Tuesday, July 27, 2021

World Music Mix: Moreira Chonguiça aka The Moreira Project(Mozambique)


Moreira Chonguiça aka The Moreira Project(Mozambique)-Relaxante

Composer: Moreira Chonguiça
Album: Vol 2: Citizen of the World
Label: Morestar Entertainment 2008
This song is from Moreira’s second album Vol 2: Citizen of the World which won Best Contemporary Jazz Album in South Africa in 2009. It is about a beautiful area in the north of Mozambique called Pemba with brilliant white beaches and palm trees and soft lapping water.

Moreira Chonguiça-02 360 Degrees (What Goes Around Comes Around)
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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Jazz Festivals News: USA, UK, SWITZERLAND


Performance artists take stage at Don't Miss a Beat Jazz Festival at Woodstock Park
The Jazz Festival is a family-friendly event that will feature performances by artists from the Jacksonville area and beyond

Aberjazz Fishguard Jazz festival makes welcome return
Western Telegraph
FISHGUARD will be jumping to jazz during the August Bank Holiday weekend as the Fishguard Jazz Festival, organised by Aberjazz return

Ellicottville hosts annual summer jazz festival
Spectrum News
Ellicottville hosts annual summer jazz festival. By Spectrum News Staff Ellicottville. PUBLISHED 6:49 AM ET Jul. 25, .

Hermance: une 29e édition de Jazz sur la plage sur réservation

Friday, July 16, 2021

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2021 Ric DelNero & Chris Cummings(USA)-Album: After All


Ric DelNero & Chris Cummings(USA)

Album: After All
Label: Orenled Music
After All is a collaboration between composer/guitarist Ric DelNero and drummer Chris Cummings. The music featured on this recording is an instrumental fusion of Jazz and Rock in a power trio setting.
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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 20121

Saturday, July 10, 2021

New release: Yuval Ron Trio - Live Against The Virus


After having his planet Earth concert tours cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation, guitarist Yuval Ron launched his new trio with a live streaming concert, featuring tunes from his latest album "Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum" (which featured Marco Minnemann on drums), most of which are played on stage for the first time. The group, in full astronaut uniform, takes the audience on a space voyage made of intricate instrumental compositions, extended soloing and a big, film-like background production of orchestral lines, soundscapes and sound effects, which overall can be described as Cinematic Prog.

Yuval Ron Trio - the spaceship crew: 
Yuval Ron - guitar & vocals / Niklas Lukassen - bass / Simon Schröder - drums

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2021: Utopia(USA/Japan)-Imaginably


Imaginably is the 2nd album of Utopia, NY based duo project formed by Japanese musicians Yuto Mitomi (sax) and Yuto Kanazawa (guitar) who share the same first name.

The first track Karatachi no Hana is written by Japanese composer Kosaku Yamada in 1925, Mitomi originally arranged this piece for his octet and later he started to play together with Kanazawa. Title track Imaginably is the original composition by Yuto Mitomi, other tracks are a collection of jazz standards and pop covers.

First two tracks are played in a similar aesthetic, free improvisation based on the melody and form. It is a similar approach to their influence, the music of Paul Motian trio with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano. Mitomi and Kanazawa focused on listening to the momentum of each other’s performance and improvised freely along with the flow of the melody.

In contrast to the first two tracks, I Want You Back, Black Bird, Dralice and Isn’t She Lovely have steady rhythms with the styles of Funk, Latin, Country and Brazilian Music. Mitomi and Kanazawa express their respect and love for jazz with Thelonious Monk’s Ugly Beauty and Cliff Burwell’s jazz standard Sweet Lorraine that was written in 1928.

Their unique repertoire was formed while performing gigs in NYC and touring in Japan where they play music for audiences who love all genres of music. Utopia’s intention on this album was to introduce jazz and improvisation to a broader audience with the familiar melodies and cultural music. Mitomi plays tenor and soprano sax and Kanazawa plays Brazilian 7 string guitar on this album.

Their mutual friend pianist Noah MacNeil gave notes to the album inner cover; For both standards and cover songs, there is no limit to what one could imaginably play.

Album Release Date: 3/12/21 on major streaming websites.
Pre-release available at Bandcamp on 3/5/21.

Yuto Mitomi (Tenor & Soprano Saxophone)

Yuto Kanazawa (Brazilian 7 string guitar )

Recorded by Jason Borisoff
at Conveyor Recording Studio in Brooklyn NY, on January 21st, 2020

Mixed & Mastered by Yuto Kanazawa
Art designed by Yuto Kanazawa,

Special thanks to Noah MacNeil,