Sunday, July 23, 2017

ITALY/USA: Northbound Trio featuring Seamus Blake-Northbound /Tom Hewson-Essence (CAM JAZZ 2017)

Coming this Autumn...

Northbound Northbound Trio featuring Seamus Blake
Essence Tom Hewson




"Northbound seems the perfect title for this set of recordings. What they share is a sense of rugged adventure, a radical simplicity of means that delivers disproportionate results. Good climbers on northern hills take lots of gear. Great climbers take the minimum required... Spare, bold, hard, muscular again, but gifted with a kind of manly grace that is rare today." (Brian Morton)


“These are intensely involving pieces, even though there isn’t a gusher among them. Feeling is presented in a disciplined and orderly way, each turn examined with affection and respect. It’s hard to step away from this album without feeling... lifted.” (Brian Morton)

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