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JazzWorldQuest.com-Track submission for The JWQ Showcase 2016

 JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2016

Did you release a Jazz or World Music Album in 2016?

“The JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2016” is a digital collection of mp3 tracks from albums released in 2016 by jazz musicians and labels freely available for download on JazzWorldQuest.com
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List of featuring musicians participating so far:
Joseph Patrick Moore,  Florin Raducanu, David Ellington, Robin Menuett Trio, Colin D’Cruz, Bob Thompson Band, Russ Hewitt, Bill Mentz, Kenn Smith, Ted Borodofsky and Southern Jazz, Kajetan Borowski Trio, Phos Duo, Gino Foti, Bill Hart.
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

USA: Brazzamerica CD Release Show Thurs., Dec. 15th Sets 8 & 10 pm @ Zinc Bar

CD Release Show
Thursday, December 15th
Sets 8 & 10 pm $20
@ Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street
(btw Thompson & Sullivan)
Greenwich Village New York 10012
212-477-ZINC (9462)

Cidinho Teixeira-Piano
Leco Reis-Bass
Edson Ferreira-Drums


In the fresh sounds of Brazzamerica, three veteran Brazilian-American musicians
tell their life story in the universal language of great music.

What can you expect from Brazzamerica? The name says it all. “We wanted to show the flavor of the music, we wanted a name that would say: We play Brazilian music, jazz, and American music,” explains Brazzamerica bassist Leco Reis. Following their goal of expressing themselves with something more personal than simply familiar Brazilian music, they created a harmonious and intriguing blend reflecting “not just our experience as Brazilians who came to the U.S., but how our music changed from living here. Our music tells our story.”

On their self-titled debut recording, Brazzamerica, pianist Cidinho Teixeira, bassist Leco Reis, and drummer Edson Ferreira display an exciting level of telepathy, communication, and understanding in their musical interactions. Such synchronicity can’t be forced, only developed over time. The threesome has been gigging steadily in New York for the past five years, a rare luxury these days, and the result is this CD full of delightful music that will leave listeners wishing for more.

All three are Brazil born and enjoyed striking musical success in their native land before making the move to the U.S. While Brazzamerica is basically a collective, with each member contributing ideas and arrangements, bassist Leco Reis and drummer Edson Ferreira have the utmost respect for their senior colleague, pianist Cidinho Teixeira, who composes much of their repertoire. “He’s been a force in Brazilian music for so long, he has his own identity and he inspires us,” Reis declares.

Pianist Cidinho Teixeira gained renown in his native Brazil before moving to the U.S. two decades ago. To this day, he is so beloved that the cream of the Brazilian music crop is likely to show up to pay their respects at Teixeira’s gigs.

An in-demand composer, arranger, and pianist, Teixeira has extensive global touring and recording experience, accompanying renowned musicians such as Gilberto Gil, Djavan, Lene Andrade, Gal Costa, Simone, and Harry Belafonte. The pianist has recorded with cult favorites like singers Mark Murphy and Blossom Dearie.

Teixeira has released a half-dozen albums in his own name, ranging from solo and duo efforts to large ensembles, from studio recordings to live at Zinc Bar. Long acclaimed by fellow musicians for his prodigious rhythm chops, Teixeira was inspired to share his expertise by writing a book on the subject, “Brazilian Rhythm on the Keyboard.”

Bassist Leco Reis has been in demand on New York’s music scene for more than 10 years. In addition to Brazilian and jazz, listeners are likely to catch him gigging in contemporary improvised music settings. A Berklee College of Music grad with an advanced degree from Queens College, Reis is now on the music faculty of Sacred Heart University.

Triple-threat Edson Ferreira is a talented multi-tasker. Besides playing drums, he is a brilliant percussionist and producer with more than 20 years experience. He studied at Sao Paulo Conservatory and has played concerts, clubs and festivals worldwide, both as a leader and as an in-demand sideman.

The tunes on Brazzamerica are a mix of Teixeira originals and Brazilian music standards. In choosing the material, the threesome wanted to include Brazilian songs but wanted to avoid the presenting the bossa nova style as it was played in the U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s. They aimed for “something with a swing to it, and a good groove. It had to be good to listen to and fun to play,” Leco Reis points out.

Bursting with energy and rough elegance, Brazzamerica’s sound has a deceptive simplicity, full of the interactions that result from a total of well over a century of collective experience among the three. CD highlights include:

The lively opener, “Quintessencia,” sets the mood and promises good things to come. It’s a great introduction to the light-handed drummer Edson Ferreira. The trio’s delightful interplay and strong solos prove they’re all on the same wavelength, and it’s a very cool one.

“So What/Samba Do Carioca Wav” is an imaginative take on one of the most beloved and widely recognized melodies in jazz, Miles Davis’ “So What,” from the legendary album Kind of Blue.

“Vera Cruz” is elegant yet lighthearted, with a compelling subtle drive. If only it were longer! We could listen to the trio go to town on this groove all day long. Elegance is audible again in the deliberately paced “Canario,” and the stately “Cecilias,” while “Samba Da Lira” evokes a day at the beach with a vibe so relaxed you can practically imagine the sound of gently lapping waves.

Rhythm is the star in “Lim Sim,” featuring a great bass line, with Reis and Teixeira in tight synch, supported by Ferreira’s subtle percussion. There’s also plenty of dynamic soloing on this intriguing tune.

Teixeira trips the light fantastic on the keys on “Cev Mar”; there’s a gorgeous arco bass opening to the hypnotic “Passarim”; the energetic “Ginga Do Mane” is a high-energy cooker that’s imaginative and engaging. Bass also makes a strong but subtle statement in “Mariama.” “A Ra” has a lilting melody that sounds crisp and fresh, building up to a big finish; “Imagen” opens with great drive, and the rest of the tune lives up to the mood set from the get-go.

Drawing on styles explored and lessons learned through their extensive and varied life history, Brazzamerica has an exciting story to tell within this elegant and inspired new CD.

Brazzamerica“Brazzamerica” (Self Produced) Street Date: 08/05/2016
Leco Reis-bass, Cidinho Teixeira-piano, Edson Ferreira-drums

Available on Amazon, iTunes & CDBaby


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GERMANY: David Helbock Trio-Into the Mystic(act 2016)

David Helbock Trio

David Helbock - piano
Raphael Preuschl - bassukulele
Reinhold Schmölzer - drums

Dec 9
Dornbirn (AT)

Friday, December 9, 2016

45 Years of Jazzseminar Dornbirn

David Helbock - Solopiano
Dec 10
Altdorf (bei Nürnberg)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Altdorf Soulbuddies

David Helbock Trio (with D.Kirchner - Bass and A.Wettstein - dr)
Dec 14
Vienna (AT)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Showcase Festival - Porgy&Bess Vienna

One 40min Showcase with David Helbock Trio

USA: New York Youth Symphony A Tribute To The Village Vanguard Jazz at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola Dec. 13th 7:30 & 9:30pm


Limited Seats Available

Cover: $35
Student: $20

To Reserve by Phone
Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola: 212-258-9595

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

USA: Life Of A Dreamer - Yonrico Scott (Blue Canoe 2016)

Atlanta, GA (October 28th, 2016) - The latest release from The Yonrico Scott Band, "Life of a Dreamer", displays Mr. Scott's solid jazz fundamentals and solid groove that his fans have come to expect. From jazz to power soul to funk and rock, this album manages to fuse genres effortlessly all while delivering a foundation that forces foot-tapping engagement from listeners. Mr. Scott even ventures into the jam-band arena as he invites in the legendary Col. Bruce Hampton and Reverend Jeff Mosier for an exercise in head bobbing.

Yonrico Scott is an American Grammy Award-winning drummer and percussionist. He was a longtime member of The Derek Trucks Band and is currently the drummer for recent sensation Royal Southern Brotherhood featuring Cyril Neville. In 2010, Scott accepted the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album for The Derek Trucks Band for their 2009 album, "Already Free". Mr. Scott has played with industry big-names such as Stevie Wonder, Warren Haynes, Whitney Houston, Peabo Bryson, John Denver, and The Allman Brothers to name a few. With the Derek Trucks Band, he served as percussionist and contributing songwriter for 16 years.

"Life Of A Dreamer" opens with an instant funk rock classic "Don't Give Me". This dynamic mover harkens back to Mr. Scott's days with The Derek Trucks Band with its forceful groove and old soul vocals. "How much is too much", he sings just before the momentum evolves into riff- trading among the keys and guitar. "Don't give me one more chance", he bellows before the big finish of horns and powerful percussion...but the listener must listen on.

"Don't Give Me" leads directly into the title track, "Life Of A Dreamer (Suite For Marimba)". It opens with Mr. Scott stretching out by putting his melodic skills on display with a fantastic marimba intro. His dynamics are genius and create a hauntingly beautiful echo that sets up the approaching horns masterfully. This is definitive Yonrico Scott...a solid jazz number with a strong rock back beat. He shows that he is a master of melody in this big, expansive number that shows his percussion skills in definitive fashion. The number winds down with Yonrico returning to the marimba as he and bass master Joseph Patrick Moore slowly bring in the guitar and horns for the grand finale
Mr. Scott shares compositional credit on several tracks, of note is "Corner Of The World". Producer, writer and bass man Joseph Patrick Moore contributes this composition as he smoothes things out with this jazz number. The juxtaposition of Scott's patented percussion with the interplay between bass and guitar is breathtaking. Kofi Burbridge's organ work on this number rounds things out and delivers this soulful piece with style.

From the opening track to the "bonus" track, "Life Of A Dreamer" does conjure up a dreamy potion that contrasts tension with tranquility and delivers a memorable collection throughout. The seductive groove and melodic composition demands replay and is destined to be known as Yonrico Scott's most powerful release to date. Give this a listen...you'll be seduced into by the "Life Of A Dreamer".

USA: International Women in Jazz Holiday Jam Fundraiser


Also Featuring
Mimi Jones, Bass
Mauricio de Souza, Drums

USA/BOOK: “OLD FRIENDS ARE THE BEST FRIENDS” The Letters of John McKee and Mike Metheny

The Letters of
John McKee and Mike Metheny

“John McKee was a force. And he is one of the major reasons I became the musician I am now. To this day he remains one of the most important and unique personalities
I have ever known.”
– Pat Metheny (from the “Foreword”)

“Even though these letters were written more than 25 years ago, they still prove that two people can disagree sharply about serious social issues yet remain the best of friends. We could use more of that kind of thinking today.”
– Mike Metheny

“It’s not a jazz book. It’s a life book,
suitable either for browsing or a long, steady read.”
– Doug Ramsey (“Rifftides”)
For additional excerpts and ordering information, please go to:
Also available at amazon.com

         John McKee and Mike Metheny grew up in a Kansas City suburb called Lee's Summit. As children of the l950s and '60s, they, along with other members of a tightly knit group of friends, shared rites of passage and savored life in small-town Missouri.
         As adults, John and Mike went their separate ways – Mike to Boston to pursue a career as a professional musician and teacher, John never leaving Lee's Summit or the family lumber business – but they remained in touch with a written correspondence that lasted over ten years.  It was a dialogue that evolved into an open-ended forum for a wide range of thoughts and opinions, a conversation-by-mail about everything from impressions of different books, movies and pieces of music, to their opposing views about religion and politics.
         In the late 1980s, their letters increased in frequency and intensity, and just about any subject was considered fair game. Childhood reflections, former girlfriends, current events, philosophical considerations and observations, the poignant, soul-searching and occasionally humorous accounts that come from everyday living... few topics were off limits. It was a cross-country "tennis match" that caused a decades-old friendship to remain rock-solid to the end.
         This correspondence did come to a close with John McKee's final installment written the day before his unexpected death. It was a last letter – handed to Mike by the minister at John's funeral – that served as a powerful if not prophetic summing up of this prolific postal discourse.
         And it was a bookend to a life that had touched so many others.