Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UKRAINE:Konstantin Kolesnichenko Quartet - Minor Differences (2017)

Konstantin Kolesnichenko Quartet | Minor Differences 

Paul Seedorenko - guitar
Mikhail Lyshenko - organ
Dmitriy Lytvynenko - drums and bongos
Konstantin Kolesnichenko - diatonic harmonicas

The recording you are holding in your hand is what it feels like when jazz and blues climb into the same bed and make passionate love. Konstantin Koleshnichenko and his quartet perform in that area where two of America’s quintessential art forms become inseparable... at least for the duration of this recording.

I first heard Kolesnichenko perform on his 2016 release entitled, Hypnotized. I became an instant fan of his music and have revisited that recording many times in the past several months. Naturally I was thrilled to find out that he had a new release in the works. Upon hearing Minor Differences it felt like a very organic progression for this Ukrainian harmonica player. This new release makes a handsome companion piece to Hypnotized.

An exceptional musician, Kolesnichenko leads his talented quartet down many of the same roads that made so many of those great 50’s and 60’s Blue Note Records such timeless classics. This all instrumental affair conjures up the aural experience of bachelor pad cool. Minor Differences is brimming with maturity, sophistication and soul. Lord knows we could use some of that here in 2017.

- David Mac (BLUES JUNCTION Productions.com)