Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SLOVENIA: MB4 ‎– 4 Hands Improvisation ( 2015)

Piano duo MB4 (Mauko-Berden) is representing four-hands improvisation for piano. This kind of art is very rare. Firstly because it is the same sub layer of two different genre ( one from classic, the other from jazz), and secondly because both composers are creating their own composition on stage and they understand each other spontaneously without trying to adapt. Such music is the incentive for the audience, young and old enthusiasts, and it is here to show
how art encourages other arts. The impossible becomes possible, the relationship can thrive even in liberal process and the play is coordinated. MB4 was chosen for an international festival of music, Sarajevo- Sarajevska Zima, 2015.
The concept of an improvised concert is today even more welcomed than ever before, because this is period in which art is supersaturated with all forms and ideas. Although improvisation represented an important role in the not too distant past, it almost completely disappeared from concert halls. That's why it is one of the major challenges, which again raises the question of stylish fully unburden improvisation, which is dependent on your current mood and its ability to direct the music flow.