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USA: Latest News from Walt Weiskopf - Vol. 7, September-October 2016

Volume 7, Sept.- Oct. 2016

Fall is in the air and once again, another summer has flown by. And just when you think you're all caught up and ready for the new season, there's an entirely new list of "to-do's" on your plate. At least, this is the case for me as we approach the cooler weather. But I welcome it...and I hope you do too!

More Instructional Videos!

Over the summer, my brother Joel accompanied me once again as I hit the recording studio to create two new instructional play-along videos. This time, the videos emphasize chords and scales. If you check them out, my goal was to demonstrate sound and use of each chord in a straightforward and understandable way, through transcribed and viewable examples.

I hope that you find the information presented to be concise, plentiful and hopefully a lot of fun while you begin to practice your chords and scales.

Check out my play-along videos here:

Playing with U.S. Airmen of Note

Late last year, I was invited by musical director Tyler Kueblerto to participate in the live concert recording of the U.S. Airmen of Note's 2016 Jazz Heritage Series radio broadcasts. In recent years, I’ve had the honor of performing with the West Point Jazz Knights and the Navy Commodores, so the invitation to perform with the Airmen of Note was a crowning achievement for me.

Although the album is now mixed and mastered for public listening, sadly, the album is not for sale commercially. It is provided to Armed Forces Radio Stations around the world for broadcast. Nonetheless, I encourage you to learn more about the U.S Airmen of Note by following their Facebook page. They are extraordinary!

Steely Dan - Last Leg of Tour to Hit Beacon Theater

As we approach the fall season, I also approach the last leg of what has proven to be an incredible three-legged tour with Steely Dan this year.

Starting October 8, we hit the state of New York for two concerts - one in Rochester and one in Syracuse. Then on October 12, we begin a nearly three-week residency at the Beacon Theater in NYC.

The shows at the Beacon will be "album shows," which means that we will present the classic Steely Dan albums live, in sequence. For fans (and the band), this will be a lot of fun because this allows the band to get deeper into the book than we typically do in a usual summer show (which still has a ton of music nonetheless).

So if you buy a ticket for a Beacon show, get ready to hear the music from "Aja," start to finish....just for openers!

Be sure to check out our tour schedule, as it's always possible that more shows could be added. I hope to see you there!!
Steely Dan 2016 Tour Dates

New Album & More Music Gigs

Earlier this year, my latest album, "The Way You Say It," hit the airwaves with much success. This month, I find myself once again recording yet another album, and for the forth time, with Posi-Tone Records. As we speak, I am currently in-studio with incredible musicians, making some pretty incredible music. I won't give too much away, but suffice it to say, I am having fun!

Starting in November, and through the remainder of the year, I will be performing the new material from said new album, as well as some music from previous releases. Check out my Website for dates and locations. I hope to see you there.
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