Tuesday, April 6, 2021

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2016


The JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2016 is now launched

“The JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2016” is a digital collection of mp3 tracks from albums released in 2016 by jazz musicians and labels freely available for download on JazzWorldQuest.com

List of featuring musicians participating: Joseph Patrick Moore, Florin Raducanu, David Ellington, Robin Menuett Trio, Colin D’Cruz, Bob Thompson Band, Russ Hewitt, Bill Mentz, Kenn Smith, Ted Borodofsky and Southern Jazz, Kajetan Borowski Trio, Phos Duo, Gino Foti, Bill Hart. Mimika Orchestra.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

GERMANY: Marius Pietruszka Trio- Night and Day (DMG GERMANY 2017)

1 Exactly Like You
2 Fly Me To The Moon
3 Blue Moon
4 Night And Day
5 Autumn Leaves
6 Bags' Groove
7 I Got Rhythm
8 Sunny
9 Satin Doll

Sunday, February 19, 2017

USA: Kurt Rosenwinkel-Caipi (Sunnyside 2017)

Caipi is the first release by Kurt Rosenwinkel on his new independent label, Heartcore Records which is hosted by Razdaz, the label of Avishai Cohen. Sunnyside is their distribution host in America. // Through this new collaboration we are delighted to be working with Kurt and his new record label. With our established distribution partners, Razdaz with Heartcore Records, will continue to release music that is of the highest quality and integrity and most importantly for all of us, totally driven by the artists themselves. // "I am pleased with this new partnership and collaboration. Avishai Cohen is an artist of great depth and vision and a close musical friend for many years, and the Razdaz team is superlative. It is my sincere intention that through this partnership we can increase the amount of light, love and understanding in this world." Kurt Rosenwinkel // "Kurt is one of my favourite musicians out there and having him join us in this way is exactly what I was hoping for when I formed my label back in 2002. I always wanted to have a family of great musicians supporting each other. Welcome Kurt, with Heartcore." Avishai Cohen

USA: Eric Porter-Way Maker (2017)

Eric Porter | Way Maker 

I love music and specially instrumental. I play a variety of instruments and love to make music. Creation is best bring forth sound of freedom of style from the heart and soul. Everyone love's to enjoy life in music. I love to play music specially my own creation. So give it a chance it's very different style i call it free gospel jazz music. Bring on your own praise and enjoy this Gospel Jazz creation from the heart and soul of a brother that love's God and Music.Free Gospel jazz music is music played without bounderies or guides just pure instrumental song in motion and recorded.Please feel free with your donations to help the homeles and the poor are so welcome. Thank you for your time and donations may God bless you. And Thank's for your support.

CANADA: Quatuor André Lachance-The Orange Challenge (2017)

Quatuor André Lachance | The Orange Challenge 
Originally from Québec City, Vancouver-based musician André Lachance has been known for 25 years as a first-call acoustic and electric bassist on the Canadian jazz scene. He is also an accomplished guitarist, composer and bandleader in his own right. In 2017 he celebrates the release of the first CD under his name and leadership, The Orange Challenge, featuring his regular group Quatuor André Lachance, his original compositions and melodic guitar playing.

The project was founded in 2010 in Vancouver although the members have been playing music, recording and touring together for over 23 years in one formation or another, and on various instruments (Brad Turner Quartet, Chris Gestrin Trio and many others). The musicians are André Lachance on guitar and compositions, Brad Turner on Fender Rhodes and piano, Chris Gestrin on Moog synthesizer bass and Joe Poole on drums. The group has been regularly featured in the Vancouver International Jazz Festival over the years and many other performances around Vancouver.

The group’s approach is eclectic, electric, improvised and interactive and draws from their collective experiences in modern jazz as well as progressive rock, pop, improvised music and ambient electronic textures. Of particular note is the variety of sounds provided by Gestrin’s playing on the Moog, covering the bass parts and also at times a much wider palette of soundscapes. ’The Orange Challenge’ is the coming together of four strong voices, old friends and each member's personal journey and experiences in the music world that create a truly unique group sound.

Hope you enjoy the music!

website: andrelachance.com

Saturday, February 18, 2017

NORWAY: EYOLF DALE-Wolf Valley- (Edition 2016)

ROB WARING vibraphone

Wolf Valley is the new album from Norwegian pianist and composer Eyolf Dale. Although this is his fifth album as a leader since he burst onto the Norwegian scene in 2008, it was with Daniel Herskedal, the innovative tuba player, that Eyolf developed an international profile. He played on Daniel’s Edition release Slow Eastbound Train (2015) and now with Wolf Valley Eyolf Dale has brought together eight of the finest musicians from the vibrant Norwegian jazz scene to create an album of subtle grooves, beautiful melodies and rhythmic interplay.

NORWAY: SPUNK: Still Eating Ginger Bread For Breakfast (Rune Grammofon 2016)

"Last time I heard SPUNK was phenomenal! They are among the most exciting improvising groups in the world right now". Fred Frith

Formed in 1995, SPUNK comprises four of Norway’s most innovative musicians: Maja S. K. Ratkje, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Lene Grenager and Kristin Andersen. The quartet combine talents that range from vocal experiments, instrumental virtuosity, impulsive improvisation and a witty sense of play. All four work in the indefinable area between modern composition, free jazz and total improv. Free collective improvising is one of the most demanding ways of making music: the pitfalls are many - self-absorption, incoherence, certain standardized "gestures" of free jazz, lack of dynamics, humourlessness - but SPUNK are alert to the dangers. Bold, sometimes witty, always alert, they make engaging music, and keep the sound of surprise alive.

This album is a recording of their 20th anniversary concert, which took place at Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo in December 2015. It´s divided into two sets - as on the evening - and is mixed and produced by Maja S. K. Ratkje. RuneGrammofon