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JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2019 Streaming of tracks from albums released in 2019 Jazz and World

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2019
Streaming of tracks from albums released in 2019
Jazz and World

 Manuel Anoyvega Mora(Cuba/France), The Villalobos Brothers(USA/Mexico), NoJazz(France), , Randy Hoexter(USA), Céline Bonacina(France) , Samy Thiébault(France), Roberto Magris Sextet(Italy/USA), NoJazz(France), Alex Cuba(Cuba), Randy Napoleon(USA), 
Fer Carranza Jazz(Argentina), Antoine Fafard(Canada/UK), Thomas Grimmonprez(France), Kerry Politzer(USA), 
Hiroe Sekine (USA/JAPAN), Lawrence Clark(USA), Rodney Whitaker(USA),
Nikolas Skordas-George Haslam(Greece)Chiara Izzi & Kevin Hays(USA),
The Soul Jazz Rebels(France), Mavis Pan(Taiwan/USA), Emmanuel Losio Group(Italy), Benji Kaplan and Rita Figueiredo(USA/Brazil) , Örjan Hultén Orion(Sweden), Dave Rudolph Quintet(USA), Trey Wright(USA),  Ernesto Cortazar Lara Group(Switzerland/Mexico),  Johno(Greece), Cody Carpenter(USA), Godwin Louis (Haiti/USA), EJ Hughes(USA), Haftor Medbøe(Norway/Scotland)-Jacob Karlzon(Sweden), Guy Mintus(Israel/USA)


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USA: Ajoyo-WAR CHANT - EP (2019)

Hailed for the vibrant eclecticism and socially conscious engagement of its eponymous 2015 debut, the spellbinding jazz- world ensemble AJOYO returns with War Chant. The four-track EP offers an enticing preview of the group’s full length sophomore release WAR CHANT, due out in early 2020. Alongside saxophonist/bandleader Yacine Boularès, War Chant features a deeply attuned working lineup with vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles, keyboardist/producer Jesse Fischer, bassist Kyle Miles, guitarist Michael Valeanu and drummer Philippe Lemm.

Trumpeter Takuya Kuroda appears on “Assyko,” and Keita Ogawa and Foluso Mimy guest on percussion as well. Celebrity Café has praised AJOYO’s melding of “old-world Cameroonian beats with traditional jazz themes,” while All About Jazz has described how “the music exudes sophistication yet responds to a primordial pulse.” Those energies, and a continuous creative evolution, are evident again on War Chant, which opens with the cathartic title track aimed squarely at Trump’s misrule. “Assyko,” according to Boularès, is named for a Cameroonian rhythm and intended to evoke “pure joy and celebration of Roy Hargrove. The bridge and the effect on Takuya’s trumpet are a reference to Roy’s tune ‘Strasbourg/St. Denis.’”

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USA: First Jazz Congress 2020 speakers & sessions announced!

Jazz Congress

First Jazz Congress 2020 speakers & sessions announced!

Monday, January 13—Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Frederick P. Rose Hall—Broadway at 60th Street, 5th Floor

Today, we’re excited to share the initial list of musicians who will be participating in sessions at Jazz Congress 2020:
Benny Benack III * Jaimie Branch * Dee Dee Bridgewater * Terri Lyne Carrington * Regina Carter * Braxton Cook * Orrin Evans * Jon Faddis * Maxine Gordon * Benny Green * Marquis Hill * Jazzmeia Horn * Javon Jackson * Kokayi * Marilyn Maye * René Marie * Christian McBride * Rudresh Mahanthappa * Wynton Marsalis * Ted Nash * Ted Rosenthal * Samora Pinderhughes * Somi * Camille Thurman * Kenny Washington * Brandee Younger
Additionally, speakers will include representatives from:
ABKCO * Columbia University * DC Jazz Festival * Fully Altered Media * Jazz at Lincoln Center * Jazz Memes * Jazz Philadelphia * Jazz St. Louis * JazzWeek * LunAtico * New Orleans Jazz Museum * NPR Music * Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies * South Arts * San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation * WBGO
Jazz Congress 2020 will feature over 32 sessions, including:
• Wellness for Jazz Musicians
• Africa: The Past & Future of Jazz
• Perfect Pitch: Jazz Video Challenge
• Musician: Book Thyself!
• “Bird” and Beyond: Celebrating Charlie Parker at 100
• How To Build Buzz for Gigs in the Post-Listings Era
• The Balance of Art & Commerce in the Business of Jazz Recording
• Jazz Radio's Role in an Era of Music Abundance
• Jazz Jukebox Jury
• Ask the Pros
Look for a more detailed schedule in the coming weeks at jazzcongress.org.


Lanquidity Records proudly presents: SUN RA ARKESTRA - LIVE IN KALISZ (POLAND) 1986 It was one of the most peculiar landings of the Sun Ra Arkestra. Time: 7 December 1986, Polish People’s Republic, still separated from the West by the Iron Curtain. It's a grey and poor twilight of a real socialism era.

In three years the Eastern Bloc would collapse, but what still occupies the minds of Poles now is mostly the martial law imposed by the Pro-Moscow regime in 1981, when the country wanted to free itself from the influence of the Soviet Union. Place: Kalisz, one of the oldest Polish cities dating back to the 10th century, historically connected with the first kings of Poland, grew into a multinational centre with time as not only the Czech Brethren escaping the Habsburg monarchy found refuge here, but also prominent rabbis known across Europe used to operate and expound in the local Jewish community. In the 20th century,

Kalisz became a provincial city and its presence in the cultural life of Poland was most significantly marked with the International Jazz Piano Festival. It was during the 13th edition of the festival that Sun Ra Arkestra performed.

 What turned out to be most memorable for the concert-goers was the closing procession of musicians who left the stage to walk around the audience, circle the venue, and return. Researchers of the Sun Ra mysticism recognized such gestures as rituals of passage corresponding to the cosmic cycles of... more

credits released October 26, 2019 Danny Ray Thompson (bassoon, sax) Laurdine Kenneth "Pat" Patrick (baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, and Fender bass) Marshall Belford Allen (alto sax) Tyler Mitchell ( Bass ) Ronald Wilson ( Tenor Sax ) John Gilmore ( Tenor Sax, Clarinet ) James Jacson ( Bassoon, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drums ) Leroy Taylor ( Alto Sax, Alto & Bass Clarinet ) Tyrone Hill ( Trombone ) Earl "Buster" Smith ( Drums ) Carl LeBlanc ( Guitar ) Sun Ra ( Piano, Synthesizer )

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USA: Guitarist Lawson Rollins returns with the familiar yet noticeably different "True North"

Guitarist Lawson Rollins returns with the familiar yet noticeably different “True North”

His tenth album drops January 17 preceded by the single, “Bluewave Bossanova.”

SAN FRANCISCO (13 November 2019): Lawson Rollins’ recordings have always possessed a grand sense of travel, exoticism and adventure, narrated by the global guitarist’s prodigious and alacritous classical fingerstyle play that Guitar Player magazine recently spotlighted by selecting Rollins as one of the “50 Transcendent Acoustic Guitarists” of all-time. After embarking upon a creative departure on a few recent projects, the chart-topping composer-producer-musician, best known for crafting lush amalgams of contemporary jazz, world music, Latin and New Age over the past twenty years, charts a more familiar course on his tenth solo album, “True North,” dropping January 17, 2020 on Infinita Records. Yet there is a marked difference in his approach.  

The prolific Rollins spent the last couple of years exploring vast horizons. Last year, he assembled “Airwaves: The Greatest Hits,” which includes the Billboard top 10 hit “World of Wonder” featuring 3rd Force and earlier this year, he released the experimental “Dark Matter: Music for Film.” Rollins also scored his first feature film, “Stay Out Stay Alive,” a multiple award-winning movie opening November 26 for which he served as executive producer of the film festival favorite. These diverse projects broadened the scope of his artistic muse, now budding in entirely new and different dimensions. Culling elements from each one, Rollins picked up his trusty acoustic nylon string guitar and utilized a fresh approach to write and produce “True North,” the first album that he produced entirely on his own. The wide array of projects also impacts the way he plays guitar, which exhibits a keener focus, discipline and restraint.                 

“The past couple of years have really expanded my musical horizons through my work on film music and also the single, ‘And If You Will Come With Me’ by Israeli superstar singer Idan Raichel. Those experiences forced me to hone down my quite often exuberant nylon string guitar style to suit the needs of the particular projects and also to delve more seriously into other instruments like the electric guitar, synthesizers and electronic percussion programming. With ‘True North,’ I was able to bring that new knowledge and perspective back home, in a sense, to the type of nylon string guitar-centered music that has been my true calling as an artist over the past 20 years,” said the San Francisco-based Rollins who hails from Durham, North Carolina.

“This is the first album I solely produced and also recorded all my guitars myself. I was able to take my time to capture performances that felt natural and unhurried to me, and I'm also really pleased with the warmth and purity of the acoustic guitar tone."

Change is also evident on the album cover and in the accompanying booklet, which are bright with pastoral colors and sunlight in photos taken on the Outer Banks, North Carolina, where Rollins spends a lot of time each year. Before the holidays next month, radio outlets will get to experience the first single from “Truth North” when “Bluewave Bossanova,” a sultry dance of textured world beat rhythms and an impassioned surge of guitar arpeggios, scales and harmonies, goes for playlist adds. The radio edit includes the addition of a sensitive soprano sax played byMary Fettig.

Rollins thrives on the collection, stretching out by playing nylon string guitar, slide guitar and electric guitar along with keyboards and drum programming. He’s accompanied by drummer and percussionist Dave Bryant, bassist Dan Feiszli, violinist Mads Tolling and Stephen Duroswho plays additional keyboards and electric guitar on “With the Wind,” an eclectic and imaginative album highlight destined to blow to the top of the radio charts.

“Many of the tracks, such as the title track as well as ‘With the Wind’ and ‘Dead Ahead,’ are unlike anything I've ever done, with new textures augmenting the familiar sound of my main instrument, the acoustic nylon string guitar. There's a more intense focus on melodic expression on this album and less on long improvisational flights of fancy. It's all about staying firmly on course - true north, as it were - and doing what serves the songs best."

Rollins’ unique brand defies simple categorization and has proven crossover appeal. He has placed albums in the top ten of Billboard’s World Music chart and his singles have conquered the contemporary jazz charts as well as garnered an abundance of airplay from world music and New Age outlets. Videos showcasing his lightning speed, extraordinary dexterity and mesmerizing guitar technique have received over 10 million YouTube views. After debuting in 2000 as a member of Young & Rollins, a duo that dropped four albums, Rollins premiered as a solo artist in 2008 with “Infinita.” His albums serve collaborations with an assorted mix of GRAMMY® winners and nominees that spans Tolling, guitar eccentric Buckethead, Flora PurimAirto MoreiraBig Bad Voodoo Daddy and Charlie Bisharat.      
Rollins’ “True North” album contains the following songs:

“True North”
“With the Wind”
“Perpetual Motion”
“Bluewave Bossanova”
“South Beach”
“Full Sail”
“Dead Ahead”
“Yearning to Know”
“Year Abroad”
“In the Shadows”
“The Winding Road”

For more information, please visit www.lawsonrollins.com.

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FRANCE: Lou Tavano - Nouvel album Uncertain Weather

Lou Tavano
Nouvel album Uncertain Weather
Disponible le 31/01/2020 sur le label L'UN L'UNE
En concert au Duc des Lombards les 27/28/29 février 2020
Après For You, un premier album très remarqué, Lou Tavano est de retour le 31 janvier 2020 avec un second disque aussi intense qu’introspectif. Uncertain Weather vient confirmer toute l’originalité et la justesse de cette artiste à la corde vocale inclassable.
Écrit à quatre mains avec son complice de toujours, le pianiste Alexey Asantcheeff, l’idée du disque est née en Écosse. « J’avais atteint le point de rupture, je devais partir de Paris. Alexey, écossais par sa mère, avait une maison là-bas, face à la mer, vide, avec un vieux piano à queue. C’était exactement ce qu’il me fallait. Là-bas je me suis retrouvée face à face avec une nature-miroir de mes propres émotions. Un équilibre parfait entre paix et fureur. Le fil conducteur m’était révélé. Avant même d’avoir les chansons, je savais que l’album s’appellerait Uncertain Weather
Sur cet album, qui s'éloigne du jazz et gagne en consonances classiques et pop, un violoncelle et une batterie explosive viennent dialoguer avec le piano et le chant. Premier extrait de l'album, voici le clip de You See Me Now qui nous ensorcelle avec la voix caressante et si particulière de Lou Tavano.

Pour regarder et diffuser le clip de You See Me Now :
Lou Tavano est de retour le 31 janvier 2020 avec son second album Uncertain Weather, accompagnée du pianiste Alexey Asantcheeff avec qui ils ont écrit le disque à quatre mains. Nous avions découvert ce duo de songwriters avec For You, un premier disque où « les mots ont autant de poids que les notes ». For You a tout suite imposé Lou Tavano dans le cercle très fermé des chanteuses d'exception au charisme renversant. Lou Tavano et Alexey Asantcheeff poursuivent avec ce second disque leur recherche de sincérité absolue au cœur du storytelling de la jeune artiste. Lou se raconte ici, jeune femme impétueuse en proie au tourment et au doute.

Ce n’est sans doute pas un hasard si la couverture de l’album est légèrement floue, car c’est bien l’Incertain que la jeune femme cultive tout au long de ce deuxième opus. « Je doute en permanence. Je suis à la fois ma meilleure amie et ma pire ennemie. Ce disque est l’histoire de ce combat intérieur. » Une apparente simplicité nous dévoile des trésors cachés d’écriture. Ce jeu de pistes commence dès le titre Simple Ways To Be et son acrostiche-manifeste how complex it is to be simple.

Un travail d’orfèvre sur les paroles et une exigence que l’on retrouve en toute logique dans une musique finement brodée de motifs récurrents à travers tout l’album. Inspiré en cela des œuvres majeures du répertoire classique, le tandem de compositeurs cherche à multiplier les degrés de lecture de sa musique. Le souffle du jazz actuel parcourt organiquement ce disque dans un discours à la sobriété décomplexée. Les deux partenaires à la scène comme à la ville revendiquent leurs influences classiques « Bach et Chopin tournent en boucle sur les platines à la maison » et actuelles « les disques de Kendrick Lamar sont une référence en termes de construction narrative ».

À l’image de l’orchestration choisie pour le disque, où la voix et le piano sont complétés par le dialogue surprenant avec le timbre d’un violoncelle et d’une section rythmique explosive. Rien de plus naturel pour une génération qui cherche à s’affranchir des barrières et classifications obsolètes. Avec Uncertain Weather, Lou Tavano rend l’intime universel. « C’est avant tout un miroir dans lequel, j’espère, les gens se retrouveront » souligne celle qui a toujours peur de ne pas être comprise. « Alexey et moi vivons depuis longtemps ensemble, ce que nous traversons est intense, comme tous les couples. As We Part évoque cela notamment.

Mais il n’y a pas que cette relation qui me tourmente, il y a ma place de femme, d’être humain dans notre société, et enfin ma place en tant qu’artiste. Et je sais qu’au fond nous partageons, toutes et tous, ces sentiments. C’est ça qui est universel. À nous de trouver les mots justes pour qu’ils résonnent chez ceux qui écoutent notre musique. » Avec Uncertain Weather, Lou Tavano signe un album magistral et s’installe définitivement comme une voix majeure de la nouvelle génération du jazz français. Concerts de sortie parisienne :

Concerts de sortie parisienne :
Duc des Lombards - 27/28/29 février 2020

NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM/USA: Reeds & Deeds The music of Roland Kirk

December 3, 2019 – 20:30
Theater Het Hof, Arnhem
Reserve Tickets: http://www.jazzinarnhem.nl
Theater Het Hof
Boekhorstenstraat 58 6828 DV Arnhem
Tel: 026-3514436
December 5, 2019 – 21:00
Museumnacht, S.M.A.K. – Museum of Contemporary Art
Jan Hoetplein 1 , Gent, Belgium
On the 5th of December the Ghent museums open their doors to the general public. Experience a wonderful night out amidst the finest collections, beautiful expositions and special activities of our museums. Reeds and Deeds appears at 21:00 paying tribute to the great American jazz composer/multi instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Reeds and Deeds Features:
Frans Vermeerssen – Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Bo van de Graaf – Alto, Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Alex Coke – Tenor saxophone, Flute & Piccolo
Michiel Braam – Piano
Arjen Gorter – Double Bass
Makki van Engelen – Drums