Saturday, July 4, 2015

SPAIN: Marcio Mattos ‎– SOL[os] (EMANEM Records 2015)

MARCIO MATTOS cello, double bass, electronics

Marcio Mattos’s first instrument was the cello. He took a few lessons on it, but then the youthful urge to play something sexier won out and the instrument was resigned to its case. Instead, an acoustic guitar was acquired, learnt, then played to semi pro-level in bossa nova bands.

It was during the later semi-pro years that Mattos discovered jazz and, with it, the double bass. He’d graduated to composing and arranging some of the band’s material, and felt a bass would help build the harmonic potential of the group, but there was seemingly no place for it in the line-ups he played in.


UK: Roger Turner, Otomo Yoshihide ‎– The Last Train (Fataka 2015)

USA/ITALY:The Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra-Home Away (Neuklang Records 2015)

Colours Jazz Orchestra: HOME AWAY FROM HOME
Ayn Inserto - composition & conductor
Trumpets: Giorgio Caselli; Luca Giardini; Giacomo Uncini; Samuele Garofoli; Jeff Claassen
Trombones: Massimo Morganti; Carlo Piermartire; Luca Pernici; Pierluigi Bastioli
Simone La Maida - alto sax,soprano sax, flute, clarinet
Maurizio Moscatelli - alto sax, flute, clarinet
Filippo Sebastianelli - tenor sax, clarinet
Antonangelo Giudice - tenor sax,clarinet
Marco Postacchini - baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute
Luca Pecchia - guitar
Emilio Marinelli - piano
Gabriele Pesaresi - double bass
Massimo Manzi - drums

Friday, July 3, 2015

ITALY: Black Coffee - Punto D'incontro ( GBMUSIC 2015)

Punto D'incontro, Black Coffee

02.Bern Que Se Quis (e po' che fa)
03.Casa Pre-fabricada
04.Inutil Paisagem
05.All Of Me (Disse Alguem)
07.Tell Him
09.Three Little Birds
10.Samba e Amor

CROATIA: Matija Dedic- Ligherian Rhapsody (Piano Solo Improvisation) (Workin' Label 2015)

Ligherian Rhapsody (Piano Solo Improvisation), Matija Dedic
"Ligheryan Rhapsody", the new album by the croatian pianist and composer Matija Dedić that arrives at his first solo work after fifteen years of intense recording activity. The idea of the album was born spontaneously by some piano improvisations during recording sessions while he was working with other projects. After three successive improvisation’s sessions the music takes shape in eleven piano solo songs that would make the track list. The compositions appear as a deep reflection on improvised music, the world in which the author perceives the existence to its full expression, and at the same time a tribute to composers of contemporary music who influenced him along his artistic career.-Workin' Label

USA: Wayne Wallace-Intercambio (2015)

For Wayne Wallace, Intercambio doesn’t refer to a trendy idea or an optimistic gloss on difficult international relations. In his creatively charged body of music, intercambio, or cultural interchange, is a soul-deep communion, an ongoing and never ending intra-family conversation between the extraordinarily rich African Diaspora cultures of the United States and Cuba (and various Caribbean cousins). The fifth release by the twice Grammy-nominated Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet, Intercambio adds an enthralling new chapter to the dialogue. The album is slated for release on Wallace’s Patois Records on July 7, 2015.
Featuring percussion legend Michael Spiro, powerhouse bassist David Belove, versatile drummer and percussionist Colin Douglas, and ace pianist Murray Low, the Latin Jazz Quintet brings together some of the most formidable and sought after musicians in the Bay Area (though Wallace and Spiro now spend much of their time in Bloomington, where they’re professors at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music). These musicians are steeped in jazz, popular Cuban music and Afro-Cuban folkloric roots, but as American-born artists with no Caribbean ancestry, they became clave initiates in young adulthood. With no proprietary agenda “we have nothing to prove in that respect,” Wallace says. “It allows us to express our own voices in the music, and gives us a lot of license to explore the melding of the different styles.”
“Check out the best Latin jazz bands in the Bay Area, and you’ll find one name in common — Wayne Wallace.”
— Andrew Gilbert, Contra Costa Times

FRANCE: Vincent Courtois- WEST ( La Buissonne 2015)