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Saturday, July 22, 2017

UK: Rob Luft- Riser (2017)

ROB LUFT guitar
JOE WRIGHT tenor saxophone
JOE WEBB hammond organ, piano and harmonium

1. Night Songs 5.20 // 2. Riser 6.15 // 3. Beware 4.44 // 4. Slow Potion 2.33 // 5. Different Colours Of Silence 3.40 // 6. Dust Settles 5.04 // 7. Shorty 3.53 // 8. Blue, White and Dreaming 3.41 9. St. Brian I 5.57 // 10. We Are All Slowly Leaving 8.15

All music by Rob Luft except ‘Shorty’ by Rob Luft, Tom McCredie and Corrie Dick

Riser is the new album from London-born award-winning guitarist Rob Luft. A musician of incredible talent, depth and maturity, Rob Luft is set to become a name to remember. At only 23 years of age his proficiency as a guitarist and composer embodies a level of musicianship and vision well beyond his years. A winner of the prestigious Kenny Wheeler Music Prize as well as placing second in The 2016 Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition, Rob is already garnering praise from critics across Europe. The UK’s Jazzwise Magazine has highlighted his “obvious star quality” and Riser is an album that stands up to scrutiny as one of the finest debut records in many years in the burgeoning creative current UK Jazz scene.

“Riser marks the first occasion on which I’ve released a selection of my original songs. I have always considered myself as being primarily a performer and secondly a composer” says Rob “and feel more at home standing on the kind of “Riser” that can be found in London’s jazz clubs rather than sitting at home writing music.”

USA: Dave Keyes Band Sunday Blues/ Gospel Brunch Live@The Falcon Sunday, July 23rd 10:30am

 Frank Pagano/drums
Sue Williams/ bass
Chris Eminizer/ saxophone
Sunday, July 23rd 10:30am
Sunday Blues/ Gospel Brunch Live@The Falcon

1348 US-9W, Marlboro, NY 12542
(845) 236-7970
Tickets & Info

New York City native keyboardist, singer and songwriter Dave Keyes is a 30 year veteran of the Blues, Roots and Americana music scene. He has released five highly acclaimed albums under his own name, has been named the “Best Unsigned Artist” by Keyboard magazine, and also has been nominated by the Blues Foundation for the annual Pinetop Perkins best piano player award. His sixth album titled “The Healing” featuring Popa Chubby and many other special guests is slated for release in May.

Dave has played with some of the most important figures of blues, roots and folk music, having had long musical relationships with Odetta, David Johansen, Bo Diddley, rockabilly legend Sleepy LaBeef and gospel great Marie Knight among many others. In addition to his own solo gigs and gigs with the Dave Keyes Band, he currently can be found playing with Popa Chubby, Rock and Roll Queen Ronnie Spector, and gospel/blues innovator Alexis P. Suter and the Ministers of Sound.

Dave’s music finds its roots in deep blues, soul and rock and roll. These roots are the foundation of his recent albums and vibrant live shows. His recent albums have received 3 ½ stars from Downbeat magazine and are rambunctious sets of mostly original material that range from New Orleans second line funk to slow sensual blues, swaggering shuffles and boisterous rocking boogie woogie.

Dave ‘s live work both with his own band and with others, have earned him many kudos including the Dave Keyes Band winning the Blues Foundations International Blues Competition. His festival appearances under his own name include King Biscuit, Mississippi Valley, 3 appearances at France’s prestigious Cognac Blues Festival and annual appearances at Lugano, Switzerland’s Blues to Bop festival among many others. The last several years, Dave has also toured Europe extensively with both Popa Chubby and Ronnie Spector often doing double duty opening the shows as a solo artist.

In addition to those mentioned previously Dave has also worked as a sideman for a who’s who of roots music masters such as Eddy Clearwater, Big Jay McNeely, Tracy Nelson, Gladys Knight, Pam Tillis, Darlene Love, and the late great Ruth Brown, Lou Rawls and Levon Helm.

Over the last 20 years, Dave has worked in many roles as a band leader and conductor for both Broadway shows and TV, most notably conducting over 600 performances during the 6 year Grammy winning Broadway smash run of Smokey Joe’s Café. Dave also served as the musical director and band leader for the nationally syndicated NBC TV morning show “the Ainsley Harriott show”. Since then, he's conducted and performed in the orchestras of Broadway musicals Lennon, Urban Cowboy and the Earth Wind & Fire inspired Hot Feet.

Dave also writes music for televison and the media. With saxophonist Chris Eminizer, their company Crave Music creates underscoring and songs that have appeared in numerous TV and films.Their work runs the gamut from emotional underscore, to vintage R&R, to contemporary Alternative and Indie Rock.

USA: Danny Kamins / Damon Smith / Alvin Fielder / Joe Hertenstein-After Effects (2017)

Danny Kamins- baritone sax
Damon Smith- double bass
Alvin Fielder- drums, percussion
Joe Hertenstein- drums, percussion

Friday, July 21, 2017

USA: Please vote for ALLAN HOLDSWORTH and MOONJUNE in 82nd Annual DownBeat Readers Poll

in 82nd Annual DownBeat Readers Poll
If this link somehow doesn't work, please go to https://www.downbeat.com
New York, July 18, 2017

Dear Friends in Music

This is a Friendly Invitation to vote in the 82nd Annual DownBeat Readers Poll for ALLAN HOLDSWORTH in DOWNBEAT HALL OF FAME category, and  for MOONJUNE in RECORD LABEL OF THE YEAR category. Voting is officially open now, and jazz and beyond jazz fans can vote in 34 different categories:

Hall Of Fame • Jazz Artist • Jazz Group • Big Band
Jazz Album (Released between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017)
Historical Album (Released between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017)
Trumpet • Trombone • Soprano Saxophone • Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone • Baritone Saxophone • Clarinet • Flute
Piano • Keyboard • Organ • Guitar • Bass • Electric Bass • Violin
Drums • Vibraphone • Percussion • Miscellaneous Instrument
Male Vocalist • Female Vocalist • Composer • Arranger • Record Label
Blues Artist  • Blues Album  (Released between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017)
Beyond Artist Or Group • Beyond Album  (Released bet. June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017)

If this link somehow doesn't work, please go to https://www.downbeat.com

Please vote at Your earliest convenience. The poll will close in the end of Summer and results will be published in the December issue of DownBeat Magazine which will hit newsstands and reach subscribers from the end of October 2017.

Last year (2016), MoonJune Records - a truly and brutally independent one-man-operated New York City based record label with focus on progressive music exploring and expanding boundaries of Jazz, Rock, Avant, Ethno, the Unknown and Anything in Between and beyond - arrived at the 7th place among much bigger and much more established record companies with larger marketing budget, and whose staff overwhelmingly outnumbers my stuff, composed solely by Me, Myself and I. MoonJune records is largely a labor of love, I do what I like, I like what I do, and all artists on my label are also my friends. We are an extended family of similarly minded people. We enjoy what we do. Besides some household jazz-rock-fusion and prog-rock names, MoonJune Records promotes many talented musicians that probably You have not heard of before, or have heard but haven't tasted their music, extraordinary artists from Indonesia, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Belgium, Israel, UK, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Germany, USA. This year, I humbly invite You again to vote for MoonJune Records at the 82nd annual DownBeat Readers Poll 2017. And of course You can vote for any other great jazz and beyond album, artist and more, or other label. Your vote counts.

But this time I also have a very special request. Earlier this year, on April 15, my long time friend with whom I had a more than special personal and professional relation for over 15 years, the legendary Allan Holdsworth, passed away at his home in Vista, CA. There is no greater measure of a life well lived than the amount of people he had impacted, and by that measure the artist Allan Holdsworth lived a very good life. This man took a plank of wood, a few strings, and some wires and transformed people's lives in a way that few others have. The ultimate genius of the rarest kind. One of THE greatest musicians ever lived. Allan Holdsworth is above all, the ultimate Jazz musician. My very special request is to vote for ALLAN HOLDSWORTH in the HALL OF FAME category at the 82nd Annual DownBeat Readers Poll. For whatever unknown reasons, his name wasn't listed by DownBeat stuff among so many great jazz and beyond jazz artists, but at the end of the list, there is a little box where Youc an make Your own choice, and I am kindly asking You, to include the great name of ALLAN HOLDSWORTH in that box. He truly deserves this.

If this link somehow doesn't work, please go to https://www.downbeat.com

Besides voting for ALLAN HOLDSWORTH in the HALL OF FAME category and MOONJUNE in the RECORD LABEL OF THE YEAR category, I suggest the following MoonJune Records & MoonJune Music (booking/management) albums and artists (plus special guests appearing on MoonJune related releases) whose albums were released between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.

Jazz Artist category suggestions:

• Jazz Group category suggestions:

• Jazz Album (Released bet. June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017) category suggestions:
DWIKI DHARMAWAN, Pasar Klewer (MoonJune)
DEWA BUDJANA, Zentuary (Favored Nations)
NICOLAS MEIER, Infinity (Favored Nations)
Soprano Saxophone category:
GILAD ATZMON (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album)
DANNY MARKOVITCH (plays on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)

Tenor Saxophone category:
TIM GARLAND (plays on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)

Clarinet category:
GILAD ATZMON (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album)

Flute category:
SAAT SYAH (plays on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)
DIKI SUWARJIKI (plays on Tohpati Ethnomission's Mata Hati album)

Piano category:
DWIKI DHARMAWAN (Pasar Klewer album)
GARY HUSBAND (plays on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)

Keyboard category:
GARY HUSBAND (plays on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)

Guitar category:
MARK WINGFIELD (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album, and Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis' The Stone House album)
DEWA BUDJANA (Zentuary album)
TOHPATI (Mata Hati album)
NICOLAS MEIER (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album; and Infinity album)

Bass category:
TONY LEVIN (plays upright bass on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)
YARON STAVI (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album)

Electric Bass category:
YARON STAVI (plays on Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis' The Stone House album)
JIMMY HASLIP (plays on Nicolas Meier's Infinity album)
INDRO HARDJODIKORO (plays on Tohpati Ethynomission's Mata hati album)

Violin category:
DAVID CROSS (plays of Stick Men's Midori album)
ARIS DARYONO (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album)
RICHARD JONES (plays on Nicolas Meier's Infinity album)

Drums category:
ASAF SIRKIS (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album, and Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis' The Stone House album)
GARY HUSBAND (plays on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)
JACK DEJOHNETTE (plays on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)
VINNIE COLAIUTA (plays on Nicolas Meier's Infinity album)
DEMAS NARAWANGSA (plays on Tohpati Ethnomission's Mata Hati album)
PAT MASTELOTTO (plays on Stick Men's Midori and Prog Noir albums)

• Percussion category:
ARIS DARYONO (plays on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album)

• Miscellaneous Instruments category:
MARKUS REUTER (touch guitar) (plays on Stick Men's Midori and Prog Noir albums and Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis' The Stone House album)

Male Vocalist category:
BORIS SAVOLDELLI (sings on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album)
TONY LEVIN (sings on Stick Men's Midori and Prog Noir albums)

• Female Vocalist category:
UBIET (sings on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)
RISA SARASWATI (sings on Dewa Budjana's Zentuary album)
PENI CANDRA RINI (sings on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewer album)

• Composer category:

• Arranger category:

• Record Label category;

• Beyond Artist Or Group category:

• Beyond Album (Released bet. June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017) category:
STICK MEN, Prog Noir (Iapetus/MoonJune)
STICK MEN, Midori (Iapetus/MoonJune)
DEWA BUDJANA, Zentuary (Favored Nations)

If this link somehow doesn't work, please go to https://www.downbeat.com 

GERMANY/NETHERLANDS: Bazga-Abenteuer Statik(2017)

Abenteuer Statik

Evgeny Ring – alto saxophone
Uli Weber – guitar
Jort Terwijn – double bass
Hans Arnold – drums

 Bazga from Cologne, Leipzig and Nijmegen (NL) create intimate and intense moments of music. Lyrical and melancholically melodic, yet on the edge of drifting into rawness, they easily combine different musical influences and backgrounds, ranging from the raw spirit and attitude of post rock to the freedom and colouration of jazz and improvised music in general. The Band’s original compositions leave enough space for improvisation and interaction between these four protagonists and their instruments, levitating effortlessly, crossing chaotic soundscapes, reuniting in melodic unison, dissolving in calmness mutually. Bazga are known for the sparkling atmosphere and a wide range of dynamic variations they create while performing.

USA: New Release: Jane Ira Bloom-Wild Lines:Improvising Emily Dickinson

New Release: Jane Ira Bloom-Wild Lines:Improvising Emily Dickinson

Jane Ira Bloom (soprano saxophone)
Dawn Clement (piano)
Mark Helias (bass)
Bobby Previte (drums)

+ 2017 DownBeat Critics Poll
Soprano Saxophonist Of The Year

(2 CD Set Outline OTL 143)
Street Date: September 8, 2017

American original Jane Ira Bloom does it again. This time the 21st-century soprano saxophonist reimagines the poetry of 19th-century visionary Emily Dickinson in two different settings. Her new 2 Cd pack showcases her jazz quartet’s interpretation of Dickinson’s poetry and includes a second version for jazz quartet and spoken word featuring readings by popular stage & film actor Deborah Rush. After the success of her 2016 trio album release Early Americans, Bloom shifts gears with Wild Lines / Improvising Emily Dickinson (OTL143) showcasing her acclaimed quartet in dialogue with poetry in her seventeenth album and first foray into music and text. Her sound is like no other on the straight horn and she lets it fly with long-time band mates Dawn Clement (piano), Mark Helias (bass) & Bobby Previte (drums). Adding the Emily Dickinson narrative to the ensemble on disc 2 is acclaimed actor Deborah Rush. Bloom composed Wild Lines when she was awarded a 2015 CMA/ Doris Duke New Jazz Works commission. She was inspired to musically reimagine Dickinson when she learned that the poet was a pianist and improviser herself, reconfirming what she’d always felt in the jazz-like quality of Dickinson’s phrasing. “I didn’t always understand her but I always felt Emily’s use of words mirrored the way a jazz musician uses notes.” Wild Lines’ premiere at the poet’s home in Amherst, MA was followed by performances at the Kennedy Center and the NYPL for the Performing Arts. The ensemble then headed into Avatar Studios to record in stereo and surround-sound with renowned audio engineer Jim Anderson. The album features fourteen Bloom originals inspired by fragments of Dickinson poetry and prose mined from both her collected works and envelope poems “The Gorgeous Nothings.” The album closes with a solo rendition of an American classic, Rodgers & Hart’s ”It’s Easy to Remember.” Artist Gina Werfel contributes a stunning motion painting for the CD’s cover image. Wild Lines / Improvising Emily Dickinson illuminates why jazz critic Brian Priestly called Jane Ira Bloom “the poet of the soprano saxophone.”

 “music of great individuality and originality that could belong to no one else
– Nick Lea, Jazzviews

Upcoming Live Appearance

Wild Lines: Improvising Emily Dickinson
w/Dawn Clement, Dean Johnson,
Bobby Previte, & Deborah Rush

Fri, Aug 11 @ 8:00 pm

Buckley Recital Hall
Amherst College
53 College St
Amherst, MA
(413) 542-2034

tickets $18

News & Events | Jane Ira Bloom performance of "Wild Lines" | Amherst College



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Thursday, July 20, 2017

USA: Earnest Echols-...For Love Life and Music (2017)

Earnest Echols | ...For Love Life and Music 

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Earnest Echols is an musician, educator and advocate for the arts in all genres. This project is one many to come. This music is derived from years of exposure to different cultures, genres of music and diverse styles of composers and arrangers.

1. Another Time
2. You Can Have It All
3. Psalm 91
4. Rather Be
5. The Choice Is Yours
6. Grass
7. Groovin' Overseas  

UK: Allan Holdsworth-FLATTire(2016)

Allan Holdsworth’s 11th album, FLATTire was released in 2001 and highlights Allan Holdsworth's use of the MIDI-controller, guitar-like Synthaxe, and is based on a soundtrack for a non-existent movie, marking a period of reflection in the artist's life. However, the album did not receive much attention amid a sparse print run. Here, the guitarist integrates the broad tonal aspects of the synthaxe with his time-honored guitar prowess. He casts impassioned sentiment, and explores the dominion of a film soundtrack, used as a basis for the overall program. His curvy notes, often tinted with a buttery sound are morphed with symphonic clusters, mood-evoking electronics treatments, and melodically focused riffs. Holdsworth mans the ship alone other than late bass great Dave Carpenter's support on two tracks. Thus, the album merges an electro, prog-rock vibe with orchestral voicings and an organic touch, filled with a throng of spikey dynamics and delicate hues. Holdsworth spins an electronics-classical perspective on "The Duplicate Man." With his synthaxe, he emulates strings and horns with dusky chord-like voicings and employs a polyrhythmic digital drum groove that establishes a hearty momentum via a progressive- rock modality. With polytonal accents and instances of lament and jubilance, he injects trinkets of sound-sculpting maneuvers into this deceptively complex piece, paced with sinewy lines and his renowned legato phraseology. Holdsworth is a master at surging into perilous flights, while tempering the waters with mournful hooks. Indeed, it's a many-sided piece that showcases one of several noteworthy compositions. This proficiently remastered product tenders an engaging alternative to his familiar artistry. It's an album that fell through the cracks back in 2001 and thankfully available in its multihued splendor for the present.

USA: New Release: Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh "Expedition" (Sunnyside 1487) Street Date: July 21, 2017

New Release:
Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh


Denny Zeitlin
Acoustic piano / hardware & virtual synthesizers /keyboards

George Marsh
drums & percussion

(Sunnyside Records 1487)
Street Date: July 21, 2017
For longtime collaborators Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh much of their enthusiasm for music lies in exploration of new terrain. Their recording Expedition finds them continuing their journey into the worlds of sound and spontaneous composition.

Pianist Denny Zeitlin has long been in the vanguard of musical innovation. His 1960s acoustic trio was one of the first to advance beyond the concepts of Bill Evans, and his genre defying electro-acoustic experiments were some of the most intriguing from a jazz musician.

Zeitlin always wanted to develop his ability to be more expansive with his sound. As a child, the pianist dreamed of being able to control an orchestra with a single device. Zeitlin was obviously ready for the advances in synthesized sounds that developed, especially during the 1960s and 1970s, which put an orchestra at his fingertips. He quickly adopted synthesizers and sound design into his musical language, creating classic records like Expansion and the soundtrack to Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Innovative percussionist George Marsh was there through all of these electro-acoustic professional musical excursions, offering a sympathetic and advanced sense of what percussion could add in these widely varying situations. His egoless approach makes him a perfect partner for Zeitlin, as everything they do together serves the music.

During the past four years, Zeitlin and Marsh’s collaboration has been reenergized. Meeting regularly at Zeitlin’s home studio, the two have explored new topographies in collaborative music making. They both see their meetings as a privilege, as there are no pressures of time, finance or extraneous purpose to impede their enthusiastic music making.

Zeitlin's studio, with its array of keyboards, synthesizers, grand piano, pedals, outboard gear, computers, and monitors, evokes images of Mission Control at NASA.

Setting up to preserve track separation while recording, Zeitlin and Marsh are unable to see each other, and depend upon a rapport that seems telepathic.  They have focused on free improvisation—spontaneous compositions that arise with no preconception. With their shared vision, the music is allowed to bloom on its own accord; there is a fluidity within the sound as harmonic and rhythmic textures weave themselves in and out. Times signatures often do not apply, as many of the pieces find the collaborators switching and blending continually.

The initial presentation of some of the fruits of their labor was the critically acclaimed Riding The Moment (Sunnyside, 2015.)

Two years later, their follow-up recording, Expedition, shows just how profound their relationship has become. The music demonstrates the very feeling of delight that the musicians take in the freedom they have in conjuring their music.

The music presented is inspired and stylistically varied. There are atmospheric pieces, like “Geysers” and the quietly surging “The Hunt,” and ballad-like ruminations, like the ambient “Thorns of Life” and “Spiral Nebula.” The pulsating uptempo tracks are rhythmically fascinating, like the skittery percussion highlight “Shooting The Rapids” and the driving “Sentinel.” The triumphant “Expedition” is a perfect example of the duo’s goal of creating a succinct composition with direction and arc, all spontaneously in the moment.

Zeitlin and Marsh's forward-thinking collaboration spans 50 years. Their connection has only gotten stronger as they have invested themselves in expanding their vocabularies in electric-acoustic and improvised music. Expedition brilliantly displays what two highly attuned and flexible musicians can create on the fly. 



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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

CANADA: KoSA 22-Drumming up a Storm in Montréal!

Montreal, QC - The renown KoSA International Percussion Workshop and Drum Camp celebrated its 22nd edition in Montréal, Québec this past June. KoSA Co-Founders and Directors, Aldo Mazza and Dr. Jolán Kovács did not disappoint individuals who came from all over Canada and the United States to attend this inspiring and very intense event. And, we mean intense as every faculty member worked these participants to the bone in hands-on classes! In fact, on certain days, the participants played relentlessly for nearly 10 hours! (with meal breaks of course!) As first time KoSA participant Amy Bloom of Maryland (USA), stated: “Participating in KoSA was exhausting and exhilarating. Sometimes difficult and sometimes just plain fun. Altogether an incredible experience.”

The jam-packed schedule included a total percussion immersion of instruments and styles that were offered to all students regardless of their age or level of ability. An unforgettable time was had in the hugely energetic West African classes of Billy Konaté, and then there was the soothing sounds of the classical marimba delivered by Beverley Johnston who performed in an exuberant duet with Aldo Mazza, featuring the compositions of former KoSA Faculty Julie Spencer and Christos Hatzis. Aldo Mazza continued on with his own class on Southern Italian frame drum techniques where he also introduced his “tamburino” signature frame drum, exploiting its applications for the drum set. He then gave an additional class on hybrid drum set playing for the percussionist, mixing African drumming, Cuban drumming, hand percussion of all types, electronic percussion and looping within a live performance.

Mario DeCiutiis wowed the participants with his latest innovation: the JamKAT’R – a banjo-shaped electronic hand percussion instrument with incredible sounds and surprises. And speaking of surprises, a surprise class was inserted in the schedule by the infamous rocker, Jerry Mercer of the Canadian group April Wine, which was inspirational for those who know the history of this legendary group. The week continued with the incomparable Glen Velez who taught Asian and Arabic frame drum techniques and hypnotized everyone with his interactive vocalization and Central Asian overtone singing. Vovo Saramanda, Brazilian master percussionist, taught Brazilian rhythms and worked with the participants on Brazilian Batucada Ensemble. As the week progressed, KoSA reserved another surprise for the participants – a special concert/presentation delivered by Nanny Assis – an award-winning singer/songwriter, percussionist and drummer. He was accompanied by his trio members, Leonardo Lucini on bass and the superbly talented KoSA Faculty alumni, Arthur Lipner on vibes and marimba. This performance was so completely moving, none wanted this magical evening to come to an end.

And what can be better in KoSA’s “drum heaven” then being in the intimate company of masters like Horacio Hernandez who clearly showed why he is known in the industry as “the octopus” as he effortlessly instructed and performed his multilevel independence techniques on the drum set.

Participants were inspired to showcase their own talents on Friday afternoon. There were many memorable performances including West African djembe ensemble, various trios featuring participants on drumset accompanied by KoSA’s talented rhythm section: Reinaldo Gomez Ruiz from Cuba on bass and the immensely talented Montreal artist who also is on faculty at the KoSA Academy, Yoel Diaz. Finally, the icing on the cake was attending the mind-blowing concert of Mark Guiliana and Donny McCaslin at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

KoSA donated Jazz Festival tickets to all registered KoSA 22 participants. And surprise, Mark Guiliana then arrived early the next day to be a part of the KoSA Faculty and to share stories with the participants, to perform and to give priceless music educational advice to all – Guiliana was a KoSA camp participant for two years in a row when he was a teenager.

This year’s theme: “Hey. Change Your Life. DRUM” was a fitting message about having the power to change one’s current circumstance in life by making the choice to live life to the fullest through the power of music. Mazza and Kovács urged participants to actively change the fast paced, over-worked nature of our lives and breathe; to listen to one another and to free themselves through the proven magic of drumming. This is just what KoSA 22 participants practiced, morning, noon and night. Regardless of the wide-ranging ages from young teens to mature adults, all attendees bonded as family members within the unique and special ambience all KoSA events exhibit.

Continuing the long-standing tradition, KoSA awarded “Lifetime Achievement” awards this year to two very deserving KoSA Faculty members: Horacio Hernandez, for his tremendous contribution to bringing Cuban music to modern day drumset performance and jazz improvisation, and Mark Guiliana, a first-time KoSA Faculty member, was the recipient of the second award, for his creative and innovative drumming concepts and techniques that continue to inspire the next generation of drummers and percussionists worldwide.

Graciously sponsored by : Ludwig, Sabian, Evans, Promark, PinchClip, Gon Bops, Pearl, Gretsch, Istanbul-Mehmet, Remo, KAT, Vic Firth, Alfred, Marimba One, Cympad, and Mike Balter Mallets.

The KoSA world is continuously in expansion with programs not only in USA but also in Cuba ,Europe and in China. For more information on all things KoSA, visit us at www.kosamusic.com and at facebook.com/kosamusic

Aldo Mazza
Adjunct Instructor Castleton University
KoSA Academy
KoSA Cuba Travel

Artist interviews:


Aldo Mazza book: Cuban Rhythms for Percussion & Drum Set”


join our email list : kosamusic.com

NEXT event: KoSA 22nd annual Camp with legends-MONTREAL , June 26-July 1, 2017 & Attend the Montreal Jazz Festival
University credits available

* KoSA DVD available at www.kosamusic.com -9 lessons with the Masters