Wednesday, February 15, 2017

GERMANY: Yannis Anft Trio-Fluff(2017)

On their debut album, young Cologne improvisers Yannis Anft, Alexander Dawo and Leif Berger present their music which could be defined as a discrete mix of modern Jazz, improvised music with elements of electronic music, pop and avant-garde. The album contains excerpts from a live concert held at “Loft”, Cologne, which is internationally known as a unique and important venue for contemporary music. The concert was improvised freely without any guidelines. Further, titles as “Fluff”, “Mantra” and “16th of May” reflect another aspect of Anft's musical interests: simple and repetitive compositions that are characterized by the sound of a synthesizer, which became an important band member during the recording process of “Fluff”. More info on facebook.

Yannis Anft - keys
Alexander Dawo - bass
Leif Berger - drums