Tuesday, May 26, 2015

USA: CD REVIEW: NEW RELEASE ARTIST: Dom Minasi/Chris Kelsey - Woodstock To New York

ARTIST: Dom Minasi/Chris Kelsey
TITLE: Woodstock To New York

The soprano sax that Chris weaves against Dom's splendid guitar makes for an improvised musical adventure you'll never forget! Tunes like "Memories of Being Angry" convey all the strident energy you might think of for a title like that, but this duo doesn't leave the listener out, either... you're right there with them, in the moment, for every note & every transition. This isn't the Woodstock all of us "boomers" remember; no Jimi or Carlos, but songs like "That Aint The Blues" are just as high-energy as the stage performances on Max's farm were... a truly impressive tune, to be sure! It was the laid-back pace on the beautiful "Tip Toe" that made my aural appendages stand right on up & take notice, though... this one definitely got my vote for favorite of the nine tunes offered up... one of the best reed/string duos I've heard in a long time. I give Dom/Chris a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, Get more information & listen to sample tracks at their CD Baby release page for this fine CD
-Dick Metcalf-