Tuesday, February 7, 2017

HUNGARY/USA: Dresch Quartet with Chris Potter - Zea (Bmc Records 2016)

When Dresch starts a solo, you get the feel that you are reading his mind. That little bird of a melody trembles first when it opens its wings, ventures upwards, and also ponders the depth below. It crosses forests and pastures before the journey ends. Dresch is a perfectionist, no doubt about that, but he never wanted to display fireworks, he is too straightforward not to speak his mind. Instead of positioning himself out front all alone, he was always interested in teaming up with players who think along similar terms as he does, while doing some of those things in a different way. There is more contrast than similarity between him and sax player extraordinaire Chris Potter from the US, who is also picked up the bass clarinet on a number of tunes here. Potter and Dresch build up a rapport as they play so strongly that it is hard to believe this is their first date.

Kornél Zipernovszky

Mihály Dresch – tenor and soprano saxophone, fuhun
Miklós Lukács – cimbalom
Hock Ernő – double bass
István Baló – drums

Chris Potter – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

Bmc Records