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USA: Roni Ben-Hur’s All Star Quartet at the Kitano, 7/5 & 6

The Roni Ben-Hur Quartet

George Cables, piano
Harvie S, bass
Vince Hector, drums

Friday and  Saturday
July 5 & 6
Sets at 8 & 10 pm

Jazz at the Kitano
66 Park Avenue, East 38th St
New York, NY 10016
$34 cover, $20 Minimum

Jazz guitarist Roni Ben-Hur has earned a sterling reputation as a musician and educator, renowned for his golden tone, improvisational brilliance, compositional lyricism and ability to charm peers, students and listeners alike. Eminent jazz critic Gary Giddins wrote in the Village Voice: "A limber and inventive guitarist, Ben-Hur keeps the modernist flame alive and pure, with a low flame burning in every note... [He's] a guitarist who knows the changes and his own mind." Ben-Hur - born in Israel in 1962 but a longtime American citizen, now based in Harlem, New York - has released 11 albums as leader or co-leader, with Time Out New York calling him "a formidable and consummately lyrical guitarist." The Star-Ledger of New Jersey summed him up this way: "A deep musician, a storyteller, Ben-Hur works with a warm, glowing sound and has an alluring way of combining engaging notes with supple rhythm."

In the January Issue of Hot House Magazine Seton Hawkins wrote -“A beloved fixture in the city’s performing and education scene, guitarist Roni Ben-Hur has for decades charmed New York with his beautifully fluid playing, crisp melodic lines and gorgeously polished tone. Noted for his mastery in both straight ahead jazz as well as in Brazilian musical styles, Roni has also forged exceptional collaborative relationships with a number of similarly versatile artists. One such relationship that stands out—his pairing with bassist Harvie S—received thoroughly deserved accolades in 2018 for the duo’s delicate and thoughtful album Introspection (Jazzheads).”

Watch Roni Ben-Hur on YouTube

WIth George Cables, Harvie S and Victor Lewis

Roni Ben-Hur/Harvie S Trio New CD

WIth Leny Andrade at Dizzy's Club, NYC

USA: David Wertman & Sun Ensemble - Earthly Delights (2019)

‘Earthly Delights’ is a forgotten 1978 free-jazz masterpiece by bass player, composer and improviser David Wertman, alongside his Sun Ensemble. Born in 1952 and raised in Queens NY, Wertman’s distinctive upright playing style was entirely self-taught. He cut his teeth in the notorious New York Jazz lofts, jamming for hours and hours with the likes of Billy Bang, Arthur Blythe, Marion Brown, Steve Reid, Dave Pike, William Parker, Brandon Ross and Charles Tyler to name but a few. ‘Earthly Delights’ is the first recording by the Sun Ensemble band and features the original line-up of Greg Wall (Baritone Saxophone), Jay Conway (Drums), John Sprague Jr. (Flute and Percussion), David Swerdlove (Soprano/Alto Saxophone), and John Zieman (Synthesizer). John Sprague Jr. financed and produced the album, releasing it on his own label Sweet Earth Records, a short-lived but bountiful imprint, perhaps best known for issuing Sun Ra And His Arkestra’s 1979 album “The Other Side Of The Sun”. ‘Earthly Delights’ is perhaps best described as loosely composed, or highly improvised, depending on where you stand on such subjective matters. Containing just 4 compositions, ‘Earthly Delights’ explores man’s relationship with nature; at times subtle and delicate, at times wide and sweeping in its gestures. The record’s spiritual message is conveyed by heartfelt, virtuoso performances from all six players, drifting together seamlessly from one sonic wave to the next.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

ITALY/Luxembourg. :Unlikely- Dock In Absolute(CAM JAZZ 2019)

Jean-Philippe Koch piano
David Kintziger electric bass
Michel Mootz drums

 “This is a group, rather than a collection of individuals, and Unlikely is an album rather than a mere collection of themes. From the heart of Western Europe, a record that gets to the heart of modern music .” (Brian Morton) Album release: May 31, 2019

 Come visit for Vinyls, Box Sets, CDs and Digital Downloads!

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USA: NEW RELEASE: Mark Doyle Watching The Detectives: Guitar Noir III

For Promo or Download

Track Listings w/composer credit and track time:
a) Watching The Detectives (Costello)
b) Get Smart (Szathmary)
c) The Untouchables (Riddle)
2) KOJAK THEME (Goldenberg) 3:29
3) The MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (Goldsmith) 3:32
4) LOST LETTER (Previn) 3:23
5) JOHNNY STACCATO (Bernstein) 3:12
6) AMERICA DRINKS (Zappa) 5:25
7) THIRTEEN CRIMES (Doyle) 4:29
8) NOIR ALLEY (Doyle) 4:27
9) IT TAKES A THIEF (Grusin) 4:33
10) EVERYTIME (Cole) 3:11

Mark Doyle - guitars, keyboards, bass and drum programming
Josh Dekaney -drums and percussion
Ally Brown, Shelby Dems, Jonathan Hwang, and Joe Davoli -violins
Kate LaVerne - cello
Strings arranged and conducted by Mark Doyle

20 years after the release of the original critically-acclaimed Guitar Noir album in 1999, guitarist/arranger/producer Mark Doyle revisits the series with a tip of the fedora to the seedy underworld populated by detectives and spies. Doyle says, "Once I settled on the concept, I started hunting down any and all of the TV and movie themes having to do with detectives and spies, while trying to avoid obvious ones like "Peter Gunn," which has been done to death, and "Perry Mason," which I had already recorded on the first Guitar Noir album. I ended up choosing the themes that were most melodic and dramatic, since melody is to me the most important thing in an instrumental album. I uncovered some absolutely amazing music: Nelson Riddle's "The Untouchables," Elmer Bernstein's "Johnny Staccato" and Dave Grusin's "It Takes a Thief" are only three examples. When I ran out of things that moved me, I had to write two pieces that hopefully fulfill the criteria and stay true to the genre."
The album also contains two pieces outside of the concept - Frank Zappa's "America Drinks and Goes Home" (arranged as a ballad) and Louis Cole's "Everytime." These were the first two pieces recorded before the Detectives concept had been finalized, and Doyle felt that they were too strong to let go of.

Mark Doyle has had a distinguished career in the music business since his first band, Jukin’ Bone, was signed to RCA while Mark was in his late teens. He’s gone on to make records as guitarist or producer with David Werner, Cindy Bullens,Andy Pratt, Leo Sayer, Hall & Oates, Judy Collins, Meat Loaf, Bryan Adams, and Mary Fahl and has provided string arrangements for numerous recordings by the likes of New Kids On The Block, The Cavedogs, The Stylistics, andTiffany. He currently leads his own band, Mark Doyle & The Maniacs, who have released six albums and play consistently throughout the Northeast, and tours as Music Director/guitarist/pianist for former October Project singer Mary Fahl.

- Praise for Mark Doyle’s first Guitar Noir -
“Bridging the gap between soundtracks, jazz and rock is no easy task, yet in the hands of Mark Doyle & Co., the results are engaging and often spectacular.”
- Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar

“Doyle lays down some nasty notes and tones. A gorgeous cover of “When I Fall In Love” shows him to be master of volume swells and sweet, stinging sustain.”
- John Heidt, Vintage Guitar

“By fearlessly venturing into musical territory that is surely foreign to many of his peers, Doyle has notched an impressive artistic achievement.”
- Russ Tarby, Syracuse New Times

- Praise for In Dreams: Guitar Noir II -
"It doesn’t get much better than this. A great idea and perfect execution make this the latest in a long line of fine instrumental albums from Doyle.
He produced the CD, played all the instruments, and came up with a great concept that works from the first track through cut 11." John Heidt, Vintage Guitar

Mark Doyle
Watching The Detectives: Guitar Noir III
(Free Will FW565)
Street Date: August 6, 2019
Mark Doyle - guitars, keyboards, bass and drum programming;
Josh Dekaney -drums and percussion ;
Ally Brown, Shelby Dems, Jonathan Hwang, and Joe Davoli -violins;
Kate LaVerne – cello;
Strings arranged and conducted by Mark Doyle
UPC Code: 193428748309

Available From: CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes

CD Release Events / Live Appearances
Leader: Mark Doyle
Billing: Mark Doyle's Guitar Noir
Date(s): November 2, 2019
Set Times: 8 and 9:30 PM
Venue(s): Auburn Public Theater
Venue Address w/cross streets: 8 Exchange St, Auburn, NY 13021

Media Contact

Jim Eigo
Jazz Promo Services
272 State Route 94 South #1
Warwick, NY 10990
Ph: 845-986-1677
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 Johan Berthling double bass | Magnus Broo trumpet | Eirik Hegdal baritone saxophone | Goran Kajfes cornet | Martin Küchen alto – and tenor saxophones | Mattias Ståhl vibraphone | Andreas Werliin drums | Alexander Zethson piano | Mats Äleklint trombone

Wonderful news, folks: Angles 9 are back. The modus operandi is the same as ever, enabling infinite possibilities: suggestive melodies and a vibrant rhythmic pulsion. You’re familiar with it by now, but it sounds completely new and even surprising. Emotional music it is, some times joyful and exhilarating, and in other moments full of sadness and pain. As always, the compositions are simple and the improvised solos and collective passages can be complex as a mathematical equation. This is no longer the original Angles 6 plus the piano of Alexander Zethson, the cornet of Goran Kajfes and the baritone saxophone of Eirik Hegdal: the mentor of the ensemble, Martin Kuchen, gave it an identity of its own. You can root it under the influence of historical big bands like Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath (the mix between the composed and the improvised, and also the African references), Carla Bley’s Jazz Composers Orchestra (the vivacity and the ability to make sudden changes) or Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra (the political element), but with fundamental updates and additions, going from the use of the typical energy of rock to Swedish folk motives and the kind of party sense you only find in the Balkan region of Europe. This isn’t only jazz committed to make you stand and move, reminding you that, in the past, jazz was a dancing music. So lets go contemplating this world´s many dilemmas while dancing our truly own way in a listening state of stumbling bliss. CLEAN FEED 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

CANADA: Flute Bits - June 2019 - Bill McBirnie

Actually, this is something of an "indirect" tribute to Dr. John because I've selected a couple of tracks to improvise over by two of Dr. John’s lesser-known, but really excellent, New Orleans counterparts; namely, (i) Johnny Adams and (ii) Jon Cleary.

(i) "Not Trustworthy (A Lyin’ Woman)" is a track from Johnny Adams 1988 album, Room With A View Of The Blues. (Dr. John is playing keys on here!)


(ii)  "Go Go Juice" is the title track from Jon Cleary's 2016 Grammy-award-winning album. (Dr. John was one of the musicians who inspired Jon Cleary to leave his native Britain and move to New Orleans in his teens and soon thereafte, found himself working with Dr. John...quite simply because Jon Cleary was that good!... :-)



All I can really say is that you should have a listen to this! :-)



...This gig listing is rather short!...

So if you need - or want - any flute or alto flute sounds (or even piccolo, if you must), then don't hesitate to drop me a line at or give me a shout at (416) 652-1541.

Finally, you can always find a current/updated gig listing at the following link:


(Please note that the following is in DESCENDING order.)

Sun., Nov. 3, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
House Concert
150 Winona Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Sat., Sept. 14, 2019, at 4:00 p.m.
Tom's Place - Kensington Market Jazz Festival
190 Bladwin St.
Toronto, Ontario
Part of the KMJF Solo Piano Series - Guesting with BERNIE SENENSKY

Mon., Aug. 5, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Camp Manitou
10 Camp Road
Parry Sound, Ontario
"The Rescue" - A Live Film/Concerto by ALVARO & BORIS COSTELLANOS

Sun., Jul. 14, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.
St. Paul's Anglican Church
1140 King St. W.
Hamilton, Ontario
Jazz Vespers with the JIM SANDILANDS Trio

Sat., June  29, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.
Array Music
155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
With with Alison Keery's COEXISDANCE (...including BILL GILLIAM!...)

Bill McBirnie - Extreme Flute
Phone:  (416) 652-1541
CDs & MP3s:

USA: Alexa Tarantino -"Winds Of Change" (Posi-Tone 2019)

Alexa Tarantino
"Winds Of Change"
catalog: PR8197
release date: May 31, 2019

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy a breath of fresh air when woodwind virtuoso Alexa Tarantino boldly embarks on an exploration of the "Winds of Change,” her first record with Posi-Tone. With strong rhythmic and harmonic concepts and unstoppably gentle melodic sensibility, Tarantino skillfully conducts listeners through an exciting presentation of her carefully crafted arrangements and original compositions. Tarantino plays a combination of saxophones and flute on the record to make bold statements of stunning musicianship alongside the superstar accompaniment of pianist Christian Sands, bassist Joe Martin and drummer Rudy Royston. Whether one is already familiar with the music of Alexa Tarantino or discovering her for the first time, "Winds of Change" surely succeeds in delivering bright moments of straight forward musical delight while demonstrating that Alexa Tarantino is indeed a rising star for jazz fans to keep their eyes fixed upon for years to come.

1. Wisp After Wisp (A. Tarantino)    4:24
2. Face Value (A. Tarantino)     5:04
3. Seesaw (N. Ueda)     4:38
4. Breeze (A. Tarantino)    5:00
5. Zingaro (A.C. Jobim)    5:16
6. Square One (A. Tarantino)    7:33
7. Calm (A. Tarantino)    5:18
8. Undercurrent (A. Tarantino)    6:12
9. Ready Or Not (A. Tarantino)     3:58
10. Without (A. Tarantino)    4:06

Alexa Tarantino - woodwinds
Christian Sands - piano
Nick Finzer - trombone
Joe Martin - bass
Rudy Royston - drums

produced by Marc Free
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Posi-Tone (CD)
iTunes (MP3)
Amazon (CD & MP3)

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

AUSTRIA: Christopher Barber -Open Windows (ATS 2019)

Christopher Barber | Open Windows
OPEN WINDOWS, the new solo acoustic guitar CD by Christopher Barber, is out now!

Austrian label ATS-Records proudly announces the release of Christopher Barber's new solo acoustic guitar CD “Open Windows”. Barber, a native of upstate New York, is a guitarist, composer and music educator based in Vienna. His music is many-faceted and yet highly personal, bringing together a wealth of influences and experiences to make a distinctive artistic statement. Asked to characterize the new disc, Christopher Barber comments, “I wanted to do a CD using only the nylon-string guitar. Long ago, when I was studying music in the USA before moving to Europe, I learned classical guitar. And really, although I've played all kinds of music, often using electric guitars, I have always preferred this instrument. 'Open Windows' focuses on my own compositions. Most of the eleven tracks gravitate between worlds that are usually fenced in using categories like 'Jazz' or 'Classical'. But music flows like water, and it can just as well be described with words like 'earthy' or 'conceptual'. I hope that the four pieces by other composers will help listeners as points of orientation.” Two of these great masters, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Antônio Carlos Jobim, are certainly familiar to anyone interested in the music of Brazil, which has had a profound influence on Barber's music and his approach to the guitar. The Cuban Leo Brouwer recently celebrated his eightieth birthday, and he is still going strong, creating music that combines compositional rigor with a refreshing openness to the sounds of our time. Finally, Sidney Bechet’s “Petite Fleur” pays homage to the great African-American musical heritage that Barber grew up with in the USA. The music is available on all major digital distribution platforms, but the actual CD offers more, primarily thanks to an extended booklet text (in English and German). Here Barber writes about his personal motivations, inspirations and experiences while shedding light on the cultures and traditions behind the music.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

UK: Liam Noble-The Long Game (Edition Records 2019)


For more than two decades Liam Noble has been a key figure on the vibrant British Jazz scene, both as a sideman and leader. But The Long Game finds him in exciting new territory, with a new band and new label. The Long Game is the album Liam’s fans have been waiting for, an album that draws out the concept of waiting, not rushing the process but waiting for the right moment to come along. With this new album, that moment has arrived. Liam is playing the long game, but his patience has paid off in bucket loads.

1 Rain On My Birthday 6.49
2 Between You And Me 5.04
3 Unmemoried Man 5.48
4 Head Of Marketing 5.27
5 Head First 4.53
6 Head Over Heels 5.42
7 Pink Mice 6.05
8 Flesh And Blood 6.52
9 Matcha Mind 7.28


The Long Game sees Liam Noble exploring new territories in his own unique musical world. Working with long term collaborators Tom Herbert and Seb Rochford Liam has created music that’s a marriage of opposites. Its groove is funky yet abstract, its improvisations move from tranquil to violent and its dense in texture but with a wonderful translucency. Most of all this is music of patience and space, perfectly reflecting the beauty that is waiting for the right thing to come along. This isn’t music for the modern-day hustle and bustle of the daily commute or for the digitally impatient world we live in. It is music to be savoured and absorbed slowly. This album is all about ‘The Long Game’.

As Liam explains: “I made a deal with myself when I was around 16, that I would try not to tell people I was good, but wait for people to come to me. The Long Game is a reference to that arrangement, but also to the idea of waiting. Wait for ideas, wait to play, wait for something to happen before jumping in. Listen”.

The trio sound completely distinctive, but at the same time practice the art of waiting, letting the music speak for itself. They’re all listening to the long through line. There’s a purpose to every note played and it’s totally immersive and engaging. Listen to the opening Rain On My Birthday, a tune that’s about dealing with not always getting what you want (a theme that’s reflected in the strange electronic sounds that appeared as the group recorded, and were re-purposed in the finished song). The opening groove is infectious and funky yet there’s a strong sense they’re in no rush to reveal what the message is about.

In complete contrast, the slowness and intimacy of Between You And Me develops over time. Structured without a typical melody, bass and drums are able to swirl slowly around the chords in an absorbing and poetic way.

The Long Game is indeed the album Liam’s fans have long been waiting for. An album that allows his extraordinary talent to shine in such a way that we are compelled to admit - the boy has talent! This is music to savour and to return to again and again. Listening, too, is a long game when the music is as profound and engrossing as this.

Monday, June 24, 2019

USA/FRANCE/RUSSIA: Yelena Eckemoff , Manu Katche-Colors (L & H Production 2019)

Yelena Eckemoff, piano and compositions, featuring Manu Katche on drums. Recorded on May 2 - 3, 2017, at Studios la Buissonne, Pernes-les-Fontaines, France. Recording engineer - Gerard de Haro, mixed and mastered by Rich Breen at Dogmatic Sound, CA. Track list: 1. White 2. Pink 3. Orange 4. Green 5. Violet 6. Indigo 7. Blue 8. Red 9. Brown 10. Bordeaux 11. Yellow 12 Aquamarine 13. Grey 14. Black

"Colors is an exceptional addition to Yelena Eckemoff's discography, and a very clear picture of her compositional and pianistic talents, with everything extraneous stripped away. "

USA/SWITZERLAND: Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman-Time Gone Out (INTAKT 2019)

for almost 20 years, Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman have
been continuously redefining the dialogue between Western and American music, improvisation and composition, tradition and modernity.
The most diverse playing attitudes and atmospherics network in the
alert reactions of the two players – dance, world-weariness, liberating
noise, shrill jumping cascades, the confession of simple beauty.
Their latest live release was described by the Frankfurtr Allmeinen Zeitung (FAZ) as one of the "original productions in jazz history". A duo
that stands or falls with a special togetherness and a duo that lives
from the spectacular playing, the immense technique, the grandiose
joy of playing and the art of improvisation.
The new CD Time Gone Out, recorded at the Oktaven Audio studio
in New York, is a culmination of many years of collaboration. The
album shows how her music has freed itself from any reference and
plays in radical singularity: between power and restraint, energy and
fragility, energie and softness. This precious art speaks in the present
about the present, about our time and wanders into a distant,
unpredictable future.


released May 17, 2019

Sunday, June 23, 2019

USA: Guitarist Bobby Broom Joins Faculty at Northern Illinois U. School of Music, Plans Live Recording with The Organi-Sation

Guitarist Bobby Broom Joins Faculty at
Northern Illinois University  
School of Music
Broom Plans Live Recording with His Group
The Organi-Sation --
Organist Ben Paterson & Drummer Kobie Watkins --
And Producer Steve Jordan
May 17, 2019

Bobby BroomRenowned jazz guitarist Bobby Broom has been appointed assistant professor of music in the Northern Illinois University School of Music. He will teach jazz guitar and improvisation in the school's nationally recognized Jazz Studies Program.
"I'm thrilled and honored to assume this position at Northern Illinois University," Broom said. "I'm looking forward to sharing with my students, colleagues, and the community all that I've gleaned throughout my life and career of making music with many of the 20th century's jazz masters. I'm so pleased by the prospect of continuing my work in musical expression and jazz guitar studies under the auspices and with the support of NIU."
Broom holds a Master's of Music degree in jazz pedagogy from Northwestern University, and has taught at the University of Hartford's Hartt School of Music, DePaul University, North Park University, and Chicago's American Conservatory of Music. He conducts clinics, master classes, and lectures nationwide and abroad, is a teaching artist with the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, and has been a Ravinia Jazz Mentor to Chicago Public School students for more than 18 years. Broom has written guest editorial and instructional pieces for national magazines DownBeatJazzTimes, and Jazziz.
Broom's latest recording, Soul Fingers (2018), is with his new organ group, the Bobby Broom Organi-Sation, which was the opening act for Steely Dan's 50-city North American tour in 2014. Produced by the legendary drummer/producer Steve Jordan, the CD is arguably Bobby's most ambitious to date. Bobby once again revisits the music of his youth, this time employing a wide range of instrumental palettes, in addition to palpable group interplay and his own always soulful and singularly personal guitar sound and style.
For his next album, The Bobby Broom Organi-Sation: Live in America!, Broom will reconvene the band and producer Jordan, featuring the trio in two different stage environments. Half the record will be comprised of concert performances from the opening-act sets of the 2014 Steely Dan tour. The other half will be recorded June 7-8 during the Organi-Sation's upcoming week (June 6-9) at Chicago's famed Jazz Showcase. "After hearing the excitement of some of the shows we did opening for Steely Dan," says Broom, "I was compelled to move in this live album direction. It will present both the more intimate club setting and the power-packed concert environment."
"We're pleased to have Steve Jordan with us again to assume production duties," Broom adds. When asked what it is Jordan likes about working with the group, the drummer replied: "I love it! This is one of my favorite bands in any genre, because of their great musicianship."
The Organi-Sation recently performed to a live studio audience for a new jazz TV series produced by East Tennessee PBS, the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra, and the Audio Production Engineering department at Pellissippi State Community College. The seven-episode series, called "Live at Lucille's," will also feature performances by Christian Sands, Gregory Tardy with Bill Frisell, and guitarist Mark Boling (among others). The debut show, with the Organi-Sation's performance, will air on East Tennessee PBS on Friday, June 14 at 11pm. For those outside of the viewing area, the entire show will be available online through the PBS Passport app.   
Heralded as "one of the most musical guitarists of our times" by author and jazz critic Ted Gioia, Bobby Broom was born on New York City's Upper West Side and took up guitar at the age of 12. Just five years later, he made his first appearance at Carnegie Hall, playing with Sonny Rollins and Donald Byrd. He relocated to Chicago in the 1980s and has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a performer and educator.
Broom has spent the new millennium focusing on his musical output as a leader. He has recorded with both his Bobby Broom Trio and the now-disbanded Deep Blue Organ Trio for the Premonition, Delmark, and Origin labels. His The Way I Play was released in 2008 and Plays for Monk in 2009; Deep Blue's Folk Music came out in 2007, Wonderful! in 2011. Bobby was recognized as one of the top guitarists in DownBeat magazine's annual Readers' Poll (2015) as well as their Critics' Poll (2012-2014 and 2017). His ongoing work with the Organi-Sation is but the latest chapter in his extraordinary jazz career.    
Photo: John Broughton
Live at Lucille's Bobby Broom Organi-Sation 
Live at Lucille's: Bobby Broom Organi-Sation |
Ode to Billy Joe
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Terri Hinte
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Saturday, June 22, 2019

NORWAY: Erlend Apneseth Trio – Salika, Molika (HUBRO 2019)

International release May 2019 Folk past meets folk future in the Erlend Apneseth Trio’s new album of music, sound and spoken word, featuring accordionist Frode Haltli The third album by the trio of Erlend Apneseth - Norway’s new star of the Hardanger fiddle - builds on the foundations set by their acclaimed debut recording, ‘Det Andre Rommet’ (which was nominated for a Norwegian ‘Grammy’) and its equally praised follow-up, ‘Åra’, to create a thrillingly contemporary-sounding amalgam of old and new, mixed and co-produced once again by Jorgen Træen (Jaga Jazzist, Røyksopp, etc).

Commissioned by Bergen Kjøtt, a former meat packing factory now converted to artist’s studios and performance space, and partly recorded there, ‘Salika, Molika’ combines elements from traditional folk music with experimental improvisation and electronics to produce a fascinating hybrid form where inspired acoustic picking on fiddle and baritone guitar or zither plus percussion is matched by live sampling and processing to create intricately patterned tesselations of sound. The addition of the celebrated accordionist and composer Frode Haltli - on whose masterly Hubro album of 2018, ‘Avant Folk’, Erlend Apneseth played - deepens the mix to produce a denser yet more nuanced ensemble-sound, while the incorporation of spoken word and ambient recordings - following a model first established in ‘Åra' - provides a further discursive layer to the musical text. Rather than over-egging an already rich pudding with too many ingredients, the resulting palimpsest of music, sound and spoken word comes across as entirely natural-sounding, while much of ’Salika, Molika’ positively rocks, with compulsive, middle-eastern influenced grooves riffing on minimalist ear-worm melodies and trip-hop beats.

Elsewhere, eerie glissando drones, plucked strings and the accordion's wheezy sighs meet the repetitive pulse of what sounds like percussive raindrops. This is deeply rooted music, at times so ancient-sounding that it feels like it was dug up out of the ground. At other times, the effect suggests a heroically modernist, mid-twentieth century take on medieval sources, rather as if Penderecki or Ligeti were re-scoring Bergman’s ’The Seventh Seal’. ’Salika, Molika' is also very consciously structured as a kind of sonic journey, the music first emerging from - and then eventually returning to - whispers of pure sound, while in between various modes and influences are picked up and tried out. Throughout, the band - which with the addition of Haltli becomes a four-way supergroup - plays superbly. Guitarist Stephan Meidell is already a star of the Hubro catalogue with his solo album, ‘Metrics’, and as a third of the group Cakewalk; percussionist/drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde - who plays with Meidell in the duo Strings & Tympani - is also a member of the influential band Building Instrument.

 “The project started with a commission from Bergen Kjøtt to make a concert with new music in a really big room in the old meat factory”, says Erlend Apneseth. “The idea was basically to write music, meet there for a week of rehearsals before the concert, and see how the music would develop in the room. Bringing in Frode was just that we saw this as an opportunity to work with him, all three of us being fans of what he has been doing for several years as a really top class contemporary musician.”

Friday, June 21, 2019

USA:CD Release Show for Ellynne Rey The Birdsongs Project Thursday, July 11th 8PM @ Bonafide

CD Release Show for
Ellynne Rey The Birdsongs Project

Thursday, July 11
Performance Time: 8:00 pm
Cover: $20.00 | Doors: 7:30 pm
212 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
Tickets & Info

Ellynne Rey (vocals)
Bennett Paster (piano)
Marcus McLaurine (bass)
Alex Norris (trumpet)
Joe Strasser (drums)

Jazz singer-composer Ellynne Rey follows up on her previous A Little Bit Of Moonlight CD with a set of tunes dedicated to birds, The Birdsongs Project.

Joined by an impressive sextet, Rey performs bird songs by such writers as Blossom Dearie, Joni Mitchell, Hoagy Carmichael, Abbey Lincoln, Franz Schubert, and the Beatles, as well as her own compositions.

A devoted birdwatcher and photographer, the creative jazz singer and songwriter pays musical tribute to birds on Ellynne Rey The Birdsongs Project. For this wide-ranging set, she is joined by her longtime associate, pianist-organist Bennett Paster, guitarist Freddie Bryant, bassist Marcus McLaurine, both Anthony Pinciotti and Joe Strasser alternately on drums, trumpeter Alex Norris, and tenor-saxophonist Joel Frahm, plus guest percussionist Jacquelene Acevedo.

Whether the song is an original, a well-known standard or an obscurity, the singer comes up with fresh interpretations that will delight both bird lovers and jazz fans alike.

The album begins with Ms. Rey's "Conversation With A Snowy Owl," a jazz waltz that includes insightful lyrics and some fine scat-singing. She also wrote English lyrics to "The Crow" (die Krahe) which is an inspired transformation of a classic melody by Schubert, and some clever vocalese ("Bluejay & Cat") over the changes to “How High The Moon.” The latter follows Parker's “Ornitholog” and also has the singer holding her own trading fours with tenor saxophonist Frahm.

Other highlights of the colorful set include Blossom Dearie's "I Thought I Heard A Hummingbird" (which is given a samba groove), "Skylark," Joni Mitchell's "Song To A Seagull," Hoagy Carmichael's "Baltimore Oriole," Abbey Lincoln's "Bird Alone," "Flamingo" (which also features some fine tenor playing from Frahm), and "Blackbird." A particular high point is experiencing the top-notch ballad singing on "The Peacocks," which includes effortless interval jumps and some glorious high notes from Ellynne Rey.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Ellynne Rey has performed throughout New England and New York City. Whether as a singer or a lyricist, she is a skilled storyteller, equally adept at interpreting ballads as she is scatting through complex chord changes. A Little Bit Of Moonlight, Rey's last release (featuring guitar great Gene Bertoncini), is also a highly enjoyable listening experience.

With the release of The Birdsongs Project, Ellynne Rey is heard in top form and clearly on the verge of gaining greater recognition for her inventive talents

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Ellynne Rey The Birdsongs Project
(Self Produced- 02) Street Date: May 1, 2019
Ellynne Rey-vocals, Bennett Paster-piano; organ, Freddie Bryant-guitars
Joel Frahm-tenor sax; ocarina, Alex Norris-trumpet; flugelhorn,
Anthony Pinciotti-drums, Joe Strasser-drums,
Jacquelene Acevedo-cajon & ass. percussion
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USA: Sam Dillon Force Field(Posi-Tone Records 2019)

Sam Dillon
Force Field"
catalog: PR8196
release date: May 3, 2019

Saxophonist Sam Dillon unleashes his horn to create a powerful “Force Field” on his first release for Posi-Tone. Joining Dillon on the date is the rhythm section of pianist Theo Hill, bassist David Wong, and drummer Anwar Marshall, along with a few performances by guest artists Michael Dease on trombone, Andrew Gould on alto saxophone and Max Darché on trumpet. With a program of exciting original compositions, and a few tasty covers, the whole session swings into action and shines with bright moments.  As saxophonist and band leader, Sam Dillon is noticeably shifting into another level. Avid listeners will certainly agree that this record is a captivating performance that will encourage jazz enthusiasts to explore the wonders of “Force Field” with amazement and delight.
1. Force Field (S. Dillon)    5:20
2. Go For The Jugular (M. Dease)     5:03
3. Straight Up And Down (C. Corea)     6:20
4. Shift (S. Dillon)    5:30
5. Two Part Problem (S. Dillon)    5:41
6. Flight Of Mind (H. Whitaker)    5:59
7. Hit It (S. Dillon)    5:53
8. Marionette (L. Jansson)    7:27
9. Dexterity (C. Parker)     3:42
Sam Dillon - tenor sax
Max Darché - trumpet 2,3,4,7
Andrew Gould - alto sax 2,3,4,7
Michael Dease - trombone 2 & 5
Theo Hill - piano, Rhodes 3,6,8
David Wong - bass
Anwar Marshall - drums
produced by Marc Free
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Posi-Tone (CD)
iTunes (MP3)
Amazon (CD & MP3)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

USA: DAVID KIKOSKI – Phoenix Rising (HighNote Records 2019)

DAVID KIKOSKI – Phoenix Rising
 HighNote Records HCD 7328

David Kikoski, piano Eric Alexander, tenor saxophone Peter Washington, bass Joe Farnsworth, drums Track Listing: Phoenix Rising • Kik It • Wichita Lineman • If I Were a Bell • Emily • Love for Sale • My One and Only Love • Lazy Bird • Willow Weep for Me

 The mythical phoenix speaks of reemergence and continual development, flying higher with each rebirth, riding on the winds of creation. So too does the man of this moment. A pianist of vast skill and experience,

 Dave Kikoski's eminence in serious jazz circles is beyond dispute. He's taken deep dives with everybody from Randy Brecker to Roy Haynes, served as the harmonic host for the Mingus Big Band, contributed to expansive cooperative enterprises like Opus 5, and pushed his own music to the limits and beyond. Kikoski has seemingly done it all during his three-plus decades on the scene, yet his playing somehow remains something of an underrated asset.

The phoenix metaphor, hyperbolic though it may be, proves apt in its embrace of this monumental talent's steady surge. This exciting endeavor makes that case in inarguable fashion. Released by: HighNote Records Release date: 22 May 2019 P-line: ℗ 2019 HighNote Records, Inc.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

USA: Guitar Virtuoso Scott Henderson To Release Instrumental Album For Guitar Trio “People Mover” On July 1, 2019

Scott Henderson People Mover Cover 15 Final.jpg

For Immediate Release

Guitar Virtuoso Scott Henderson To Release Instrumental Album For Guitar Trio “People Mover” On July 1, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – Guitar virtuoso Scott Henderson has finished his new album “People Mover,” the most ambitious project of his career! The highly anticipated instrumental album for guitar trio will be released on July 1, 2019.

Says Scott, “The music has a lot of interplay due to a busy touring schedule with bassist Romain Labaye and drummer Archibald Ligonniere. I'd say this album is a bit more harmonic than 'Vibe Station,' and the rhythm section plays a bigger role in the music. The challenge was to come up with new tones and effects I haven't used before, since like 'Vibe Station,' the songs are layered with multi guitar tracks.” 

“People Mover” demonstrates Scott's striking ability to combine elements of jazz, rock, funk and blues in an even more authentic, seamless and musical way than any of his previous work. Proof that after 35 years as a bandleader, Scott is a musician who's playing and composing continues to grow.

From a recent interview, “My music isn't for purists, that's for sure, and I'm very thankful for my fans who are obviously open-minded and share my love for many different styles of music.”

Scott Henderson's impressive work over the years as co-leader of the group TRIBAL TECH, leader of his own ground breaking trio, and sideman to some of the best jazz artists of their generation, including the great Joe Zawinul, has elevated him to the front ranks of both Jazz and Blues. Catch Scott on tour in 2019: July in Europe, September in South America, and October in Asia. 

To purchase (available July 1, 2019): 

For more information: 

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,  

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

FRANCE/GERMANY: Serena Fisseau and Vincent Peirani - So Quiet (ACT 2019)

Image result for Serena Fisseau and Vincent Peirani - So Quiet

 In “So Quiet” Serena Fisseau and Vincent Peirani invite us to slow down, shut out negative outside influences and enjoy a restful moment of comfort and warmth.
So they decided to record – cocooned in the cosy space of a studio – some of the songs they play and sing together in the intimacy of their home to their children and to their close friends and relatives.

Old or young, or somewhere in between, we are invited to share in the pleasure of a vibrant and subtle exchange between the voice and the accordion: a special moment, soothing and heart-warming. ACT

Monday, June 17, 2019

EUROPE/BOOKINGS: |TEMA| Eivind Aarset - Michele Rabbia - Gianluca Petrella. New album ECM & Tour


Michele Rabbia / Eivind Aarset / Gianluca Petrella

New album ECM & European Tour

October 2-6 , December 3-20, 2019
on request 2020

Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella, Eivind Aarset“Lost River”Lost Riveris an evocative post-ambient, richly textured sonic event, and one of the outstanding beyond-category recordings of recent ECM history. Drummer Michele Rabbia and guitarist Eivind Aarset had played many duo concerts, and Rabbia had also worked with trombonist Gianluca Petrella in other contexts, but this recording marks a premiere for the trio.Spontaneously improvised for the most part, and with mysterious detail flowering inside its soundscapes, Lost Riverkeeps revealing new forms. Rabbia’s drumming is freely creative and propulsive, and enhanced through his use of electronics. Aarset’s flowing playing will delight listeners who have enjoyed his Dream Logicproject and his contribution to recordings with Nils Petter Molvӕr, Tigran Hamasyan, Andy Sheppard and others. Petrella’s role as a principal instrumental voice will surprise those who know him only as a great “jazz” soloist with Enrico Rava and Giovanni Guidi; his broad range is very well deployed in Manfred Eicher’s widescreen production in this recording, made in Udine in January 2018 
Release date - June, 2019
In collaboration with:
Kalleklev Management - Scandinavia
Tambour management - GAS

ph. +39.0744.983431
(Enrico Iubatti) +39.347.5744516 - (Andrea Scaccia) +39.339.2980936