Wednesday, December 21, 2016

USA: Mark Dresser Seven, “Sedimental You” (Clean Feed 2016)

Nicole Mitchell soprano and alto flutes | Marty Ehrlich clarinet and bass clarinet | David Morales Boroff violin | Michael Dessen trombone | Joshua White piano | Jim Black drums and percussion | Mark Dresser contrabass

Mark Dresser makes music in a vast variety of settings and contexts, but the dauntingly prolific bassist always seeks to create space for the unpredictable play between form and freedom. On his new album Sedimental You, slated for release in early November, 2016, he’s assembled an astonishingly creative cast that embraces the intuitive and emotionally charged nature of his improvisational imperative. Riveting, playful and often revelatory, his compositions emerge out of a shifting matrix of specific musical personalities and the often dismaying swirl of current events Clean Feed