Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Switzerland: NEW RELEASE | Luise Volkmann will publish Eudaimonia on 11/24

Dear friends of NWOG Records,
we are happy to announce  Luise Volkmann`s  debut albumHer band named Été Large has  just released a record named Eudaimonia on NWOG!
Thank God, the days when small formations inevitably had to be combos and big ensembles in jazz necessarily were big bands are long gone. Just like the days when jazz musicians had to chose between playing free or traditional jazz. Nowadays, the range of combinations and creative levels in jazz is much broader. The CD “Eudaimonia” by Luise Volkmann, a young saxophonist and flutist, describes this blissful playground of unlimited expressive possibilities in a very entertaining way.
Luise Volkmann is a passionate storyteller or, if you will, a subtle portraitist – two traits that ideally coincide. The story she wants to tell is always at the heart of all her pieces. She reflects on the form and structure but also on the dynamics and the dramatic composition that the storytelling should have and then finds the musicians she needs for her narrative. For her cycle “Eudaimonia” she brought together a group of 12 partners in musical crime who not only represent different scenes but even partly diverging musical concepts that nevertheless come together almost perfectly in their formation Été Large.
Her compositions are of great complexity and even greater variety of forms but still, their narrative structure is easy to understand, varied and entertaining. The fact that this young musician manages this balancing act on her debut CD at a very high level is not only unusual but also exciting and promising.

Luise Volkmann, Été Large

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