994.(Read more)


Steve Potts - sax
Gianni Lenoci - piano
Pasquale Gadaleta - double bass
Giacomo Mongelli - drums

This exceptional Trio, well oiled and capable to play with originality and freshness, here propose a studio session with the esteemed Steve Potts, that we are pleased to meet again on disc after some time (we all remember his times with Steve Lacy and Alan Parson!).
The tracks are great, played with cohesion and groove - a performance on original compositions (moreover, of high audio quality) not to be missed. 

AZERBAIJAN: Azerbaijani pianist Shahin Novrasli plays in French jazz festival

Shahin Novrasli has performed at the Jazz en Ouche 2011 festival in Lower Normandy.
He appeared together with a five-piece band, including his brother tar player Arslan Novrasli and kamancha player Elshan Mansurov.
Their performance of jazz mugam went down well with the audience.

The deputy mayor of L'Aigle responsible for culture, Serge Delavallee, said he would like to hear Azerbaijani musicians in France again. Talks on this are already under way.

The festival, held for the third time, ran from 22 to 27 November. It featured Chicago Blues, Rhoda Scott, Thomas Dutronc and other jazz stars.
Azerbaijan took part in the festival as part of the cooperation between the Azerbaijani embassy in France and the the mayor’s office of L'Aigle which is twinned with Naftalan in Azerbaijan.

INDIA: We love playing in the Hyderabad: Indian Ocean

Back in the '90s when every music lover fit into cliques like rock fans, Bollywood lovers, pop maniacs and metalheads, came an Indian band that decided to defy all labels and introduce the magical world of fusion music to the country.
Indian Ocean, which created an all new sound by marrying rock, pop, classical music, Sufi strains, jazz and whole lot of folk tunes from India, is all set to regale Hyderabad tonight.
Amit Kilam, drummer and percussionist, says, "Hyderabad is one of our favorite cities to play in. We are excited about playing for the Times Festival because it is an open, public show, something which we don't get to do too often. The energy will be great. We also plan to play tracks from our new album which we released online." (Times of India)

COLOMBIA:Juanma Trujillo En Vivo!!!

Nueva Sede del Ateneo de Caracas , Qta la colina. Av. La Salle. Urb. Colinas de Los Caobos · Diagonal a Venevisión
El viernes 9 de Diciembre estare haciendo mi debut como lider de una agrupacion en Caracas.
Sumamente entusiasmado de contar con la compañia de 4 grandes musicos de la escena local Caraqueña.
Antonio Mazzei: Piano
Rafael Greco: Saxofones
Gonzalo Teppa: Contrabajo
Jose Núñez: Bateria

ROMANIA: Florin Raducanu: Revealing the Romanian Traditional Music on Jazz - CD Release

Date: December 4, 2011
Place: Bucuresti, Calea Victoriei, Nr.52, Pasajul Englez, vis-a-vis Novotel
Telefon : 0731645918

Revealing the Romanian Traditional Music on Jazz is Florin Raducanu's new project featuring live recordings from the "Porgy & Bess" jazz club in Vienna (Austria), recorded in October 2010.

The Romanian traditional music consists of a multitude of specific styles characteristic to Romania's historical regions.
Drawing its multicultural influences from the Balkans and the Danube-Carpathian region, the traditional Romanian music
contains original elements musical elements belonging to the Oriental region of the Balkans and even Celtic ones.
This rich heritage is reflected on "Breaza" and "Geampara" featuring Oriental rhythms and inflexions, and on "Mocirita",
"Cantec din Oas" and "Catu-I Maramuresu' ", infused with with Celtic themes.

The musicologists and anthropologists found Celtic influences in the traditional music of the Maramures-Oas region of Romania, which makes this music easily understood by listeners familiar with Celtic music.

There is a common element specific to the world music, that is spontaneous creativity and improvisation.
The Romanian "Doina" is a song with an improvising structure similar to the Afro-American "Blues" or to the Hindu "Raga". The musical project "Revealing the traditional Romanian music on Jazz" is a synthesis of world music and jazz that illustrates how jazz can unify genres and traditions.

2-Catu-i Maramuresu
3-Doina & Joc batranesc
4-Maramures plai cu flori
6-Joc din Oas

Florin Raducanu: piano
Dalila Cernatescu: pan flute
Mihai Sebastian: saxophones
Adrian Flautistu: bass
Eugen Nichiteanu: drums

Monday, November 28, 2011

Blossom Dearie - Voices In Modern (Él 2011)

* The New Yorker critic Whitney Balliett once said her tiny wisp of a voice "would scarcely reach the second storey of a doll's house", while jazz critic Leonard Feather described it as "a voice in a million". Blossom Dearie pursued a singular career that blurred the line between jazz and cabaret; one of the unique jazz voices of the second half of the 20th century, her little girl style rich with hidden sensuality and her inter-pretations full of wit and intelligence.
* Despite a catalogue of albums of outstanding class for Verve and Fontana in the fifties and sixties and another fifteen independent productions that would appear on her own daffodil label from 1974 onwards, Blossom is perhaps best known in America for her memorable recordings of the songs as Figure 8 and Adjectives that featured on the seventies children's tv series Schoolhouse Rock. Internationally, Blossom Dearie's understated, playful, sometimes barbed style, has influenced musicians as diverse as Kylie Minogue, Cleo Laine and Tracey Thorn.
* The leading exponents of vocalese were Dave Lambert and Jon Hendricks, who recruited the highly regarded Annie Ross to form one of the most exciting and revolutionary vocal groups there has ever been. All three were virtuosos and between them they could simulate the swing and pyrotechnics of a conventional jazz group ­ riffing, taking solos and trading licks. Lambert also wrote intricate arrangements for larger vocal groups in which different voices could take the roles of the various parts of an orchestral ensemble. Lambert, Hendricks and Ross became one of America's most successful and distinctive jazz acts, achieving a standard of vocal inventiveness, elegance and sheer dazzling technique that has never been equalled.
* Working in much the same idiom as Lambert Hendricks & Ross were the French swingers, Les Double Six. Founded in 1959 by Mimi Perrin, Annie Ross's Parisian counterpart, the sextet proved to be exceptional improvisors and one of the most innovative vocal ensembles of the era. Perrin had worked with both Blossom Dearie and Christiana Legrand who were together in the seminal vocalese group Les Blue Stars. Les Double Six included both Legrand and the American, Ward Swingle, singer and arranger for the Swingle Singers, (who would apply the scat singing idea to the work of classical composers) and these recordings, produced by Quincy Jones, are a clear antecedent for his subsequent work.

Paul Fox Collective - Submerging & Emerging (Jazz'n'Arts, 2011)

With ‘Emerging & Submerging’, Luxembourgish drummer and composer Paul Fox presents a wonderfully fresh and dynamic debut. Usually performing in the form of a quintet with sax / guitar front line and rhythm section, the band is occasionally extended to include the wonderful vocalist Stephanie Neigel. Berlin-based saxophonist Mark Ehrlich convinces by his mature presence and sense of style. Guitarist Zacharias Zschenderlein always manages to provide floating sounds and sonic accents while Robert Kesternich on piano and Maurice Kühn on bass endow the ensemble with a finely balanced foundation. The result of this blend is a wonderfully balanced and high-quality European sonic Jazz experience. In his compositions very much inspired by personal experiences Paul Fox values and honours the Jazz tradition, while simultaneously creating a contemporary, updated context for a ‘down-to-earth and honest’ European jazz. Paul Fox studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels and at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Mannheim. He has attended private courses in New York with, inter alia, Kendrick Scott, John Riley, Gregory Hutchinson, and Ari Hoenig, and is currently living in Luxembourg. He is considered one of the most sought-after drummers in the young Benelux jazz scene. Jazz'n'ArtsListen & Download

INDIA: Fusion trio is here to electrify

Percussionist Sivamani, jazz maestro Louiz Banks and zitar player Niladri Kumar will rock the show at Mountain Heights tonight as part of the Times Hyderabad Festival.

Music is not about Bollyood alone
He is the Godfather of Jazz in India. With many national and international laurels in his kitty, including a Grammy nomination, the Big Daddy of Indian Jazz, Louiz Banks is all set to perform in the city today.

"Hyderabadis can look forward to some electrifying music. The band, Asia Electric, has me on keyboards, Niladri on the zitar and Sivamani on percussion. It will be interesting for the audience to hear our interpretation of genres like jazz, classical, rock and other elements," says Banks.

Louiz says Asia Electric is more than a 'band', it's a journey. "We have been playing for a number of years now. But every time we are on stage, the experience is different. Our music is based on traditional classical ragas, but the treatment is global. We infuse a lot of rhythms from genres like rock, pop, oriental, jazz, African, etc. Of course, there is Sivamani with his bag of tricks that makes for a perfect stage act."

For someone who has brought the country laurels with a Grammy nomination, Banks is rooted to his music and hopes that the younger generation imbibes 'originality'. "Classical music - be it Indian or Western - gives you a strong base in music. It opens your mind and makes you more receptive. Youngsters need to know that music is not about Bollywood alone. I hope they see for themselves at the concert. Music is like an ocean and you shouldn't restrict yourself to just the shores. Test the waters and you'll be enlightened," says Banks.

Kevin Hays: Variations (Pirouet Records 2011)

There is a lot to discover in and behind Kevin Hays' piano solo music. It is music that appears to be classical yet deeply breathes in the spirit of jazz. It is the music of a jazz improviser who integrates the vocabulary of various epochs of piano music in an exceptionally natural way, transforming it into a distinctive musical language. Kevin Hays is a musician with an enormous gift for the unusual who creates a fascinatingly integral whole out of a multiplicity of idioms. Pirouet Records

When famed jazz scholar Gunther Schuller first coined the term "Thematic Improvisation," he wasn't introducing a new concept so much as shedding light on how jazz artists had come to use the age-old "Theme And Variations" format in their own sweet way. While nobody would argue that grand compositional gestures or outré improvisations from a master musician can be revealing, hearing an artist dissect and rebuild a musical theme on the spot is the real window into their mind. A musician may have all of the usual musical tools at their disposal, like key changes, tempo changes, rhythmic diminution and augmentation, and harmonic and melodic alteration, but they're only tools, and the artist still has to do the heavy lifting with the head, hands and heart.(...) (By DAN BILAWSKY)

Dave Douglas - Three Views (Koch Records 2011)

The handsome box that is Dave Douglas' Three Views contains three EPs, all released in 2011, that were previously available only as digital downloads via the Greenleaf Portable Series. (All are more than half an hour long.) Douglas, who is always seeking new ways of getting his music to new listeners as well as to established fans, claims that the demand for physical releases was so high he felt he had to make them available as physical entities as well. Greenleaf Music, Douglas' own label, is innovative. The Greenleaf Portable Series is delivered through a website that is optimized for mobile platforms; it provides a cloud player that gives instant access to Greenleaf’s ever-expanding catalog. In addition, at the time of this writing, apps for the iPhone and iPad are being developed. As for the music, these three EPs showcase three different bands with a wide cross section of musicians. Volume one is Rare Metals, performed by Douglas' new group, Brass Ecstasy with Vincent Chancey on French horn, Luis Bonilla on trombone, Marcus Rojas on tuba, and drummer Nasheet Waits in addition to the trumpeter. There are five compelling new Douglas compositions written specifically for this group, as well as a gorgeously revisioned arrangement of Billy Strayhorn's "Lush Life." Volume two, entitled Orange Afternoons, showcases an all-star quintet assembled for the purpose of this release. His trumpet is accompanied by saxophonist Ravi Coltrane, pianist Vijay Iyer, bassist Linda Oh, and drummer Marcus Gilmore. Douglas' six compositions for this group range from beautifully articulated modal explorations ("The Gulf") to edgy yet hard-swinging tunes ("Solato") to adventurous ballads (the title track). It is the most satisfying title in the box. The final EP in this set is Bad Mango. It places Douglas in the company of So Percussion, a new music group previously separate from the trumpeter's musical sphere. The music here brings together new tunes and reworkings of numbers found on his Witness and Tiny Bell Trio albums. So Percussion play everything from conventional drum kits and (numerous) hand drums to glockenspiel, marimbas, pails, musical saw, cans, bottles, bells, toy pianos and organs, turntables, etc. While the music is ambitious, it is also far inside the realm of listenability for jazzheads and will prove a delight for most. Three Views also comes with nine square postcards containing photographs from the various sessions. Reportedly, this physical box is a limited edition that will not be reissued in physical form once it sells out. This is an exciting way to hear new works from Douglas. And while it's commendable -- and more than likely necessary -- that he continues to develop the technological format for distribution of his work, one hopes that he continues to issue physical recordings like this one too.Review by Thom Jurek

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ken Vandermark - Mark In The Water (Not Two, 2011)

1. Lead Bird (for Peter Brotzmann), bass clarinet
2. Dekooning (portrait of Coleman Hawkins), tenor sax
3. Steam Giraffe (portrait of Evan Parker), tenor sax
4. Personal Tide (portrait of Anthony Braxton), bass clarinet
5. White Lemon (for Jimmy Giuffre), Bb clarinet
6. The Pride Of Time (for Fred McDowell), bass clarinet
7. Burning Air (for John Carter), Bb clarinet
8. Future Perfect (for Eric Dolphy), bass clarinet
9. Soul In The Sound (for Steve Lacy), tenor sax
10. Looking Back (for Joe McPhee), tenor sax

All music composed by Ken Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music/ASCAP)

Ken Vandermark - bass clarinet, tenor sax, Bb clarinet

Recorded live @ Alchemia, Kraków on November 29th, 2010