Tuesday, May 22, 2018

RUSSIA: Konstantin Samolovov & Alexey Sysoev-Varietas (Intonema 2018)

This disc is the third Intonema release with a duo of percussionist and electronic musician. This time it will be Konstantin Samolovov from Saint Petersburg and Alexey Sysoev from Moscow, who recorded the album Varietas in June 2017 in the DOM Cultural Center. The rhythmically saturated free improvisation, which in itself is unusual, adjoins with delicate electroacoustics; micro-events included in the macro form do not get bored; unconscious next to the meaningful.

Konstantin Samolovov: selected drums, objects, radio, voice recorder
Alexey Sysoev: no input mixing board, max/msp, ableton live

Produced by Ilia Belorukov & Mikhail Ershov, Konstantin Samolovov & Alexey Sysoev