Monday, July 9, 2018

URUGUAY: Hugo Fattoruso y Barrio Opa, (2018)

Hugo Fattoruso Y Bariro Opa
Release date: 29th June 2018 | Formats: Vinyl LP / CD / Digital | Cat no: FARO204
Far Out ventures further out to Uruguay to record a new album with fusion legend Hugo Fattoruso. After a twenty-year search for the man behind the cult 70s jazz-funk group Opa, we are honoured to present Hugo Fattoruso Y Barrio Opa: a new work from Fattoruso and his team of world-class musicians, including the sensational Candombe drumming of the renowned Silva brothers. Recorded at Sondor Studios, Montevideo, the album is the natural development of the original Opa sound, fusing Afro-Uruguayan rhythms, jazz harmony and heavy funk attitude, under Hugo’s unique musical vision.