Thursday, January 4, 2018


Rudi Mahall: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet
Axel Dörner: Trumpet
Christof Thewes: Trombone
Jan Roder: Bass
Michael Griener: Drums

Rudi Mahall writes in the CD-booklet of the forth release on Intakt Records:
„...with our leaning to perseverance practiced over 20 years we searched for a congenial drummer and we got Michael Griener aboard: 100 % enthusiasm as prerequisite and the same taste...
in a band like this the drums are the fulcrum, they navigate sound and form, like a conductor does in a classical orchestra, and Michael Griener is a master! And why add Christof Thewes? First: once you find a songwriter of this caliber hold on to him! Second: every band needs a trombonist like this! Third: Thewes gives hell to the wind section and Four: he is the most full-blown improviser.
The engine runs like greased lightning – hear for yourself!“