Monday, October 17, 2016

UKRAINE: Konstantin Kolesnichenko-Hypnotized! (2016)

Konstantin Kolesnichenko | Hypnotized!
"Konstantin Kolesnichenko is one of my favorite living harmonica players playing some of my very favorite music. I am a huge fan of both his playing and his artistic direction to the point of jealousy. I love him and this disc and want MORE!"
Jason Ricci

"This wonderful CD takes the listener on a musical journey from vintage Jazz to inspiring South American rhythms and gentle swings.
The 7 songs are well crafted instrumentals led by Konstantin Kolesnichenko's soulful and lyrical harmonica. The arrangements are creative and the bandleader's harp playing is masterful. Throughout, his harmonica sounds like a horn adding so much to the band’s ensemble feel. A stellar performance.
Pierre Lacocque
Mississippi Heat

"Hypnotized"...think Brother Jack McDuff, Booker T & William Clarke all rolled into one with Konstantin Kolesnichenko's unique twist on it."
PT Gazell

From the linear notes:
"You are holding in your hands an album of the leading Ukrainian harmonica player and bluesman Konstantin Kolesnichenko.
I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to Konstantin's music for the first time. Konstantin is a harmonica player who plays instrumental music on an amplified blues harp with a huge tone and impressive technique. How could I stay indifferent? I was waiting for a long time for such musician to appear in Ukraine. But now looks like the wait is over.
To be honest, for me "Hypnotized" is an unprecedented event on Ukrainian music scene! An unusual mix of Jazz, Jump Blues, and West Coast Blues with Konstantin's harmonica soloing! Not to mention the masterful execution of rhythm section and brilliant solos of guitarist Paul Seedorenko and keyboard player Mikhail Lyshenko.
I love Konstantin's album as a whole - it's a great sounding record! I was very impressed with the selection of songs. Bright original compositions naturally coexist with the rare songs of Leo Parker, Baden Powel and Willis Jackson.
If you love good music with a swing feel, you can't go wrong with this CD!"
Arthur Yampolsky (radio DJ and editor, member of Jazz in Kiev)