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CANADA/CUBA: KoSA Cuba One-Week Study Program and the Havana Drum Festival

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KoSA Cuba One-Week Study Program and the Havana Drum Festival
Montreal, September 8th, 2016 – KoSA is returning to the culturally important destination of Havana, Cuba for the 15th annual edition of KoSA Cuba; a week long Study Program within the Havana Fiesta Del Tambor.  This year’s trip will take place on March 5 – 12, 2017.
KoSA Cuba is an experience like no other. In a thrilling one-week program, intrepid music explorers will experience intensely fulfilling days of hands-on classes, workshops, concerts, lectures, cultural visits and the exciting activities of the Havana’s Fiesta Del Tambor ( Havana Rhythm and Dance festival ). Conga, bongo, timbales, bata, drumset and other instruments will be studied as participants are immersed in Cuban rhythms, music and culture. All instruments are provided, and and participants will be studying, working and playing with Cuba’s top international artists.
The capital city of Havana is scenic, historical and renowned for the richness of its Cuban Culture, folklore and music. An incredible variety and depth of knowledge has been passed through the generations, maintaining centuries old African-based traditions. Havana is also the cultural Mecca of the Caribbean and a hotbed of new and contemporary creative music. All of this—and more—will be featured during The Fiesta del Tambor, a growing national percussion competition with associated clinics and concerts.  The KoSA Cuba experience includes active participation in all these activities, and participants will learn and play along side their Cuban contemporaries. Each evening will feature electrifying concerts in Havana’s classic theatres and featuring Cuba’s top artists in music and dance.
This year, KoSA Cuba’s faculty will include Cuba’s most recognized artists, including Giraldo Piloto and his band Klimax, Julio Lopez Sanchez, Jean Roberto San Cristobal, Panga, Enrique Pla, Yaroldy Abreu, Adel Gonzalez and special guests. Seminars in the history and development of Cuban music will be led by respected ethnomusicologist Dr. Olavo Rodriguez .The entire workshop experience will be facilitated by international recognized artist, Aldo Mazza.
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JOIN US IN HAVANA this winter: March 5-12 , 2017, one week  INTENSIVE WORKSHOP & Fiesta Del Tambor ( Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival) in collaboration with Giraldo Piloto

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