Wednesday, January 31, 2018

USA/SERBIA: DUSAN JEVTOVIC-Live At Home(Moonjune Records 2018)

Title: Live At Home
Catalog number: CD009/2017

LIMITED EDITION CD. For promotional usage only and limited sale. Made possible with the generous support of SKC (STUDENTSKI KULTURNI CENTAR) KRAGUJEVAC. Released by SKC, for limited distribution and marketing by MoonJune Records. The proceeds from the album are intended to fund Dusan’s next studio release. 

There is something daringly creative about Dusan Jevtovic’s latest release. Live at Homeis an album that has many special characteristics. As the name aptly suggests this is a live album and was recorded on the 23rd December 2016 at the Decije Pozorište in Dusan’s home city of Kragujevac in Serbia. The recording is clear and uncluttered and does not suffer from any intrusive audience noise, or unwelcome audience participation.

Live at Home contains a number of pieces that featured on Jevtovic’s outstanding No Answer album. For the live performance, Jevtovic’s is aided, as he was in No Answer, by the renowned Serbian keyboard player Vasil Hadzimanov. The rest of the band on this live occasion are made up of Pera Krstajic on bass and Pedja Milutonovic on drums. Live at Home leaves little doubt that progressive fusion can be a passionate affair. It is an album that is never sterile, but is teeming with feeling and creative ideas that give it an organic and human touch. It burns energetically and ignites a multitude of senses; it gently serenades the heart, and when dissonance takes place, it seductively caresses the mind

Live at Home is a superbly-crafted fusion master class. It oozes with heartfelt emotion; containing dashing solo lines and dazzling instrumental passages. The music goes way beyond any normally defined parameters associated with fusion. This creates an album that is often exhilarating and challenging in its complexity. Technically excellent playing is combined with musical structures that enable boldly creative developments and well thought out embellishments to take place. Live at Home is a release that is able to take the listener through a range of moods and emotions. It combines the right mixture of aggression and charming serenity and never ignores the importance of the use of light and shade to emphasise its more explosive parts.

If you enjoy edgy tunes flavoured with lavish amounts of unpredictability and filled with accomplished playing; Live at Home is sure to delight. It is an album that rewards intensive and repeated listens. 

PERA KRSTAJIC bass guitar
Produced by Dusan Jevtovic.
Executive production SKC Kragujevac, Dusan Jevtovic and Leonardo Pavkovic.
Recorded live at Decije Pozoriste, Kragujevac, Serbia, December 23, 2016.
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