Friday, June 29, 2018

USA: Tom Tallitsch "Wheelhouse"(Posi-Tone 2018)

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Saxophonist Tom Tallitsch returns to the scene with steadfast earnestness and spotlights his strengths as a songwriter on his latest release "Wheelhouse." Prepare to be delighted, as Tallitsch unveils a captivating program of new compositions featuring the suitably swinging assistance of his label-mates Jon Davis on piano, Peter Brendler on bass, Vinnie Sperrazza on drums and Josh Lawrence on trumpet. Tallitsch continues to demonstrate a strong and well refined artistic vision for his own music as a leader that is both emotionally engaging, uplifting, and entertaining. With a delicate balance of modernity and classic aesthetics, "Wheelhouse" is insightfully straight forward, refreshingly melodic and full of bright moments for the ears of jazz fans everywhere.
1. Wheelhouse    6:10
2. Schlep City    4:25
3. Outnumbered    6:00
4. Red Eye    5:15
5. Paulus Hook    6:00
6. River    5:31
7. The Crusher    4:31
8. One For Jonny    6:23
9. Gas Station Hot Dog    6:00

all compositions by Tom Tallitsch

Tom Tallitsch - tenor sax
Josh Lawrence - trumpet
Jon Davis - piano
Peter Brendler - bass
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums

produced by Marc Free

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