Monday, July 9, 2018

USA: Freda Felcher -Human Love(2018)

Freda Felcher | Human Love

Freda Felcher is the Jackson, WY based brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and composer Leif Routman featuring vocalist Hilary Camino and brought to life by producer/engineer Joe Rudd. Making its recording debut with a six track EP entitled “Human Love”, the songs cover a spectrum of topics while remaining bound together by the theme of love in many forms; towards one another, universal and also touching on a personal journey through time. Rhythm section Ed Domer and Marty Camino anchor the music with heavy yet buoyant pocket grooves, interlocking in step behind the tapestry of sound created by Rudd's immaculate Fender Rhodes piano and Routman's guitar. A tapestry of horn lines (Rudd on the sax & local trumpet ace Rachel Bundy) complement the lyrics, delivered by Hilary Camino in a soaring array of tones and tastes. Don Gronberg & Dusty Nichols provide tasteful percussion work to flesh out the arrangements. In addition, upcoming single “One Sunrise” features the violin work of Mimi Smith, along with a studio choir of Jackson's finest vocalists from bands like Benyaro, Pat Chadwick, Flannel Attractions, Canyon Kids and more. The music of “Human Love” is broad and deep, echoing the inherent heaviness coupled with funky arrangements of opuses like “What's Going On” and “Songs in the Key of Life.” The title track kicks off the EP with an exploration of universal humanity over a live-band soul/RnB backdrop. “One Sunrise” follows highlighting the challenges our planet faces and the blistering guitar work of composer Leif Routman. The harmony is Coltrane influenced on the lone instrumental “Four Eyes” which features the incredible scat singing and synthesizer work of Kate Skinner over contemporary funk to create a unique party-jazz atmosphere. “Circle” follows, a poignant ballad meditating on lost love, while leaving the proverbial door cracked open to future romance. Laotian Night is slow-burning soulful number featuring lyrics by vocalist Hilary Camino brought forth through melodic RnB vocal lines. This EP closes with “Moonlit Scars” bringing things around to a hip-hop/blues mash-up soaring high with Camino's vocals and muscular horn arrangements.