Monday, September 23, 2013

The Claudia Quintet -September (Cuneiform Records 2013)

Rich with ambition and empathetic interplay...the Claudia Quintet doesn't...sound like anybody else.
Which is exactly what makes them worth seeking out. --Los Angeles Times

...creates gorgeous blends of melody and texture that blur the lines between jazz and contemporary classical. --Chicago Reader

Claudia Quintet has managed to make each successive release somehow different than its predecessor while not losing sight of the markers that define this eclectic and stylistically defiant chamber ensemble. --All About Jazz

The hugely respected and ultra-hip 'jazz and beyond' group The Claudia Quintet are one of the most influential jazz group in existence today. September is the seventh album by this award winning,
longstanding five-piece that is, in the words of Duke Ellington, a band 'beyond category'.
Led by composer and drummer John Hollenbeck, Claudia have quietly but firmly and definitively recast jazz into shimmering new shapes inflected by classical minimalism, new music, progressive rock and postrock.
Celebrating 15 years of work together with the release of September, this NYC ensemble's sound continues to explore the edge without alienating the mainstream, proving that genre-defying music can be for everyone.