Saturday, February 18, 2012

HONG KONG: Get in the groove for JAZZ FUSION with Asia Drum Master Don Ashley on stage!

Asia’s only surrealism-inspired hotel, The Luxe Manor, has just turned five. To celebrate, the hotel’s much-loved Dada Bar + Lounge (Dada) will be playing host to a series of three amazing Sunday night concerts presented by Kongo Rikishi. Having ROCK FUSION concert successfully held in early February, JAZZ FUSION concert (26 Feb), with Asia Drum Master Don Ashley on stage, and WORLD FUSION concert (25 Mar) will soon be live on Dada stage and further underline its status as TST’s premier musical showcase.
Get in the groove for JAZZ FUSION!
Solid and highly accomplished, the JAZZ FUSION quartet Dada has assembled for the second of its three evening shows on 26 Feb, Sunday, promises to explore both ultra-technical and incredibly melodic ground. If you love musos who believe in pushing harmonic envelopes to the very limit, guitarist Esan Shi, Asia Drum Master Don Ashley, bassist Alex Katsumata and New York keyboard wizard Jim Schneider promise you a truly unforgettable night.(Travel Blackboard)