Tuesday, December 31, 2019

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2019 Streaming of tracks from albums released in 2019 Jazz and World

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2019
Streaming of tracks from albums released in 2019
Jazz and World


 Céline Bonacina(France) , Samy Thiébault(France), Roberto Magris Sextet(Italy/USA),
Alex Cuba(Cuba), Randy Napoleon(USA),

Fer Carranza Jazz(Argentina), Antoine Fafard(Canada/UK), Thomas Grimmonprez(France), Kerry Politzer(USA), 
Hiroe Sekine (USA/JAPAN), Lawrence Clark(USA), Rodney Whitaker(USA),
Nikolas Skordas-George Haslam(Greece)Chiara Izzi & Kevin Hays(USA),
The Soul Jazz Rebels(France), Mavis Pan(Taiwan/USA), Emmanuel Losio Group(Italy), Benji Kaplan and Rita Figueiredo(USA/Brazil) , Örjan Hultén Orion(Sweden), Dave Rudolph Quintet(USA), Trey Wright(USA),  Ernesto Cortazar Lara Group(Switzerland/Mexico),  Johno(Greece), Cody Carpenter(USA), Godwin Louis (Haiti/USA), EJ Hughes(USA), Haftor Medbøe(Norway/Scotland)-Jacob Karlzon(Sweden), Guy Mintus(Israel/USA)jAZZwORLDqUEST sHOWCASE 2019

Saturday, October 12, 2019

USA: STRANAHAN - ZALESKI - ROSATO-Live at the Jazz Standard (Capri Records 2019)

Live at the Jazz Standard

Colin Stranahan, Glenn Zaleski and Rick Rosato first came together back in 2010 to record as a young, leaderless trio 'Anticipation'. For most of them, this was their first recording, and following its success, 'Limitless' came three years later. These youthful and energetic albums developed an international fan base for the trio, but their skyrocketing careers as sidemen prevented them from reconvening until now, eight years after their debut. Captured live at New York City's Jazz Standard, one of the world's leading jazz clubs, the trio revisits music from their earlier CDs, as well as new compositions. Their palpable natural chemistry, coupled now with a new level of maturity and experience, is captured here on 'Live at Jazz Standard', a record that solidifies their place as one of the great jazz trios.

Friday, October 11, 2019

FRANCE: Céline Bonacina Nouvel album Fly Fly

Céline Bonacina
Nouvel album Fly Fly
Sortie le 18/10/19 chez Cristal Records
En concert le 21/11 au Studio de l'Ermitage
La saxophoniste Céline Bonacina est de retour le 18 octobre avec son cinquième album Fly Fly chez Cristal Records. Depuis une dizaine d'années, la musicienne et compositrice s'impose en leader avec son jeu de saxophone soprano et bariton hors du commun.
Très active en live, avec beaucoup de dates de programmées, Céline Bonacina est devenue une des artistes incontournables de la scène jazz européenne. Avec Fly Fly, on savoure son jazz mélodique constamment porté par des rythmes vivifiants, avec un certain goût pour la symbolique et la mystique.

A ses côtés, on retrouve Chris Jennings à la basse, Jean-Luc Di Fraya à la batterie et au chant, et Pierre Durand à la guitare électrique.
L'album Fly Fly est placé sous l'auspice du voyage. "On y retrouve l’évocation de paysages et de souvenirs, de lieux où nous avons séjourné, de moments forts de nos vies respectives" a expliqué Céline Bonacina. Son jeu de saxophone s'envole, aérien et souverain comme jamais. On écoute avec un plaisir renouvelé de bout à bout cet album qui s'ouvre encore davantage que les précédents au chant et aux influences des musiques du monde entier.

Saxophonist Céline Bonacina is back on October 18th with her fifth album called Fly Fly released by Cristal Records. For the past ten years, the musician and composer has become a leader due to her outstanding soprano and baritone saxophone playing.
Céline Bonacina became one of the essential artists of the European jazz scene. With Fly Fly, we savor her melodic jazz constantly supported by vivifying rhythms, with a certain taste for symbolism and mysticism.
Pour regarder et diffuser la vidéo de Fly Fly :

USA: Rova-Saxophone Diplomacy (Hathut Records 2019)

Saxophone Diplomacy
This release features live recordings from the historic 1983 tour of Russia, Latvia, and Romania signaled Rovas talent for musical diplomacy, a boon to whomever they have partnered with. Rova Saxophone Quartet is a San Francisco-based saxophone quartet formed in October 1977. The name ""Rova"" is an acronym formed from the last initials of the founding members: Jon Raskin, Larry Ochs, Andrew Voigt, and Bruce Ackley. When Voigt left in 1988, he was replaced by Steve Adams, but the group did not change the acronym. The quartet's music was inspired by a broad spectrum of influences, such as John Cage, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Anthony Braxton, Steve Lacy, Charles Ives, Edgard Varése, and Olivier Messiaen. Its debut album, Cinema Rovaté, was released by Metalanguage Records in 1978. Metalanguage was founded in 1978 by Henry Kaiser and Ochs. It showcased Rova as well as many independent artists and produced the Rova Arts Festival in 1980. Rova's tour of the Soviet Union in 1983 was filmed and shown on PBS. In 1985, it became a non-profit organization.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

USA: World-Class Guitarist Mike Pachelli Releases New Album "High Standards" Featuring Tony Levin & Danny Gottlieb!

World-Class Guitarist Mike Pachelli Releases New Album "High Standards"
Featuring Tony Levin & Danny Gottlieb!

While recently on the road with Tony Levin, Phil Keaggy and Jerry Marotta, Mike and Tony would jam on some jazz standards.

In the green room at a concert in Pennsylvania, Mike asked Tony if he might consider playing on one song for his next album.

Tony replied, "one song!? Let's do an entire album!” Tony said he was soon going on tour with King Crimson so "we should geright on it!" Mike invited his good friend Danny Gottlieb in to his studio and a few sessions later they completed “High Standards.”

Mike says: “What I set out to do was record a swinging jazz instrumental album of standards that would be very listenable. I chose familiar songs that all have an upbeat and positive vibe.”  The playing on “High Standards is really great and makes cool background listening for parties or get-togethers. It’s also a seriously impressive listen if you want to get deep into it. And there’s a swingin' guitar duet on the album with Pachelli‘s dear friend Keb’ Mo’ on an original tune Mike wrote called ”Yardbird Blues.”

Mike Pachelli has a wealth of musical experience gained thru years of night clubs, concert halls, recording studios and his studies with Joe Pass. He's performed all over the U.S. and Europe with some of the most eclectic jazz and blues artists including Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith and Albert King. Guitarists all over the world are well aware of Pachelli's technical prowess and understanding of complex musical theories and harmonic juxtapositioning.

"High Standards" is Mike’s 18th album. He continues to perform regularly with his jazzy blues band, as sideman for many prominent artists and has millions  of YouTube viewers that learn from Mike’s numerous instructional videos.
Mike Pachelli currently resides in the  South of France on the French Riviera.

1. When You’re Smiling Joe Goodwin 5:59
2. There Will Never Be Another You H.Warren 6:00
3. Skylark Hoagy Carmichael 5:46
4. Whistle While You Work Frank Churchill 6:01
5. Sweet Georgia Brown Maceo Pinkard 3:52
6. Yardbird Blues Mike Pachelli 5:31
7. What A Wonderful World George Weiss 5:28
8. Put On A Happy Face Charles Strouse 6:36
9. These Are Soulful Days Calvin Massey 7:00
10. Cute Neal Hefti 4:54 


Guitar - Mike Pachelli
Bass -   Tony Levin
Drums - Danny Gottlieb 
Guitar -  Keb’ Mo’ (Track 6)

Artist: Mike Pachelli
Title: High Standards
Release Date: September 1, 2019
UPC Code: 888295916189
Mastering Engineer: Bill Wolf
Label: Fullblast Recordings
Available From: •Amazon •CDBaby •iTunes

Media Contact:

Jim Eigo Jazz Promo Services
272 Ste Route 94 S #1  Warwick, NY 10990
T: 845-986-1677
E-Mail: jim@jazzpromoservices.com
 Web Site: www.jazzpromoservices.com/

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

GERMANY: Agustin Strizzi-Agustin Strizzi & Pornogroove, Vol. 1 (2019)

Agustin Strizzi | Agustin Strizzi & Pornogroove, Vol. 1

Imagine you could shrink yourself to fit in an old clock and see the precise mechanism at work. Pornogroove is a similar experience: a perfectly tuned system that sucks you in with shameless grooves, chews you up and spits you out again!

The main concept of the album is a journey through rhythm, where each musician plays his role with a high degree of authenticity and beauty.

This music was written between Buenos Aires and Berlin ... and each song is related to a story ... an anecdote or even an image.

* Flor, I wrote this melody imagining that a Flower could dance to it.
* Harina, It's Sunday morning ... the sun shines through the window ... The coffee is freshly made and the bread has just come out of the oven ... and your partner smiles at you.
* Knutschfleck, is the translation into German of passion mark ... and all the naughtiness that implies.
* Figuritas, just like when we were children and exchanged figurines, this song was born of the curiosity of exchanging the sound colors of different musical scales.
* Ambulance, it's a musical joke! ... An exercise of imagination dedicated to the siren of Berlin ambulances.

I had the honor of making this record with - not only - excellent musicians and artists, but also incredible people.

Birgitta Flick plays the tenor saxophone and has the ability to transform everything she touches into music.
Nico Lohmann plays the soprano saxophone and everything he plays, he does it with an enormous sense of responsibility and commitment.
Thibault Falk plays the piano and the Fender Rhodes and has a great sense of beauty.
Martin Lillich plays his Bassello and for me, represents the fatherly voice of the experience.

Volker Greve in his Greve Studio, is the master behind the sound of this recording.

Meri Ortiz, Andrés Cordova and Cristóbal Rey, are responsable for the exquisite Video, Design and Photography of this project.

I´d also like to thank Swantje Buddensiek, for her patience writing the Texts, Natalia Arbelo for the Web Design and Joe Weinberg and his great "Camera Eye".

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Conceived in the Mushroom Hour Half Hour lab, SPAZA is a band with no permanent personnel, with each lineup assembled for the express purpose of recording once-off improvised or workshopped material. For this, the initial salvo, SPAZA was put together from a group of musicians with individual and collective links to Johannesburg’s jazz, afro funk and experimental electro scenes. In the context of this completely improvised album, the term “spaza” not only refers to the gallery in Troyeville, Johannesburg where this project was recorded live (and in one take) in the autumn of 2015, but to South Africa’s thousands of informal neighbourhood stores. In South Africa, “spaza” has come to signify an entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the country’s black townships where economic barriers to business ownership mean that only a few can attain the status of formal business ownership. In the country’s socio-political context, spazas, usually operating out of converted garages, shacks or repurposed shipping containers, are also contested territories. They are sites of often fatal bloodshed where financially disenfranchised South Africans routinely mete out their frustrations on those they consider “foreigners” and “outsiders”. It is these outsiders who have come to dominate the spaza economy. However, spazas are also colourful, with their facades branded, styled and designed by each owner. They can become the nerve centres of social activity in the communities they occupy and are often stocked with an array of iconic South African brands and products, many of which are referenced in the track names of this album. Perhaps obliquely, there are musical sensibilities to be grasped at the mention of the term. “Spaza,” the recording, the location, the revolving ensemble - all evoke a spirit of independence, a D.I.Y aesthetic, a propensity for spontaneity, and, literally, a coming together of minds at the corner to shoot the breeze or let off a seriously considered prognosis.