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Wadada Leo Smith, Bernie Worrell, Milford Graves, DJ Krush, Praxis, Bill Laswell, Method of Defiance & More Presented By M.O.D. Technologies' Incunabula Digital Series

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New York, August 25, 2014

Digital Series
Milford Graves, Wadada Leo Smith,  
Praxis, Buckethead, John Zorn,  
DJ Krush, Bernie Worrell, Bill Laswell, Method of Defiance 
 and more...  




The Stone - April 22, 2014 

Song Title: Back In No Time 



Milford Graves - Iconic Force of Nature, Teacher, Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Rhythmatist... His drums speak in heavy African and Afro-Cuban dialects. Echoes of timeless voices... From his beginnings with Albert Ayler, Sonny Shorrock and others... To the present space / time... Milford Graves has been a profound conductor of healing energy. A true spirit, a legendary African-American voice... Here in uninterrupted dialog with bassist Bill Laswell.


The Stone - April 22, 2014 

Song Title: Akashic Meditation   



Wadada Leo Smith - One of the most original and important trumpet players of his generation. His masterful tone opens portals that explore new sonic environments and lost worlds. Ambient space music above with the deep delta blues below. He was born in Leland, Mississippi. And early corroborrator with the AACM in Chicago, has also worked with Anthony Braxton, Marion Brown, Jack DeJohnette, John Zorn and many others. With many documented recordings under his name. A true original. Caught here in duet with Bill Laswell.  



John Zorn
Bill Laswell 

Song Title: In Times Of Horror    



THE RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ - Gothic Futurism, Ikonoklast Panzerism... "In Times of Horror" - a coded message from the gates of hell.The specter of the 90s Earache imprint, collides with intense sound construction detonated with multi layers of fierce industrial textures...contrasting semi controlled chaos. Featuring mutant Guitar virtuoso at his freest, avant-garde Icon - saxophonist/composer John Zorn and Bill Laswell. Trash, hardcore, garbage god metal, chainsaw demolition, IT GROWS.  



Song Title: Shuen   


OUT TODAY, AUGUST 25, 2014.  

Turntablist and producer, DJ Krush, is one of the first Japanese artists to be embraced by the global hip-hop world. Beginning by mixing elements  of R & B and Acid Jazz with the big breakbeat backbone of mid- tempo hip-hop. Gradually moving more toward the abstract applying heavy effects and sample manipulation to thick, smart breaks, layered, ambient textures and subtle, inventive scratching. Heard here in duet with ikonoklast bassist/producer Bill Laswell. Shuen shows both musicians seamlessly navigate through the ambient / world beat matrix...a brief journey into sound and rhythm.


Phantom Soundclash  
Cut-Up Method: One 

Song Title: Nebuchadnezzar   

Dr. Israel, Garrison Hawk, Bernie Worrell, Adam Rudolph, Graham Haynes,  
Peter Apfelbaum, Guy Licata, Bill Laswell, Foday Musa Suso    


OUT OCTOBER 7, 2014.  

A spontaneous-recombinant, concrete music / sound collage. Electric Miles Davis, avant-funk, dub, reggae, noise, free-jazz and flashes of Africa - endure constnat rhythmic sound blasts, sonic detonations and high energy malfunctions. All past wreckage as raw material to be applied to the construction of completely new forms. Dr. Israel, Garrison Hawk, P-Funk icon - Bernie Worrell, Gambian Griot and kora master - Foday Musa Suso, Adam Rudolph, Graham Haynes, Peter Apfelbaum, Guy Licata and Bill Laswell... To be continued.


Phantom Soundclash  
Cut-Up Method: Two

Song Title : Purple World  

Bill Laswell, Adam Rudolph, Dr. Israel, Grandmaster DXT 


OUT OCTOBER 7, 2014.  

P-Funk legend Bernie Worrell, without a doubt, the most influential and definitely the most emulated and copied electronic keyboardist in modern music. His work totally defined the synthesizer of 80s and 90s hip-hop and can still be clearly recognized in the pop hits of today. Caught here in a classic sound / mush up...that moves from delicate to simply raw, intense and bombastic free-form funkafied filth reloaded. In collaboration with multi-directional percussion virtuoso Adam Rudolph, Brooklyn's finest DJ / beat generator - Dr. Israel, Bill Laswell and the original Bronx DJ - Grandmixer DXT (Zulu Nation, Wild Style) best known for introducing scratching to the mainstream on Herbie Hancock's mega hit "Rockit"... Thus spawning a generation of innovative turntablists...The history continues.

ABOUT THE LABEL - M.O.D. Technologies - revealing light on the development of new sound experiences in material culture. A multi-directional music / sound / information system. Initiated in 2010 by bassist / producer Bill Laswell and Giacomo Bruzzo, co-founder of the progressive / future music label Rare Noise.  
M.O.D. - A futuristic hybrid of music exploration - dub / dub step / reggae / world / africa / drum'n'bass / mutant hip hop / avant metal / experimental / vocal music / instrumental / DJ culture and much more. M.O.D. resumes and continues the legacy of AXIOM, the timeless imprint established in 1989 by Bill Laswell with Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records.

ABOUT THE SERIES - The Incunabula Series promises to present rare and unique, one time only captured events, in some cases originally experienced by a fortunate few and recover unusual, lost until now studio recordings. Documenting as far back as the early 80s up to present time. Moments seldom heard or experienced by anyone.   



The Incunabula Digital Series will present further releases soon...Stay tuned!

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JAZZWORLDQUEST PROPOSALS: Greek folk (& tango) group from Athens, Greece (piano accordeon), Zoe-Spiros duet

Greek folk (& tango) group from Athens, Greece (piano accordeon), Zoe-Spiros duet
(our program may be greek folk oriented-tango oriented or both)
Spiros Moschopoulos, Arranger, Composer, Piano Soloist
24α Harilaou Trikoupi Street,
Kifissia, Athens, Greece
ΜA in piano performance, (Boston Conservatory, Mass., USA)
Cell phone: (0030) 6972 672 262
Personal website Spiros Moschopoulos bio(en)
Zoe’s website  http://www.zoe-music.net
Zoe Tiganouria short bio
Personal LinkedIn profile
(Feel our energy on stage in a recent promotional video from a concert we held at an Athens concert hall, the Theoharakis Foundation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ObQW-gQEdM
Hello from Athens, Greece!
By way of introduction, I am Spiros Moschopoulos, a composer and pianist from Athens.  I would like to present you with a new project of mine on Argentinian tango and original  music in the hope of being included in future festivals involving such music. This particular project involves piano and accordion, featuring my collaboration with the world’s acclaimed composer and accordion soloist, Zoe Tiganouria.(website  http://www.zoe-music.net/ )
The musical “core” of our repertoire is tango (nuevo and traditional) but we go far beyond that, including  original music of our own: (not only tango but inspired by Greek folk tunes)

Greek Mountains at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9Tx_JhrlxQ&feature=youtu.be
(compositions inspired by Greek and Armenian folk tunes, composed by Z. Tiganouria)

Greek mountains from a competition in finland that zoe participated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7mP5IYjn4g
Serah of Vasilis Tsitsanis at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMduR3bPFSw&feature=youtu.be
arrangement on a famous “rebetiko”

Tango for Maria http://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=US3aNBtaIDw&video_referrer=watch
(tango nuevo style, composed by S. Moschopoulos)

My piano solo arrangements on Piazzolla’s works:
Invierno porteno http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgyWAZDi7ng
Milonga for three http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opKTV5jocd4
Feel our energy on stage in a recent promotional video from a concert we held at an Athens concert hall, the Theoharakis Foundation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ObQW-gQEdM
and read an excerpt from the press release for our concert:
“The well-known composer and accordion soloist Zoe Tiganouria, after the recent releases of her two books with music sheets and CDs entitled Zoe’s Music No.1 & Zoe’s Music No.2 for accordion & piano, as well as her discography (seven personal CDs and hundreds of compositions and arrangements in the Greek and global music market), in combination with the compositions and arrangements of the piano soloist Spiros Moschopoulos, present a wonderful show with riveting interpretations that are like confessions from the depths of their souls! .…The show is enriched by genuine tango and traditional melodies from all over Greece.”
(Translated from: http://www.musiccorner.gr/?p=86966)

Musicians & Labels:
Publish your proposals for shows, tours, collaborations, and services to be publicly posted on
JazzWorldQuest Proposals Section
(click here to post your announcement)

Enrico Pieranunzi with Scott Colley, Antonio Sanchez - Stories (CAM JAZZ 2014)

A creatively inspired trio. Once again Enrico Pieranunzi has joined up with Scott Colley on double bass and Antonio Sanchez on drums for a recording session which gave rise to the amazing “Stories”, an enlightened, flowing, joyful CD. This album, recorded at Avatar Studio, New York, in February 2011, is a collection of eight tracks, most of which were composed by the Roman pianist. Jazz, Pieranunzi’s fondness for classical music, a Latin flavour by Sanchez: everything merges in a single discourse that perfectly combines different accents, allowing listeners 49 minutes of highly enjoyable, engaging, magnetic compositions. The passionate three-track opening with “No Improper Use”, “Detrás Más Allá” and “Blue Waltz”, gives way to the soft “The Slow Gene” by Scott Colley, the only song which wasn’t written by the Roman pianist. Then there are the experiments of “Which Way Is Up”, a frenzied piece lasting less than four minutes in which the trio runs through a vibrant game of improvisation. The final part of the CD opens with “Where Stories Are”, which has the honour of and is credited with giving the title to this work, then flows into the peaceful haven of “Flowering Stones”. There is nothing left to do but close with a dreamy “The Real You”. After Permutation, this is a great second test for the trio, which proves more inspired and tighter here, capable of interacting in a smooth, natural, careful but never restrained fashion: a successful evolution of the “sound laboratory” ambiance (as defined by Pieranunzi) that had been created when they first met.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Saxophonist Frank Catalano and Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin Pay Tribute to John Coltrane on "Love Supreme Collective" - Available September 30 on Ropeadope Records

Saxophonist Frank Catalano and Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin
Pay Tribute to John Coltrane on Love Supreme Collective

Available September 30 on Ropeadope Records
Vinyl Release Set for November 11

Digital Release Debuts at #1 on iTunes Jazz Charts

"As a musician, Mr. Catalano is known for the exuberance of his solos, and he speaks with rapid-fire energy in a high-pitched voice, barely finishing one sentence before hitting the next." - The New York Times

"Frank Catalano is John Coltrane energy for the 21st Century" - DownBeat

Love Supreme Collective is the Ropeadope debut by Billboard chart-topping saxophonist Frank Catalano and longtime Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. Chicago-based Catalano and Chamberlin met in 1999 at the former Boulevard Cafe in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood during a jam session that Catalano was hosting. On that night, the jam included John Medeski, DJ Logic, Steve Kimock, Les Claypool and Sugar Blue. Catalano and Chamberlin started playing together soon after for fun, mostly at each other's houses with the exception of a few Jimmy Chamberlin Complex performances. 

"I have been a fan and friend of Frank's for fifteen years and I am happy we are making music together," Chamberlin says. This collaboration has enabled Chamberlin to reconnect with his jazz roots. Fans of Chamberlin's drumming will be delighted to hear him in this context, as he demonstrates an inspired range of depth in his playing. "Jimmy is my favorite drummer and I think of him like he's my big brother," Catalano says. "We played together at the Green Mill in Chicago recently and I still have the music running through my body. It was so special, words can't properly express my feelings."

Photo Courtesy of Artist
While Catalano has nothing but joy and positive feelings for the music on Love Supreme Collective, this inspired album has its genesis in difficult circumstances. In 2011, Catalano sustained serious injuries after his car was hit by a drunk driver. He cites John Coltrane's A Love Supreme as the spiritual anchor during his difficult recovery. Catalano wanted to make a recording that embodied the love, thanks, and praise of A Love Supreme without copying it. Catalano was fortunate to have worked with A Love Supreme's legendary drummer, Elvin Jones, who Chamberlin cites as one of his biggest influences. As such, the passion felt for the material on this recording is easily apparent.

For this project, Chamberlin enlisted his keyboardist from the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Adam Benjamin (Kneebody), and Catalano rounded up PolCat members Percy Jones (Brand X, Soft Machine) and Chris Poland (Megadeth) for the bass and guitar work, respectively. 

"This recording is about crafting emotions and feelings," Catalano says. "The way the guys set the tone and mood for each song is pretty unreal. Love Supreme Collective resembles a through composed contemporary classical piece with four movements."

At Catalano's request, Ropeadope is selling the recording on iTunes as an "all or nothing," album, because, as Catalano says, "I didn't want this work separated and fragmented. While I am very proud of my recordings for the Savoy and Delmark labels, this is the first time I used my classical composition training to frame the work of a recording. This freed me to keep Coltrane, Von Freeman and other spiritual energy near my heart and under my fingers."

Catalano entered into the process of recording this album with a distinct and inspired purpose for each track. "'Acknowledgement of Truth' takes the listener on an intense spiritual journey before finding some peace on 'Resolution of Purpose,'" Catalano says. "'Pursuance and Persistence' has many meanings to me as this is where things are coming together, life wise."

Catalano is at a stage of his career as an established veteran in the Chicago jazz scene where he often hears questions regarding the direction of his music and career: What is important? What are you working to achieve? Are you happy with your situation? What are you going after? With Love Supreme Collective, Catalano chooses to answer these questions through his music. "It is easy to say words," he says, "but to express these emotions, thoughts, feelings in an instrumental album is something else. 'Psalm for John' is probably the most special on a personal level. A psalm can help inculcate belief in divine providence into one's consciousness. Percy Jones and I are bending our bass and soprano sax notes together at the same time, without discussing it, playing off each other, as if our minds are being fed this info. We did not filter or limit the music in any way.  It was a very powerful and spiritual experience. I want to thank everyone who is reading these words and checking out the music!"

Frank Catalano Jimmy Chamberlin Love Supreme Collective Ropeadope Album Promo
Frank Catalano & Jimmy Chamberlin
"Love Supreme Collective"

Upcoming Frank Catalano Performances with Jimmy Chamberlin:
August 9 / Deer Park Jazz Festival / Deer Park, IL
September 26 & 27 / Jazz Estate / Milwaukee, WI
October 26 / Iridium Jazz Club / New York, NY
November 14 / Mayne Stage / Chicago, IL
December 18 - 20 / Andy's Jazz Club / Chicago, IL

Upcoming Frank Catalano Sextet Performances:
August 27 / The Green MillChicago, IL
September 11 / St. Charles Jazz Festival / St. Charles, IL
October 10 & 11 / Andy's Jazz Club / Chicago, IL
October 31 - November 1 / Earshot Jazz Festival / Seattle, WA
November 28 & 29Andy's Jazz Club / Chicago, IL

Frank Catalano & Jimmy Chamberlin · Love Supreme Collective
Ropeadope Records  ·  Release Date: September 30, 2014  
For more information on Frank Catalano, please visit: CatalanoMusic.com

For more information on Ropeadope Records, please visit: Ropeadope.com

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Marco Lo Russo News and Upcoming shows

aug 21 - 9 pm - Island of Ponza
Modern Accordion for solo accordion and electronics

aug 23 - 9 pm - Chiesa Ss Maria Stella del Mare, Lido di Tarquinia
Variazioni linguistiche for Accordion solo

aug 30 - 9 pm - Torre dei Templari, San Felice Circeo
Accordion solo free improvisation

sept 3 - 9 pm - Pietra de' Giorgi, Pavia
Accordion solo free imporvisation

sept 11 - 9 pm - Barone Rosso, Spinea, Venezia
Modern Accordion for solo accordion and electronics

sept 14 - 9 pm - Rifugio Potzmauer, Grumes, Trento
Modern Accordion for solo accordion and electronics

SEPT 1 - 7
 iscrivetI qui - sign up here


with Agnieszka Chrzanowska, Eva Lopez and for In-Grid


"BAR DE NUIT" New Album Daniel Roure

"BAR DE NUIT" New Album Daniel Roure.

Your announcement
Daniel Roure composer of "Les Baleines Bleues" more than 7 000 000 listeners on USA, just released his new album "Bar De Nuit", with the spirit of Vintage France (French lyrics) , the swing, and the soul of  Jazz.


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AVAILABLE TODAY on OKeh Records: SOMI Breaks New Ground on Her Major Label Debut, "The Lagos Music Salon"

SOMI Breaks New Ground on Her Major Label Debut 
The Lagos Music Salon

Album Debuts at #1 on iTunes Jazz Chart

New African Jazz and Soul Inspired 
by a Journey to Lagos, Nigeria

Featuring Guest Artists Common and Angelique Kidjo


Album Release Show
Wednesday, August 6 @ The Cutting Room
7:30 PM - 44 E. 32nd Street, New York

"Somi's songs gracefully fuse African-tinged grooves, supple 
jazz singing and compassionate social consciousness; 
they're both serious and seductive."  -  Jon Pareles, The New York Times 

Few contemporary albums bare as particular a narrative as The Lagos Music Salon. The new album by the superb chanteuse Somi, finds her breaking new ground with a hybrid style of music that organically integrates the essence of jazz and soul with the musical depth of her African heritage. "It's the first time ever that I put all other pursuits on hold to focus solely on the creative process," says Somi, who decided to move to Lagos, Nigeria from her New York home base without a game plan but with a passionate desire to find a new direction for her vision and voice.

The Lagos Music Salon marks Somi's major label debut for Sony's OKeh Records and features a range of originals that are sublimely melodic and percussively textured. "Last Song" has already been added into rotation at VH1 Soul and REVOLT TV, and the vocalist was recently interviewed for The Tavis Smiley Show and The Bob Edwards Show - both critically acclaimed radio programs airing nationally. Additionally, Somi was recently featured in New York Magazine's Grub Street section and continues to receive accolades from major jazz outlets including JazzTimes and DownBeat.

A socially informed and adventurous vocalist, Somi sings with a soulful beauty about her experiences in Lagos. While there, she kept a journal of her observations and collaborated with a community of musicians, writers and artists who helped her to envision what would become The Lagos Music Salon.

The album covers a broad swath of styles and features a number of carefully matched guest performances. These include a fast-paced groove with Afro-pop sensibilities on the Fela Kuti-inspired "Lady Revisited" with Angelique Kidjo, and a rap-inflected cinematic reflection on Africa's pollution, "When Rivers Cry," that features Common.

Also in the mix are field recording snippets, including an exchange at the Lagos airport with an immigration officer, heated rally cries from the Occupy Nigeria protests, and a parabolic story of an over-skilled monkey.

"I'm excited about this album," Somi says. "I allowed myself to abandon the boundaries of my comfort zone, but that gave me the room to explore and play with new ideas and inspiration. Some people see me as an African artist and not jazz, while others see me as a jazz artist influenced by Africa. But I'm not focused on genre. My intent is to be honest with the songs and where they take me."
  photo credit: Glynis Carpenter

Born in Illinois, the daughter of immigrants from Uganda and Rwanda, Somi's dramatic Salon story started ironically and sadly on the release date of her 2009 album, If the Rains Come First, when her beloved father passed away.

"I had to weather the storm of his passing," Somi says. "The loss was so sobering that I began to question my own life's legacy and path. My dearest mentor Hugh Masekela knew about my personal loss and subsequent desire for change. He also knew that, more than ever, I wished I could move 'home' to Africa. Something about the idea seemed like it might be a way to get closer to my father's spirit and my own heart. It was Uncle Hugh that reminded me that to be a musician is to be a global citizen and that I should always listen to my heart should it long to travel. 'Stop thinking about it as a move,' he said, 'Think of it as an opportunity to spend time with another part of your global audience.' That's when I decided to make the bold choice of moving to Lagos in 2011. A true Africanist, I believe my father is proud of that choice."

A TED Global Fellow and also founder of the New Africa Live nonprofit that champions African artists, Somi has for the last decade carved out a career of singing and being an activist. On The Lagos Music Salon, the best album of her young career, she magically combines the two facets of her life. As for her adopted city, she says, "It was a euphoric new place for me, an important journey. I wanted to tell honest stories in the spirit of gratitude." 

Somi · The Lagos Music Salon
OKeh  ·  Release Date: August 5, 2014  
For more information on Somi, please visit: SomiMusic.com

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