Wednesday, January 4, 2017

GERMANY: Triebwerk Hornung-Triebwerk Hornung(UNIT 2016)

Ludwig Hornung (Fender Rhodes, Comp) / Wanja Slavin (Sax) / John Schröder (Drums)
Triebwerk Hornung

Ludwig Hornung, Wanja Slavin and John Schröder form the "Triebwerk" (eng: Engine), whose aspiration is to achieve always a high degree of energy, variety and density, which is forced, respectively supported by the small instrumentation. Exuberant and excessive passages have also a right to exist like lyrical and fragile moments; the communication between each other stands above everything.
Stylistically devoted to Jazz, also elements of Rock, Drum and Bass as well as Free Music are found together to a homogeneous mixture, which sometimes demands, sometimes lulls, but never bores the listener. In John Schröder, long since one of the most important, most experienced and most influental musicians of the German jazz scene, and Wanja Slavin, innovator and firm component of the berlinese jazz development, initiator and spiritus rector Ludwig Hornung found the suitable road comrades to realise his sound concepts. UNIT