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Award-winning trumpeter, composer, and bandleader Marquis Hill is a highly skilled jazz musician with a bent toward soulful post-bop. A native of Chicago, Hill earned his B.A. in music education and jazz studies from Northern Illinois University in 2009. Three years later, he received his Master's degree in jazz pedagogy from DePaul University. A highly lauded performer, Hill won first place in both the 2012 International Trumpet Guild's Jazz Improvisation Competition and the 2013 Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition. As a professional musician, he has performed with a wide array of artists including Benny Golson, Rodney Whitaker, Steve Turre, and others. He released his debut album, New Gospel, in 2011, followed by Sounds of the City in 2012. His third full-length album, The Poet, appeared in 2013. In 2014, Hill gained even further acclaim by winning the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute's International Jazz Competition. As part of his prize, Hill earned a recording contract with the Concord Music Group. On the heels of his win, he released his fourth studio album, the hip-hop-infused Modern Flows EP, Vol. 1. In 2016, he delivered his Concord debut, The Way We Play. ~ Matt Collar


Christian Scott, also known as Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is a two-time Edison Award winning (2010 and 2012) and Grammy Award nominated jazz trumpeter, composer and producer.

The Fall of 2015 marks Christian’s debut release on Ropeadope titled Christian Scott Stretch Music. The album demonstrates of Stretch music compositions that is sure to be an impactful statement of the genre.

USA: George Small & Sarah Larson - Jazzcats (2017)

George Small & Sarah Larson: Jazzcats
01. Toby (4:34)
02. Little Gigi (4:09)
03. Metromance (4:52)
04. Bopilection (6:04)
05. Lazy Daze (5:12)
06. Sami's Waltz (4:59)
07. Smunday Driviar (5:22)
08. Mitzi Eyes (5:16)
09. Angelized (5:23)
10. Flyover (6:19)
11. Intuit Now (6:26)
12. Metromance (5:02)

George Small - keyboards
Sarah Larson - electric violin
Warren Vaché - cornet
Marc Daine - guitar
Chip Fabrizi - drums

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USA: Bay Area Guitarist George Cotsirilos to Release "Mostly in Blue" (OA2 Records), Jan. 19

San Francisco Bay Area Guitarist/Composer
George Cotsirilos
To Release "Mostly in Blue,"
His Sixth Album,
January 19 on OA2 Records
CD Features His Working Trio of
Bassist Robb Fisher & Drummer Ron Marabuto +
Pianist Keith Saunders

February CD Release Shows  
Planned for Several San Francisco &
East Bay Venues

January 3, 2018
George Cotsirilos Quartet Mostly in BlueJazz guitarist/composer George Cotsirilos had previously recorded mostly in a trio setting with longtime associates Robb Fisher on bass and Ron Marabuto on drums. For his forthcoming sixth CD, Mostly in Blue, he expanded to a quartet, with pianist Keith Saunders, to shake up his approach a bit but also in the interests of being true to the music he was hearing in his head. OA2 Records will release the new CD on January 19.
"I started hearing a little different sound connected to the tunes I was writing," Cotsirilos says. "It seemed more amenable to a quartet, with a little more harmony underlying the melody line."
The trio tested out its chemistry with Saunders, a mainstay of the New York jazz scene with whom the guitarist had never played but both Fisher and Marabuto had. "When we first got together, it wasn't hard to tell it was working," he says. "We kind of jelled immediately. In the studio, even before we started playing tunes, when we were playing to get the sound, the chemistry was there. It's stunning how quickly Keith was there, on top of everything." Every track on the album was recorded in one or two takes.
In addition to six Cotsirilos originals, the repertoire includes a luminous arrangement of the Harry Warren-Mack Gordon classic "I Wish I Knew," where Saunders's presence liberates the stylistically wide-ranging guitarist to play legato more than he usually does. Another highlight is a feverishly fast performance of the Charlie Parker classic "Crazeology."
The band worked as their own producers in collaboration with engineer Dave Luke, a decorated veteran of Fantasy Records with whom Cotsirilos had worked several times. "We wanted the album to have a live feel," says Cotsirilos, and this live-in-studio sound can be heard as much in the playing as in the engineering, whether on Bird's bebop burner or the guitarist's slinky "Ms. Luna," written for his "troublemaking" cat.
"Blue Dusk," another Cotsirilos original, is a darkly shimmying tune with a swaying movement that puts the listener in the best kind of mood to greet the evening. And then there's "Down, Not Out," which in speaking to and for the underdog in these agonizing times suggests a cure for the melancholy many people are feeling today.
George Cotsirilos 
George Cotsirilos was born in Chicago in 1951. Under the influence of his aunt, a classical music devotee, he chose violin as his first instrument. His involvement in jazz was elevated when an uncle who'd played drums with the Woody Herman Orchestra took him to hear Louis Armstrong. Seeing Oscar Peterson and Erroll Garner play at Chicago's venerated London House turned him on to the piano. But during his teen years, with local notables including the Butterfield Blues Band and Michael Bloomfield making a national noise, he became strongly involved in blues guitar.
In 1969, Cotsirilos enrolled at UC Berkeley as a sociology major. He taught himself blues riffs, using his background in piano to improve technique. A turning point for him came when he commenced music studies with Warren Nunes, a phenomenal jazz guitarist and prolific writer of guitar books.
Nunes shifted Cotsirilos's attention to jazz and had him listen not just to great guitarists such as Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass but also luminaries on other instruments, among them John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and Bill Evans. Cotsirilos studied classical guitar privately as well through the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. 
George CotsirilosMusic wasn't the only thing vying for Cotsirilos's future. Born into a family of lawyers -- his late father, George, Sr., the son of Greek immigrants, was a prominent Chicago defense attorney -- Cotsirilos acquired a law degree with thoughts of getting involved in social causes. He became an assistant public defender, then moved on to a successful criminal defense practice in San Francisco and a faculty position at the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, where he taught criminal trial practice for fifteen years. At the same time, Cotsirilos continued to practice, perform, and record jazz, releasing co-led quartet and quintet albums featuring venerated drummer Eddie Marshall, and, in 2003, his first solo album, Silenciosa. He subsequently released three trio recordings with Fisher and Marabuto.
While he finally retired in recent years from practicing and teaching law, he has remained deeply involved in music. "I have done what I have for a number of reasons, both personal and socio-philosophical," he reflects. "Involvement in criminal law, while still trying to maintain and grow as a musician, was a life experience that was intense, often very rewarding, but also frenetic. Music, which was always there as a salvation, really, remains and now gets my full attention."          
The George Cotsirilos Quartet will be performing CD release shows at the following: 2/10Bird & Beckett, San Francisco; 2/18 St. Albans Church, Albany, CA; 2/25 Chez Hanny, San Francisco.  
Photography: Billy Douglas    
George Cotsirilos
George Cotsirilos "Mostly in Blue" EPK
Web Site:
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USA: John Maurer-Songs for My Son (2018)

John Maurer | Songs for My Son
Much love and sincere gratitude to everyone who performed, worked, composed, donated and supported this album. It is because of you that this dream of an album is now a reality. Special thanks to one person in particular: the love of my life, my best friend, my rock, my world, my reason, the mother to my son, the yin to my yang, my wife, Sarah. Thank you for always keeping me focused and always believing in me. I love you. 

Circled around each child's journey through life and a personal reflection of my own past, this album is a concept album with each track representing either a memory or a person, place or thing I've always held close to my heart. These descriptions are not always what the composer intended or even close to the meaning of the composition. These descriptions are what these pieces mean to me and mine alone...

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JazzWorldQuest T-shirts: Jazz Bass Musician Modern Style T-shirt

Jazz Bass Musician Modern Style T-shirt

Jazz Bass Musician Modern Style T-shirt

USA: Kelvyn Bell-Cubed Root Cure(2018)

Kelvyn Bell | Cubed Root Cure
Cubed Root Cure

Guitarist/composer Kelvyn Bell follows up on his 2015 solo release, “St. Louis Blu - Kelvyn Bell Plays Acoustic Guitar” with this return to audacity and electricity, “Cubed Root Cure”.

“Cubed Root Cure” is a collection of six original compositions recorded at Pappaw’s Porkchop Palace (Brooklyn, NY). All instruments were played by Kelvyn Bell (Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass), Sasha Forte (Organ, Synthesizer), and co-producer Lowball Jack (Bass, Guitar, Percussion). Kelvyn states, “This was about getting outside the comfort zone and straight into the experimental. I went for it with all the wildest stuff I could imagine.”

The opener, “Crocodile Smile”, is a straight up scorcher including a wicked break. “Cubed Root Cure”, the title track, is a slinky envelope filter masterpiece that counts out variables of time in nine, six and three. “I Say You Say” is an intense back and forth conversation over a rolling, swampy groove in seven. The loose, slightly dissonant “Spheric Monk” is a tribute to the idiosyncratic beauty of Thelonius Sphere Monk. The vibe for this tune arrived one night on the bandstand. Kelvyn jammed around on it all night long, and then recorded it the next day after no sleep. “Undulation” evokes the romance of old New York’s streets at dawn as distant muted horns hook up with the talking guitar down on the corner. The closer, “Desert Continuum”, feels at once old and new as ancient acoustic drone meets futuristic world electronica

USA: Hristo Vitchev Quartet-Of Light and Shadows(2018)

Hristo Vitchev Quartet | Of Light and Shadows

"Of Light and Shadows" marks the 8th release as a leader by the internationally acclaimed modern jazz guitarist Hristo Vitchev and his highly sophisticated impressionistic quartet.

Referred by the media as one of the newest and most innovative voices in modern jazz guitar, Hristo's music has been captivating audiences all across the globe. At only age 37 he has already released 8 critically acclaimed albums as a leader plus 4 more releases as a co-leader. As JazzTimes magazine describes his music: “Vitchev’s sophisticated and adventurous work is imbued with shimmering harmonies and lyrical improvisations.”
"Vitchev’s multihued compositions are like impressionistic sound paintings." - JAZZIZ
CRITICAL JAZZ says: "Hristo Vitchev may be one of the best kept secrets in jazz today. He is the epitome of sonic gold."

"Bulgaria-born, Bay Area-based guitarist Hristo Vitchev, having firmly established himself as a gentle giant in the contemporary jazz scene, seems always willing and able to reinvent himself while holding true to the integrity of his artistry." – ECM REVIEWS

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JazzWorldQuest T-shirts: Legendary Night Stage Jazz Lounge-Vintage T-shirt

Legendary Night Stage Jazz Lounge-Vintage T-shirt

Legendary Night Stage Jazz Lounge-Vintage T-shirt

UK: Idris Rahman, Leon Brichard, Tom Skinner-WILDFLOWER (2017)

Wildflower is a trio comprising Idris Rahman (sax), Leon Brichard (bass) and Tom Skinner (drums).

The trio takes you on an intense, meditative and spiritual musical journey that embodies the spirit of freedom. Based around hypnotic grooves laid down by Brichard’s unswervingly solid bass lines, drummer Skinner plays around artfully with the beats, grooving hard in constantly shifting, unexpected turns of rhythmic play. Rahman’s contributions range from subtle conversational interplay to loudly expressed angry passion to the most delicate of whispers, conveying a depth of emotion and a deep sense of musical structure withIn an ever changing sea of musical conversation.

Using simple, arresting melodies as a starting point, the trio create freely improvised waves of emotion ranging from powerful climaxes to hauntingly beautiful breath-like passages and everything in-between, creating unique forms and structures that react to the acoustics and the atmosphere of the situation.

Taking inspiration from the spiritual jazz pioneers such as John and Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Yusef Lateef and Sun Ra, compositional influences range from Gnawa music to modal jazz to Bengali folk music but the scope is wider still and the important unifying... more
released June 9, 2017

Idris Rahman: Flute, Saxophone.
Leon Brichard: Fretless bass, Double bass, Electric bass
Tom Skinner: Drums

USA: Lyndol Descant-All Love(2018)

Lyndol Descant | All Love

Lyndol Descant is a pianist, singer and composer originally from Texas. Currently living in Brooklyn, teaching music and soaking up the renaissance of art and music happening all around her.
She studied Jazz Piano and Composition in Paris, France after falling in love with musical improvisation. She enjoys improvising in all genres, and her compositions come from this place of pure creation.
The songs on this album reflect macro to micro the struggles facing humanity today; Sex Wars, Vicious Valentine, and Lonely Hearted talk about the toxic aspects of masculine and feminine roles and relationships. Storm speaks to the awe of nature, whilst Reeds is a song of thankfulness for the role nature has played in her life. It's also about learning to trust, something that Let You Love Me sings of as well. And her title track, produced by Colin Hua, tracks the path of a sincere women in search of real love and enlightenment, but living in a dualist world. 
Her sound is unique; a blend of her Texas Folk and Rock roots, with her love of Pop and Jazz. It's true fusion, pleasing whilst rebelling, avant guard without the pretense.
This Album is her 2nd Depo LB - a term she came up with to describe the nature of this recording. She produced all the instrumental tracks in her Logic Pro Home Studio. She recorded the vocals with Casey Holford. It's both a 'Demo' and an 'EP', and the attached 'LB' signifies it's transcendence of a low budget. Something many musicians face these days, but that hasn't stopped Lyndol. And her lightheartedness and humor is felt in her music as well.

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JazzWorldQuest T-shirts: Jazz Day 2018 St Petersburg Russian Federation 2018 T-shirt

Jazz Day 2018 St Petersburg Russian Federation 2018 T-shirt

Jazz Day 2018 St Petersburg Russian Federation 2018 T-shirt

USA: Steve Slagle-Dedication(2018)

Steve Slagle | Dedication

Steve Slagle's follow-up to his last much acclaimed 'ALTO MANHATTAN' is titled 'DEDICATION' and each of the 9 newly presented songs have a specific dedication listed.Included in the extraordinary 8-panel cd design is an original painting for 'Sun Song' by the great artist Ivan Palamatchev.
With Steve on Sax and flute, the cast of characters on this new work are similar and yet wholly different than Alto Manhattan.Bass and Drums are Scott Colley and Bill Stewart respectively with Lawrence 'law' Fields on piano.Dave Stryker is special guest on electric and acoustic guitars on several tracks as well as the great congero Roman Diaz.
Brimming with enthusiasm, it is a relentlessly driving recording,reaching out to a large audience.

DID NOT EXIST BEFORE" --WiLLIAM FAULKNER,Nobel acceptance speech

UK: Nubya Garcia-Nubya's 5ive (2017)

Joe Armon-Jones / Piano (all tracks)
Moses Boyd / Drums (all tracks)
Daniel Casimir / Bass (all tracks)
Femi Koloeso / Drums (1, 3, 6)
Sheila Maurice-Grey / Trumpet (1)
Theon Cross / Tuba (3, 6)

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CANADA: Flute News - January 2018 - Bill McBirnie

Flute News - January 2018 - Bill McBirnie

Hi, Folks:

Here are a few items (each of which is set out in a little more detail just below my signature).





As always, thanks very much…both for reading and for listening!…


Bill McBirnie - Extreme Flute
Phone:  (416) 652-1541
"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.  In practice, there is."  (Yogi Berra)


I don't play classical music much anymore.  However, that is not because I don't like it!

I was recently called upon to take part in an interesting classical/jazz cross-over project that will materialize sometime in 2018 (...which I will leave  "unspecified" for the time being!...)  

However, I have actually done this sort of thing in the past, and here is an example.

It is the second movement from Ravel’s piano concerto in G, performed by Patti Loach (on piano) and me (… n "symphony orchestra"!…)  

At around the 2:50 mark, I start to pick-and-play various string and woodwind lines from the score in an effort to single handedly…complete the effect!… :-)


For those who might be interested, here is a complete transcription of a solo that I played on the tune "Triste" on a jobbing gig with the Fernando Tavares Quartet (which also included Lajos Botos on bass and Enrique Loyola on drums).

This transcription was done by Leonard van Biljouw of the Netherlands (…and I have no idea how he managed to do it…because I know I could never have done it myself!…) :-)

Anyway, the YOUTUBE clip is here:

And the transcription is here:


…The REAL Pres!… :-)


If you need - or want - any flute, alto flute and/or piccolo work (or perhaps some flute/improvisation coaching), then just drop me a line at

And please note that the following gig listing is in DESCENDING order.  

You can always find a current/updated listing at the following link:

Fri., May 25, 2018 at 9:00 p.m.
Mezzetta Restaurant
681 St. Clair Ave. W. (at Christie)
Toronto, Ontario
Part of the inaugural "Mezzetta Mini-Jazz Festival"
With BERNIE SENENSKY (...and an ALL-Brazilian program!...)

Fri., Feb. 9, 2018 at 8:00 p.m.
Hirut Restaurant
2050 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
With the DON NADURIAK E= Band!

Tues., Jan. 23, 2018 at 3:00 p.m.
Valleyview Residence
541 Finch Ave. W.
Toronto, Ontario

Thurs., Jan. 18, 201 at 2:00 p.m.
Sunnybrook Hospital - Warrior's Hall
2075 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Fri., Jan. 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
Ripley’s Aquarium (right next to the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower)
288 Bremner Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario

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