Sunday, July 30, 2017

USA: Dave Soldier- The Eighth Hour Of Amdua(2017)

The Eighth Hour Of Amduat 

Marshall Allen, the leader of the Sun Ra Arkestra, is featured in the part of the Egyptian god Sun Ra, in Dave Soldier's new classical/jazz/electronic opera based on the oldest musical score known, the 8th hour of the Book of the Amduat. In this verison from 1425 BC, the sounds and music are clearly specified during Sun Ra's nightly travels on the underworld river to age, die, and be reborn to rise again every morning. The ancient hieroglyphs are translated to Italian by Egyptologist Ritat Lucarrelli (professor at UC Berkely) and the parts of the other gods and demons are sung by mezzosoprano (Sahoko Sato Timpone from the Metropolitan Opera) and a choir and by additional improvisers (Dan Blacksberg, Nick Millevoi, Michael Winograd, Rebecca Cherry) with a classical orchestra. Marshall Allen plays the alto saxophone and EWI electronic wind instrument as Sun Ra, who doesn't speak in the book but calls the other gods and demons, and this 93 year old master musician, performing in a version of the world's oldest musical text, sounds more Futuristic than anyone else ever has.