Wednesday, January 4, 2017

ALBANIA:Fatjeta & Guralumi Jazz Band-Lule borë (UNIT 2016)

Lule borë, Fatjeta & Guralumi Jazz Band
Piano - Gjon Guralumi
Vocal - Fatjeta Barbullushi
Bass -Tiziano Tomasetti
Clarinet - Damian Converset
Drums- Colin Gauthier

Liner Notes: They offer us a new CD but especially a new music. In this CD Fatjeta Barbullushi and Gjon Guralimi knew and could crystallize a panoply of music that marked the Balkans: to the Albanian faith and other Balkan countries, Jewish, Roma, Eastern, Western, World people, finally with one nationality : the music. A CD that carries a message, carries feelings, draws memories, raises passions, animates movements, which satisfies any pleasure to listen to music. The stamps of Fatjeta's voice, like the stamps of the post, defy and surpass any barrier and any linguistic border, so leave and arrive everywhere to fly to the dreams.
That's why this CD will make its way, everywhere, very far, allowing us by listening to it to find our deepest self.