Wednesday, July 4, 2018

USA: bison bison-bison bison(2018)

Bison Bison is guitarist Ishmael Ali (Errata, /je’raf/), saxophonist Wills Mckenna (Wills Mckenna Quartet, Here and Now), drummer Matt Carroll (Ohmme, Typical Sisters) and bassist Mike Harmon (Goran Ivanovic Trio, Natural Language, Jolie).

The group plays original music written by Ishmael Ali and Wills Mckenna. The compositions feature melodic and free form improvisations, weaving together complex interwoven rhythmic pieces along with serene floating ballads. Inspired by the works of jazz composers such as Paul Motian and Bill Mchenry, the music of Bison Bison is explorative while still being deeply rooted in song.