Wednesday, December 17, 2014

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2014

Following the release of the JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2013 this year edition features a free for download compilation of songs released in 2014 by independent musicians from Italy, Greece, USA, Romania, France, Canada, Netherlands and Brazil.
Travel the world and cross cultures and genres  listening to: Aara’s Circle, Alekos Vretos, Beverly Taft, Capitão Corisco, Dan Baraszu and Dave Ellington, Florin Raducanu, G’s Way, Herb Geller & The Roberto Magris Trio, Kenn Smith, Lea Longo, Natalie Jean, Northeastern AllStars, Roberto Magris Septet, Roberto Magris Trio, Rocktronix, Saskia Laroo, The Bill McBirnie Trio, Yonrico Scott.
The archive contains mp3 tracks and a booklet with links to musicians websites you are invited to visit.
Encourage these fine musicians by buying their music, going to their concerts and showing your appreciation with a simple “like” on Facebook.

Milan Petrovic Quartet - one of the most active bands on Serbian jazz/blues scene.

Our last video
Cooperation with Croatian guitarist Brunom Micetic
Live from Nisville Jazz Festival, 17.08.2014 

Milan Petrovic Quartet is one of the most active bands on serbian jazz/blues scene. We play instrumental funk, jazz and blues, with world music elements, we have two cd s, over 200 gigs, including festivals in Slovenia, Austria, Romania and gigs in Croatia. We play our own compositions and cover arrangements on our way. We are ready for cooperation. In attachment you can find photos and short biography.

references: Live Six festival Austria, Prulcek jazz fest Slovenia, Uk Parobrod, Dom Omladine Beograd, Nisville jazz festival, Dom kulture Cacak, Dom Kulture Kovin, Centar za kulturu Gornji Milanovac, Kulturni centar Pancevo, Opstina Stari grad, festivali Rakia fest, Reload Vladicin Han, Sremska Mitrovica, Vrsac, Kikinda, Sombor pozorisni festival...

Link from first CD with 38 friends, recorded with some of the top jazz and blues artists from Serbia, such as Vasil Hadzimanov, Dusan Bezuha, Wikluh Sky. This cd got the best critics in 2012 in serbian jazz/blues world..
Link from second CD, where we made arrangements on Metalicca, Depeche mode, Hendrix, Bob Marley music.This cd was chosen for one of the best albums in last year
Kulturni centar Panceva 08.01.2014
Muha Bar Beograd:!
Nisville jazz festival,
National TV RTS

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christos Anestopoulos-Wish You Could Stay(2014)

Christos Anestopoulos:guitar
David Lynch: tenor sax
Vasilis Stefanopoulos: contrabass
Panagiotis Kostopoulos: drums

Bucharest, Romania: CAPRIEL DEDEIAN - Birthday Concert

CAPRIEL DEDEIAN - Birthday Concert
Sambata 20 decembrie 2014
Str.Austrului nr 1

Saskia Laroo Band - Live in Zimbabwe

Jazz trumpeter Saskia Laroo and her eight-piece funk unit give a cooking live concert in Zimbabwe at the unique Harare international
Festival of the Arts [HIFA] May 3, 2013. The band features a rocking
rhythm section, rappers Complex and Phantom, African percussionist
Pape Seck and American pianist/vocalist Warren Byrd. Includes the
debut performance of their new single "Africa Dancin" POV footage of
their adventures in Greater Harare: a Hang in an African village; a
lion park trek; a music workshop with aspiring local youth; scenes
from performances at First Street, Harare center, and at a Dutch
inauguration reception in Zimbabwe.

jazzcolours - SOMMARIO Dicembre 2014 (Anno VII, n.12)

SOMMARIO Dicembre 2014 (Anno VII, n.12)
  4 - Highlights
  8 - Uri Caine, il fuoco dissacrante del piano jazz
16 -  Niklas Barnö, impressioni a freddo: suono ergo... Je Suis!
21 -  Max Johnson, polifonici contrappunti
25 -  jazz&arts: Anne-Claire Alvoët, anima e corpo nel jazz
28 -  Recensioni CD
 Focus on: Chris Speed "Really OK"
 I 5 dischi imprescindibili di Francesco Bearzatti
35 -  Black&White:Mostly Other People Do the Killing "Blue"
(e inoltre: Benjamin Duboc, The Grip, Stefan Orins Trio, Brian Groder Trio, Enrico Intra/Enrico Pieranunzi, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, Gianni Gebbia Magnetic Trio, Baloni, Vertigo Trombone Quartet, The Cloudmakers Trio, Roberto Esposito, Cadillac Palace)
36 -  Eventuali

Four digital-only world jazz fusion albums by Gino Foti released on Net Dot Music label

Net Dot Music, Inc. announces the simultaneous release of four
digital-only full-length albums in several jazz and world music
sub-genres by bass guitar and keyboard player Gino Foti.

The collection, compiled from his catalog of the past decade, blends
traditional ethnic sonorities and modern jazz fusion influences into
new experiments of cultural hybridity, with each individual album
complementing the others by design.

Asian Mosaic - Like the universal Yin-Yang concept, balance, dynamism,
and inner harmony are the primary features of this release. The vast
cultural and geographic expanse of the continent is encompassed into
fourteen compositions that fuse exotic instruments, Taoist mysticism,
and Dharmic philosophy with the forms and tonality of Western music.

Indian Mosaic - Carnatic and Hindustani traditions, Vedic mantras,
Hindu philosophy, and additional indigenous influences are
intermingled with jazz, rock, ambient, trance, electronica, and other
Western genres in a fourteen-piece collection that spans the long
history and rich culture of the subcontinent.

Latin Mosaic - The infectious pulses and unbridled passion of the
diverse rhythms, styles, and sounds of Latino music are blended in
twelve contemporary jazz-rock fusion contexts that feature improvised
melodies and solos, unconventional song forms, and an emphasis on its
African roots and Iberian heritage.

Mediterranean Mosaic - Twelve compositions reflecting the
multicultural diversity of the lands that surround its sea. Folk and
traditional music - featuring flamenco - from the western shores, and
tonal systems & rhythmic forms from the eastern region are enriched
with modern jazz, creating a new form of ethnic fusion that resonates
beyond its boundaries.

For more information, and a free MP3 album, please visit:

About Net Dot Music:

Net Dot Music, Inc. is an independent record label specializing in
instrumental fusion - all-instrumental music that blends several
styles and genres. Our artist roster, entire catalog of three dozen
releases, and a free MP3 label sampler album are available at: