Tuesday, July 18, 2017

AUSTRALIA: Cathy Menezes-Break Away(2017)

Cathy Menezes | Break Away 

Composer, Arranger, Cathy Menezes, was raised in a family of Asia's most famous musicians. Her compositions recorded in the USA, collaborating with Musicians: - 2014 Grammy Award winner Hussain Jiffry, Russell Ferrante (Yellow Jackets), Mike Shapiro, Oscar Seaton, Brandon Fields, Scott Mayo and Tony Guerrero. The compositions originate from her ethnic heritage, providing the combination of Latin and Jazz grooves. Her Debut Album "A Dream" was released in 2015, "Waves of Seven" rising to #5 on the Top Ten Regional Charts in Australia - “It's that kind of an album where the artist makes all the right moves”. Jazz Corner News (WavelengthLA), July 10, 2016. Her new album "Break Away" has strong sense of definition and finesse.