Saturday, June 30, 2018


Epidot is a trio that plays music written by guitarist Erik Ivarsson, which we can hear with, for example, Actual Arvid Nero and Mona Wallin, Black Cat Bone, Elina Ryd and Parallel Activity. 
Epidot's music can be seen as a melting pot of different styles and expressions. The early progressive rock with the style typical complex song structures and great dynamic variations, the late 60's powertrios such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, the early 60's guitar band like The Shadows, the jazz music with its focus on turn and improvisation, the blues's raw and unpolished sound. 
On double bass we hear Adam Lindblom, one of the most popular bassists on the Göteborsk music scene.
Adam has heard with his stable and strong melodic games with, for example, Ove Ingemarsson, Eric Liftig and Tobias Grim. 
On drums we find Johan Horner.
He also plays with Anders Boson and Gentlemen & Gangsters. 
Johan puts a strong mark on Trion's music with his engering and playful drumming. 
Erik Ivarsson - Guitar Johan Horner - Drums Adam Lindblom - Double bass