Monday, October 17, 2016

USA: Susan Egan-The Secret of Happiness (2016)

Susan Egan | The Secret of Happiness 
Susan Egan: The Secret of Happiness

Egan’s The Secret of Happiness includes popular standards from Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim and Paul Simon, and new, modern music by composers Christine Lavin, Paul Gordon, Brian Haner, Georgia Stitt, Jason Robert Brown and Egan herself. With instrumentation ranging from solo piano played by Brown to a full orchestra conducted by Stitt, the recording weaves intimate moments into lush musical events. Her most personal album to date, Egan’s message in The Secret of Happiness is humorous, authentic and universal, and her voice has a richness beautifully captured in the material and recording.

Produced by Georgia Stitt
Recorded at Umbrella Media Studio
Music Direction and Arrangements by Georgia Stitt
*Arrangement by Jason Robert Brown
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andy Waterman
Assistant Engineer and ProTools Engineering by Ashburn Miller, Ethan Walter
Nina/Children: Recorded at Martinsound Studios by Dan Blessinger, Mixed by Jon Baker
Momsense: Recorded at EastWest Studio, Conducted by Georgia Stitt, Orchestrated by Lawrence Blank, Music Copied by John Blane; Musicians Contracted by Dan Savant

Photography: Olivier Ciappa
Photo Graphics: David Kawena
Graphic Design: Doug Haverty
Executive Producer for LML Music: Lee Lessack

All songs recorded 2011.

Piano/Organ: Georgia Stitt; Piano/Organ: Jason Robert Brown*; Guitar/Mandolin: Andy Synowiec; Electric/Acoustic Bass: Trey Henry; Drums/Percussion: Tom Walsh; Electric Violin: Charlie Bisharat (The Wanting of You); Jazz Electric Guitar: Nick Brown (Cock-Eyed Optimist); Guitar: Kevin Dukes (The Me Of The Moment); Bass: Tim Christensen (The Me Of The Moment)/David Stone (Nina/Children); Flute: Sara Andon; Oboe: Chris Bleth; Clarinet: Jeff Driskill; Bassoon: Rose Corrigan; French Horn: Joe Meyer, Brian O'Connor; Trumpet: Wayne Bergeron, Dan Fornero, Jeff Bunnell; Trombone: Alan Kaplan, Charlie Morillas, Craig Ware; Percussion: Bernie Dresel (Momsense); Violin: Sid Page (concertmaster), Becky Bunnell, Tiffany Hu, Lily Ho Chen, Julie Rogers, Barbra Porter, Peter Kent, Sharon Jackson; Viola: Bob Becker, Jennie Hansen, Jessica Van Velson; Cello: Giovanna Clayton, Rudy Stein, Diego Miralles; Harp: Amy Wilkins