Wednesday, October 10, 2018

GERMANY: Sarah Buechi & Christoph Haberer: Animata Duality(JazzHausMusik 2018)

Animata - Duality
Duality stands for a musical soulmate with astonishing, above all rhythmic finesse in structure and improvisation. All compositions of the production come from the pen of Christoph Haberer. They served as the basis for the melodies and lyrics that Sarah Buechi developed in a digital exchange process. An old Swiss folk song in a special a capella arrangement by Sarah Buechi, as well as a miniature for five snare drums complete the album. Both Christoph Haberer and Sarah Buechi are originally jazz musicians and embark on this project in new musical contexts in which compositionally and improvisationally it is mainly about the combination of melody, rhythm and poetry - between nature sound and electronics. Enriched by her many experiences and encounters with musicians from other cultures as well as studies u. a. In India, Africa and America, the two musicians create dual, soul-stirring, but also ecstatic soundscapes, structured by their very own variants of melody, rhythm, scat, lyrics and electronics.