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GERMANY: Mandaujazz 2011, Sept 30-Oct 3

Jazzin’ the Blues
Henning Protzmann Bass
Matthias Kessel Keys
Wolfgang „Zicke“ Schneider Drums
Offene Bühne MANDAUJAZZ session
Rosy Rosenfeld & Friends
Cologne World Jazz Ensemble
Rolf Monitor & Friends
China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier Trio
China Moses Gesang
Raphaël Lemonnier Piano
Cédric Caillaud Bass
Jean-Pierre Derouard Schlagzeug

WORLD JAZZ FLASH / September 30, 2011

John Coltrane Music Fest to spotlight county’s talents
“This is the third year of the festival, and we expect it to be the best one yet,” said G.A. Morrison, of Hamlet. “The festival is a way for us to celebrate the contributions of John Coltrane and others from Richmond County.”

Festival Shows Off Best of New England
The New England Autumn Festival, now in its second year, will also feature equestrian demonstrations, arts, crafts and food booths and more.
“It’s about jazz, horses, lobster and beer. It’s a big party where we’re trying to create a jazz festival, a family festival that really captures the spirit and essence of New England,” Fast said.

Weekend Pick: Lake Anne Jazz Festival
The festival kicks off with Rashida Jolley, a Washington, DC, jazz harpist and vocalist. Jolley has appeared on America’s Got Talent, the Today Show and has toured with Lady Gaga.

After Jolley, World View takes the stage at 2 p.m.  The acoustic  group Veronneau performs Latin jazz and gypsy music at 3 p.m.  At 4 p.m., the Wayne Wilentz Quartet entertains with their arrangements of Latin, R&B and jazz pieces.

Toots Thielemans On Piano Jazza
Thielemans got his big break in 1950 when he joined Benny Goodman's band on their European tour. Two years later, he immigrated to the US and quickly found work along side such groups as Charlie Parker's All Stars and the George Shearing Quintet. ...

CZECH REPUBLIC: AghaRTA Jazz Festival 2011 / October

Billy Cobham – drums, Jean-Marie Ecay – guitar, Michael Mondesir – bass, Christophe Cravero – keyboards, violin, Camelia Ben Naceur – keyboards

Dan Berglund – double bass, Johan Lindström – guitars, Martin Hederos – piano, Andreas Werliin – drums

Sonny Emory – drums, percussion, vocal, Isaac West – bass, vocal, Chris Harris – guitar, vocal, Brain Lopes – sax, Randy Hoexter – keyboards

Victor Bailey – bass, vocal, Michael "Patches" Stewart – trumpet, Peter Horvath – keyboards, Poogie Bell – drums


GHANA: The third Accra Jazz and World Music Festival 2011

The third Accra Jazz and World Music Festival will on Wednesday, October 5 open with a magical concert by American pianist Kenny Drew and the Swiss vibraphonist Thomas Dobler at the Alliance Francaise in Accra.

Son of a jazz pianist, Drew is well noted for his hard-swinging bluesy sounds and large two handed rooty chords that sharply contrast with fast runs.

Widely known in Europe, Drew has performed with greats such as Stanley Jordan, Jimmy Heath, Stanley Turrentine, Carnegie Hall Jazz Band and embarked on projects with Dobler.

Friday, October 7 will be the turn of French trumpeter Nicholas Genest and Ghanaian guitar legend Sir Young. 

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FRANCE: Jazz en Nord-October 2011 Schedule

featuring Omar Hakim and Rachel Z with Solomon Dorsey

FRANCE: Jazz Sur La Ville, Marseille 2011 Oct 1-16


Criss Cross Jazz New Releases September 2011

Opus 5
Introducing Opus 5
Criss Cross Jazz 1339 CD

John Escreet
Exception To The Rule
Criss Cross Jazz 1340 CD

Joe Cohn
Criss Cross Jazz 1341 CD

PORTUGAL/Azores: 12th ANGRAJAZZ Festival Internacional de Jazz de Angra do Heroísmo

Angrajazz - Festival Internacional de Jazz de Angra do Heroísmo, takes place at  Terceira Island. in the Azores, from 1 to 4 of October 2010.  Terceira is a small and beautiful island, with a population of 60 000 people.  The city of Angra do Heroísmo is classified as World Heritage Patrimony by UNESCO.

Angrajazz is organized by a non-profit association – Associação Cultural Angrajazz – with the support of Angra’s City Council, the Regional Departments of Culture and Tourism, and many private sponsors.  For the last eleven years a great number of the world’s most important jazz musicians have played at Angrajazz.  Please see our site

This year takes place the 12th edition of Angrajazz.  It is a festival which is a reference in Portugal, one of the main cultural events of the Azores Islands, and one important promotional means for the city of Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island, and Azores Autonomous Region.

Angrajazz takes place at the Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Angra do Heroísmo, which is prepared as a big jazz club - 550 persons.  The Festival occurs in three nights, with double concerts. This year there will be groups from Portugal, France, Italy/Denmark, and USA.

The program opens on Friday 1st, with the Angrajazz Orchestra, followed by the Mingus Dinasty Septet.

The second day, Saturday 2nd, is dedicated to the Stefano Bollani Trio, and the portuguese singer Paula Oliveira and the Lisbones.

On the third day, Monday 4th , the french Orchestra National de Jazz ONJ, directed by Daniel Yvinec will open the night, and the festival will finish with Henri Texier’s Transatlantik Quartet, featuring Joe Lovano, Steve Swallow, and Aldo Romano.

As side events to the festival, there will be a lecture/conference with Italian jazz journalist Libero Farnè and various Portuguese jazz critics, a   CD fair with the presence of the main portuguese distributors and  expositions.

The pause on Sunday the 3rd, and the portuguese holiday on Tuesday 5th, give the visitors a chance to enjoy an extended week end, and the extra free time to discover the beautiful Terceira Island.

Trio Chemirani invite... Ballaké Sissoko, Omar Sosa, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Ross Daly, Sylvain Luc & Titi Robin(Harmonia Mundi 2011)

  • The trio invite and we are once again at base camp. The air is still clear, each guest approaches the session more or less equipped for an intense half day, no more.The mind is done with writing. Well, almost. Rubbed, struck, picked or pinched: it rain chords. The only exception: the magnificent voice of Djamchid, borne by the beauty of his mother tongue, draws from the Persian mystical poets (Saadi and Rumi) an imposing beauty and depth. The equation is risky with the drawbacks of the unknown. What links the worlds of Omar Sosa, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Sylvain Luc, Titi Robin, Ross Daly and Ballaké Sissoko?
    To the cultural way and spheres of activity, more or less stretched out over time, of the extremities of the road travelled principally with Keyvan and Bijan? No rules, therefore. The trio greet each guest in the studio with decorum and simplicity.
    It is a time for sharing intimately, without showing off, often "live", which the music reflects. It is said that nature abhors a vacuum but is quite content with inhabited silences, that's probably where the Trio excel: the art of accommodating the non-said, splitting up the silence. On one side, the temptation of the miniature and illumination; on the other, the understanding of emptiness as the musician's best friends.
          Djamchid Chemirani, zarb, vocal
          Keyvan Chemirani, percussions
          Bijan Chemirani, percussions
          Ballaké Sissoko, kora
          Omar Sosa, piano
          Renaud Garcia-Fons, bass
          Ross Daly, lyra, rebab
          Sylvain Luc, acoustic guitar
          Titi Robin, bouzouki


Kerem Gorsev -Meeting Point ( Rec By Saatci 2011)

Nine original romantic compositions are performed by Russell Gunn, Eric Revis, Alvester Garnett and Marcus Strickland accompanying Kerem Gorsev on the piano.
Kerem Görsev began his adventure in music at the age of 6 when he started studying piano at the classical music conservatory in Istanbul. He continued his musical education at the Istanbul State Conservatory for twelve years until he started to play jazz. His first admirations were for Parker and Miles. After this, he has always liked bop and bebop music. This influence has been persistent throughout his professional life. Kerem Görsev never fails to mention how good he feels when listening to Bill Evans.

In the early years of his career, he has performed at the various clubs in Istanbul both with Turkish and foreign musicians. Some of the musicians he has played with are: Ed Howard, Rabin Kenyata, Doris Troy, Vinnie Night, Eric Revis, LaVerne Butler, Allan Harris, Clifford Jarvis, Harvey Thompson, Russell Gunn, Steve Kirby, Alvester Garnett. During multiple jam sessions, he has played with Ralph Moore, Pat Metheny, Kenny Garret, Tomy Campbell, Joshua Redman and Wynton Marsalis. Also, he has performed in two concerts with Elvin Jones Jazz Machine in Eskişehir Festival in 1999.

Recognized as a talented composer and pianist, he has started his recording with his first album “Hands and Lips” in 1994. Since then, he has produced a total of 13 albums of his own. In his albums, he has explored a wide spectrum- ranging from his duo albums featuring American jazz standards to his orchestral album called “November in St.Petersburg” which consists of his own compositions and is recorded with the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. In between lies Kerem Gorsev’s other albums recorded in the more traditional, classical jazz trio or quintet formats.

In 2001, Kerem Görsev recorded and released “Warm Autumn” in New York with Eric Revis Russell Gunn, JD Allen, Jason Jackson, Eric Revis, Alvester Garnett, and Kahlil Kewane Bell. This album was followed by a different concept album,
“Existence” - a meeting point between jazz and classical music. In 2004, the artist recorded his next album “Meeting Point” with Russell Gunn, Eric Revis, Alvester Garnett and Marcus Strickland in New York. The album featured all his original compositions.
In 2009, Kerem Görsev Trio has performed “Diversion” project at different
festivals and concerts venues both nationally and internationally.

Kerem Görsev had many performances in Turkey and abroad since the early days of his career. In the past ten years, he has performed at various festivals, university concerts and organizations in many cities in addition to Istanbul

including Trabzon, Antalya, Malatya, Isparta, Bodrum, Çe me ,Manisa and İzmir
as well as international performances in Baku, Vilnius, Copenhagen, Muenster,
Coesfeld, Stuttgart, Islamabad, Cyprus, Vienna, and Bologna .

Kerem Gorsev finished the recordings of his latest project "Diversion" in 2008.
This album is a trio album and features eight new compositions. “Diversion” was
released in January, 2009.

The following are some of the artist’s important concerts:

• Kerem Görsev Quartet + 3 -2nd
International Istanbul Jazz Festival ,1995
• Kerem Görsev Trio – Slovenia ,1996
• Elvin Jones Jazz Machine – 5th
International Eski ehir Jazz Festival 1999
• Kerem Görsev Existence Project – 9th
International Istanbul Jazz
Festival 2002
• Kerem Görsev Trio - International Baku Jazz Festival, 2004
• Kerem Görsev Trio - International Vilnius Jazz Festival 2005.
• Kerem Görsev Orange Juice Project – 13th
International Istanbul Jazz
Festival 2006
• Kerem Görsev & Istanbul Jazz Band, ‘Wiener Kafeesiederball’
• Kerem Görsev Trio - 36th
International Pescara Jazz Festival , 2008
• Kerem Görsev Trio - Umbria Jazz 08, 2008
• Kerem Görsev Trio - 18th Akbank Jazz Festival , 2008
• Kerem Görsev with Alexander Shustin and St.Petersburg
Philharmonic Orchestra – St.Petersburg ,2008
• Kerem Görsev – “Diversion” Project - the 6th International İzmir
Jazz Festival ,2009
• Kerem Görsev Trio – British Academy Concert , Muscat 2009
The Kerem GörsevTrio toured different cities in Turkey in last quarter of the year continuing into the beginning of 2010. In 2009, the Diversion project was performed at various festivals and concert halls in Izmir, Side, Alanya, Antalya , Manisa and Istanbul. In 2010, he participated in the International Ankara Jazz Festival followed by a series of concerts in the southeast of the country, including Gaziantep, Antakya and Adana. These trio concerts were followed by a different concept of performances where the artist performed five concerts with vocalist Allan Harris with a repertoire of jazz standards from their own albums and more.

The Kerem Görsev Trio performed the opening act for Tony Bennett concert at the 17th International Istanbul Jazz Festival in July, 2010.

Kerem Görsev released his latest album "Therapy" in December 2010. The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with London Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Alan Broadbent . “Therapy” features ten compositions by Kerem Görsev. Musicians on the album include Ernie Watts (tenor saxophone), Kağan Yıldız (doublebass) , Ferit Odman (drums). 

CD Baby

Antonio Adolfo - Chora Baiao(AAM Music 2011)

Traditionally, Samba, Choro, and Baii£o have been the most popular two-beat Brazilian music styles (as opposed to the four-beat Frevo and Samba-Canci£o). All three originated in the 19th century, and each was rhythmically influenced by African batuques and the very early Brazilian lundu, which formed the roots of maracatu, the rhythmic synthesis of the three styles. This synthesis occurred despite the fact that, melodically and harmonically, each of these styles had been subject to very different influences: African chants (Samba), European dances and classical music (Choro), and the Moorish-flavored musical atmosphere of the Iberian Peninsula (Baii£o). This marvelous mixture-plus a taste of Jazz (and consequently Bossa) and Blues-resulted in a very special combination, which became (and remains) very popular among Brazilian musicians. On this CD I have decided to focus mainly on Choro and Baii£o, and have recorded music by two great composers whose work, in my view, embodies the finest modern combination of the elements described above: Guinga, who was introduced to Brazilian and international audiences in recent years and who has reinvented Choro and Baii£o with a distinctive melodic and harmonic approach that makes extensive use of diminished 5th and minor major 7th chords, among other incredible contributions; and Chico Buarque, a genius of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) who first emerged in the 1960s, whose songs have made him immortal, and whose melodies and harmonies display a myriad of possibilities through his uniquely rich inverted bass lines (one of Choro's main characteristics), among countless other musical innovations. I have included three of my tunes (two of them never previously recorded) in the program, trying to harmonize my own music with these two distinguished Brazilian composers. Relying on the support of an extremely gifted group of musicians who represent the very best of Brazilian Jazz, I am pleased to present Chora Baii£o..-Antonio Adolfo
CD Universe

IRELAND: Galway Jazz Festival, Sept 30-Oct, 2011
Friday 30th September

Deviant & Sebi C - 10pm
Jazz Club at Meyrick Hotel - 11pm
Saturday 1st October
Neofobic & Colm O’Hara - 8pm
Sax + Polyphony - 10pm
Jazz Club at Meyrick Hotel - 11pm
Sunday 2nd October
Soft Day - 5pm
Rick Margitza Quartet - 8pm

Thursday, September 29, 2011

TURKEY: A Brotherhood Concert in Istanbul

"Tuncboyaciyan, who has appeared on more than 200 records all around the world and worked with numerous jazz legends, fronts his own group called the Armenian Navy Band. His compositions have been recorded in 13 different languages by some of the most celebrated singers and musicians throughout the world. And the greatest Turkish pop singer, song-writer and producer who sold over 40 million albums worldwide, Sezen Aksu, was another special star at the concert. In addition to her singing career, Aksu has an interest in social issues, including women’s rights and educational reform in Turkey."

Gino Paoli- Milestones. A meeting in Jazz (EMI Music Italy 2007)

Considered one of the most influential composers and Italian singers of the 60's and 70's, Gino Paoli  offers a synthesis of jazz and pop, joined by a band composed of the most acclaimed Italian jazz musicians: Enrico Rava, Danilo Rea, Rosario Bonaccorso, Roberto Gatto

BOOK: “From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta: How West African Standards Shaped the Music of the Delta Blues.”

From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta

(First Edition)
By Pascal Bokar Thiam, Ed.D.
In this beautifully crafted and timely book about music, Dr. Pascal Bokar Thiam guides us straight to the serious questions of the origin of Jazz and Blues throughout a long journey across West Africa. This book is a must read for those who care not only about music, but are also interested in social justice, colonization and slavery.
— Magueye Seck, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Curry College

"From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta" is an invaluable addition to studies...Pascal Bokar Thiam journeys us back to root sources, visiting ancient string, voice and cultural traditions of Africa that shed revealing light on the birth of the blues.
— Willard Jenkins (, arranger African Rhythms, the autobiography of NEA Jazz Master Randy Weston

"From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta" makes the most compelling argument for the African roots of blues and jazz. Dr. Pascal Bokar Thiam not only documents the trans-Atlantic crossings of West African musical practices, but he demonstrates that an entire aesthetic philosophy survived the Middle Passage. This book ought to be mandatory reading for anyone remotely interested in modern music and its ancient lineage.
— Robin D. G. Kelley, PhD, Author of Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original (2009), Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California, Los Angeles


From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta explores how West African standards of aesthetics and sociocultural traits have moved into mainstream American culture and become social norms. This is an ideal text for use in related Jazz History, African Studies, Sociology, and History (16th–19th century and Harlem Renaissance) courses.

I was curious to know why African Americans (and the country as a whole, for that matter) began clapping on beats two and four, and why we'd get dirty looks if we were caught clapping on the wrong beat. I had a desire to know why the identity of the music of our nation, with its majority population of European descent, had the musical textures, bent pitches, and blue notes of Africa. I wondered why a sense of swing developed here that was closer in syncopation to African culture than to the classical music of Vienna or the Paris Opera. And finally, I wanted to know why our nation's youth moved suggestively on the dance floor with their hips–movements that are closer in aesthetics to African dance than to ballet. The journey began on the banks of the mighty Niger River.
— Pascal Bokar Thiam, Ed.D., Author

From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta:
Documents the societal influences originating from West Africa.
Explores the hidden legacy of American Standard of Aesthetics.
Takes a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing and understanding societal influences.
Incorporates pictures, maps, and other images to deliver an engaging reading experience.
Includes an introduction from renowned jazz pianist and composer Randy Weston.

Boris Savoldelli - Biocosmopolitan (Moonjune Records 2011)

 Boris Savoldelli's new release is a tour-de-force of vocal artistry. Featuring brilliant contributions from rising trumpet star Paolo Fresu and fusion bass legend Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets; Allan Holdsworth), Biocosmopolitan is an exquisitely-crafted sound palette -- replete with elaborate harmonies, interlocking rhythms, and a panoply of globe-spanning musical influences, both old and new. Boris's deft use of looping creates a rich tapestry of choral, instrumental, and percussion sounds that truly defy description. Biocosmopolitan already has critics around the globe singing its' praises. Unlike Protoplasmic (MoonJune Records' MJR025) -- an improvised outing that explored what Boris refers to as his "dark side" -- Biocosmopolitan is a much more fun, exuberant and accessible affair, presenting the most complete portrait of Savoldelli as singer, composer, arranger, and sound manipulator to date.  NEW RELEASE!

"What a contrast Boris Savoldelli's Biocosmopolitan is to the vocalist's predecessor, Protoplasmic (MoonJune Records, 2009), which featured guitarist Elliot Sharp as his chief collaborator. While Protoplasmic was a brave dive into the experimental, Biocosmopolitan is a bright, infectious and singable work. The right balance of passion, delivery, and technology come together for 16 enjoyable tracks with brevity a main device, employed by Savoldelli, that helps maintain a constant sense of movement and flow.

"The style is a sort of "modern sentimental." The lyrics bounce between English and Italian, and the basic mood is an upbeat one. Other than Savoldelli's vocals, vocal effects and piano, electric bassist Jimmy Haslip performs on the title track, while trumpeter/flugelhornist Paolo Fresu appears on "Concrete Clima" and "Kerouac In New York City." It is Savoldelli's multilayered vocals, though, that make him sound like an urban choral orchestra.

"There is an absolute sense of humor flowing through the majority of the songs. Whether it be the sound effects of rain, the clapping hands of a crowd, or a scratchy LP record effect on a turntable accompanying the vocals, there is never a dull moment. The CD's only gray mood might be found in Savoldelli's English and Italian versions of "Biocosmo," which suggest some affection for the music of Radiohead. Jimi Hendrix's "Crosstown Traffic" is a welcome bonus track that grooves, surprisingly, without any guitar.

"Move over Bobby McFerrin, Take 6, and Norah Jones; with Biocosmopolitan, Boris Savoldelli has moved to the front of the line." Mark Redlefsen, All About Jazz

Allan Harris-OPEN UP YOUR MIND (Love Productions Records 2011)

The headwaters of the protean talent that is Allan Harris, a baritone crooner with a husky edge, may be Nat King Cole and his trio. But to describe this pop-jazz singer, composer and guitarist as a gifted Cole acolyte doesn t take into account the winding tributaries that bring in the blues, folk, pop-soul, light funk, Americana and Broadway flavors. Together they flow into a fertile musical delta that reflects Mr. Harris s unfashionably hopeful vision of multicultural America. (Stephen Holden) --New York Times

Tim Mayer- Resilience ( Jazz Legacy Productions 2011)

One of the best tenor saxophonists to come along in years. Tim Mayer’s approach to the horn is sophisticated, passionate, and lyrical.  His big sound is warm and powerful.  Listen for yourself. Tim Mayer is definitely here to stay!

 “A powerful new voice has arrived on the
jazz scene, and he’s a bad dude.”  - Jimmy Heath

“It always gives me pleasure to meet younger musicians who have one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and their souls firmly rooted in the future of music.  Tim Mayer is one of those musicians! ” - Claudio Roditi.

Tim Mayer’s exposure to music, namely jazz and exotica, began at age 4, when he learned to work his parents’ record player. His favorite records were by Wes Montgomery, Ahmad Jamal, Bill Evans, and Martin Denny. He started playing saxophone when he was ten, and began learning jazz at Florida State University’s Summer Music Camp in 1980, where he found himself studying with many young and talented musicians including Marcus Roberts. In December of 1990, Tim began what was to be a three-year stint working aboard the cruise ships. This provided him with the opportunity to study a variety of styles and play in big bands that accompanied entertainers Al Martino, Vic Damone, Diahann Carrol, Bobby Rydell, Connie Stevens, Jack Jones, and many others.

In September of 1993, Tim attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied privately with Andy McGhee, George Garzone, and Bill Pierce. In 1998, Tim opened for Chucho Valdez at the Baranqui Jazz Festival in Baranquilla, Columbia. In February of 2003, he performed and recorded with the RG Jazz Orchestra in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands of Spain. That same year, he partook in the 4th Seminar and Jazz Festival in Jalapa, Mexico as a performer and clinician.
Tim has performed locally with visiting artists John Faddis, Bob Mintzer, Marvin Stamm, Arturo Sandoval, Nick Brignola Bobby Shew, and Ed Calle, percussionists Eguie Castrillo, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, and Giovanni Hidalgo; trombone greats Phil Wilson and Slide Hampton, and pianists Kirk Lightsey (in Seville), and Danilo Perez. Tim Mayer and Rusty Scott have collaborated to perform a tribute to the Tough Tenors (Johnny Griffin/Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis) and the Boss Tenors (Sonny Stitt/Gene Ammons), which has featured on different occasions as special guests Bill Pierce or Andy McGhee.

In 2007, and 2008, Waitiki won consecutive Hawaii Music Awards for three consecutive releases, Charred Mammal Flesh, Rendezvous In Okonkuluku, and in 2009, Paradise Lost And Found, which was produced by Jim Beloff featuring the arranging and instrumental talents of Waitiki, is nominated for the award.
2009 has also seen a Grammy nomination for another group with which Tim has been affiliated for a long time. La Clave Secreta, the Timba Salsa brainchild of pianist/arranger Gonzalo Grau, was nominated for Best Latin/Caribbean Album. While it didn’t win, losing to Jose Feliciano is hardly a disappointment.
Since 2001, he has been on the Berklee faculty teaching at the Saxophone Weekend, the Five-Week Program, Berklee’s City Music Saturday School and as Outreach faculty at Boston Arts Academy, and filling in for various faculty members during the year.

1. For Miles 5:15
2. Escapade 6:50
3. Emperor March 7:22
4. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears...6:28
5. Fire & Ice 5:32
6. Dance of the Infidels 4:07
7. Who Knew? 3:52
8. Blue Lace 5:17
9. Work 6:12
10. Klimo 9:54
Tim Mayer - tenor saxophone
George Cables - piano
Dezron Douglas - bass
Willie Jones III - drums Special Guests:
Claudio Roditi - rotary trumpet
Mark Whitfield - guitar
Greg Gisbert - trumpet
Michael Dease - trombone
Dominick Farinacci - trumpet
Robert Edwards - bass trombone

Woodwinds on "Emperor March"
Don Braden - flute
Robert Foster - alto flute
Michael Thomas – clarinet

Jazz Legacy Productions

USA: Jazz Audiences Initiative

A research project of Jazz Arts Group 

What is the Jazz Audiences Initiative?

The Jazz Audiences Initiative will tackle fundamental questions about how and why people engage with jazz. Jazz artists and presenters nationwide will learn new ideas for building audiences, and infusing the art form with new energy. Over the next 21 months, the project team will research and test new strategies for overcoming barriers to jazz participation and for building jazz audiences through more targeted marketing and programming efforts.

Why is this work necessary?

Relatively little research has been done on jazz audiences and what they value. We know that jazz audiences are aging, jazz media outlets and festivals are fading, jazz organizations are struggling, and jazz musicians are overly burdened. In addition, the jazz field lacks meaningful opportunities to network and learn as a professional community.
Simultaneously, we know that in general, audiences crave participative, interactive and intimate experiences that they help create. They make last minute decisions to attend events, and subscription buyers have declined drastically. As more people look to create a “work-life” balance, they are interested in modest “perfect moments” as a result of experiences that are authentic, community-based and unforgettable.
The long-term sustainability of jazz depends on new knowledge and insight about the needs, attitudes and motivations of existing and potential audiences.

Key Research Questions

  • What does “jazz” mean to people? How do people relate to jazz as an art form?
  • How do people develop preferences for different forms of jazz?
  • What are the pathways into the art form?
  • How much “taste diversity” is there within the jazz audience?
  • What kinds of live jazz experiences do people want?
  • How does setting affect preference and attendance?
  • What are the connections between attendance and personal practice?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Logic-Live (2011)

Australian jazz/fusion group "Logic"s fifth release is a live, two-disc DVD and CD combo recorded at the end of their Asia tour in 2010
"Logic - Live" was recorded at the end of the band's month-long tour of Asia in 2010. The recording features compositions from the band's most recent studio release "The Hierarchy" and is the first live recording in the band's 11-year history. The double DVD/CD combo includes 7 songs (totalling 50 minutes) from the performance, band member interviews and footage from the tour. "Logic" presents it's original mix of ever-evolving jazz/fusion featuring Tim Wilson (saxophone), Glenn Cannon (guitar), Dane Alderson (bass) and Ben Vanderwal (drums).


Logic has been making waves on the jazz/world music scene since its inception in 1999.  Based in 
Melbourne, Australia,  the ensemble aims to present its own unique, contemporary sound, whilst 
preserving the spontaneous and interactive approach of the jazz tradition.  The compositions of Glenn 
Cannon and Tim Wilson stem from  diverse musical influences, including jazz, drum ‘n’ bass, Latin, 
classical, folk and pop music.
Logic’s self titled debut album was released in 2002 and received glowing reviews and international 
airplay.  Since then the group has also released ‘The Waiting Game’ (2004), ‘Native Strut’ (2008), ‘The 
Hierarchy’ (2010), and is currently working on DVD and touring projects.
The ensemble has supported international acts such as The Yellowjackets, and has performed throughout 
Australia and South East Asia at major jazz festivals including the Java Jazz Festival (Indonesia), Mosaic 
Music Festival (Singapore), Philippine International Jazz and Arts Festival, Hong Kong International Jazz 
Festival, Jarasum International Jazz Festival (South Korea), Nine Gates Jazz Festival (Beijing), Beishan 
International Jazz Festival (Zhuhai, China), Melbourne International Festival of Jazz, Electric Jazz 
Festival and the Ultimate Drummers’ Weekend.  The group has also performed in Taiwan, Malaysia, and 
Between them, members of the group have toured, performed and recorded with various artists and 
ensembles including Ray Charles, Jerry Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Michael Buble, James Morrison, Joe 
Chindamo, Jamie Oehlers, James Muller, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Mike Nock, and Bobby Shew.

Brad Mehldau, Lee Konitz, Paul Motian, Charlie Haden -Live At Birdland [Live] (ECM 2011 )

The Guardian, (John Fordham), May 13, 2011

(5 stars) Captivating...Mehldau's uncanny amplification of Konitz's phrases, and his breathtaking solos are irresistible...four-way discussions that fizz with collective energy.

One of the great jazz releases of the year! A quartet of master musicians and a programme of jazz classics. Live At Birdland presents the finest moments from two inspired nights at New York's legendary club, as Lee Konitz, Brad Mehldau, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian play "Lover Man", "Lullaby Of Birdland", "Solar", "I Fall In Love Too Easily", "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" and "Oleo" with freedom, tenderness, and a love of melody that only jazz's greatest improvisers can propose.
On December 9 and 10, 2009 Konitz, Mehldau, Haden and Motian came together at Birdland and launched themselves into the music without a game plan, trusting to experience and improvisational instincts to guide the way. When these musicians play these standards they make them new.
All four musicians have history with ECM - Haden most recently with the best-selling Jasmine duets with Keith Jarrett. Motian has been leader on many albums, most recently the very popular 'Lost In A Dream'. Lee Konitz last appeared on ECM on Kenny Wheeler's very popular 'Angel Song' (1996), and Brad Mehldau contributed to Charles Lloyd's 'The Water Is Wide', to date the most widely-loved of Lloyd's ECM discs.
This is very much a collective album made by a group of equals. Three bona fide veterans and one younger star - Mehldau is 40, Haden 73, Motian 79. At 83, Lee Konitz is making history by continuing to explore new aspects of his playing, his phrasing ever more adventurous. Konitz played at the very first Birdland Club, in the 1940s, and has headlined at each of its subsequent NY addresses.
Personnel: Lee Konitz (alto saxophone), Brad Mehldau (piano), Charlie Haden (double-bass), Paul Motian (drums) 

Sinikka Langeland -The Land That is Not (ECM 2011)

Five years after the stunning ECM debut recording of the Norwegian singer and kantele player, here is a sequel to the critically-lauded 'Starflowers'. The album features an all-star Nordic line-up of improvising second-generation ECM players with Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and saxophonist Trygve Seim, Swedish bassist Anders Jormin, and Finnish drummer Markku Ounaskari once again joining Sinikka in adventures at the junction of folk song, literature, and jazz-rooted improvisation.
The press loved 'Starflowers': "Sinikka Langeland is a gifted folk singer, but not one stifled by tradition, (and) the quintet is superb, Henriksen and Seim play brilliantly off the voice and each other, while the group catches a variety of moods persuasively; they groove with understated power." (Irish Times) And they will warm also to 'The Land That Is Not'. This time around Sinikka sings poetry of two influential Scandinavian outsiders Edith Södergran (1892-1923) and Olav Håkonson Hauge (1908-1994). The two poets now count as forerunners of literary modernism in Sweden and Norway, but made most of their artistic discoveries in isolation.
Born 1961 in Finnskogen, Sinikka Langeland has been playing the kantele, the Finnish table harp, since the early 1980s when she expanded her 'folk' repertoire to include rune songs, incantations, and old melodies from Finland and Karelia, as well as medieval ballads and religious songs. Her third ECM release follows 'Starflowers' and 'Maria's Song'. The latter - an Editor's Choice in Classic FM magazine - had Langeland and distinguished classical musicians weaving folk melodies between the timeless strains of J S Bach.
Langeland's group is really a band of leaders, all with recent ECM projects of their own: Markku Ounaskari issued 'Kuára', improvisations on Russian psalms and Fenno-Ugrian folk songs. Trygve Seim's last disc was 'Purcor' with pianist Andreas Utnem, cross-referencing improvised church music with folk and theatre music. Arve Henriksen's 'Cartography' proposed an even broader map of moods and sounds, from medieval song to sampling and sound-processing. Anders Jormin's new release for 2012 is based around ancient Latin texts.
Personnel: Sinikka Langeland (vocal, kantele), Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Trygve Seim (soprano and tenor saxophones), Anders Jormin (double-bass), Markku Ounaskari (drums) 

UK: RONNIE SCOTT’s October Schedule

Colin Towns Mask Orchestra
The Duke Ellington Songbook
The Hammond Groovemasters
Pino Palladino With Chris Dave
Azymuth’S 3 Piece Orchestra
Todd Rundgren
Soul Family Featuring Natalie Williams
Cedar Walton
Carleen Anderson
Ronnie Scott’S Blues Explosion
Louis Hayes - Canonball Legacy Band
Featuring Vincent Herring
Julian Joseph Allstar Big Band
Joe Stilgoe & Friends
Mike Stern Band featuring Dave Weckl & Chris Minh Doky
Ramsey Lewis Quintet
Ames Langton’S Solid Senders
Stacey Kent

Simon Allen Quintet-Any Minute Now (2011)

Debut album from rising star and current saxophonist with jazz legend Stan Tracey, Simon Allen's album features exciting arrangements of well known jazz standards as well as his own material. Featuring a UK all-star lineup.
Featuring UK jazz greats Martin Shaw (trumpet), Laurence Cottle (bass), Tom Cawley (piano) and Mike Bradley (drums).

After 7 years with in the bands of Stan and Clark Tracey, Simon Allen now releases his debut album.
“He knows how to produce a luminous, floating tone on alto sax, has an impressive technique, and constructs his solos with maturity and confidence” – Sholto Byrnes, The Independent
"...Allen in particular, with his joyously uninhibited, ebullient sound on both tenor and alto” - Chris Parker
“Allen's questing inventiveness and thrilling rhythmic interplay” Brisbane Jazz


GERMANY: ACT Music + Vision : Upcoming releases September 2011

Pierrick Pédron 

Youn Sun Nah, Leszek Mozdzer, Nils Landgren, Michael Wollny a.o.
"MAGIC MOMENTS 5 "In the Spirit of Jazz""

Joachim Kühn Trio & hr-Bigband

Rudresh Mahanthappa

Youn Sun Nah

SOUTH KOREA: Emil Viklicky at the Jarasum Jazz Festival

Koreans will have a chance to hear Emil Viklicky, the patriarch of Czech jazz piano, at the Jarasum Jazz Festival and at three other separate concerts in Seoul from Saturday until Oct. 4.
The Once in a Blue Moon, Moonglow and Chunnyun jazz clubs will host the concerts of the European contemporary jazz pianist and his trio. The group is renowned for its incorporation of elements of Czech indigenous folk culture into modern jazz music, while combining elements of Bud Powell and Oscar Peterson with a deep infusion of Moravian soul.

Anne Mette Iversen-Milo songs (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records 2011)

Anne Mett' s previous recording, the double-disc Best of the West/Many Places, was unanimously praised, with the Rochester City Paper stating that the music is, absolutely electrifying . . . adventurous tunes with plenty of room for superb solos, and NPR commenting that, Few other arrangers can deter schmaltz when putting strings to swing. And even fewer possess her sense for dulcet harmonies and exquisitely developed form. Rarer still is the mind that could put it all together in a way that proclaims itself as the work of an improvising musician. Beauty may be hard to find in jazz, but as Iversen proves, that doesn't mean it's dormant in familiar elements, waiting to be expressed. JazzTimes Magazine stated that, Anne Mette Iversen shows a masterful reach across jazz and classical music in Best of the West . . . Leaving the strings behind for the second disc, Iversen's group alternates between forceful postbop themes, aching ballads and darting, slippery grooves, and was equally emphatic, saying that, Both discs are a creative success, and both are enjoyable demonstrations of what Iversen has to offer as an acoustic bassist, composer, producer and arranger. --RedCat Publicity, May 2011

Product Description

MILO SONGS features ANNE METTE IVERSEN (bass, compositions), JOHN ELLIS (tenor saxophone & clarinet), OTIS BROWN III (drums & cymbals) + DANNY GRISSETT (piano). On May 24, 2011, Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records released the latest burst of creativity and beauty from the fertile and imaginative mind of bassist/composer Anne Mette Iversen; with a little help from her young son, Milo. All of the music on Anne Mette Iversen Quartet Milo Songs, grew from a little melody that Milo made up when he was two, which can be found in all of the compositions on this album. The music reflects on, and pays tribute to, a child s world, through the exploration of his experiences and perspective. Each composition aims to tell stories about the life of a child, such as the turbulence of a new sibling in the home, the ability to exclude the world around you, the intense focus on something seemingly unimportant to others, the fantasy world, the stubbornness, the strong will and fight for ideas and wants, the dreams shared with mom in the morning, and so forth.


"Speak to Me" is the CD premiere of a duo that has actually been in existence for some time. The recordings with pianist Marc Copland and guitarist John Abercrombie are classic examples of the quiet, calm art of communication practiced at the highest level. The musical meeting of these two contemporary jazz maestros has a wonderfully organic feel. It is comparable to the finest chamber music. The pieces shimmer with multifarious shades and meanings. They are small sound sculptures of artful transience. This is music from two of the most insightful players of jazz.
Marc Copland piano
John Abercrombie guitar
Pirouet Records

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BULGARIA: Jazz on Wheels kicks off in Sofia

American blues, jazz and rock guitarist Robben Ford, British film star Ben Cross and Contino band launched the American Jazz on Wheels music festival in front of NDK on September 26.
US ambassador James Warlick introduced the performers and stayed throughout the evening.
Cross, a long time Sofia resident, featured in a warm-up act, accompanied by jazz musician Misho Yossifov and his sextet, giving a rendition of My Girl and the Lady is a Tramp. Later in the evening, Ford took to the stage. (Source)

Yazz Ahmed - Finding My Way Home ( Suntara Records 2011)

Tipped as ‘one to look out for in 2011’ by Jazzwise magazine, Yazz received great reviews for her debut at Ronnie Scott’s. She had the privilege of opening the 2010 Brit Jazz Festival, leading her newly formed quintet through a programme of original compositions, some of which explore the scales, timbres and rhythms of the Arabic music from her early childhood in Bahrain.

Yazz’s debut album, Finding My Way Home, featuring bass virtuoso, Janek Gwizdala and clarinetist, Shabaka Hutchings, was released this summer on Suntara Records. The CD is a collection of compositions and improvisations exploring her Arabic heritage and contrasting these with the classic British jazz from the 1950s which was the sound track to her teenage years and her gateway into improvised music.

Yazz’s Granddad, Terry Brown, was a successful jazz trumpet player and record producer who worked with some of the best British jazz musicians of all time, including Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott and the original John Dankworth Seven. She picked up the trumpet inspired by the music and the stories that Terry shared with her.

As well as running her own quintet, quartet and trio, Yazz has played alongside a number of internationally acclaimed jazz musicians, including Toshiko Akiyoshi, Rufus Reid, Laurence Cottle, Henry Lowther, Mark Nightingale and Sir John Dankworth.

Away from her own projects, Yazz has recorded and performed with, Max Romeo, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Jack Penate, the Manic Street Preachers, Tomorrows Warriors, the Urban Soul Orchestra, the London Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Jamaica.

Yazz plays flugelhorn on Radiohead’s album The King of Limbs and earlier this year was featured in the filming of The King Of Limbs, Live From The Basement, which has been screened worldwide during July 2011.

Musicians featured on Finding My Way Home:
Yazz Ahmed - trumpet & flugelhorn
Janek Gwizdala - bass guitar
Shabaka Hutchings - bass clarinet & clarinet
Alam Nathoo - tenor sax
Chris Fish - cello
John Bailey - piano
Simon Hale - fender rhodes
Jay Darwish - bass
Laurence Cottle - bass guitar
George Hart - drums
Corrina Silvester - drum kit, darbuka, rigg &sagat

CD Baby

Chick Corea & Stefano Bollani - Orvieto (ecm 2011)

Recording debut of a most exciting new duo - Chick Corea and Stefano Bollani - two of the greatest jazz pianists of our time. Recorded live at the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival last New Year, Orvieto is Chick Corea's first new ECM album in 27 years, and the next step in the label's ongoing association with Stefano Bollani. Effervescent playing, bubbling over with ideas and sparkling wit, it's likely to be one of the most widely praised and most discussed jazz albums of the season. Chick Corea says "Two pianists improvising together is a great challenge, and in these performances with Stefano, inspirational and great fun. Orvieto was winter-cold. The experience was summer-warm." The pianists came to the combination with much broad experience, but what they have achieved together raises the potential of the two-piano format to the borders of magic: the consistency of their imagination is astonishing.
Delightful repertoire includes Chick Corea's "Armando's Rhumba" and Stefano Bollani's "A Valsa da Paula"; two tunes by Jobim; Miles Davis's "Nardis"; Fats Waller's "Jitterbug Waltz"; jazz standards including "Darn that Dream" and "If I Should Lose You"; the blues, a flamenco-influenced traditional tune, free improvised pieces, and more.
Stefano Bollani was born in Milan in 1972. Corea - who recently celebrated his 70th birthday - was born in Massachusetts in 1941. Yet differences of age and experience are levelled by a shared eagerness to play, by a shared love of melody and jazz drive, and by the open-mindedness, quick-wittedness and playfulness common to both players. Here are 'old' and 'new' masters in accord, indeed.
Personnel: Chick Corea (piano), Stefano Bollani (piano)

For the Love of Sarah - Motian Sickness / The Music of Paul Motian ( Grizzley Music 2011)

A new instrumental take on the compositions of visionary drummer/composer Paul Motian. The recording features Jeff Cosgrove (drums), John Hebert (bass), Mat Maneri (viola), and Jamie Masefield (mandolin).

For The Love of Sarah features a interesting twist on the music of Paul Motian. The recording explores the interplay between drummer Jeff Cosgrove, bassist John Hebert (Mary Halvorson/Fred Hersch), violist Mat Maneri (Cecil Taylor/William Parker), and mandolinist Jamie Masefield (Jazz Mandolin Project). This is the first release to entirely display Motian's compositions which Paul Motian does not appear on. It is an exciting and inspiring recording. Motian Sickness, For The Love of Sarah, was recorded over two days in February 2011.
CD Baby

Hisayuki Terai - Evergreen2 ( Flanagania Records 2011)

For those who love the sophisticated jazz called Detroit hard bop, this is a feast! Great jazz standard songs by legendary pianist of pearly touch with Zaiko Miyamoto on bass and Ippei Suga on drums, the album you will never get tired of listening to.
Hisayuki Terai, well known in the jazz world as a protege of jazz legend Tommy Flanagan, is one of few continuing the Detroit hard bop piano style of his mentor. Like Flanagan, his touch is crystalline, interpretations are poetic and tasteful in solid hard bop style. Bassist Zaiko Miyamoto and drummer Ippei Suga showing an excellent job. Recorded May. 2011.

USA: Auand Records' 10th anniversary in New York, Nov 1st- 5th, 2011

Ray Anderson (USA) - trombone
Gabrio Baldacci (I) - guitar
Ermanno Baron (I) - drums
Francesco Bearzatti (I) - tenor sax, clarinet
Walter Beltrami (I) - guitar
Tim Berne (USA) - alto sax
Francesco Bigoni (I) - tenor sax
Jim Black (USA) - drums
Francesco Diodati (I) - guitar
Shane Endsley (USA) - trumpet
Danilo Gallo (I) - double bass, el. bass
Miles Okazaki (USA) - guitar
Gaetano Partipilo (I) - alto sax
Matt Pavolka (USA) - double bass
Francesco Ponticelli (I) - double bass
Bobby Previte (USA) - drums
Jacob Sacks (USA) - piano
Josh Sinton (USA) - baritone sax
Ohad Talmor (CH/USA) - tenor sax
Giancarlo Tossani (I) - piano
Dan Weiss (USA) - drums

JazzWeek Announces Awards for Jazz Radio

Here is the complete list of winners:
Station of the Year, Markets 1-25: KSDS, San Diego
Station of the Year, Markets 26-79: WWOZ, New Orleans
Station of the Year, Markets 80+: KCCK, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Internet Station of the Year:
Programmer of the Year, Markets 1-25: Linda Yohn, WEMU, Ypsilanti, Mich.
Programmer of the Year, Markets 26-79: Brad Stone, KSJS, San Jose
Programmer of the Year, Markets 80+: Bob Stewart, KCCK, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Internet Programmer of the Year: Russ Davis, MOJA Radio
Promoter or Promotion Company of the Year: Groov Marketing and Promotion
Record of the Year: Kurt Elling #The Gate# (Concord)
Label of the Year: ECM
Label receiving most airplay: HighNote/Savant
Duke Dubois Humanitarian Award: Dr. Jazz

SINGAPORE: Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet

SINGAPORE, September 04, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Lovers of jazz music can see a performance by the Asian Jazz All-Stars Power Quartet by heading to Singapore at the end of September 2011.

The show brings together some of the most acclaimed musicians in the region for a concert that takes place on September 27th and 28th at the Recital Studio, part of the local Esplanade performing arts centre.

Singaporean jazz pianist/organist Jeremy Monteiro will be joined on stage by Hong Kong jazz guitarist Eugene Pao, Filipino saxophone player Tots Tolentino and Thai drummer Hong Chanutr Techatana-nan.

Accompanying the acclaimed musicians will be local jazz singer Rani Singam, who will complement the quartet's diverse musical stylings with a voice that is reminiscent of the likes of Anita O'Day and Billie Holiday.

Performances begin at 19:30 local time and run for an hour and 15 minutes without an intermission, while tickets will cost S$42 (GBP21.60), although discounts are available for students, seniors and group bookings.

The Esplanade venue is situated on the waterfront at Marina Bay and offers dining and shopping facilities as well as concert venues.

Jazz aficionados can find a diverse selection of Singapore hotels at, including the Fragrance Hotel.

More information about this and other performances at the Esplanade can be found at

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