Wednesday, October 5, 2016

GREECE: "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante" ON CDBABY!

Dear friends, I have the greatest pleasure of announcing you that my first album is finally ready. First idea for creating it, was given by Marta Hugon exactly 6 years ago. After endless recordings and studio sessions, in which the patience of all musicians and technicians involved was severely tested, I have arrived at a result that indeed satisfies me. Since this morning the album is digitally distributed by cdbaby and on the 30th of October it will be presented in its physical form in "Beton7", here in Athens.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart my accomplices in this nice adventure: Marta Hugon (vocals), Mario Franco (bass), Bruno Pedroso (drums), Anthony John Wheeldon (guitar), Eduardo Lala (trombone), Marinela Mangueira (tap dancing), Andre Fernandes and Nuno Costa (recordings), Vassilis Avrantinis (additional recordings and mixing), Antonis Tzortzis (mastering), Angela Cardoso (on her original "Guilherme Cossoul" poster was based the graphical layout of the cd). The contribution of my family and many of my friends in making this cd (either financially, either through their advice in various levels) is acknowledged with gratitude.