Friday, June 29, 2018

DENMARK: CLT Trio-Every Second is a Blues(2018)

CLT consists of three notable musicians who has made a significant mark on the Danish and international jazz scene - both through acclaimed releases as leaders and as solid sidemen. Now they have joined forces in this new trio that combines an energetic and intense expression with a subtle responsiveness to the finer nuances.

The debut album Every Second Is a Blues consists of seven spontaneous improvisations recorded during a single day in the studio in the spring of 2017. Without any prior planning CLT creates a musical universe where there is room for both raw bursts of energy and thoughtful explorations. A common goal for the members of the trio is to let their personal expressions merge so that every track appears as a unified entity. With this in mind they change between abstract soundscapes, romantic tableaus and subtle grooves, all the time using as a point of departure the intense energy that occurs when musicians comes together and develops and explores the music in the moment.

With this release CLT offers their take on relevant music anno 2018, where freedom and presence are the keywords.

Casper Nyvang Rask: Double bass
Lars Fiil: Piano
Terkel Nørgaard: Drums