Sunday, August 28, 2016

GERMANY: Misagh Azimi-Panic Driven Diaries(2016)

Misagh Azimi | Panic Driven Diaries 

"Panic Driven Diaries" was written and produced by Misagh Azimi in only 6 months, which wouldn't be possible, without the artistic harmony and chemistry between the musicians and their musical abilities.

The result, very similar to Misagh's previous album, is a musical portrait of different genres, used only to serve the compositional needs of the album. Featuring singer Maika Küster and saxophonist Florian Boos with their unique sound and musical colour, the music roams through different genres; from Jazz to Hiphop, Down Tempo, Electronic or Trip hop. The songs were interpreted and performed excellently by a fantastic group of musicians:

Natascha Ziegler: Classical Harp
Michael Knippschild: Drums
Calvin Lennig: Bass, Double Bass
Johannes Still: Keys, Fender Rhodes
Joël Van de Pol: Alto Saxophone
Alex Nierman: Saxophone
Moritz Anthes: Trombone
Maika Küster: Vocals
Florian Boos: Tenor/Soprano Saxophone
Misagh Azimi: Vocals, Electronics

Misagh's second album "Panic Driven Diaries", is the sound of musical desires with no limitations; not being trapped in a specific genre and not being afraid of trying something new.