Friday, October 13, 2017

JazzWorldQuest-Showcase 2017 New Musician: Antoine Fafard

Listen to:
Antoine Fafard-Empty World

CD: Proto Mundi
Antoine Fafard: bass & all guitars
Simon Phillips: drums
Jerry Goodman: violin
Gary Husband: lead keyboard
Four outstanding musicians reunited as a jazz-rock supergroup on a conceptual album signed by Antoine Fafard.  Blazing solos blended with subtle soundscapes create an exciting atmosphere of mystery and magic yet nothing is overdue. The arrangements bring closer all instruments with the utmost clarity, the listener can appreciate the ensemble and the individual voices with the same ease and pleasure. Antoine Fafard as the leading role shines on all levels while maintaining an enjoyable sonic fluidity throughout the album. The choice of musicians is remarkable, the three jazz rock legends intertwine with pathos and energy leaving no room for dull moments. A fascinating album to delight jazz rock fans of all ages.