Sunday, August 28, 2016

USA: Katsuko Tanaka-Wish Board (2016)

Katsuko Tanaka | Wish Board 
WISH BOARD (Katsuko Music) is the sophomore release of pianist Katsuko Tanaka. The album features a trio that includes Corcoran Holt (bass) and Willie Jones III (drums). Recorded at Acoustic Recording on March 16th in Brooklyn, the nine-song effort includes seven original compositions by the leader and is released on August 20th, 2016.

A Japanese native Katsuko Tanaka moved to New York City in 2008 in order to immerse herself in the culture and traditions of American blues and jazz music. Since relocating Katsuko has been privileged to share the stage with internationally acclaimed jazz musicians, leading bands locally and abroad that have showcased artists like Willie Jones III, Gene Jackson, Victor Lewis, Lonnie Plaxico, Essiet Okon Essiet, and stellar young musicians. In 2009, she recorded her debut album BEYOND INTERSECTION, featuring Willie Jones III, Danton Boller, and a guest appearance by Antonio Hart.

Katsuko carries with her a blend of cultural perspectives that have continued to grow and evolve. WISH BOARD showcases this unique viewpoint, with her dynamic, elegant sound skillfully and soulfully accompanied by Corcoran Holt and Willie Jones III.

The album begins with BLOSSOM IN QUEENS, inspired by the positivity of musicians Jimmy Heath, Michael Philip Mossman and Antonio Hart, all faculty of her alma mater, Queens College. WITH EYES OF TRUTH lays back, staying in the pocket, inspired by her neighborhood in Brooklyn. A DREAM is a delicate ballad played with sensitivity and cinematic flair, while HAVE PEACE IN YOUR HEART is influenced by her regular work with a gospel churches over the past two years. On WISH BOARD, the title track, Katsuko pays respect to jazz piano giants Hank Jones and Barry Harris, whose longevity and technique are an inspiration to her. All of the original songs on WISH BOARD are based on her experience and emotional connection to living and working in New York.

With a release date of August 20th, 2016, WISH BOARD is a strong follow-up that exhibits pianist and composer Katsuko Tanaka’s continuing musical and personal journey as she navigates the New York music scene.