Saturday, October 14, 2017

USA: MoonJune announces new release WINGFIELD REUTER SIRKIS Lighthouse CD / LP / HD Download

MoonJune announces new release
CD / LP / HD Download
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MoonJune Records' new release Wingfield Reuter Sirkis "Lighthouse" which was recorded at the magic settings of the XI Century mansion La Casa Murada in Banyeres del Penedes, in the picturesque Catalan countryside - is officially out now! This is a quintessential MoonJune album! 

Explosive mix of impromptu progressive rock, improvisational jazz, space rock, experimental music. An excellent sounding release that surely will take listeners through an aural canyon from darkness into the light. - Wesley Derbyshire, Mediaversal

The work is a tour de force. The chemistry is inspiring. The skill with which the instruments are wielded is mind numbing. The final tune "Surge" brought me to the point of spontaneous applause and joyful laughter. Thank you gentlemen!  - Mike Shockley, BandCamp
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CDs will be shipped this week, LP pre-orders to be shipped in the end of October.
LP vinyl release is made possible by Audio Anatomy, MoonJune's vinyl partner label.
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Note by John Kelman (All About Jazz)

It’s rare that an album emerges as something entirely new; so different that there aren't any genre or sub-genre categories into which it comfortably fits. Like its critically acclaimed, similarly forward-reaching and all-improvised sister The Stone House - released first but actually recorded second during a marathon six-day 2016 series of sessions that will ultimately yield more than the three albums initially planned - Lighthouse is an even more tumultuous, texture-driven and, perhaps, overtly daring ride than the undeniably audacious The Stone House.

Lighthouse, featuring guitarist Mark Wingfield, touch guitarist Markus Reuter and drummer Asaf Sirkis, represents a true paradigm shift in what improvised music can be. This isn’t jazz, though its improvisational spontaneity suggests at least a tenuous link. It isn’t rock - or, more appropriately, progressive rock - though it certainly is, by definition, progressive in its futuristic stance. Nor is it free improv, despite its overall lack of planning. Instead, the bold and utterly fresh Lighthouse represents nothing less than a brand new methodology and a completely unheard-of way of doing things, its sense of progression and imagination miraculously drawn from the ether, with no clear precedent or preconception.

Mark Wingfield's 2015 MoonJune album Proof of Light (also featuring Sirkis and The Stone House bassist, Yaron Stavi) was a career-definer and instrument gamer-changer for the American-born British guitarist, whose reach ranges from jazz to rock to classical music and beyond, and with a C.V. that features work with improvisers ranging from fellow-Brit Iain Ballamy and Indonesia's Dwiki Dharmawan to Norway's Thomas Strønen, as well as tenure in ResRocket, which includes collaboration of big names such as Peter Gabriel, Tricky, Todd Rundgren and Dave Stewart.

The multidisciplinary Markus Reuter - musician, composer, record producer and instrument designer - has become, after early years garnering exposure as a solo artist and with groups including Centrozoon and Tuner, to more popular acclaim and high demand as a member of Stick Men (featuring King Crimson's Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto) and The Crimson ProjeKct (Stick Men, joined together with Crimson alum Adrian Belew's Power Trio with Julie Slick and Tobias Ralph).

Israeli expat Asaf Sirkis' expansive resume has, since relocating to U.K. where he's achieved attention for his own groups including The Inner Noise and guitar-based Asaf Sirkis Trio, built an expansive, still-growing resume that includes Tim Garland's Lighthouse Trio, fellow Israeli expat Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble, Jacob Collier, Natasha Atlas, Nicolas Meier, Phil Robson, Dwiki Dharmawan and Glauco Vernier, amongst many others.

Individually and, now, together as Wingfield Reuter Sirkis, these three imaginative musicians continue to expand the potential of their respective instruments … and, with the exhilarating Lighthouse, developed a new vernacular for 21st century improvisation.

The Stone House
Special offer until November 1, 2017
CD $10 + shipping • HD Instant Download $8
​​​​​​​"...the sonic tapestry of all four instruments serves to enhance The Stone House’s inevitable storytelling atmosphere.”  ***** (5 stars) DownBeat Magazine

“These four players, well-versed in transforming tangles of discursive strands into dazzling revelations, came together without any rehearsals or preamble, plugged in and took off. The resulting melange of rock-orientated grooves and languid drifts through spacey ambience is breathtakingly confident. With so much complimentary overlapping content and tuned-in acuity, you’d never guess that these six pieces were wholly improvised. Moving seamlessly from speculative reverie to ferocious, tumbling interplay, the degree to which this music sounds intricately arranged probably stems from the quartet’s ability to swap the focus from its frontline to backline in the twinkling of an eye, a rare capacity that brings to mind Wetton-era Crimson’s forays into the unknown. Wingfield’s impassioned guitar runs springboard from Reuter’s broad tonal sweeps. Bassist Yaron Stavi, whose nimble interlocking with drummer Asif Sirkis frequently regulates both direction and temperature." - Sid Smith, Prog Rock Magazine

“That the collective resume of this group of rising star musicians includes everything from more clearly definable jazz to something that can only be described as progressive music… means that The Stone House is a truly unique record in its undercurrents from a multiplicity of musical perspectives…It’s an album that breaks many rules, but could only be made by four musicians who not only learned them first, but continue to apply them even as they find ways to push past them into new terrain. Completely unclassifiable, The Stone House is a record that will challenge many preconceptions while still being rooted in enough of the approachable to render its appeal to fans of progressive music… a career-defining record for everyone involved.” - John Kelman, All About Jazz