Wednesday, February 15, 2017

USA: Empire Strikes Brass-Theme for a Celebration(2017)

Empire Strikes Brass is more than just a brass band. They are a dynamic 9-piece crew that can take you from the traditional sound of New Orleans Second-Line, Jazz, and Funk music all the way out to some East Coast Soul, Reggae, Southern Rock, Hip-Hop, and much more. The band has excited fans all over the world with their explosive energy since their formation in 2013. With their debut album entitled "Theme for a Celebration", Empire Strikes Brass is truly breaking molds and taking risks as they move from one style to another keeping the underlying theme of celebration through diversity of music and life present throughout. Whether you're grooving out to the funky vibes on tunes like "Polish" and "Iridescent Adolescent", rocking out to the heavy power of "Fat Flat 4" and "Tired Southern Eyes", singing along to the sweet reggae sound of "Don't Stay Away", being teleported to the musical city of New Orleans with "Snuffy's 2nd Line" and "Theme for a Celebration", driving down the road to "Boxcars in the Sky", remembering the good times with the classic sound of "We Tried", laughing along with life at the Randy Newman-esque "Things You Expect", or bobbing your head to the fiery hip-hop funk joint "The Knocker", Empire Strikes Brass will fill your ears, minds, and souls with a sound that is reliably and recognizably awesome! Come join the celebration and hear for yourself!

Empire Strikes Brass is:
Alex Bradley - Trumpet
Sean Donnelly - Keys, Vocals
JP Furnas - Bass, Trombone, Bass Synth
Kelly Hannah - Guitar, Vocals
Nik Hope - Drums, Percussion
Pauly Juhl - Saxophones
Debrissa McKinney - Vocals, Saxophone
Lenny Pettinelli - Keys, Vocals
Kyle Snuffer - Trombone
Henry Westmoreland - Sousaphone
Jerome Widenhouse - Trumpet